Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger- Best Way To Fuel Up Your Car At Home

Make sure you think about the different types of home charging equipment when planning for your electric car. There’s a range from slow-speed cable to fast Wi-Fi-connected chargers, each with their own set advantages and disadvantages in certain situations – like outdoor installations where longer cables can come into play or if hard wiring is necessary because outlets aren’t always available outdoors!

The lack of one size fits all solution is obvious when you consider that different electric vehicles and consumers have varying charging needs. Not everybody needs the highest power output since every charger can recharge a car overnight; furthermore, few drivers wait until their battery nearly evaporates before recharging them again (which also means there’s no risk for over-discharge).

There’s an electric car charger for every occasion. Whether you need a quick charge or want to go on the journey of your life, Autel Maxi US AC W10-N14-H has got one that will work best with what kind of ride (and personality)!

Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger

Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Review 2022

For just $599, you can purchase the Autel MaxiCharger EV home electric vehicle charger. The 25’ cable gives this device its indoor capabilities while also providing outdoor capabilities with a separate holster for convenience’s sake. Let’s have a look at the features!


Model‎Maxi US AC W10-N14-H
Item Weight‎24.4 pounds
Package Dimensions‎18.6 x 17.6 x 7.2 inches
Country of Origin‎Vietnam
Item model number‎Maxi US AC W10-N14-H
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
Manufacturer Part Number‎Maxi US AC W10-N14-H
Bulb Type‎LED
Amperage‎40 Amps
Wattage‎9.6 KW

High Speed Charging

With the MaxiCharger AC Wallbox, you can charge your EV 7x faster than a level 1 charger! This means that instead of waiting 2 hours for 30 miles worth of juice (using only a 110V outlet), it will take less than 60 minutes at full speed using 240 V. Not only does this save time while simultaneously preserving battery life.

With its wide power output range of 6–40 amps, it’s perfect for scenarios, including home charging stations where you might need more electricity!

High Weather Resistance

Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger

The high-weather resistance of this product is perfect for those who work in environments like rain or snow. With a NEMA 4 rating, it can withstand potential accidents without being damaged and will even keep on working when other items fail because its heat dissipation design keeps things running at full power regardless of what kind of weather we experience!

High Convenience

The MaxiCharger AC Wallbox is a high convenience product that can be easily installed and maintained with its modular design. It takes just 8 minutes to have the installation completed.

The installation process for your product is dependent on many different factors, including what type of model you have and how long it takes to get an installer.

Real-Time Notifications and Reporting

With the ability to monitor your car’s charging progress in real-time, you can easily tell when it’s best for a quick recharge or if there are any issues that need attention.

LED Indicators

Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger

The LED indicators on the charger provide a clear indication of different charging statuses. Power, internet, and Bluetooth connection lights let you know what’s going down with your device while it awaits its next fill-up!

Convenient Control via App or RFID

The MaxiCharger is a sleek and stylish electric car charging station that you can control using the app on your phone or via RFID key. The Autostart feature allows for easy starting. 

Remote Firmware Update

The charger will automatically download the latest version of its firmware, so that you can enjoy a seamless experience without having to hassle with installing new updates on your own.

Intelligent Energy Management

It’s like having an energy omnivore that knows what foods are best for your household and helps you eat healthier. With ALM (Adaptive Load Management), you can manage usage of power, preventing outages from occurring due to too much strain on the grid, all while saving money by using more appliances at one time. 

About Autel Brand- “Green Energy Powers the Future”

Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger

Autel is a company that’s committed to exploring the sustainable development of better people, vehicles and technology. In their quest for progress, they have been able to get clients in a lot of countries around the globe with products like reliable smart technologies. 

Autel has been in the business since 2004, developing and selling automotive intelligent diagnostic inspection products. They also sell various electronics accessories such as cells for your phone or tablet that are specifically designed to work with cars so you can stay connected even when on-the-go.

Autel’s R&D team and quality control system is the result of its focus on automotive diagnostic solutions. The company has created a comprehensive program that includes software, and hardware design testing for all segments from car makers.

Autel products provide a total solution of EV Charging innovations with smart app software development that includes built-in battery diagnostics.

Autel’s range of EV charging products is perfect for all your needs. With a global presence and commitment to delivering high-quality goods, you’ll be satisfied with what their company has in store!

Tips To Use Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger From Autel

When using a home electric vehicle (EV) charger, follow these tips:

1. Make sure the charger is plugged into an outlet that is properly wired and grounded.

2. Make sure the breaker for the outlet is turned on.

3. Plug the charger into the EV.

4. Turn on the charger by flipping the switch to the “on” position.

5. Set the charge rate by turning the knob to the desired setting.

6. When finished charging, turn off the charger by flipping the switch to the “off” position, then unplug the charger from the EV.

7. If the charger has a cord wrap feature, use it to neatly store the cord when not in use.

8. Keep the area around the charger clean and free of clutter.

9. Do not use extension cords with the charger.

10. Do not operate the charger in wet or damp conditions.

Follow these tips to use a home electric vehicle (EV) charger safely.

FAQs about Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger- You need to know

Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger

How fast you can charge an electric car at home?

The difference in the amount of power you can get from your car’s charging point is quite significant. What might seem like just half an hour at 3 pins will only give about 8 miles when using 7kW, but with 3400 W, it could provide over 30.

Maximum charging speed may be limited by the onboard charger in your car. If you have a 3-6KW rated unit, using a 7kW charger will not damage or harm it to any degree and can even charge more quickly than before!

How often should you charge an electric car at home?

You can charge your electric car at home as often and for as long a time as you need to. It’s just like charging any other mobile device, but better!

There’s no need to charge every day, but many drivers plug in when they leave their car outside. This gives them maximum flexibility if you have an unexpected journey and also means that the battery won’t die on you during these times!

Electric cars are more convenient than ever with the introduction of overnight charging. Electric car drivers can now take advantage of evening electricity rates and drive for as little 2p per mile! You don’t need to unplug once your battery is full; it will stop automatically when fully charged.

What’s a good way to reduce the need for EV fast charging?

Autel Maxicharger Home Electric Vehicle (Ev) Charger

The best way to maximize your battery’s life is by minimizing the time spent at 100% charge. Try not plugging in all night every single day, especially if you are only using 30% of that power for daily travel purposes; this will help preserve what little juice there may be left.

Some Bottom Line

With the Autel EV charger, you can stay connected with your device in a whole new way. Connected through Bluetooth or WiFi for easy integration into any vehicle’s charging port, this innovative app uses intelligent technology to optimize how much energy each individual customer needs, so they’re always ready when needed. 

Maxi US AC W10-N14’s ergonomic J1772 connector fits your hand perfectly with smooth finishes and tactile comfort.

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