Top 13 Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Recommended By Customer [Updated 2021]

In recent years, the improved saltwater pontoon boats with many facilities have significantly increased their popularity. Therefore, you will also have difficulty choosing the best saltwater pontoon boats; this article will be the answer for you. 

Versatile, comfortable to drive, and spacious are the criteria to help us choose the top 13 best saltwater pontoon boats out of hundreds of types. You can thoroughly choose these boats based on your intended use because we provide detailed information and aggregated reviews from customers.

This article is sure to provide you with in-depth and satisfying information. Let’s dig into it!

Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Comparison 2021

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Top Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Reviews 2021

Newport Vessels 20M1000017 Dana Inflatable Boat

This boat facilitates smooth movement and transportation. Besides, its frame is made of stainless steel, which makes it easier to use in saltwater. 

The performance of the boat is also excellent with certainty from the production stage. First, 18-inch tubes are more extensive than standard, making the boat one of the most stable on the market. The boat has a 10HP engine, achieving a maximum engine of up to 20MPH. 

In addition, the Newport Vessels buoy, made from Korean PVC, has passed the air retention test. The boat’s maximum capacity is three people, but I think to sit comfortably, you only use a maximum of 2 seats. 

Upon purchase, the boat will include aluminum tape scabies, 2 aluminum paddles, storage bags, foot pumps, repair kits, and 2 handles.


  • Sturdy grip.
  • High strength, high-quality material.
  • Ropes are easy to use.


  • The size is larger than usual, making it challenging to handle.

Inflatable Sport Boats Manta Ray 8.8′

This Manta Ray is one of the best super-light saltwater pontoon boats. It is made of aluminum but is very light and is especially suitable for portability. In addition, it also has many extras and accessories such as oars, lock stand, foot pump, D-ring puller. These are the basic features but extremely essential when you use them for any operation.

The boat can be rowing by hand or using a motor, depending on your circumstances and wishes. It has an outer 15-inch short shaft and a 20-inch long shaft. The boat’s size is moderate, with 8ft 8in length, the maximum load is four people, and the ultimate engine is 10HP. I was impressed with the boat’s exterior design; this is also why I decided to use them.


  • Various features and accessories.
  • Smooth and elegant appearance.
  • Easy to assemble in less than 10 minutes.


  • Not easy to use.

BRIS Inflatable Boat

Among the best saltwater pontoon boats, Bris Inflatable Boat is one of the names not to be missed. In terms of construction, the boat is made of 2000 denier 1.2mm PVC fabric, much heavier than conventional materials. This boat also added two layers of fabric at the bottom to protect the tube from rocks and sand. Although this Bris is a bit heavy, it can be folded conveniently, suitable for various conditions such as fishing, rescue, or diving.

The boat has an engine up to 30HP; however, you should not expect to achieve the same speed as the boat. It is also a large boat that can accommodate up to 8 adults with a maximum weight of 1984LBS. The accessories included 2 aluminum grips, 2 aluminum bar pockets, a repair kit, a carrying pouch, and a foot pump.

In short, from my point of view and experience, this is a boat with many features worth the experience. I’ve never tried up to 8 people on this boat as it doesn’t look too big anyway.


  • Can carry considerable weight.
  • Sturdy design and durable
  • Suitable for use in many conditions and operations.
  • Many convenient features.
  • Easy control.


  • Foot pump.
  • The instruction manual needs improvement.

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat

According to many reviews, the Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat is possibly the best fishing boat out of the 13 best saltwater pontoon boats below. Indeed, the first thing when it comes to this boat is that it is made with outstanding stability and durability.

If you already know about Sea Eagle products, you’ll realize that this manufacturer has made 375fc far more groundbreaking than industry standards. The hull is constructed from 100% severe 1100 Decitex reinforced material, and the two hulls are assembled using a certified folding frame. Besides, when the boat deflates, it is only 56″x 21″ x 10″ in size, which is convenient to move around; while fully inflated, it is 12’4″ x 4′.6″in less than 10 minutes.

Another good point of the 375fc FoldCat is that it can carry two adults with a maximum weight of up to 650LBS. Also, I like the swivel with the cushion as the backrest is comfortable during use. I was able to swing with a 360 ° range while fishing last week.

The boat’s design is also extremely sturdy and balanced, ensuring you can safely stand on the edge of the boat. The Pro Angler Guide package that comes with the boat includes a foam molded rod, and Scotty fishing rod racks are all the necessary tools that help this pontoon last a lifetime.


  • Compact, easy to store and move.
  • Comfortable.
  • The casting bar is detachable, providing safe standing support and a convenient grip for stepping on board.


  • There is no cup holder.
  • Average speed.
  • Customers are commenting on its 3-year warranty service.

Emaxusa Inflatable Boat

The Emaxusa boat is made of PVC fabric and an aluminum alloy frame, making it usable in both freshwaters and saltwater. This is considered the perfect choice for a suitable boat in all circumstances and conditions.

The boat can accommodate from 3 to 8 people depending on the size you choose. The motor maximizes up to 30HP, so this is a powerful boat, ideal when operating in the ocean, river, lake, or bay. Besides, 2 stretched aluminum oars, 2 aluminum seats, 1 aluminum stripboard, repair kit, and foot pump are available on this Emaxusa. 

Plus, I was pretty impressed during the process of assembling the boat as it only took about 10 minutes, and you’ve got a comfortable inflatable boat that helps you move around on the water or unpack it to store it.


  • Solid, made from high-quality materials.
  • Ability to hold gas for long (for more than a week).
  • There is a protective puncher at the bottom of the tube for increased durability.
  • Quick customer support.


  • Foot pump.
  • Less storage space.

ALEKO BT320GR 10.5 Foot Inflatable Fishing Boat

The ALEKO BT320GR 10.5 feet pontoon boat is made of polyester reinforced PVC, and the floor is made of aluminum for added strength and durability. So you don’t worry about losing air in the middle. Besides, the deck is easily removable, allowing the boat to deflate and store easily. 

The factors that make this boat in the top of the best saltwater pontoon boats, such as the 3 internal air chambers that protect the boat from gas leaks, one-way exhaust valves, and safety belts, prevent air overflow. Furthermore, this Aleko boat engine is perfect up to 15HP with a maximum payload of 990 pounds equivalent to 4 adults. 

The boat includes 2 benches, 2 aluminum paddles, a foot pump, a one-way drain plug, a carrying bag, a repair kit, fuel tank like the other included packages.


  • Good quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • The 15HP motor is suitable for 4 adults.


  • There is no rod holder as advertised.

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10

Another one of the best water pontoon boats from the Sea Eagle brand, this Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 is like the company’s other suitable boats for the natural environment, especially fishing. 

The design of this STS10 allows it to operate in various conditions, including freshwater or saltwater, without problems. The boat has a wide hull and thick surrounding tube for high stability.

This boat’s outstanding performance is certified by NMMA and CE, showing its high quality and durability. 

The fabric floor with an aluminum H-bar makes the hull firmly and stable even when the user stands up. The STS10 has 4 rod holders and 2 built-in Scotty mounts, along with an inner roof rack.

Alternatively, you can inflate Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 up to 3.2psi equivalent to 12″x 60″ size in just 15 minutes. This is also a no-frills boat, so the STS10 is extraordinarily light, and when deflated, it has a compact size, ideal for packing in the trunk. 

One thing that is a bit unfortunate for the boat, however, is the speed. The boat can handle the largest engine, 4HP gas, equivalent to a top speed of only about 5 miles per hour.


  • Light, convenient to store and move.
  • Solid and stable.
  • The seats are comfortable.


  • It is tailor-made for fishing, not as flexible as other pontoon boats.
  • Average speed.

Classic Accessories Colorado XTS

The Colorado XTS is genuinely a perfectly optimized boat with a wide variety of features. I cannot list the details here, but I will talk about its outstanding features that surprised me. Firstly, it is equipped with a multi-compartment bag for the convenience of the user during the commute. Next is a boat with a transport wheel which is extremely useful when you pull the boat from the car into the water or vice versa. 

Besides, an indispensable accessory for the saltwater pontoon boat is the soft swivel chair, this chair of the XTS can also accommodate a maximum weight of 400LBS. Besides, that is a detachable basket on the left side and a large cord basket behind the seat to store your goods.

However, this pontoon boat is stable but not as agile as other standard boats. Because it is compact for only one rider (108″x 56″ x 28″), the performance of the boat suffers, but if you are not racing, then there is no need to worry about this.


  • Variety of features.
  • Solid material, durable.
  • High storage capacity with 20 compartments and 2 beverage holders.


  • Average performance.

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat

The XT pontoon boat is a line of Colorado boats that have all the features needed for fishing. Besides, the boat is compact and foldable, suitable for storing and moving. 

Besides, this boat is equipped with an anchoring system that helps you secure it to your favorite position. This is also a feature that I especially love when out fishing. 

Some of the other features of the XT boat include two side pockets with 20 pockets and 2 detachable cup holders; a carriage wheel; a weatherproof engine that keeps you on the go in all conditions. The length of the boat up to 108 inches and the width of 56 inches with a capacity of 400 pounds are ideal measurements for a pontoon boat at this price point.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable, good abrasion resistance.
  • Can be boating or using a motor.
  • Plenty of storage space.


  • The engine mount is not fixed.
  • Inability to use heavy motors.

BRIS Inflatable Kayak Fishing Tender Inflatable Pontoon Boat

This Bris Kayak is compact but extremely stable, it allows you to tackle healthy waters with ease and absolute safety. That is also the reason why it is suitable for many audiences and purposes. 

With rugged manufacturing, the boat lets you operate on the water without any worries. Best of all, its price is also more affordable than the other boats on the list as it works with an inexpensive engine. 

However, this won’t affect your experience too much as it still has many commendable points like 1,1000 denier PVC, 17.5-inch tube design, high-pressure inflatable air floor, pipe 4 times thicker.


  • Comfortable paddle.
  • Cheap.
  • Portability is good.


  • Inability to pair with other gadgets.

Inflatable Sport Boats – Swordfish 10.8′

This is a pontoon boat especially suitable for sports activities. Its features and structure include large diameter pipes “Easy Planning” extended 30” pontoon, transom reinforcement, fully heat-welded seams, 0.9mm thickness 1100 denier PVC material. All of the above help this boat work incredibly well in saltwater environments. 

All corners and their constituent materials are entirely welded to help prevent water repellency and adverse effects from the outside environment. Plus, the delicate fabric makes it rigid and stable even on rough seawater. If you are looking for a boat with high endurance with engines up to 15HP and a maximum load of 1268LBS, this is your right choice.


  • It can be used in both salt and freshwater.
  • Suitable for many sports activities.


  • Appearance is more significant than usual.

HydroForce Caspian Pro 9’3″ Inflatable Boat

Caspian Pro pontoon boat can accommodate a maximum of 3 adults and 1 child, equivalent to 568LBS. It’s an extremely durable boat with shock- and UV-resistant nylon PVC and a non-slip wooden floor. 

In addition, the size of this boat is small and small, making it easy to transport the boat. It also has several additional features such as an anti-wear strake, omnidirectional paddle, seat belt, exhaust flap, or engine mount.


  • Light and easy to transport.
  • There is a marine-grade wood floor.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays and shock resistance.


  • The warranty is not good.
  • The material is thin, and the durability is not high.

Rocky Mountain Rafts RMR PhatCat PC-120 Inflatable Pontoon

Among the best saltwater pontoon boats above, this Rocky Mountain Rafts Phat Cat Cataraft is more unique. It is for one person with a capacity of 51LBS. The 23-inch tubes and the cockpit are wide and comfortable enough for the driver. 

It measures 11’9 “in width and 5’8” in width and is extremely compact and made from professional PVC RockShield. Hence, it is still very stable and suitable for water activities. Besides, reliable, careful, and dedicated sewing and welding technology ensures your safety. The boat also had other essential equipment such as the best stainless steel D-ring or the current best Leafield D-7 valves.


  • Compact, suitable for one person.
  • Durable material.
  • Good warranty.


  • Average speed and performance.

How To Choose The Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats: Evaluation criteria

Choosing the right pontoon boat requires a lot of factors. The majority of elements to choose from will depend on your preferences and requirements. However, there are many factors to consider if you want to find the right boat. 

We have consulted experts to give the following criteria. Besides, we also personalize these criteria to make it easier for you to make your decisions.



The mobility here that I want to talk about is the boat’s capacity to store and move. Depending on your desire and purpose of use, you will need boats of the right size. You should also consider whether the float deflates to fit in your vehicle. A light boat will also help you move and maneuver it more easily.

Besides, one thing to keep in mind is when you move from the boat to the water. If the boat’s material is low or without wheels, it will cause problems, and the boat will quickly wear out.

Motor and size

Motor and size will affect the speed as well as the number of people and items the boat can hold. A boat that is suitable for you must be suitable for the number of people you want. 

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Top 13 Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Recommended By Customer [Updated 2021] 25

The basic parameters you can refer to about the size of the pontoon boat:

  • 18-20 ft is suitable for 2-6 people. 

  • 22-24 ft suitable for 6-10 people. 

  • Greater than 24 ft is suitable for more than 10 people. 

Today’s popular pontoon boats will be around 17-19 ft in size. But if you want to travel in high wave conditions then you will need a boat as big as 23 ft to 18 ft.

On the motor side, it is entirely possible to buy an external trolling engine to add to the boat. So you do not need to worry too much about this issue.

Structure and Material

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Top 13 Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Recommended By Customer [Updated 2021] 26

This criterion will greatly affect the durability and safety of the boat. Surely you do not want to spend a large amount of money to buy a boat that breaks down quickly. You should also pay attention to the warranty of the boat. Building the boat sturdy and stable is an indispensable factor to ensure safety. 

Besides, the material chosen must also be light but good enough and sturdy for convenience. Normally, today’s float boats will be made from high-quality PVC fabric and stainless aluminum floors.

Additional features and accessories included

pontoon boats

Most of the time when you buy a buoy will come with basic accessories such as paddles, repair kits, foot pumps, storage bags, etc. You should check these factors to get the best out of your boat.

Plus, the additional features will help you to expand your range of use for a variety of activities in a variety of conditions. Especially for use in saltwater, you should carefully consider its features and accessories to ensure you can operate comfortably underwater.

Personal preferences and appearance

What would you want to use the boat for? Answer this question before looking for a buoy as it will save you a lot more time. You need to evaluate the essential basic features of a boat that suit your preferences and needs. There are countless types of pontoon boats that can be mentioned such as

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  • Fishing pontoon boats need spacious storage, drink rack to help you focus on fishing. 

  • Recreational pontoons need advanced features to experience time on the water. 

  • Swimming pontoon boats should come with swimming decks or swimming chairs,… 

  • Sports pontoon boats need at least 90 millimeters of power to enjoy comfortable activities. 

  • Inflatable boats need mobility and durability. 

In addition, the appearance factor is also worth considering. Some boats are too manly compared to women, so you need to carefully look at the appearance details to suit yourself.


Is the pontoon boat safe?

If you use it according to the instructions and the specified load, it is completely safe. Especially, you need to pay attention to the material as well as the structure of the boat to achieve the stability and stability to suit your needs. In the boats above, all are safe, have a solid base, secure materials, and are easy to drive.

Top 13 Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Recommended By Customer [Updated 2021] 27

How long does a pontoon boat last?

On average, the pontoon boats will be able to last 10-15 years. It includes many other factors such as frequency of use, storage, area, and activities you use. If you use the boat in dangerous places, not suitable for the boat, it will quickly deteriorate and wear out.

Can pontoon boats be used in the ocean?

It will depend on the size of your boat. If it’s big enough, stable, and robust enough, in any environment it can work. Greatly, the boats suggested above are usable in both saltwater and freshwater.

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Top 13 Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats Recommended By Customer [Updated 2021] 28

How to maintain the pontoon boat?

When exposed to saltwater, aluminum pipes will usually corrode more quickly. So before using, you should check the pipes as well as apply a layer of anti-fouling and corrosion protection to increase the side of the boat. 

Plus, after completing the operation, rinse the boat with fresh water to remove residual salt causing wear to the boat.

After choosing the best saltwater pontoon boats, you can also refer to how to operate a pontoon boat and tips to help you use it easier here.

Conclusion: Our Selection Of The Best Saltwater Pontoon Boats

I have compiled the best options out of hundreds of models based on customer reviews, expert opinions, and my own experience. Each boat has its own strengths and weaknesses but they are good for use in saltwater environments, sturdy structure, and full of necessary accessories. 

Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best saltwater pontoon boats that suit your needs.

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