Top 13 Best Outboard Motor Lock In The Market

You should accept that your best outboard motor lock is a crown gem in most need of significant defense if you’re really a weekend boater for recreation or a champ for sports fishing. You should ensure that an external board is kept safely if not in operation, so it does not create means to bring the outboard away constantly while you are out daily. The alternative to this is an outboard engine specially built bolt.

Many engine outboard locks operate by locking the turnstiles that shut the engine in a mast, the flat region where the hull’s sides touch on the boat’s star. For the outboard lock to the clamping unit, a locking and button or ensnare has been used. Outboard engines are a popular subject for high-ticket object robberies. Although the national govt doesn’t really monitor the figures related to motor boat robbery, the accompanying states show the number of robberies to be carried.

Your electric motor safety would of course be a big concern. However, there is another problem in which certain engine locks support. The buckles may be loosened during the usual use of the ship and gradually wind down. The consequence has been a decline in the outboards. This kind of expensive incident is avoided by a bolt.

The present review allows you to locate and compare existing outboard engine locks.

Top Best Outboard Motor Lock Reviews 2021


The High-Security Panther Marine 75-8201 Outboard Engine Clamp is built of high quality cast iron of 300 level. The internal lock is made of brass and its functions. These materials help to survive corrosion.

For simple access and sound reductions, the curved, strong bolt. Also noise tamps with the double filler caps.

The strong, powerful lock includes an anti drill layout to secure the robbery. There are two non-double buttons.  It has an elegant and pleasing look of stainless steel.  Fits with multiple outboard engine marks and styles.


  • Building of steel and copper with immunity to rust
  • The challenges with noise and rattles


  • Key should be opened and secured securely

Amarine Made Lock

The Amarine High-security engine clamp is made of fiberglass industrial strength. The lock has a brass structure. Which eliminates the potential degradation from proximity to sea water.

It has a style very identical to the Panther entrance and has the simple, combo kit configuration to mount. The distinction is the rounded top for the tolerance to coercion.

The lock slot is flexible to work for several outboards and designs. The locking mechanism operates on several widths of the boulder. His heavy duty architecture is vivid and highly noticeable. Highly secure layout.


  • Smart, durable style
  • Cathodic protection metal lock
  • Enable some outboards, customizable


  • Not as dense as competitive brands
  • Might be in danger of opening up

McGard 74037 Marine

Marine Motor Single Outboard Lock works for many other brands and types. The architecture of this template is dissimilar from everyone else mentioned. It is built in the style of a locking noodle and is locked across one of the engine fasteners on the tube.

So it’s like the cups which lock your tire and rim on your car, and you have to remove a “key” nozzle. The product is included.

The coat of the lock is available to dissuade theft from trying to use griping instruments to circumvent it.

The lock is built for a bolt in size M12 x 1.25. The head is a hex of 5/8.” The kit contains the lug nuts, key nozzle and a comment section locking tube for safety additional. Made of high quality aluminum, the McGard 74037.


  • Only drop the assembly noodle and substitute McGard Lock with easy to use
  • Construction of inox metal


  • The protective measure of the rotating collar is not as high as indicated

Fulton OML 0127

The outboard engine lock Fulton OML 0127 has the established style of the two first articles. It’s a steel box with two sections that has a bolt. Unlock OML 0127 including buttons.

The principal distinction is that it is of stainless steel rather than stainless steel. It has an aluminum casing that defends against the weather.

It fits comfortably with most outboard engines with the form of top rope.

The Fulton obtained with silicone plugs for noise and whirring elimination.

A 5-year limit guarantee on OML 0127 is specified by the vendor.


  • Simple to use and portable
  • Most outboards are installed
  • Identified noise and vibration


  • After regular use occasionally shakes loosen
  • A lightweight architecture which is more likely to break into

McGard 74049 Marine

The Marine Lock Set 74049 is the extended version of the Motor Lock Set on the article earlier.

It works, of course, as a safe substitution for one of the assembly nuts. It works.

It has the same strength as stainless steel. The free spinning necklace is also used to discourage fraud.

This package also includes the 5/2 inch Hex head “key” nozzle and the thread lock adhesive tube. This product is filled with the .750″ lock capacity.

However, this kit includes a 5/16″ – 18 thread-size stainless steel bolt with all necessary swap-outs.


  • Only switch the original nozzle and bolts simple to build
  • Crafted from rust resistant stainless steel


  • Not as good as other goods competing

Masterlock OML

A high-duty outboard control is the Master Lock OML0127 Lock Outboard Engine. This part is designed to ensure the highest degree of protection in an outboard engine. The black design is plain.

Render the Fulton external engine lock safe and stable for your outside board engine. Mechanism for extreme barrel clamping for optimum security. The insert for fillers decreases the rotational speed. Assemblies on most outboard engines. Restricted 5-year guarantee.


  • Weight of 5 lbs
  • Strengthened lock to improve power
  • The components are immune


  • Wasn’t able to tilt the motor out of the water

SeaSense Outboard Motor Lock

The SeaSense Outboard Motor Lock is an intricately intertwined motor lock option. This substance is safe and compact and is suitable for maritime use. It’s an inexpensive choice at less than 20 dollars.

This element is simple to mount and fits into most, if not all, outboards of the outboard clamp handles. The lock bar looks a little thin and not as robust as it replaced the old master lock. The whole bar is rolling in the holes and the lock is loose so that the rattle is improved. 

The bar requires some sort of foam filler or rubber on the ends, and the lock should be in better condition in the mounting troughs. All works and the rattle should at least be interrupted or learned. The coating longevity is also under scrutiny.


  • Most outboard engines up to 40 Hp Locks
  • Brass Lock Naval Grade
  • Tube of hard steel


  • Screws/handles is way too wide

McGard 74036

The greatest potential defense against expensive outboard motor robbery. The outboard engine locks of McGard are built to secure the outboard bolt on the boat mast. Simply substitute a McGard locking nut for any mounting nut. 

These engine outboard locks are professionally machined and hardened with high-quality material. When assaulted with grasping tools, an available collar turns. Fits the appropriate outboard engines: 40 hp and bigger Mercury/Mariner (2 strokes), 25hp and bigger Mercury (4 strokes), 150-300 hp SUZUKI. It may include equipment of global origin.


  • 1/2″ – 20 Size of thread
  • It’s compact, simple, easy to install
  • Hex High 5/8″


  • Nothing

Panther Marine 75-8000

Design of high carbon steel. Passes fixed turnbuckle generators. Strong brass lock enclosed. Rattle reduction echo damping.

The bar itself is significant and heavy, vinyl-coated gage aluminum. Unlike other beliefs, a robber wants a tool to break it off; she doesn’t bend. Adds a good second handle to the motor.

The lock itself is made of brass with its top U form with connecting notches on both legs; the base has the latching mechanism. The lock is mounted by the keyhole; both recesses are closed and locked against the bar making it impossible to maneuver. 

Using Breakfree gun oil for lubing the bolt, it worked smoothly. Only as one leg is longer than the other, the shaker is one way, possibly enabling the alignment of the lock with the shackle.


  • Project for high carbon steel
  • Suits turbocharged motors


  • Padlock locked and dropped on the bar while sailing

Shoreline SL52166

This unit aims to prevent outboard burglary by limiting access to the motor by using a reinforced steel structure and a robust metal block.

Ideal for smaller engines.

Delete outboard robbery access

Sustainable lock of metal and hard steel bracket.


  • Package Weight: 1.05 Pounds


  • Rubbish and loose as outboard races

Davis Motor Caddy

The safe and quick movement of an outboard motor.

The caddy motor is easy to use and can be easily mounted to most 2 – 15 horsepower outboards.

Features long enough straps to suit 4-time engines and an extra safety strap for today’s sleek engine case.

Made of UV products that benefit the marine ecosystem for those who wish to build half-permanently.

Glass filled nylon buckles make installation and removal simple.


  • Good solid materials
  • Pick off the boat a lot easier


  • It doesn’t fit all outboards

Motor Cover Black 600D

Our outboard engine covers consist of a heavy-duty oxford fabric of marine grade 600D which totally protects the outside engine against sun, rain and snow all year long. Strengthened seams and protective bands with full water protection at all seams on the rear to survive hurricanes and winds.

Great Wind-resistant boat engine cover, the drawstring hem guarantees tight, custom-tailored construction, as well as a zipper access to keep your outboard engine securely, protects it on the windier and more rainy days with exceptional protection.

Outboard engine covers an external UV resistant coating that avoids sunlight ageing and degradation in your outboard engine and provides excellent defense for your marine engine in the gulf or nearshore.

Comfortable drawstring and zip attachment style, with no equipment quickly added or removed in minutes. The string locking on the bottom of the hammer fastens firmly to the piston. Ideal for off-season or easy cover storage. Comes with a polyester pack to store easily.


  • It’s worked great
  • Almost completely short shaft pump.
  • Excellent performance, good stuff, which hopefully would last for a few seasons.


  • Will not Fit Mercury 200 HP 3.4 liter 6 Cyl


The combined lock is used to secure the two one from each lock to lock the motor attachments.

Material: Surface polishing of Stainless Steel

This lock for outboards is fitted with toggle bolts, an outboard lock and two keys.


  • Fits all small outboards


  • Limited

Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose A Best Outboard Motor Lock

Outboard motor locks may be as different as the motors had to secure them. Before you buy, remember a few items. The use of your outboard and your privacy issues in particular.


Next, are you mostly in the saltwater or freshwater world using your boat motor? Is your portfolio highly susceptible to robbery? You then have to examine the metal, which was an expression.

Any exterior lock of value would be made of stainless steel of a high-nature quality. Stainless has high corrosion resistance. For the same reason, the lock and internal work chrome plated brass is a benefit too.

A well-maintained stainless lock is sometimes, if any, not appropriate to repair.

best outboard motor lock

Similarly, stainless steel, and particularly thinner knobs, provide greater strength for robbery and other ne-dowels to exploit. Seek one that can stand up to normal trickery techniques.

Remember the volume and look, too. A stronger and thicker lock is more necessary to prevent, say, interested people from passing by.

Think of how the exterior of your transom is installed. Is it forwards or backwards mounted? If you do, it might be more convenient to use lug nuts like the McGard.

If the latter is the double buckle style, the fiberglass double-piece box would be vital to its success.


best outboard motor lock

Remember that your lock is indeed an expenditure of pleasure and survival, as is your important outboard engine. Watching and maintaining the boat and engine is as important. Make sure it stays clean and oiled.

Facility Of Usage

Finally, try using it quickly. All the locks in the manual are able to be worked from the case. Many types and manufacturers of outboard motors are designed for compatibility.

This video below about Fulton Outboard Motor Lock

Conclusion Which Is The Best Outboard Motor Lock

The issue of protecting your precious property is nothing to knock a string, particularly your external engine. It is an investment whether it is an investment in the amusement of your family or your corporation focused on lakes and streams or on shore. Fishing directions look at you.

Ensure that this investment is a safe practice. The best outboard engine lock is made of high quality metals for long lasting use. It is easy and secure to install and easy to look after. Once more, oil up the same lock as your car will do. More than anything, you are fitted with a heavy-duty outboard bolt.

There is no absolutely foolproof protection measure. However, a great symbol of security is considered to be a strong agent for stopping anyone with poor motives.

Keep decent people honest so that you nice people can spend more time on the sea. That may have been once said by an old sailor.


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