No Threads No Problems – Torn Jeans Now Are Fixed With These Best Fabric Glue For Denim (2021 Updated)

What an annoying incident when one day you found your favorite jean is torn. And surely you are not willing to either sew it which could destroy the beauty of your original item with threads or throw it away. Things could be easier if you know these best fabric glue for denim can totally fix it!

With the list we have carefully sorted out, 2021 gets easier with many famous glue brands serving many kinds of rips. They ensure your denim cloth won’t be washed away or get uncomfortable when the glue gets dried on the clothing’s surface and many more surprising features.

Without any further ado, check these items below and save your favorite clothes!

Best Fabric Glue For Denim Comparison 2021

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Top Best Fabric Glue For Denim Reviews 2021

Tear Mender Adhesive

In just 3 minutes and all the gaps are closed. The torn fabric now can be glued together permanently with can not be any more advantageous features.


After 15 minutes you can wash it since the adhesive is waterproof. The glue will guarantee the seams are well bonded. Especially, you won’t even feel any scratchy or uncomfortable on the clothing’s surface. After the mending, you can wash the fabric since the adhesive is formulated by long-lasting and natural latex.


The yellowing effects by UV rays won’t be a problem since the glue is defiant to those effects. Therefore, after drying, the adhesive is going to look clear without any discolored view afterward. Interestingly, this Tear Mender Adhesive could be applied to other fabrics such as auto upholstery, furniture and many more.


All the ingredients are natural, acid-free, non-toxins, water-based and environmental friendly


  • Fast mending permanently in 3 minutes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Yellowing effects constraint
  • Washable after 15 minutes


  • It does not apply well with flexible materials
  • It can not bond two leather pieces together

Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Up next is the Fabri-Tac from Beacon Adhesives – an all times worth having bottle.


It does not need heat to apply to the materials. When it dries, the fabric barely is stiffened which making sure you are comfortable while wearing.


There are 2oz, 4oz and 8oz bottles available so you can pick which one fits you best. This glue is also notable for its fast-dry quality hence this is a perfect choice for emergency situations when you need to patch your thing as quickly as possible.


  • 3 sizes of bottle for different use purposes
  • Dry fastWashable
  • Can bond well with leather and lace
  • Does not stain


  • Can be weakened by dry cleaning
  • Has a strong odor
  • Not suitable for thin, delicate materials

Dritz Original Liquid Stitch Fabric Glue

A product from Dritz – the Liquid Stitch is not just applying to denim, you can use this as a permanent glue for crafts such as headbands, jewelry. The product also fits with all of your ideas whether you want to add beads, trims, or any embellishments. As you wish! 


The glue is resistant to water which enables you to use the washing machine to wash and to dry without any coming apart pieces. The cool thing about this is after you wash the glue, it becomes flexible which will do no harm to your skin, no scratches allowed!


  • Permanent glue
  • Only takes 30 minutes to dry
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-uses with multi-purposes
  • No need to apply heat or iron


  • May dry out quickly
  • May leave remnants

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Adhesive

Definitely worth mentioning is the adhesive from the Aleene’s which is obviously stated in the name – quick dry after use and especially strong bond it makes can surely unbreakable and unlikely to wash away. Hence you do not have to worry about walking and running freely with your new jeans.


Another selling point of this product is the non-toxic and water-based ingredients making this glue an eco-friendly item. Plus, this product is relatively odorless which is a stand-out point of this glue while other products normally have a strong smell.


  • Weak scent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Create strong bonds that remain versatile after drying and washing
  • Suitable for attaching patches and embellishments.


  • Cannot be used with stretchy fabric
  • May hart to control when it comes to small areas of materials

Original Gutermann HT2

Coming up next is a product well-known for its strong-bond maker. Even though you need to heat dry the adhesive, however, the heating process only for the good. After the heating time, you will find your pieces mended strong together than ever!


Another interesting fact about this glue is the patch will not come off even after continuous washing.


Guterman is flexible once applied to your denim. It will not make your jeans stiffened and uncomfortable to wear.


  • 1-ounce portable
  • Strong bond
  • Machine washable


  • Requires heat to apply
  • Inappropriate for wide range rips

Dritz Home Unique Stitch Adhesive

Another product from Dritz is now on the list for its portability and power. It is the smallest (1.25 oz) fabric glue from Dritz, just as big as toothpaste but can make a long-lasting and clear bond when dry. 


With such a tiny design, this glue reduces effectively the mess that could possibly happen when you try to mend your pieces of denim together. Just simply by squeezing the tube as if you were squeezing a toothpaste, and here you go, ready to get things fixed tidily.


Another thing is you do not need to spend too much money on patching your jeans. The toothpaste-like size product has such an affordable price for you.


  • Non-toxic
  • Clear and water-proof
  • Does not need heat to apply
  • Portable 


  • 24 hours of drying
  • It is weakened by dry-cleaning solvents

Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit

What could be more convenient when now you are owning a full kit for all kinds of rips. You are now available for all the creative work such as mending, add-on embellishment, hemming, etc. All you ever want for your craft joys is this Solution Kit. Not just denim, but so many more!


There is one bottle contains 4oz of fabric glue to join your denim materials also applicable with cotton, leather and many more; one 2 oz bottle of glue which is compatible with nylon, acrylic; one applicator made by silicone; two applicator bottle and two hem holders.


You don’t even worry about excessing applications because you are now having an applicator with a funnel reducing strings results in making less mess.


  • Permanent glue with a variety of uses with different kinds of materials
  • Having applicators ensuring precise application
  • 15 minutes to dry, washable after 24 hours
  • Clear-drying


  • Requires careful hands since there are many tools

Elmer’s Craft Bond Fabric Glue

Another product could not only patch your denim materials but as well as compatible with your  handicraft projects


Because the Emer’s permanently creates strong adhesion, it can be used for many reasons such as decorating, making gifts, handcrafts, and ornaments.


Don’t worry if you might mess up your work while using this product. You can easily wipe them out since it is totally water-soluble. Plus, there on top a funnel to control the pour.  The adhesive dries after 48 hours and surely could keep all the bonds at their best strength and maintain the greatest durability.


  • Compatible with many types of fabric
  • Dries clear and no stains
  • Eco-friendly with acid-free ingredients
  • Permanent but easily be taken off before it dries


  • May use gloves to minimize the stickiness

Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive

The rip on your jean will not automatically disappear if you do not take any action. Take this super adhesive – another product from Aleene’s to take ownership of your life.


Not just denim, this product works well if you want to add embellishments to bags, shoes or your hats as well.


After it dries, there will be a strong, clear, permanent and waterproof bond. The low odor is a plus. And with the non-stringing formula makes it a hard-to-mess adhesive.


  • Light and convenient with 2-ounce bottle
  • Dries clear and no stain remained
  • Weak scent
  • Washable after 72 hours


  • Messy to use

Visbella Sew Glue Liquid

Taking the place is a replacement for sewing and threads for your denim materials. The special feature of this product is the ability to endure high heat and washing machine as well.


Visbella can be applied with different fabrics as well including silk, flannel, and leather to your surprise! Another plus of this product is its applicator’s capacity ranged from 60 milliliters to 120 milliliters that suit accordingly to your will.


Notice when applying for thin layer, you should press them together tightly in 30 seconds. Leave it 5 to 10 minutes that the glue cloud be patched well. Especially it takes 24 hours to dry completely


  • Dries clear and no stain
  • Durable in high temperatures (100 degrees celsius)
  • Non-toxic
  • Washer and dryer proof


  • If put too much could cause a stiff
  • Strong scent

Sewor Fast Dry Sew

This product will definitely handle all of your worries with denim clothes without a needle!


A kit includes 2-ounce bottles of milk-white glue for patching work, applicators and protective gloves. It is totally compatible with these kinds of materials: nylon, polyester, suede, linen, silk, and leather.


The “fast” comes since it only takes 1 minute for the adhesive to contact and hold things together strongly. However, the caveat is that you should not wash your materials before the drying time is over. After 24 hours, you can totally wash it in 100 degrees celsius water without peeling off the glue.


  • Fast drying and colorless
  • Durable with hot water
  • Non-toxic


  • Watery

E6000 231020 Adhesive

Powerful adhesive and stick almost everything together such as wood, metal, ceramics, glass, and obviously, denim!


The bonds that this product creates are undoubtedly strong with just minimal adhesive from the bottle which could save you a lot for multiple uses.


  • Dries clear
  • Waterproof
  • Durable to temperature


  • Strong odor

Singer Sew No More

This product has the smallest capacity on the list, Singer comes as only 22,2 fluid milliliters of bottle, just the size of a hand to hold. However, it makes strong bonds in few minutes permanently once the drying time is over.


Singer is also appropriate for those who want to do craftwork, repairingordecorating small items such as glasses, small pieces of jewelry, etc. You can take the advantage of this glue to add embellishments to almost whatever you want.


It’s especially good for mending rips from your kid’s jeans instead of throwing them away.


  • Light and portable
  • Leaves no traces of adhesive
  • Non-toxic and non-flammabl
  • Has tapered end at the bottle tip


  • Inappropriate with wide rips

Guttermann Creativ HT2

Your patching and mending needs are now solved gently with this 30-gram tube of fabric glue.


On thin denim, it takes up 5 minutes to dry and a little adhesive, and the thicker one is 7 to 15 minutes to dry and obviously will use more of your adhesive. While the adhesive is drying, press the materials together tightly and apply the iron to maximize the effectiveness of the glue.


One prominent point of this product is that it can attach plastic and plastic or metal to fabric, so you can freely to attach anything you want to the favorite jeans.


  • Convenient tip for pouring
  • Averagely take 7 minutes to dry
  • Can glue metal to fabric


  • Requires heat to apply

Dritz 401 Stick

Coming last on the list is a temporary but powerful glue from Dritz. The adhesive can easily come off in the wash.


If you want to make full use of your jean coat before using it in another purpose or you want to bast zippers and hems, Dritz 401 Stick can be your top list of glue!


  • Non-toxic
  • Bonds temporarily
  • Easy to apply


  • Needs to be kept in the fridge to keep it from drying out.

What To Notice Before Buying Your Best Fabric Glue For Denim

best fabric glue for denim

Yes it is just a bottle of glue and it can get lost at any time. However, choosing considerately what type of glue to buy would save you more time and money you ever imagined! Let’s take a look at how to pick a perfect adhesive match with your favorite clothes.

Permanent or Temporary

These differences are seemingly hard to make. However, you should always notice whether the glue you are considering is permanent or temporary.

Furthermore, permanent or temporary depends on your purposes as well. If you want your fabric pieces mended together without any stitches and for long-term use, then you surely want a permanent glue with strong bonds and is durable with washing.

Waterproof or Not

Most the adhesive properties are weakened when contacting with water. Especially with fabric glue denim, you should always pay attention to the water durability. Since it is clothes, you will need to wash it over and over again.

Hence, a machine-washable label is what you should look for a denim glue.

However, if your wish is to make temporary drafts of your handicraft projects, you can consider the water-soluble type as well

Stainless ability

What could have been worse when trying to fix your denim making it even more terrible. Leaving traces or making stains on your clothes, denim or your craftwork is annoying. Hence, making sure the glue you are about to buy is clear after applied to your fibers.

Drying Time

Some adhesives take up to 48 hours to dry, but some only 1 minute. You don’t want to miss an important event while waiting for your torn clothes to be mended for long right. Normally, one that takes longer time results in a stronger bond and vice versa.

best fabric glue for denim


Toxic chemicals only make the world a worse place to live in. It deteriorates the planet and the people using it. Choose ones that are acid-free, non-toxic and are formed with environment-friendly formulas.


The design of glue bottles is not always for beauty purposes. Some are designed for beginners where the bottle tip equipped with a funnel applicator. Some for professional use. Some come in tubes and some come in bottles. Try to define which type of user are you to choose the best fit.

Bond’s Strength

Different fabric glues generate different strengths of bonds. Depending on the purposes you have, you may consider carefully what level of bonding strength you want. If you want to mend your clothes permanently, definitely you should choose the superior strength ones, meanwhile, if you want to patch or mend things that barely touched such as home decorations, you can choose the lesser strength ones.

best fabric glue for denim

9 Protips For Denim Menders Only!

Tip 1: You are reducing your chances of gluing denim if the materials are dirty. Always clean the fabric before applying any glue.

Tip 2: No one wants to show others that the denim garment is glued obviously. Try to turn inside out your garment and put a piece of cardboard between the rip and the other side. Extra work, extra good-looking outcome.

Tip 3: Could not keep your fabric stay put? You can use masking tape to hold it still in position waiting for the mending process is over

Tip 4: When the tear is huge and you lose track all the traces and could not define where to put glue, try the tailor’s chalk. Outline the path and you are good to go. Plus, don’t worry if the chalk marks stay on your clothes, since they are not permanent, they will go soon.

Tip 5: If you are afraid of you might mess things up because you could not control the adhesive flow and your glue pack does not contain any needle nose top or applicator, then try fan brush or any kind of brush at your house to apply the glue. It works perfectly with thin layers also. Remember to wash your brushes right after to reuse them

Tip 6: Sometimes you need to press after gluing the fabric in order to ensure the strength of the bond.

Tip 7: This tip is for the doubters if you are not sure the adhesives are stainless or not and you could not tell from the labels whether it’s telling the truth? Make a test with the glue, apply the glue and leave it there accordingly to the instruction to see if it will stain or not

Tip 8: To keep you away from possible light headaches, you can bring your mending factory to a more spacious place.

Tip 9: This sounds silly, but do not try to stretch your garment in the drying time to test. You can test the effectiveness of your glue freely right after the drying time. But during that time, if you don’t want the bond gets terrible, just do not do it.

To sum up, watch this video if you are still feeling concerned:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should there be any noticeable safety caveats?

There are always safety precautions stated clearly on each of the fabric glue’s bottles. In case the adhesive contains toxic chemicals, make sure you will wear protective gloves and work in an open area.

What should I do when I accidentally spill fabric glue on my fabric?

best fabric glue for denim

Maybe one day you would spill a bottle of fabric glue on your clothes or materials. Don’t need to get too panicking, calmly use water if the glue you use is water-soluble. You can use heat to melt the glue if it gets dried. Another chance is using nail polish solvent (but only if the fabric is white)

There is an extra way requiring a bit of crafting. Stir coconut oil with baking soda at a 1:3 ratio, use a toothbrush to apply the mixture onto the fabric. After that, wash it with soap powder. If all of the above ways do not work, the last option you can think of is trying to scrape it off your denim with a hand-sized knife at your home.

Can I make fabric glue at home?

Yes, you can. There are many DIY relating to this topic. However, you follow safety guidelines and keep your children away from your experiments.

Can hot glue be applied to my denim?

Yes, hot glue always creat strong and qualified adhesion. Be noticed what hot glue may work better with thick fibers, otherwise, it could ruin your thin layer materials.

How to speed up the drying time?

The best way to ensure the bond is well made is to wait naturally. But if you are in a rush, you can use a blow drier or even an ironing machine to speed up the drying time

best fabric glue for denim

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Fabric Glue For Denim

Sewing is now could be considered a second choice for your torn clothes. With best fabric glue for denim, you are now able you get control of your life with fast, easy but powerful bonds on your pieces. It helps you to repair and reuse your favorite items.

Always follow the instructions for optimal results. Pay attention to your types of denim to choose the appropriate type of fabric glue also. Only the right glue and make the best outcome. We do hope you find this top 15 fabric glue for denim works for you.

To sum up, clothing and accessories are important, keep them rescued and repaired extend their life cycles, save your money and time.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best fabric glue for denim at the comment box below!

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