Top 15 Best Embroidery Pen Reviews 2021: Start Your New Year’s Project Now

If you’ve been on Instagram, Pinterest or Tiktok then you may have come across patterns of fuzzy rug-like textures created by punching needles that are just simply mesmerizing. So you find yourself inspired to start out on your own project, what now? Choosing the best embroidery pen can give you a head start in your new project.

“Why an embroidery pen though?” you may ask. The answer is simple, it provides you with textures that are unachievable by needles and threads alone. The right embroidery pen can really make your framed projects pop and leave your loved ones astounded by your new found artsy habit. 

Whether you are just starting out your journey or wanting to expand your embroidery gadgets, it can be overwhelming to find yourself the right pen. With that said, we are here to bring you our top pick for the 15 best embroidery pen of 2021.

Best Embroidery Pen Comparison 2021

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Top Best Embroidery Pen Reviews 2021

Magic Embroidery Pen Set

This product is one of the best embroidery pen set when considering its cost-effect. This bundle contains everything you need to start your project.


What makes this set so friendly for beginners is the fact that it comes with a small guide pamphlet. This piece of paper, which contains information on basic instructions to use the pen, can really come in handy for starters. 


The set includes two basic pens, making it extra beginner friendly. The adjustable pen makes controlling the threads’ length a breeze, while the other have replaceable nibs for  your more elegant embroidery strokes. You’ll absolutely love this set of embroidery pen if you are looking forward to trying out new color combinations for your projects.


The whole set of various items from the embroidery hoops, to the needles themselves, is arranged neatly in one box set, making it perfect for travelling or as a gift. With the number of the items included, this is also the right investment for you if you are planning to make embroidering a long term habit since the kit comes with many replacement needle tips. 


  • Travelling-friendly
  • Beginners-friendly
  • Wide range of items varieties


  • Embroidery hoop’s material is not sturdy
  • Slightly confusing guide book

140 Pieces Embroidery Cross Stitching Punch Needle Kit

This is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for maximum utilization while working on a variety of fabric sizes. Out of all the embroidery pens we have chosen, this one offers you the most range of hoops with 5 different sizes, making it perfect for beginners who want to start small and gradually move up to larger fabric pieces. 


The hoops’ tension is also adjustable for an easier grip on the fabric. You will be able to make yourself rug sizes art pieces in no time thanks to this embroidery pen set.


Wanting to experience backstitches, loops and even the smooth satin stitches? Say no more because this set contains a sturdy pen for all of those stitches. The pen is made in the size to fit your hand perfectly, giving you all the flexibility you need for the process


Along with all 140 pieces of items, this kit also includes a user manual to help you start out. The manual contains information on how to thread the pen as well as all the functions of each piece, you can easily start diving into your project thanks to the informative guide even if you are a beginner.


  • Various accessories
  • Flexible
  • Beginners-friendly


  • Threader is fragile
  • Scissors is quite dull

Kisstaker 210pcs Embroidery Pen Set

If you are already into traditional embroidery and want to spice things up with punch needling, this is the pen set for you! The set has great value for you if you already have your embroidery hoops and fabric on hand.


The set includes the most colors of threadlines out of our top picks with almost 200 colors, helping you in creating the perfect color transition for your next crafty project.


Another feature that makes this kit great is that it comes with 7 adorable embroidery stickers for examples! These stickers can be inspirational for you to start out your own sticker projects, and of course, there’s always a thing or two we can learn from these cute badges’ patterns and design.


The most noticeable superior trade of this set is the multiple sizes replaceable needles for smoother or rougher textures as you wish. If you have previously worked with crafting projects, you would know that a variety in texture in embroidery can really enhance your work, and these needles really make this the right embroidery pen for you.


  • Perfect for thick fabric
  • Simple operation
  • Various items in the set


  • Confusing instructions
  • Embroidery hoop not included

Wool Queen Punch Needle Starter Kit

Don’t know if embroidery is for you but still want to give it a go? This adorable kit is the best place to start out with for you! The set is the most simple yet effective, it can be a lovely gift for your children or for yourself that satisfies your crafting curiosity.


The set contains all the items designed simple yet perfect to create one perfect illustration of your choosing. Worry that there would be spare unneeded scraps after you finish your work? Don’t be! The kit provides the perfect amount of threads you would need for your project!


The kit also comes with a variety of pre-printed patterns you can choose from and instructions for you to follow. The producer also includes one sturdy, yet surprisingly adjustable pen for the set. This is the one for beginners who are not used to the intimidating size of more advanced pens.


  • Various adorable patterns to choose from
  • Beginner-friendly with clear instructions
  • Children friendly
  • Perfectly calculated amount of needed items


  • Unstable threader
  • Pattern’s ink is smeary

Gardwens’ New Embroidery Kit

Garwens’ pen comes with the kit is also a noticeable product for those who are on intermediate level in embroidering. Though the kit does not come with an embroidery hoop, it is of great value if you are looking to upgrade your embroidery kit.


The needles that come with the embroidery pen are interchangeable which can help you enhance your embroidering experience by so much! Whether you want to outline your work with elegant smooth thin lines or fill the canvas effectively, there is a needle that is just right for you. This truly is the embroidery pen for you if you are looking to improve your skills even more than you are right now! 


The pen itself is sturdy and works extremely well even on thick fabric, so next time you want to refresh your old pair of jeans you can add your own personality to them by embroidering what you love on it! Picking up some more advanced embroidery projects? This is the kit for you!


  • Works great on thick fabric
  • Rich and colorful variety of threads
  • Well-constructed pen
  • Large variety of accessories


  • Does not come with an embroidery hoop
  • Not beginners-friendly

Yarniss’ Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

Yarniss is known for its responsive tendency to their customer’s requirements and constantly improving their products’ quality, and this kit of embroidery pens is their latest improvement. If you have tried out embroidery pens before and they all seem fragile and always on the verge to snap, then this is the embroidery pen for you! 


The pen is upgraded to have a security screw helping you work with ease without having to worry about loose needles.The three sizes of needles included in the package are all stable stainless steel and the handle is made with well crafted TPR plastic, giving you an ergonomic sense in your work. 


This is the kit for you if you are just above beginner’s level and below intermediate’s level since it comes with a lovely bamboo embroidery hoop and a piece of 12×12 inch cotton cloth. 


As we have mentioned, Yarniss is great when it comes to customer service, that is why even though the kit only has 50 colors of threads, they are very carefully chosen for your best satisfaction.


  • Extraordinary embroidery pen quality
  • Good customer service
  • Adequate amount of accessories
  • Well chosen thread color combination


  • Cotton cloth is slightly thin
  • Limited threads colors

Yarniss’ Magic Embroidery Pen with Cloth

Already got yourself an embroidery hoop and don’t know what you should try out with it? Yarniss’ got your back! Why not start your crafting journey with the pen set from Yarniss’ collection now?


We said it, and we’ll say it again, Yarniss cares  about their customers a lot, so we think you would be very satisfied with this set of embroidery items. The set comes with all of the needed tools to start with your embroidering journey.


The pen from this set is extra beginner-friendly and considered one of the best pens because it is customized for your maximum comfort! The numbered screws on other pens’ handles are confusing and hard to manage? No sweats! You can enjoy adjusting your needle length with ease just by turning the knob at the end of the pen and embroider away! 


Not convinced yet? The pens also work incredibly well on even thick surfaces like rugs, denims and even canvas, perfect for your variety of projects!


  • Beginner friendly
  • Great choice of threads’ color
  • Embroidery pen is both easy to work with and sturdy
  • Helpful accessories


  • No embroidery hoop included
  • Needles are slightly loose

AROYEL Magic Wooden Handle Embroidery Pen Punch Needle Set

So you have gotten used to the plastic pens and have added a good number of embroidery creations into your collection? How about upgrading your regular plastic pen to an elegant wooden one? 


This is the best choice for you if you are looking for a high quality wooden pen. The wood handle is carefully hand chosen just for your comfort. Aroyel also designed their best  embroidery pen by contouring the shape to make the process extra comfortable for your delicate crafting hand! Any kind of stitches are possible for you since the needles are specially designed to make the threads’ length modification process as simple as possible.


The set comes with a lovely pendant, cloth and the pen itself, all carefully wrapped in an elegant velvety black bag. This can be the next ideal gift for your crafty loved one, or your well deserved self.


  • Well designed pen handle
  • Sturdy yet adjustable needles
  • Eco-friendly cloth


  • Minimal accessories
  • Minimal instructions

Arokimi’s Magic Embroidery Pen

This embroidery set from Arokimi is the starting point for you if you are a beginner to embroidery and is still confused on how it works! This is the pen set for you if you don’t know how color theory in embroidery works. The threads color are minimal and picked out for you so that you won’t be overwhelmed by hundreds of colors available.


The set comes with two of the highest quality embroidery pens, one stable for warm up practices and the other one is adjustable once you get used to embroidering. Additionally, the set also provides you with 3 sizes of changeable needles, helping you work on a variety of surfaces.


Still don’t know where to start? Worry not! The embroidery kit also comes with two pre-embroidery patterns, a lovely pink rose and a detailed butterfly, they can really help inspire you to create your own duplications on various surfaces!


The kit with the pens fits neatly in any pockets, making it your perfect companion everywhere and anytime you are bored or simply just want to practice your embroidering more. The kit can also be a great present for your craft loving mother or your curious handy sister too!


  • Beginner friendly
  • Nicely picked threads’ colors
  • Pen works nicely even on thick surfaces


  • No embroidery hoop included
  • No embroidering cloth included

EUOW 10Pcs Magic Embroidery Pen Punch Needle Pen Set

If you have colorful threads lying around the house and don’t know what to do with them, this is your solution! This kit from EUOW offers you a pen along with amazing accessories that can help you create the best patterns in just hours.


The embroidery pen that comes with the set is made from well-chosen wood and crafted to fit your hand perfectly. The pen is not only well customized just for your beginner’s delicate fingers but also guides you on creating various lengths of threads thanks to its adjustable needles.


This set also has well informed instructions to help you learn everything you need about the pen. What are you waiting for? Try out the new way to embroider something lovely for your loved ones!


  • Great quality pens
  • Helpful accessories
  • Beginner friendly


  • Does not support thicker yarns
  • Does not include threads

Hileyu’s Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

This is the embroidery pen kit for you if you are looking forward to lighting up your art-loving inner child for its spectacular choice of colored threads. The set comes with the threads and the thread holders making it convenient to arrange the threads when you are not working on them.


The pens of this kit are basic yet very effective in what they do. The adjustable pen is simple to use, just turn the knob and you’ll be creating different textures for your canvas in no time at all! The other pen is also great for a warm up session before you step in your well planned out passion project!.


All the accessories needed to create your wonderful piece are provided in the kit. The kit also comes with pre-embroidery patterns of flowers and butterflies, perfect for you to study what the pen is capable of. Let the child in you grow with the creative possibilities that you can make with this kit we have chosen for you!


  • Colorful, well-picked threads
  • Ergonomic pens
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Full-package of accessories


  • No embroidery hoop included
  • Loose needles

EUOW Punch Needle Pen Set Craft Tool

This kit from EOUW would be your new perfect companion if you have been looking forward to upgrading your basic traditional embroidery kit. The traditional way to embroider can become really boring once you get the hang of them, so why don’t you give yourself a new challenge and give these pens a chance?


The kit comes with the pens that we can offer which is compatible with your traditional embroidery threads. The pen not only is compatible with your own threads, but it can also enhance and create textures that are impossible to make with the traditional needles and threads!


If you feel a bit intimidated by the latest technology that the pen provides, there is a helpful manual for you, teaching you from A to Z the things there is to know about these pens and what they can offer you. The accessories are simple, but they are a great starting point for you, maybe they can even help you discover your new crafty habit.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • High quality pens
  • Helpful accessories
  • Minimalist, yet effective


  • No threads provided
  • No embroidery hoops provided

17 Pieces Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

This is the kit that we have chosen for you to start out your artistic journey but the plastic pens are too complex for you! The kit is quite simple compared to other kits that we have presented, but the minimalistic details are what makes the kit.


Every embroidering pen, every accessory that comes in this set is designed perfectly just for you, simple yet elegant and just right for you! The set comes with two pens, one made of wood for you to warm up to embroidery, and the plastic one is for when you have gotten a grip on how embroidery pens work. The kit comes with a cloth that has perfect thickness to embroider on, helping you to get a grasp of the texture that the pens can work on.


Even starting out with my own embroidery pens, i’ve always had trouble with threading through the tiny holes of the needles, this kit saved me so much time threading needles by providing not one but three threaders! The kit is simply an amazing start point!


  • Sturdy, elegant pens
  • Beginner friendly
  • Simple, easy to follow instruction pamphlet


  • No threads included
  • No embroidery hoops included

ZX VISION Wooden Handle Embroidery Pen Punch Needle Kit

If you are unsure if you want to add punch needling into your set of embroidery skills, then we have chosen this pen kit just for you! 


The kit consists of one pen that is sturdy and easy to use. The pen is made of wood, carved to fit your hand perfectly. Though the needle looks simple, its quality is extraordinary! The needle that runs through the handle is made of stainless steel, and has an empty core for the thread to go through, you won’t need to worry that the thread might snap midway. 


Trying out one of these embroidery pens is coming out of your traditional embroidering comfort zone, and it can even bring you new textures onto your colorful canvas. The kit also throws in a hoop and regular needle for the bundle, way cheaper than if you have bought them separately. Not sure if you should invest more in punching needling? This is the pen for you to make your final call!


  • Sturdy, simple and effective pen
  • Good bundle offer
  • Great for upgrading your embroidery inventory


  • No instructions included
  • No threads included

Aroyel’s Wooden Handle Embroidery Pen Punch Needle Set

Using a plastic handle pen can be too rough on your hands if you have been working with embroidery pens for a while, this is the embroidery pen for your hands only!


If you have been meaning to try out the wooden handle embroidery pen for a while but don’t know which to choose out of hundreds of pens and kits, this is the perfect pen for you. The package is simple, a lovely wooden pen, a firm threader and a piece of thick cloth, no fuzz. All of the goodness in this bundle is tied neatly in a black velvet pocket, perfect for travelling!


The embroidery pen itself is made with higher quality wood than was chosen by the producer, then designed to fit your grasp perfectly. The needle is made of firm stainless steel that will guarantee your textures smoothness and velvety to the touch! This pen is surely a must add to your collection of the embroidery pens!

Still Have Trouble Choosing Yourself The Best Embroidery Pen?

It is understandable why it is intimidating to choose the best embroidery pen for you. Afterall, the market offers you hundreds and thousands of choices, and no one understands what you want best but yourself! We are here to bring you some guidelines that will hopefully help you reference for your best choice! Read on to know how to choose the best embroidery pen!

Here are our 5 tips on choosing the right one for your personal needs:


Currently, the market would usually put the pens in bundles with other accessories to maximize their packaging, this can provide you great deals depending on your needs. If you are just starting out, it is the perfect chance for you to gain more for less money spending on each separate part! If you are looking for pens to upgrade your inventory, don’t worry, we have chosen the best deals for your needs too! No matter what you are aiming to choose, be conscious of your choice though, ending up with too much or too little to work with can really make your process stressful. Remember to evaluate the purpose of what to buy to prevent that from happening!

best embroidery pen


So let’s say you got your hand on your first embroidery pen and are thrilled to try the new thing out, then THUMP! The needle sunk deep into the fabric and when you pull it out the needle wouldn’t work right. The needle wouldn’t work like an embroidery pen now but more like  one of those annoying mechanical pencils with the lead that sinks back to the pencil when you try to write… That is why you should choose a pen that can stick with you for a while and work properly. The pen that you can choose is the one that is sturdy and made of stainless steel, the handle can be wooden or plastic based on your preference, but it has to be firmly attached to the needle one way or another.


If you are just starting out your embroidery journey, it is important to have some basic accessories that come with the pen itself. The most basic accessory for your pen is a threader since embroidery pens work a tad bit different from your regular needles. Luckily, in our top selections, all the embroidery pens almost always come with more than one threader for you! Most embroidery pens on the market recently come with greater deals for accessories though! You can get a full set of embroidery hoops, scissors and more for such a great price you wouldn’t believe! Begin your journey with the best kit with our suggestions!

Comfortable Usage

best embroidery pen

Of course, you have your own level of comfort while holding your embroidery pen, that is why you should think about what you would prefer as the material for the handle of your best embroidery pen? If you want a flexible grip on your work and want a smoother workflow, get yourself a plastic pen. If you want the pen that is perfect for your grip and sturdier than the plastic ones, get a wooden handle pen. The market offers many sets of pens with both wooden and plastic handles at a good price, so feel free to test a few out before deciding on which one of the pens you would like to work with in the long term.

Storage Space

As we have stated before, the pens often come in bundles with other accessories so you would like to choose one that is the most suitable for your living space. If you love travelling and working on your embroidery on the run, you should get yourself a set that is sufficient but light for space saving. On the other hand, if you want to expand your domestic collection, why not choose those with more accessories for a cheaper price? Whether the pens are stored in extravagant box kits or small velvety bags, they should be of good quality and achieve the previously mentioned criterias if they want to be your chosen one.

Frequently Asked Questions

best embroidery pen

Are The Embroidery Pens Superior From The Traditional Needle?

The answer is, you’ve guessed it! It completely depends on the users! The embroidery pen can provide you with some textures that are unachievable by just a regular needle, but it is also the other way around. Our advice is to work with whatever you are comfortable with, try out the embroidery pen if you want to! Who knows if embroidery pens would become your new favorite crafting item! Even better, why not combine the two skills and create yourself some unique pieces that are just your own! There is no wrong way to work with threads and needles, only experiences!

Can I Use Yarn For My Embroidery Pen?

Read the instructions that come with the kit! Some embroidery pens are capable of holding onto yarn, but most of them are only suitable for regular embroidering threads. If the pen does not come with an instruction that says it is ok to use warm, it is best not to use it to maximize the pen’s longevity, afterall, the best embroidery pen is dependent on its user!

best embroidery pen

What Kind Of Fabric Can I Use My Pen On?

The possibility is endless for you! The best embroidery pen that we have chosen is designed to handle all types of fabric, from thick to thin! Most embroidering pens can handle many thick fabrics like linen, satin, canvas and even denims! There are thick yet delicate fabrics such as silk, we suggest that you use the smallest needle size to work with these kinds of fabrics. 

How Do You Knot The Threads When You Are Done With Your Embroidering?

With an embroidering pen, you don’t actually need to knot your threads like you usually do with regular needles. We love embroidering with pens since there is no need for tangle-prone knots at the end of each embroidering section. You can simply finish up your embroidery by turning your work over and snipping the thread off on that side! The cut should be even or slightly shorter than your previous thread lines.

Can Young Children Work With The Embroidery Pen?

There are many embroidery kits that are made for youngsters who want to give crafting a go! Embroidery pens are easy to use and are accessible too! The pen can really be a tool for some fun mother-child bonding time. With that being said, we do suggest to wait for your children to grow a bit older to make sure that they are safe and won’t accidentally swallow something unwanted! And even if the children are old enough for the embroidering pen, we suggest that there MUST be a supervisor in case of unexpected danger.

best embroidery pen

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Embroidery Pen

We hope that the top 5 best embroidery pens that we have chosen for you can help you make your decision to start out on your embroidering journey! All the products that we suggested all serve their specific purpose and aimed users, they are perfect for you, whether you are a youngster or an adult, beginners or professionals. The products that we have chosen all came from the heart, we hope that with your right embroidery pen, you can spark up something to your creative inner child!

Did our reviews help you pick out your embroidery pen? We sure hope it did! Catch more of our amazing reviews!

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