ANCEL PB100 Power Circuit Probe Tester- Best Tools For Automotive Electrical Work

With the introduction of new, more advanced cars that are electrically sophisticated, it’s easy to think garage jobs have gone the way of black-and-white TV sets. But not so fast! Electrical wiring seems like a daunting task, but with some fresh knowledge and the right tools, it becomes much more manageable.

When it comes to your electrical equipment, the best way is to use a power probe. These starting items will help you solve random voltage drops or continuously blown fuses without too much hassle.

The ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast who plans on going under the hood. With this tool in hand, you’ll always know what’s going on with your car before jumping right into unknown territory.

About ANCEL Brand

The automotive industry needs a solution to its problems, and ANCEL has been providing it for years. ANCEL’s commitment is solving automotive problems cost-effectively, efficiently, and conveniently. The company provides software development that helps technicians work more productively in their jobs as well as customer services related to testing cars worldwide.

The company is always looking for new ways to improve their products, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. They have been able to use cutting-edge technology in the field of automotive engineering, which has made them one if not the most innovative companies in this industry.

The ANCEL Power Probe is a passionate product from their expert team that offers users more flexibility and convenience. This product is an essential tool for anyone looking to make their job easier and more convenient. Its flexible options will meet any need in power distribution or industrial automobile repair. Meet the PB100 Power Probe.

ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester Review

If you’re looking for an affordable multimeter that does the job, this one from ANCEL is a solid choice.

ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester, 12V 24V Car Test Light Electrical Diagnostic Tool...
  • 【What is a PB100 Probe Tester?】With the PB100 probe tester, you can check voltage and ground signals in a typical DC circuit. However, the kicker is that you can also use it to send voltage and ground signals. It works like a test light that can power circuits or provide a good known ground. This way, you can effectively test components and circuits without having to break out the old alligator clips and jumper wires. You can power or ground a circuit directly through the top of the device.
  • 【What does it do?】The PB100 is an essential tool for automobile user. It is needed for testing components on and off the vehicle, checking for the good and bad grounds, testing for continuity and diagnosing circuit failures. For example, you can use it to turn on a blower motor. You can run power window motors, windshield wipers, and even rear window defrosters. If the vehicle owner keeps it in his car he can check system failure on his own way no need to go to technician.
  • 【Easy to Use】ANCEL provides how-to guides and video tutorials to help you easily complete your repair work. With the press of a switch, you'll have an instant hot lead or ground lead. Use the probe tip and ground lead simultaneously to power up components right in your hand. Instantly check components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits. Locate shorts without wasting fuses. 👉TIP: The probe is on the back of the device.


With the PB100 probe tester, you can test for voltage and ground signals in a typical DC circuit. But it gets even better – with this device also being able to send out powerful voltage and ground signal impulses.

Instead of using alligator clips and jumpers, you can just plug this little guy into your circuit to find out what’s going on with it. It works like a test light that will let the power flow or provide a good ground for testing components. The ability to power or ground a circuit directly through the top of your device is an awesome feature.


The PB100 is a must-have for any auto enthusiast. With its ability to test components on and off the car, and monitor good grounds as well as bad ones, you know what’s going wrong with your electrical system before it becomes too late.

For example, It can be used to turn on any blower motor, power window, windshield wiper, etc. You even have access when it comes time for your rear-view mirror defroster. If the driver happens, keep this in their car. They’ll know how much of a failure there might have been with system maintenance without having to go out an expensive technician. More ways to use this product will be worth your expectation in the next content. 

Easy to Use

ANCEL’s how-to guides and video tutorials make it easy to get your repair work done quickly. Switching on the hot lead or ground will give you instant power when needed. With the help of this handy tool, you can easily identify which wires need to be reconnected and test for shorts right in your hand. No more wasting time with fuses or trying to figure out how old literature applies.

Voltage Indicator

The LED indicator on the front of the unit will show you how much battery voltage is left. You can use it as an easy way to determine if there are problems with your lights or horn or even check whether or not your alternator needs replacement.

The voltage of a power supply should go from about 12.6 to 14 volts. This is useful if you have noticed that certain branches on your circuit board seem low when checking fuses.

Circuit Protection

The PB100 is an essential tool for circuit testing. It has a built-in 8 amp breaker that prevents overloads and overheating, unlike traditional test lamps, which can conduct battery current into your projects while you work on them. The breaker will protect the circuit, but 8 amps are still enough to do a lot of damage with the wrong wire.

Trailer Wiring

We all know that salt and water can be a real nightmare for trailers, but now there’s an easy solution! The PB100 Circuit Tester includes both connections with 20-foot long cables enough to get you hooked up right away – no need to worry about running extension cords around the back. With this device in hand, connect it directly to your vehicle battery, then plug one end into any trailer harnesses attached at the rear of the vehicle. 

Two power supply methods

The PB100 is a car battery tester that provides more choices and convenience than other testers on the market. You can use it with your vehicle’s power supply or cigarette lighter, giving you even greater flexibility.

This versatile tool can measure both DC voltage and AC current. In addition, it displays resistances or diode States with ease.

More Uses Are Worth The Price With Ancel Pb100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester

Find The Short Circuits: To test for shorts, use the probe tip to activate and energize each of these fuse contacts. The circuit breaker will pop if there is a short in this section of your wiring system.

Find The Bad Ground: Touch the probe tip to any suspected ground wire or contact point. If the circuit breaker trips, then there is likely good ground.

Testing Trailer Lights: Using the DC Voltage mode on your PB100 Power Probe, clip one end of an aux ground lead to the trailer and then probe for contacts at the jack. When you apply voltage with this technique, it will tell whether there are any issues with orientation or function in terms of how well they’re connected together.

Check Continuity: The tool’s resistance mode makes it easy to check for shorts in your vehicle’s electrical system. Using its probe tip with a ground or auxiliary lead can test for continuity on wires and components attached to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Activating Component: As the name suggests, this function is designed to activate electric devices such as lights and motors.

Signal Circuit Testing: To troubleshoot a DTC, start by verifying your sensor circuit. This quick test can be done with the PB100, and it only takes about five minutes.

Voltage & Polarity Testing: The tool’s positive contacts will light up when in DC Voltage mode, and if you’re touching an open circuit with the probe tip, then neither LED lights.

Let’s Go Shopping

ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester is an innovative product that helps you troubleshoot and repair automotive electrical problems. If you are a DIY mechanic or even just someone who likes to be prepared for car repairs, this tool is essential. It’s easy to use and can save you time and money when it comes to diagnosing and fixing electrical problems with your vehicle. Order your ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester today and be ready for anything!

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