Top 12 Best Dive Watches Under $100 Reviews For Amazing Dives

Is scuba diving right up your street? You are new to this water sport and wish to know how to make your dives more interesting, safer and also easier? You are visiting the website where useful information about newly-launched and highly-ranked diving equipment such as: diving suit, diving mask and diving watches. And have you ever wondered what are the best dive watches under 100$ for your adventure underwater?

Obviously, possessing a versatile and durable watch allows you to monitor the time underwater effectively and enjoy your exciting dives to the utmost. However, not everyone can afford a costly item because of their tight budget or simply they want to save money on other things in their lives.

Let’s scroll down and check our reviews of 13 best dive watches under 100$ for your amazing summer!

Detailed Reviews Of Top 12 Best Dive Watches Under 100$ For Your Feverish Dives

Invicta Men’s 8932OB Pro Diver Analog Quartz Silver

This product is one of the best dive watches under 100$ that we want to put on the top of the list. The silver coat with black unidirectional bezel brings the wearers the feeling of strong and charming. The stainless steel case hinders it from being easily damaged by accidental drops, helping it to remain the divine beauty for a long time. Especially, even in the deep water where there is not enough light, you can read the time on the watch easily. 

It can be water resistant up to 200 m, which allows you to enjoy your dives to the utmost without worrying whether the watch can work properly or not. This watch doesn’t need batteries to run and have a quite long longevity if used correctly and taken care tactfully. 

Thanks to its outstanding features, it is rated pretty high on Amazon with an average of 4.3. Users are so impressed by both its design and its functionality that they pay it a lot of nice compliments on Amazon. You can find more about how excellent it is there.


  • Case Diameter: 40 mm
  • Band Material Stain;ess Steel
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Color: dial black

Casio Men’s Black Analog Watch

Casio is always a sought-after brand when it comes to automatic watch. With the ever-higher demands for diving equipment of the market, the brand is producing more and more innovative products to satisfy their customers. This watch features a black resin band with a stainless steel case which is considered to be durable enough for those who often go for diving.

This watch makes it possible for users to read the time right away thanks to its wider arm. A small date window keeps you informed with the date as well as the time; therefore; when you are underwater, you can feel somehow assured. 200-meter water resistance for a long time grants you unforgettable and feverish dives.

The mineral window is especially resistant to scratches. To make it better, the manufacturer added one way rotating bezel to its design with a view to bettering its durability and making it more user-friendly to use.

As you can see, it features a beautiful but subtle shade of black dial with contrasting white luminous markers in order for you to easily read the time and date in unfavorable water environments. It is water resistant up to 200m with an unidirectional diver’s timing bezel and screw-down crown. Not only does it play a role as a perfect diving watch for your summer days but also acts as an ideal replacement for a bracelet or any other accessories on your hand.

With the budget under 100$, this one is among the best dive watches under 100$ from Casio that you can find on the market.

Henry Jay Mens 23K Gold Plated Two Tone Stainless Steel

It is absolutely a charming watch for man, which is made from stainless steel with polished silver tone round case and down case back. Internal details such as hands, markers and the case outers are coated in goal that makes it totally stand out. The Henry Jay has the water resistance of 330 feet – an ideal depth for snorkeling and diving.

The quartz moment is used to operate this watch; so you can totally believe in the accuracy of time and date displayed on it. It is durable and can support you for several years if used properly (as many other products.

This timepiece has left a profound impression on us because of its fantastic look and nice feature. One of the best dive watches under 100$ for your comfort!

Vostok Amphibian Automatic Mens Wristwatch

This watch is one of the most popular products of Vostosks with quite a few good traits that can impress you. The Amphibia is a mechanical watch that features an automatic movement with handwinding, 200m water resistance, luminous hands and dots enabling you to read the time even in the darkness.

Although it functions quite well with considerable extent of water resistance, it is not an ideal option for dives at great depth because of its bidirectional bezel. Besides, dust will somehow go into the crystal (but you needn’t worry since it can be removed easily with some compressed air). The rubber strap isn’t the most secure but it’s quite comfortable. 

Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

It is another product from Invicta Men’s that we want to introduce to you. No matter how many good features it has, Invicta watches always bring you the feeling of charming and attractive while wearing. With 660 feet of water resistance, you can dive for a long time in deep water as long as you want without worrying about the ability to function well on this watch. As 89320B, this watch employs automatic motion with no battery.

This watch will definitely go beyond your expectation because more than a dive watch, it can be used in everyday life which you can wear in all conditions and count on to keep accurate time.

Such a precious timepeace!

Phoibos PX002C Men Diver Watch

The Phoibos diving watch is a versatile timepiece which can perform flawlessly in any circumstance, both in and out water. It can be water resistant up to 300 meters and 1000 feet of water pressure which allows you to do different aquatic sports such as: swimming, snorkeling, diving and other surface sports like skateboarding as well.

A brushed and polished stainless steel case with 120-click unidirectional bezel makes it look awesome. It also features Swiss Ronda 515 movement with an user-friendly and readable display and a date window at the 3 o’clock position so that the day can easily be seen by you.

The watch is reasonably light, about 160g which is convenient for your wrist to move while you are having a dive or doing sports. Especially the sapphire crystal has the ability to prevent the watch from being scratched and remain its absolute beauty for a long time. 

Lad Weather Altimeter Watch

What impresses us the most about this watch is its neat design in black. Compared to other products on the market, it is considered as more functional than most of them since it can act as an altimeter, barometer, compass, weather forecast, timer and alarm also. Never will you find such a small watch at a reasonable price that has so many functions as listed above. It will rock you to the core!

The band is made from flexible silicone that can be adjusted to fit the wrist comfortably. As many users report, its longevity can climb up to half a century if used properly thanks to the excellent durability and outstanding features.

It is actually one of the best dive watches under 100$ for water sports. There is no need to worry since it will support you whenever you go and excite you to partake any sport that you want. Give it a try!

Stuhrling Original Dive Watch

Although Stuhrling doesn’t have an overwhelmingly complicated design, it can multi-task apart from telling time. It features a bright blue dace with stainless steel markers dotted around, which grant it an charming look which will be noticed right at the first time seeing.

With luminescent baton-style hands and indices collected in a coin edge bezel, finished with a signed screw down crown and Japanese Miyota movement , the watch makes it easier for you to read the exact time and date on it. It has a water resistance of 100m and can be used for swimming and snorkeling. Diving in deep water is not recommended; however you can also wear it as a replacement for a bracelet. It looks fashionable and never out-of-date, isn’t it?

XONIX Men’s Sports Watch

This watch is neatly designed to bring wearers the most comfort when partaking any water sports. The automatic calendar adjustment and one-time alarm setting allow you to adjust the time whenever you desire without any obstacles. It is a high-quality product with high transparency, water-resistance of 100m and press-resistance which make it unable to be broken. In addition, it is fine polished with a beautiful reflection emitting a modern feeling.

It is made from high-quality raw PU material and a stainless steel clasp with a grand logo on and a brand charm that fits with your wrist. The fact that it is smaller than most products doesn’t matter its ability to work well underwater. 

Invicta 9204 Pro Diver Men’s Dive Watch

This watch does have a striking design with blue dial face which you may get into. It comes with a specially hardened mineral glass which is resistant to scratches and helps to keep the beauty of the item up to the hilt.

The strap of this Invicta watch is stainless steel with a standardized and secure clasp, perfectly going with its case size of 38mm – totally suitable for men. Its only disadvantage is the lack of date display because there is hardly any space to fit the date window inside. However, most people seem not to have any problem with it so it is still a good choice if you are a big fan of the Invicta brand.

Such a top-notched watch should belong to those who want to wear it both in daily life and during their interesting dives in the ocean. We believe in the first-rated quality of this item and also believe that it satisfy your requirements.

Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch

Luminox is noted for its tritium inserts for long-term luminescence. This company also makes custom watches for several groups, including the US Air Force, and the US Coast Guard. This dive watch features a high quality rubber strap with a carbon-reinforced polyurethane case and rotating bezel. It offers water resistance of up to 200 meters and its black display shows the date using its self-powered illumination system. The glow dots on the outside of the numbers are bright enough to see at night or in low light situations, but not distracting at all. They also require no “recharging” from the sun or a light source, as they run on tritium.

This product is appointed with a black rubber strap, but it would be able to swap it for different colours. It can be used for a long time without malfunctioning as reported by a number of customers’ feedback on Amazon.

Considering all the features above, Luminox is one of the best dive watches under 100$ if you are in the military.

Pyle PSNKW30 Multifunction Digital Dive Watch

In fact, it is one of the best dive watches under 100$ for underwater action such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and will perform in any wet environment. It is built to have long-lasting engineered marine grade waterproof so that you can rely on it when being under water. The watch has an indicator on the face that allows users to recall the selected freshwater or saltwater dives.

More than that, it comes with five different functions: current time, dual time, chronograph, countdown timer and divind modes which can support you effectively when enjoying your underwater exploration.

One more thing special about this one is the electro-luminescent (EL) backlight display lights up the watch face with the press of a button. No matter where you are, on land or underwater, if you press the button, it will shine some light so that you can read the time and date much easier. The blue glow works well even in darkest conditions.

How To Choose The Best Dive Watches Under 100$?

best dive watches under 100

Maybe you are in the market for a while but you can’t pick up a watch that may look nice in the office and look cool when you do water sports. There are some criteria that you should take in account before purchasing any dive watch as follows.


This is the most detrimental characteristic that a dive watch should have. Water-resistance to 200 meters depth will be the best for you to enjoy aquatic activities, especially diving and snorkeling. If this number exceeds 200 then the entire construction of the watch has to be engineered with structural strength including thicker crystal, firmer cases and Helium escape valves…

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

best dive watches under 100

This is the most detrimental characteristic that a dive watch should have. Water-resistance to 200 meters depth will be the best for you to enjoy aquatic activities, especially diving and snorkeling. If this number exceeds 200 then the entire construction of the watch has to be engineered with structural strength including thicker crystal, firmer cases and Helium escape valves…

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

Dive watches are recommended to include an unidirectional rotating bezel with a luminous market at the 12 o’clock position. It is a must-have feature to make sure that the dial won’t accidentally move when you are diving, which means informing you with the exact time. It would be better if you look into this characteristic carefully because we are sure that you don’t want to run out of oxygen without being informed when performing underwater.

best dive watches under 100

Clear Legibility

There are a variety of places for you to dive and of course, not all of them are favorable with enough light. some places may be very dark and hard to identify things, in this case you need a dive watch that is luminous enough for you to read the time. The hands, hour markers and dial face should be large with large amounts of long-lasting lume so that your dives will not be interrupted. 


best dive watches under 100

It is the less important factor while choosing a dive watch. A dive watch is considered as versatile when it can play not only a role (telling time) but giving information of depth, chronophy, water temperature, weather forecast and something like this. It can also be worn in your daily life as an accessory, an ideal replacement for a bracelet for example. However, if it does not have this feature then it doesn’t matter, as long as it functions well when you are diving. 

Sapphire Crystal And Mineral Crystal

Sapphire Crystal

High-quality watches usually feature Sapphire Crystal for some reasons. First, it is very durable and strong, so it is much more costly than others. Another reason is its resistance to scratches, cracks and even breaking. It can be damaged easily and can be used for quite a long time. Sapphire Crystal is normally pink or milk white and cold to touch.

best dive watches under 100

Mineral Crystal

Mineral Crystal is a kind of glass crystal that can resist heat and chemicals to prevent the watch from being scratched. Of course its resistance to scratches is not as good as Sapphire Crystal, it works better than plastic. The only disadvantage is it can break under extreme heat or cold or crack when your watches hit something too firm.

Actually if you are not adept in identifying these two materials then there are machines that may give you a hand with it. They can actually measure all the features of a watch such as luminosity, hardess and something like that.

Conclusion For Best Dive Watches Under 100$

Dive watch is of pivotal role when it comes to diving, snorkeling and many other water sports. A good dive watch will accompany and benefit you a lot when you are underwater, keep you safe in unfavorable diving environments. Lots of beginners find it difficult and confused to choose their best suited dive watch because they don’t have deep insight into this item.

There are also the ones who waste a large sum of money on useless watches that don’t offer them any benefits, instead, spoiling their enjoyable dives. It is the reason why we provide you with a list of highly-rated products with individual detailed reviews and comparison for you to go through. Please do not miss information above, it will help you a lot determine which one to invest money in.

We are very glad that you spend time visiting our website; we hope that you can find your appropriate dive watch at an affordable price.

Here are our three picks:


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