3 Pack Set Mini Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Plants From New Ruicheng – Ideal For Modern Interiors

Artificial plants are so realistic they can make your room feel like a more colorful and vibrant place. These artificial flowers never die, making them perfect for those who want their floral arrangements to last forever! Artificial plants have the beauty of fresh cut flowers combined with its durability – it won’t wilt or dry out; plus you don’t have to worry about watering these guys because all they need is love every day (but please check on them occasionally).

A paper pulp pot is a great way to bring the outdoors in. This realistic looking plant will give your home that rustic feel with its natural colors and textures, perfect for any scene including bedrooms or gardens!

Get your hands on the hottest decorative plant in town! These New RUICHENG Mini Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Plants are perfect for those who want an instant garden. 3 different sets of plants come with gray pots, Included: Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Gypsophila, each having its own unique design but also being stylistically matched so that they all look great together as well. The size is perfect at 15cm * 24cm (W * H) / 5.9 inches Wide x 9 .45 Inches Tall which makes them suitable as decor accents anywhere from desktops desksides tablescapes shelves closets. 

What Attracts You To The Beautiful Artificial Plants With Plastic Flower Of New Ruicheng?

For stunning and unique faux plants, NEW RUICHENG Store is worth splurging on. It’s so much more than just a pretty face with their sophisticated designs!

NEW RUICHENG Mini Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Plants 3 Pack Set Gypsophila Rosemary Greenery in Pots Small Fake Plant Plastic Flower (Purple Green)
  • 【Perfect Ideal for Lazy People】: No daily care needed, the artificial potted plants are easy to maintain, always remain green and fresh. If you do not have time to look after plants, our artificial plants in pots offer a perfect alternative for busy people. These plants are easy to take care of, all you need to do is wipe plant leaves with water to remove dust. You can admire the beauty of nature in any place, for example in the bedroom.
  • 【The Set Consists of 3 Artificial Plant】: 3 Different artificial plants in gray pots. Included: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Gypsophila. They are rich, the plants look deceptively real, forget the watering, the artificial plants need no care. You do not have to worry about plants dying, they do not fade and are colourfast. Size of plants with pot: 15cm * 24cm (W * H) / 5.9 inches * 9.45 inches.
  • 【Artificial Potted Plants Look likes "real"】: Safe and durable material, the leaves of artificial plants are made of environmentally friendly plastic, they are safe and non-toxic, colorful and look natural, they are easy care. Vivid colors and realistic leaves and flowers for making these plants more life-like; great substitute for real plants. The flowerpots are made of pulp, are durable and unbreakable. Notice: Do Not submerged or placed in the water.
  • 【Unique Gifts】: Everyone loves to receive plants as a gift, so the artificial plants are the ideal gift for everyone. Artificial flowers can be squeezed and deformed during transport, but they are restored with a slight adjustment after being displayed.
  • 【After-sales service】: you can consult our online customer service if you have any questions, and we will reply you within 24 hours

Artificial Potted Plants Look likes “real

Artificial plants made with environmentally friendly materials are affordable, safe and durable. Made from non-toxic plastic, which makes them safe for children or pets, as well as colorful artificial flowers for an authentic look without the fuss! The flower pots can be taken anywhere because they’re unbreakable or easily cleaned in order to maintain their pristine condition no matter where life takes you – whether on your desk at work all day long. One thing you should know about these pots though? Don’t submerge them or put your plant in the water.

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The Set Consists of 3 Artificial Plant: Rosemary; Gypsophila; Eucalyptus

artificial potted plants without artificial flowers

Artificial plants are a perfect choice for those who want to save space or don’t have green fingers. We offer 3 modern style options that bring elegance and beauty to your space. These 3 different artificial greenery options will adorn your home like the real deal without any hassle! They come in grey pots and can be left un-watered, so you never need worry about them dying on their own while they look just as good even after months of neglecting watering it once every other week at most – these beautiful pieces last forever too since colorfastness doesn’t fade either.

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The 9-inch high by 5.9 wide pot is perfect for displaying on shelves or consoles in homes, offices – anywhere you want an eye-catching accent that won’t require much maintenance! These realistic pieces come at 044 lb weights so they’re strong yet lightweight enough not be cumbersome. 

Unique Gifts

Artificial plants are the perfect gift for any occasion. They’re convenient, affordable and can last up to five years before needing an update! There’s no excuse not to give them as holiday or birthday presents this year because you’ll never regret getting something that requires minimal care from your recipient.  Moreover, you do not need to worry about the ability to be squeezed and deformed during transport. They’re restored once they’ve been displayed!

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After-sales service

artificial potted plants without artificial flowers

There are many ways to get in touch with a customer service representative. You can contact them online, by phone or chat and they’re always happy to help you!

New Ruicheng’s Warm Tips

Artificial flowers can be damaged in transit, and it will recover with slight adjustment after being displayed. In severe cases, blown with a hair dryer or set aside for hours will result in more vibrant flowers.

Artificial flowers are pretty but they can get dirty. Cleaning your artificial plants isn’t difficult, but you should take care to clean each piece separately and with certain materials. The delicate nature of silk flowers requires special care, but for plastic or polyester plants you can try these three methods:

artificial potted plants without artificial flowers
  • The first method is simple, get your artificial plant ready for a refreshing shower. First, dust off the leaves of any parts that should stay dry by using either an ordinary paintbrush or microfiber duster (you could also use vacuuming). Next wrap it in garbage bag and seal it closed tightly so no water can get inside; then take advantage of cool velvety waters from showers head/hose while giving yourself time to enjoy this cleansing experience!. Set your plant on a towel or outside in the shade to dry it out. 
  • The Leaf-by-Leaf Method only requires one damp cloth to do all of this work with; just make sure not too wet so as not leave an overzealous amount on top causing molding fungus growths like black spots which are unattractive looking anyways!. 
  • Lastly, vinegar may also help cut through buildup from films left after manual wiping sessions.

Bottom Lines 

Artificial plants are a timeless and stunning addition to any home, garden or office. There is an option for every style you could think of with these artificial greenery pieces that can provide the perfect ambiance in your space while also helping it stand out from others around it. These living room additions will bring plenty of life into those cold winter nights by adding color through its beautiful flowers! They’re great as bedroom wall décor too; not only do they look picturesque against white walls but artificial plant silhouettes offer privacy curtains if needed when using them during day time hours. 

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