The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners

Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A guide for beginners is a comprehensive analysis of prime real-estate in all regions of West Virginia America, from The Mire to Cranberry Bog and everywhere in between. It will help you pick the best location for your home base, whether you want to be close to other players or prefer solitude, and it includes tips on best practices such as how best to set up your camp and where best to find resources like water and food. 

The truth is that Fallout 76 is a game about exploration and survival. You’ll need to find food, water, weapons, and shelter if you want to survive. One of the best ways to do that is by setting up a base camp – but where should you set it up? We’ve compiled this list of the best campsites in Fallout 76, so your journey can be as smooth as possible. Best Camp Locations in Fallout 76 also features new screenshots so that you can see what each location looks like before deciding which one is best for you.

Fallout 76 Review 2022

As previously rumored, Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer survival game following the trend of DayZ or Rust. This is a significant change from the traditional single-player nature of the series. However, Bethesda insists that Fallout 76 will still have the same story and missions as previous single-player RPG games.

Unlike other online survival games, your game world has only a handful of players, not thousands per server, but only a few dozen. And based on the vast map of Fallout 76, chances are you won’t be afraid to face other players anytime, anywhere. When you die, your progress won’t be lost either.

Moreover, the title will include base-building systems similar to Fallout 4’s building and defense features. As seen in the gameplay trailer, these bases can be attacked and destroyed by the enemy. According to Todd Howard of Bethesda, you can build your settlement anywhere on the map you want, and you can also move it elsewhere.

About the game background, Fallout 76 is set in West Virginia in 2102, which is 25 years after ‘The Great War.’ This means that all citizens were placed into underground shelters called “Vaults” just before the bombs fell. Besides, to experience the game better, don’t miss these best camp locations fallout 76 below.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76

Before we get into the most excellent article real estate Fallout 76 does have to provide, let’s start by looking at what makes these CAMP sites stand out above the most excellent parcels of land in Virginia.

First and foremost, security, notably in this post-apocalyptic period. You’ll like to construct strategically to keep your CAMP from becoming an easy target for the local thugs.

Another of the advantages of constructing a CAMP is the ability to travel quickly. This implies that it should be placed distant from many other Fast Travel sites to establish an efficient Fast Travel system.

Materials are indeed essential. Using existing shops or derelict houses in your CAMP may be highly effective, cost-effective, and offer the backdrop for only one foundation if you have an artistic vision. Locating your CAMP advantageously nearby precious resource mining or significant hunting areas is also a wise strategy.

Several gamers may value strategic decision areas since they will trade with merchants and then have a cache easily situated to hand off rewards when questing.

Water is arguably the most critical issue for the majority of participants’ CAMPs. Once strategically placed about your campsite, it offers a short supply for water purification while also acting as natural immunity to fend off even more attackers.

Even landscape is uncommon between all of West Virginia’s grandeur and majesty. However, the game is quite picky about structure location on rugged terrain, which was poorly planned.

Best Camp Locations Fallout 76

Gilman Lumber Mill

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 15

The Gilman Lumber Mill, situated in Appalachia’s Forest area, provides instant protection within the mill as you start developing your foundation. Furthermore, the rusted portions of wire mesh fence that encircle the yard provide scant security. It’s the same in terms of fortifications since this wood plant is pretty calm for the wilderness. Thus safety is not a significant worry. Still stacking the dispersed logs, the old mill machines provide a special bonus with such a lot: a clean and prepared wood source.

Gilman Lumber Mill shines out as being one of the earliest and finest Fallouts 76 CAMP sites, with several benefits and almost nothing to be afraid of in Appalachia’s low-level Forest Zone. If you would like the short and sweet version, below are the benefits of settling in at this starting point.

  • They constructed protection and shelter.
  • Low-threat zone.
  • Wood harvester is a free wood resource site.
  • The landscape is flat.

Lakeside Grill

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 16

Inside its ’60s-themed restaurant gates, this handy junk-filled site in Toxic Valley also gives temporary refuge. This best camp locations fallout 76, also offers a source of water and, obviously, a plethora of lootable. However, you would have to contend with the area of Snallygasters and Ghouls seeking to reclaim their old haunts regularly. Though this is a beneficial campsite, you should consider the dangerous problems that arose with establishing in the Toxic Valley, therefore let’s go through them.


  • Benefits of a built-in cover
  • Access to water
  • Food, resources, and other free lootable


  • There are no significant border fortifications.
  • Snallygasters and Ghouls frequently attack the region.

Missile Silo Alpha

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 17

Externally, Missile Silo Alpha appears to be nothing more than an empty mansion, including some rusting trash in the courtyard. The cabin, however, is simply a front for the lift inside that runs down to another one of three nuclear missile sites. 

To be clear, this Savage Divide site may not be the most isolated. Several players pass thru on their different business trips and may come upon this spot, which means that if your stronghold is already there, it may be attacked. Nevertheless, suppose you’re prepared to put up with inadequate home safety. In that case, the location provides a few flat pieces of ground on the chart to construct your building, as well as a lake for accessible purifying water.

With a reasonably balanced give and take, let’s weigh in on the other best camp locations fallout 76.


  • This is one of the rare options for flat construction.
  • Access to water


  • There is a greater danger of stealing in a high-traffic location.
  • There are no significant natural protections.

Morgantown Trainyard

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 18

A good site along the stream for such commercial players seems to be just west of this railway station inside Appalachia’s Forest area. This one of the best camp locations fallout 76, offers a convenient supply of water, as well as the facility’s merchants and an additional cache box for sifting and trading trash. In further, the treasure may be found nearby at Mama Dolce’s Processing Facility and Gorge Junkyard.

The airfield is indeed handily placed close for gamers who are interested in public activities. But, if a sizeable Fast Travel system is one of your top goals, this location is close to Terminal 76, so users may want to think about moving somewhere else to make greater use of all the Fast Travel stations.

While it’s one of the finest campsites for a trader, it’s always a wise idea to evaluate what is at risk.


  • Water accessibility is a plus.
  • Access to vendors
  • Nearby stockpile
  • Loot in the neighborhood
  • Local public gatherings


  • There are no significant natural defenses.
  • Unrestricted access
  • This is not an excellent extra Fast Travel key location.

The Raider Shack

best camp locations fallout 76 4 1
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 19

This remote raider cabin provides a perfect view as you make your approach up into the mountains of Hemlock Hole, south of Wavy Willards’ inside the Toxic Valley. Most gamers are unaware that there may be some tremendous real property up upon those mountains! This best camp locations fallout 76 comes half-built as an ancient raider stronghold, enabling imaginative gamers to appreciate a bit of a playground experience in building a distinctive barren tundra pad. Its hillside location provides adequate protection.

Bear in mind that this position is near the top of the display, making navigation to different spots challenging. However, for a Fast Travel site, it wouldn’t be such a wrong decision. It’s also an excellent place to get a head start building your CAMP manufacturing facility, and it has a few other perks noted below. With so many advantages, this place appears almost too worth a try, then let’s take a moment to consider its drawbacks.


  • Protective placement at its best.
  • Remote setting
  • Prime Location for Quick Travel.
  • To commence construction on a nearby bunker.
  • Raider loot is entirely free.
  • Tinker’s Bench Bed for Cooking Pots


  • There is no immediate water supply.
  • Foot movement is complex due to the rural setting.
  • Rough terrain for construction.

Seneca Rock Bridge

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 20

This rusted overpass between the Pleasant Valley Cabins & Atlas Observatory in the Savage Divide is risky for a house. And that’s because most people would never consider building on it. But you can do it. Although it may appear that constructing amid this rough ground is a risk, the unusual placement allows for restricted availability and provides excellent security. Furthermore, it is located beyond a stream that is ideal for water filters.

The Seneca Rock Bridge is one of the best camp locations fallout 76, having few and insignificant downsides to staying here. Here are some of the benefits of taking a residence amongst Seneca’s rocky rocks.

  • Access to high-quality freshwater.
  • A local supply of blackberries.
  • Simple to defend.
  • Convenient spot for adventuring in the middle of the game

EL-B1-02 Relay Tower

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 21

A protected cliffside may be found in the Savage Divide, just across from Watoga, somewhat east of an El-B1-02 Relay Terminal. This is a great property, with a close harvester ground, an organic source of food in the form of Firecracker Berries, and on-site access to the water.

Apart from its cliffside site, which requires the inhabitant to protect just half of the camp boundary, this site does not provide many extra fortifications. On the other hand, a savvy gamer can utilize all the on-site water supply by erecting a hanging CAMP around it to keep attackers at bay. This cliffside valley was amongst the best camp locations fallout 76 due to its reasonably quiet area, abundant supplies, and sufficiently level landscape. To summarize, these are the benefits of living in the vicinity of the EL-B1-02 Relay Tower.

  • The use of cliffside placement lowers the need for defensive tactics.
  • There is a flat area where you may construct.
  • Site of a near concentrator.
  • Firecracker Berry may be found nearby.
  • On-site water supply

Fallout 76 Alternatives

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is the latest product from the talented game maker Hideo Kojima. Possessing a strange and relatively confusing storyline, Death Stranding is unusually attractive with a unique action style in an open world environment.

With Death Stranding, players will follow Sam Bridges on a journey across the United Cities of America (UCA) to bring humanity together. Accompanying him is “Bridge Baby” – a tiny fetus in an artificial womb that can give Sam the ability to see BTs (Beached Things) – monsters from another dimension are raging everywhere in the world. UCA.

With most of the time focusing on the tasks of moving and collecting crates, the vast map with more than 1300 km² of the game will surely satisfy the passion of gamers.


Skyrim is also a game developed by Bethesda but is much more successful and appreciated than Fallout 76. After playing this game, many gamers have evaluated that Skyrim is not just a game, but it is like the real world. Although there is not a post-apocalyptic world, Skyrim has a lot of good things that Fallout 76 does not have. 

There’s so much going on in Skyrim, so many choices available to you, so many memorable characters to meet, and so many story choices in Skyrim that can cost you thousands of hours. Because of the same Bethesda development, Skyrim and Fallout 76 have many similarities and familiar mechanics, Skyrim will be an excellent choice to replace Fallout 76.

Horizon Zero Dawn 

Horizon Zero Dawn has a feel that is comparable to Fallout 4 or 76. Although Horizon Zero Dawn may appear rudimentary initially, these all seem to be post-apocalyptic videogames.

Throughout this game, you take on the role of Aloy, a person who uses both technology and ancient fighting weapons. And there are a plethora of clever robotic opponents, each with its unique trait. You must learn how to fight all robots independently since they all have different vulnerabilities. Horizon Zero Dawn has a feel that is comparable to Fallout 4 or 76. While Horizon Zero Dawn may appear rudimentary initially, they all seem to be post-apocalyptic videogames.

If you’re wondering why ancient tribes and intelligent robots live, you should enjoy the game since it’s explained near the story’s conclusion.

In terms of post-apocalyptic action games, it’s unquestionably one of the best options for Fallout 76.

FAQs: Best Camp Locations Fallout 76

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 22

What Are The Best Weapons To Use In Fallout 76?

The best weapon to use in Fallout 76 is a serve mix of weapons. There are close-quarters weapons for short combat, heavy weapons for close-range bursts, and energy weapons that do well at range. The best strategy is to have a variety of all three types of weaponry so that no matter the scenario, you’re prepared.

They’re all straightforward to find as enemies drop them after being killed. However, be aware that without any attachments. These can sometimes break by shooting them repetitively because they don’t wear out like standard guns and need an upgrade for higher durability levels; crafting materials can be used. It includes adhesive, which makes everything stronger, and welding kits that increase weapon performance (among others). 

Best weapons depend on the best type of enemies you will be fighting and your best playstyle. The site can also help with this!

Where Can I Find All The Vault Codes In Fallout 76? 

It is best to find these Vault Codes when you hit level 20. I cannot tell you the best location but will tell you the best advice I can give. Go exploring; look in caves; try turning on minigames usually at old campsites; Look everywhere besides vaults. On the other hand, you can find Vault Codes in best camp locations fallout 76 above.

It is best to find these Vault Codes when you hit level 20 (and preferably before). If all else fails, there may be codes available via quests that are not accepted until level 25. But still, if this is your situation, it’s best to focus more on leveling up rather than searching for codes instead of getting sidetracked while looking for them while advancing in levels quickly enough so that your stats don’t lag or get low. If you do not even know where to begin looking, look at the best campsites and nearby places for what’s best for your level.

See more instructions on finding places with Vault Code in Fallout 76 here.

What Are All The Best Ways To Survive In Fallout 76? 

The best three ways to survive at any point in time: 

  • Ensure that you have plenty of food and water (consider best camp locations fallout 76 above)
  • Scavenge every container you come across 
  • Strike careful deals with other players, ensuring that both sides get adequate protection.

While exploring the wasteland, be sure to work on leveling up your unique attributes so that you can scavenge items easier by simply using VATS mode, which slows down time and allows for easy viewing of targeted objects or enemies without affecting combat too much while looking for valuable things like ammo, weapons and shop inventories.

While in a fight, be sure to use your best weapons at all times and make good use of the VATS system if you want to avoid wasting ammo or health packs during combat.

When trading with other players, make sure you always deal with valuable items for the best party – the best items generally being food/water, weapons, ammo, and scavenge-able junk.

best camp locations fallout 76
The Best Camp Locations Fallout 76: A Guide For Beginners 23

What Is The Best Way To Get Food And Water Quickly In Fallout 76?

The best way to get food and water quickly is by seeking out raiders and exploring the abandoned houses scattered all over West Virginia. Once you find humans, take care of them with high-powered weapons. Raiding can be frustrating because raiders tend to survive for a while, leaping off cliffs at the last minute before they die. However, this is still more efficient than crafting alcohol or collecting Deathclaw eggs since both methods require large quantities of ingredients in addition to some time spent searching for these ingredients.

How Do You Find New Locations On Your Map That Have Items Of Interest?

This Fallout 76-specific question rests best for players exploring the map, but if you wish to simply find new locations on the map that have items of interest, you may want to head over to one of your Settlements. By pressing the tab on an established Settlement, it will show all nearby points of interest, including abandoned buildings, power armor stations, milling machines – anything which would provide loot or food.


The best camp locations fallout 76 are the ones that best suit your needs. There are various campsites for you to choose from, all with their unique qualities. Some have excellent defenses against raiders, while others give you easier access to crafting stations or weapons caches. The best way to find out which one is best for you is by exploring them yourself!  As a beginner in Fallout 76, it may be overwhelming at first but don’t worry. We’re here to help show you how these camps work so even beginners can start building settlements right away without any trouble at all. In this guide, we covered what each settlement type does and some tips on where best place those types of buildings within the world map itself.

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