A Guide to 15 Best Monogram Sewing Machines of 2021

There are a variety of monogram sewing machines available on the market. Looking for the right sewing machine can be a daunting task as there are so many options to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or a hobbyist who sews/embroiders in your free time or a professional looking to start an embroidery business, it is essential that you choose the best monogram sewing machine that suits your individual needs. 

Performing embroidery by hand is a difficult task due to its labor-intensive nature, especially when faced with high volume of work. However, modern technology has replaced hand embroidery with wonderful machines that facilitate the craft with better results. Not only do they assist in adorning patterns onto garments and other items such as cloths and towels, they also make it possible for users to handle high-volume projects, thanks to their sophisticated and intuitive features. 

In this post, we will present you 15 of the best monogram sewing machines along with detailed reviews ascribed to each product. We also provide a guide to assist you in selecting the best sewing machine for your creative dreams. Without much further ado, let’s jump right in.

Best Monogram Sewing Machines Comparison 2021

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Top Best Monogram Sewing Machines Reviews 2021

Brother SE1900

One of the more appealing aspects of this machine’s hardware is its inclusion of an embroidery extension table of 5 x 7 inches instead of the traditional 4 x 4. The increase in size of the embroidery field makes a huge difference on larger projects. The Brother SE1900 allows sewers to personalize their embroidery creations by means of installing their own design files using the built-in USB port. There are 138 built-in embroidery designs, with different fonts and borders, and 240 built-in sewing stitches making it possible for sewers to create projects from scratch. That said, due to the machine’s complexity, it is more suitable for experienced sewers to use.This embroidery machine is more suitable for those who work at a steady pace – its needles are prone to break if you try to work too quickly.


  • Large work space
  • Plenty of tools and designs to work with
  • Easy to personalize projects
  • Import designs using USB


  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive

Brother SE625

This model offers more vibrancy to your creative endeavours through its fascinating features. The smart color LCD display makes it easy for you to preview and edit your design on the screen. There are plenty of editing features available at your disposal, such as the ability to alter thread colors, place letters, and change the outlines of your designs on the touch screen display. Despite the machine already having 80 built-in designs, you can nonetheless make use of the USB port to import your own sketches/designs. This way, you can still be able to personalize your own projects and tailor them to your liking with numerous stitch options and whatever embroidery designs, colors, or texts available. The machine’s LED bulbs provide enough light for sewers to work at night time. The bulbs, along with the automatic needle threader and free motion sewing, just to name a few, are some of the machine’s most useful features, making it ideal for both embroidery and sewing.


  • Automatic functions
  • LED bulbs
  • Lightweight but still accounts for stability
  • Variety of embroidery designs and stitch options
  • Easy to personalize projects


  • The hoop area is slightly small (4”x 4” in size)
  • Not very user-friendly

Janome 4120QDC

It is not wrong to say that the Janome 4120QDC is a beast of a machine as it’s designed for every type of sewing and is one of the best monogramming machines out there. The greatest strength of the Janome 4120QDC lies in its exceptional power with a sewing speed that can run up to 820 stitches per minute. If you don’t have much experience in sewing or embroidery, the Janome 4120QDC is a great option for novice sewers to grow into despite not looking the part. Although this machine might seem overwhelming at first, given its variety of options and buttons, its features have been designed with ease of use in mind. The LCD screen and large number of built-in functions/features, such as speed control, needle up/down option, automatic needle threader, help to grant sewers a pleasant sewing experience. Moreover, the stylish LCD panel is easy to use and shows which type of stitch the sewer is working with at any time.


  • Easy to use
  • A great deal of useful features
  • Comes with LED light
  • Different stitch options


  • Not very budget friendly
  • Might be a bit too heavy to carry

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960

This best monogram sewing machine is known for its built-in features, which are easy to use, offering great speed control along with automatic stitch settings and five stunning monogramming fonts. The machine is sturdily built with a solid metal frame that prevents the machine from moving around while it is being operated on. In spite of its large size, the machine runs smoothly and quietly.The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 includes an extension table with sizable work space, fitting for operating on larger fabrics. It also has an LCD screen, which facilitates the selection of the numerous stitch functions.However, this is a relatively expensive machine made for those who have some experience in embroidery.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile features
  • Perfect for working with larger projects


  • Expensive for beginners

Singer Heavy Duty 4452

The Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is very suitable for grand projects such as denims or canvases. It is a very powerful machine which means that it is more than capable of sewing almost any materials. The machine is relatively affordable considering the many things that you can do with it. The sewing machine is equipped with 110 different sewing applications and techniques (thread painting, edge stitching, etc.) which would greatly enhance your sewing experience. The 4452’s heavy duty metal frame makes the model even more robust and stable when dealing with heavy work. What’s more – the machine is equipped with three needle positions which would grant you extra control over stitch placement.


  • Very powerful (can sew almost any materials)
  • Contain many sewing techniques
  • Lightweight
  • Fast sewing speed
  • Durable


  • Some might find the bobbins a bit difficult to deal with.
  • It is quite easy for the needles to break while sewing at a high speed.

Brother SE600

The Brother SE600 is one of the more easy-to-use machines that has a great appeal to beginners who want to get into embroidery and monogramming. Due to its enhanced technology, the machine has a large LCD color touchscreen display that makes it easy for sewers to navigate the system. Sewers can use the screen to preview and make necessary changes to their embroidery before the stitching process. The 2-in-1 combination of sewing and embroidery machines along with multiple customizable features allows you to bring creativity to your work. Additionally, the machine gives you the option of saving and importing designs via the USB port. The maximum embroidery area is 4” x 4”. Therefore projects greater than 4” x 4” in size are not recommended. You might need to reconsider your alternatives if this is the case.


  • Fully automated needle threader
  • Incredibly affordable considering its technologically enhanced features
  • Beginner friendly


  • Not suitable for large embroidery projects (the hoop area is only 4” x 4” in size)

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

The XM2701 leans slightly towards novice sewers who want to get into sewing and embroidery. This machine can use various types of stitches such as blind hem stitches, elastic stitches and many more. It comes with 27 different built-in stitches which provides a sense of versatility. The machine has an automatic needle threader equipped into the machine which would provide a great help. Also, there is a thread cutter that comes with the machine, which would make the process of sewing a lot more bearable as this would help to cut threads way easier. The XM2701 is a light and nimble machine, which is ideal for sewers who like to sew on the road.


  • Very affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Hard to sew through thick fabrics
  • Very dim LED light

Brother HC1850

The Brother HC1850 is an outstanding choice for those in search of the best monogramming and resourceful computerized sewing machine. Not only is this fully-featured machine used for quilting and sewing, it also offers a lot of versatility for basic monogramming and decorative stitching. What’s also remarkable about The Brother HC1850 is its build quality. Even though it is loaded with so many functions, the machine is elegantly designed in a way that it’s light and easy to carry. Its backlit LCD display comes with an intuitive push-pull stitch selector which ensures consistent, optimal quality stitching. However, due to its feature-packed nature, The Brother HC1850 leans a little towards experienced sewers. So if you are a beginner who is looking for a sewing machine to buy, this machine might take a bit of time to get used to.


  • Has many amazing features
  • 185 unique built-in stitches
  • Automatic threading system
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • A little tricky for beginners to use
  • Not suited for heavy fabric (due to the machine’s lightness)

SINGER Legacy SE300

The SINGER Legacy SE300’s design is sleek and is well-rounded in regards to its technological functions. This sewing machine prides itself on having the 250 built-in stitches feature that gives sewers more options to work on whichever project of their choosing.Similar to any other Singer’s machines, this model is also known for its durability. Despite having a large extension table, the machine is stable and sturdy, without being too heavy (weighing under 20 pounds) for sewers to carry around.Features such as LED lights, thread path outline, and LCD touch screen help speed up the work process.The SE300 is known for its high efficiency. However, considering its high-speed stitching, the machine operates smoothly and quietly so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.


  • Sturdily built
  • Effective and efficient
  • Extra space available with large hoop
  • Operates quietly


  • Expensive
  • The large number of options and setting might overwhelm beginners

Brother XR9550PRW

The Brother XR9550PRW is a beginner-friendly sewing machine equipped with easy-to-use features, including a sizable LCD screen that enables a large number of stitch selections with the intuitive stitch selectors. Because the machine is intuitive, it’s fairly easy for beginners to figure out how to operate it with just a little practice. This model comes with a hard case with a wide extension table making it easier to maneuver larger quilts.Since this is a lightweight machine, it’s not going to provide you with the most stable sewing experience that you might have hoped for when working with heavy fabrics. However, because the equipment is portable, you can easily store it away or carry it around when in need.


  • Comes with a wide extension table
  • Large number of stitch selections (165 built-in stitches)
  • Intuitive LCD display
  • Easy to use


  • Somewhat flimsy
  • Not very durable

Brother GX37

The GX37 makes sewing more simple. This is a great deal as it is available at a low-cost considering what it could provide. The machine’s lightweight makes it a fine choice for people who are taking sewing classes. This sewing machine is one of the best monogram machines with 37 different stitches. The GX37 is capable of doing many things, whether you would like to reattach a button or sew a hem of your shirt or even more complicated tasks.The GX37 can easily illuminate your workspace as it comes with brightly lit LED lights. This machine is also equipped with an automatic needle threader which would enhance your sewing experience greatly.The machine comes with many accessories such as zipper foot, blind stitch foot and many more to make your tasks easier.


  • Fully automated needle threader
  • Very easy to use
  • Runs smoothly and quietly
  • Unbelievably affordable


  • Not great on heavier fabrics
  • Quite difficult to get the tension right

Brother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i was the first sewing machine that my cousin bought when she wanted to dabble her way into sewing and embroidery. I still remember her speaking very fondly of it. For a hobbyist like her, the machine is inexpensive and yet, it remains as one of the best on the market.As it has been designed for ease of use with presser feet, 60 built-in stitches and decorative stitch options that pretty much cover the fundamentals for most projects. Weighing in at 13 pounds, this machine is portable and sewers can move it from one place to another with ease. The machine’s portability and the built-in handle of the hard protective case make it an ideal traveling sewing machine. The CS6000i’s sewing area is easy to see and quite helpful when it comes to working on dark fabrics. The backlit LCD screen display facilitates the selection of stitches.


  • Affordable
  • Beginner friendly
  • Automated features
  • Requires low maintenance


  • Inconsistent needle threader

Brother CS7000X

Given a plethora of technologically enhanced features, the CS7000X is a marvelous choice for first-timers and experienced sewers alike. By taking into account the machine’s affordable price range, with the added accessories being a great bonus, the whole package proves to be an exceptional buy as it could be one of the best monogram sewing machines.The machine comes with 10 presser feet, a wide detachable table for thick quilts, and a noiseless motor that keeps the machine from whirring loudly.Aside from free motion quilting, this model facilitates free stitching, self-designing, and monogramming. Furthermore, the LCD screen on the machine is in place to help sewers avoid making mistakes by displaying the error codes whenever something has gone wrong during operation.


  • Large, detachable quilting table
  • Budget friendly
  • Multiple interesting features
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to operate
  • Speed control can be adjusted


  • Problems with the tension

Brother CS5055PRW

This is one of the best computerised and monogram sewing machines for first timers out there. Not only is the software magnificent, but the hardware is very well designed as well. This machine has been engineered to handle a wider range of materials. Even though it is not a heavy-duty machine, it can sew materials like denims, tweeds and many more. The machine has 57 stitches equipped as well as 87 various stitch functions. This means that the machine provides a wide range of different stitching techniques. Plus, the machine provides a thread cutter which has proved to be quite useful as it cuts through needle threads quite effortlessly.The Brother CS5055 provides various kinds of accessories such as blind stitch foot, monogramming foot and many more. This would definitely be a great help for your sewing sessions.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile
  • Not that noisy


  • The thread holder can easily be bent if not handled gently
  • Small storage compartment

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

Singer Start 1304 is one of the best monogram sewing machines for beginners on the market. The machine is easy to set up. Known for its portability, this model is well suited for sewers who travel frequently but still prefer to work on some basic sewing. It comes with an affordable price as well. The machine has 6 different built-in stitches such as straight, zigzag, buttonhole, etc. Even though it is not a lot, it is more than enough for beginners. There is an automatic tension adjustment equipped into the machine which helps to automatically manage and adjust the tensions during the sewing process.


  • Very affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable


  • Sometime threads could get jammed
  • Limited amount of stitch options

Things You Should Know When Choosing The Best Monogram Sewing Machine

These days, there are so many monogram sewing machines available on the market. When it comes to choosing a monogram sewing machine, it’s a bit tricky to find the one that is perfectly tailored to your personal preferences, bearing in mind that most of their features are similar to each other. However, what you can do is take a look at each of your options carefully, compare and evaluate its traits and functionality to see whether or not it is compatible with your individual needs.  

Let’s take a look at the most important things you need to look for when selecting the best monogram sewing machine for your creative work.


As you have noticed, price is one of the main concerns of a buyer as it should always be taken into account before purchasing. Considering how much technology has enhanced monogram sewing machines, a good model does take a hefty amount of money out of your pocket. If you are willing to spend more money on a particular model, you will need to look for the best brand in your price range, weighing the pros and cons, and estimating how long the machine can go on before you have to pay for its repairs and maintenance. What we are trying to tell you is do not just choose a machine solely based on its low price tag because it might cost you more in the long run.

User Friendliness/Ease of Use

As a user you might want your machine to be easy to set up and maintain. There is nothing more pleasurable to a sewer than having a user friendly machine that helps them bring their creativity onto the fabric. If you are new to sewing or monogramming, you should look for the ones that are easy to operate. Some of the machines mentioned in this list are equipped with built-in features offering intuitive controls along with automated settings to facilitate the sewing and embroidery process for beginners. Just with a little practice and repetition, first-time sewers are good to go. 

Additional Features and Accessories

Some machines provide additional features and options to sewers in terms of tools and intuitive control functions to help enhance their designs. Some of these extra features will allow you to save a considerable amount of time sewing and monogramming, thereby making your life easier and more convenient.

These additional features might include an LCD screen display, automatic needle threader, free motion sewing & quilting,  a usb port that you can import your personal designs, a detachable extension table for heavier fabrics, and many more. You have all the time in the world to consider your best option and pick out the most suitable monogram sewing machine for yourself.

Additional accessories, such as presser feet, hoops, clamps, are compatible with the equipment as they are used to strengthen the machine’s innate ability. For this reason, you should check what options that you might have when purchasing your desired machine. 

Size of The Monogramming Area/Hoop

The monogramming area should be taken into consideration before you pick your monogram sewing machine as it dictates the size of your potential projects. If you want to work with larger designs, you will need a machine that can accomodate a larger hoop. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the most stable sewing experience. 


One of the main factors you should take into account is the item’s portability, which is its ability to be easily carried or moved. You should check whether or not the machine you would like to purchase is easy to put away when not in use or carry around whenever needed. This is an important factor to consider because if your job demands you to travel frequently then a portable machine is the more appropriate option to have. 

Service and Warranty

Since the monogram sewing machine is a big investment, before you make your final selection, you should find out what the product offers in terms of service and warranty. You should carefully check if there is a service and warranty included case if something goes wrong with the product. Also remember to look at the length of the warranty and what it covers. Talk to customer support for some tips if you are feeling unsure.

If you are a beginner sewing & embroidery enthusiast and still unsure about how to operate on a monogram sewing machine properly then we recommend you to take some time check out this video:

Takeaway: Our Top 5 Picks of The Best Monogram Sewing Machine

Selecting the best monogram sewing machine that suits your individual needs is 

is vital for you to live out your own artistic creations. They provide you with useful, comfortable, and efficient functions to perform various sewing and embroidery activities to maximum effect. 

If you’re just a beginner who is starting out on this sewing and embroidery path, a budget friendly machine might give you enough tools to work with and its controls are easy enough to figure out. However, if you want something more technologically enhanced, more expensive computerised machines are worth the purchase. If you are a hobbyist who frequently travels and would like to sew in your free time, a lightweight and portable machine would make a good pick.

Based on our experience, we have selected 5 top picks of what we think are the best monogram sewing machines.

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