Chauvet Bubble Machines: All Things To Know

The Chauvet Bubble Machines are a great addition to any party. They will add a ton of fun and excitement for your guests! You want to buy a bubble machine, but there are so many options. There’s a lot of confusion about which machines will work best for your needs and budget. We’ve done the research for you! This article breaks down all the different types of bubble machines available on the market today, including their pros and cons.

We also offer you some tricks on how to use them properly and what to look out for when buying one. So whether you’re looking for an inexpensive toy or a professional-grade machine, we have something here that will suit your needs!

Introduction About Chauvet Bubble Machines

They come in outdoor and indoor models, so you can use them no matter the weather or time of year. These bubble machines have some very cool features that make them stand out from others on the market today. Most notably, they produce bubbles continuously without needing to be refilled with liquid every few minutes. This means hours upon hours of non-stop bubble action! The Chauvet bubbles also come with an automatic shut-off feature after 60 minutes. This is perfect for when you want to leave your machine running but need a break from all the noise it produces while doing its job. It’s easy enough to get started! Just plug it in. There are two various modes to pick from, which are pretty self-explanatory. 

The Chauvet Bubble Machines are a great way to add visual interest and ambiance to any occasion. They might be applied for parties, weddings, or just for fun in the backyard with family. The machines come in many different styles that provide various effects, including rainbows, bubbles on demand, and more! These bubble machines are perfect for anyone who loves creating memories of laughter and fun times with friends and family. 

The History of Chauvet Bubble Machines

Chauvet is a company that has been in the lighting industry for more than 20 years. They are known for their LED products, but they also make bubble machines. 

A Chauvet bubble machine produces bubbles of various shapes and sizes that float up into the air. They are used in birthday parties, weddings, or any other event which needs some extra fun and cheer. The history of Chauvet bubble machines began in 1987 when they were first introduced to the public by Chauvet, who also created black lights and lasers for stage productions at the time. 

The company had been experimenting with fog-based effects since 1979 and finally came up with an idea for creating bubbles from their portable foggers. It was not until 1985 that they could create this effect on a larger scale using their new invention called “Fog Storm.” This device would be able to produce enough smoke to fill three-quarters of a football field. After many tests and experiments, Chauvet bubble machines were finally ready for production in 1987 after a year of trial and error.

chauvet bubble machines

Types Of Chauvet Bubble Machines

Bubbles are a fun and exciting way to add some lightheartedness to any event. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or just a night out on the town, bubbles will always get the crowd excited! In an era where so many different types of bubble machines are available, you can find one that meets your needs. The following is everything you need to know about Chauvet bubble machines. 

Types of Chauvet bubble machines: Chauvet makes several different models of their popular Bubble-Maxx line of professional-level bubble machines, which includes both stationary and battery-operated varieties in a variety of colors.

All but the smallest model features built-in automatic timers for convenience and safety during use at events with children – they turn off automatically after a certain number of minutes to help prevent overheating the motor. Chauvet also manufactures larger bubble machines for professional use in nightclubs, bars, or other large venues that require very high output bubble production – these are generally used by hired technicians who charge by time rather than by machine. 

Based on Motors factors

Chauvet Bubble Machines come with three types of motors: 1/3 HP air-cooled, 1/2 HP water-cooled, and 3/4 HP water-cooled. All Chauvet bubble machines are UL approved for indoor use only. The Chauvet M20B is the most popular model because it’s lightweight and easy to transport – perfect if you need to set up your machine on-site at an event or party! It can produce bubbles continuously for up to 8 hours without needing any additional liquid or power source! Chauvet offers many different models of bubble machines to cover all of your needs.

Based on Battery-operated models

Chauvet bubble machines have two main types – battery-operated models, which can be carried around easily, and stationary models, which are usually placed on the floor. Chauvet machines come in various shapes and sizes, but most of them are cylindrical devices that are about 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The Chauvet machines that are more compact and lightweight tend to be less expensive than Chauvet bubble machines that have a large size.

Benefits of Chauvet Bubble Machines

A fun and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors

If you’re seeking an exciting and fun way to enjoy the outdoors, then Chauvet bubble machines are just what you need. These machines create a large volume of bubbles that will float around in the air and provide an excellent show for all those who have come out to see your event. This is great because it can be used as entertainment or even as decoration!

Easy to use

Another benefit of Chauvet bubble machines is that they are easy to use. All users need to know is plug it in, turn it on, and watch the bubbles burst into life before your very eyes! It does not matter how young or old someone may be; everyone loves these amazing displays of color and beauty.

There are plenty more benefits Chauvet bubble machines can provide, but you would have to purchase one to find out for yourself. Soon you will be enjoying hours of entertainment from these great pieces!

chauvet bubble machines

Chauvet bubble machines can be set up quickly and easily without any complicated setup or special tools. It just takes a few seconds to get started with Chauvet bubble machines! The bubbles will last 3-5 minutes before they dissolve into nothingness, which is plenty of time to capture some amazing photos!

Different colors and sizes

Chauvet also offers different colors and sizes, so you can choose the perfect machine for your needs. Plus, Chauvet is always improving their products, adding new features like timers and remote controls so you can let Chauvet bubble machines take care of all the dirty work while you’re still able to focus on other things.

Some other benefits

-Creative ways of entertaining guests at events

-A fun way to add some holiday cheer in a child’s bedroom or playroom during the winter season.

-A tool that can help to cover up your party’s boo-boos.

-Practicality, durability, and ease of use are the hallmarks of Chauvet bubble machines. Chauvet has been manufacturing these machines for over 30 years. They’ve learned a lot in that time about what makes them work best!

Factors To Wonder When Choosing Chauvet Bubble Machines

Today, Chauvet bubble machines are one of the most popular types of party equipment. These devices have a wide range of functions and can be used for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and so forth. Here’s a list that will give you all the information you’ll need to get started with this kind of machine! 

Types factors

There are different sorts of Chauvet bubble machines available on the market today. The first type is called a “bubble blower,” which is just an electric fan fitted with a special nozzle; it blows out bubbles while rotating around in circles at high speed. 

The second type is an “electric bubble machine,” which is an electric fan that blows out bubbles. The third type is the “bubble generating machine,” this device creates bubbles by itself without any external aid or power source. The last sort of Chauvet bubble machine is the professional bubble machine usually used at business events.

Automatic & Manual 

Chauvet bubble machines are either automatic or manual. An automatic Chauvet bubble machine has a built-in timer that will start the device at a specific time and then stop it after a certain period of time. The user activates a manual Chauvet bubble machine from an appliance such as a foot pedal, wall switch, or remote control. 

chauvet bubble machines

Manual Chauvet bubble machines are usually cheaper compared to automatic ones. Chauvet bubble machines are either automatic or manual. An automatic Chauvet bubble machine has a built-in timer that will start the device at a specific time and then stop it after a certain period of time. 

Bubble production

Chauvet bubble machines come with different types of per-minute bubbles producing capacities ranging from 500 per minute up to 3000+ bubbles per minute! Generally, Chauvet bubble machines with a lower output of bubbles per minute tend to last longer than Chauvet bubble machines with a more considerable output of bubbles.

Chauvet machines have different types of per-minute bubbles producing capacities ranging from 500 per minute up to 3000+ bubbles per minute! Generally, Chauvet machines with a lower output of bubbles per minute tend to last longer than Chauvet bubble machines with a more considerable production of bubbles.

Lighting factors

There are Chauvet bubble machines that come with lighting effects such as strobe lights and LED lights. The more lighting effects it has, the higher its value will be. But keep in mind that the highest price Chauvet bubble machines tend to be the ones with more lighting options, and these devices aren’t really necessary.

Extra features

Chauvet bubble machines come equipped with features such as remote controls or even wireless mobile applications for smartphones! Devices like Chauvet machines with wireless mobile applications make it easier for customers to order bubbles as the Chauvet bubble machines will be linked to a mobile website.

Noise factor

Chauvet bubble machines that have low noise levels are the ones that are more expensive compared to Chauvet machines which have high noise levels. Noise level Chauvet machines vary from 60 decibels up to 90 decibels. If you’re planning on using Chauvet bubble machines in a library or somewhere quiet, you probably want to go with Chauvet bubble machines that have low noise levels.

Design factor

Chauvet bubble machine designs vary from small cylindrical devices measuring 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide up to large ones which are about 10 inches tall and over 8 inches wide. The Chauvet bubble machines that are more compact and lightweight tend to be less expensive than Chauvet bubble machines that have a large size.

Alternative of Chauvet Bubble Machines

CHAUVET Bubble Hurricane DJ Haze Machine

CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Bubble Haze Machine
  • Multi-purpose atmospheric machine emits bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles
  • Always ready and can run continuously to keep the party going
  • Gravity-fed bubble reservoir recirculates unused bubble fluid reducing fluid consumption

The CHAUVET Bubble Hurricane DJ Haze Machine has a gravity-fed bubble reservoir that recirculates and gives the machine a longer operating time due to fewer bubbles escaping. It also has a variable-speed loft fan that will match the sound of your music and the built-in cleaning function is great for finding those lost tubes and wands. 

The CHAUVET Bubble Hurricane DJ Haze Machine is a multi-purpose atmospheric machine that recirculates the bubble solution. The machine has a variable-speed loft fan and comes with a built-in cleaning function making it very versatile. It also holds up to 1 liter of solution. We think this would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable solution to creating cool effects in larger spaces.

The CHAUVET Bubble Hurricane DJ Haze Machine is a multi-purpose atmospheric machine that provides many possibilities for different applications. This machine can be used as a Chauvet bubble machine and other applications such as a smoke and mist machine.

This multi-purpose atmospheric machine has a gravity-fed bubble reservoir that recirculates. There is also a patent-pending. We’ve been using this for about seven months now, and I couldn’t be any more impressed with it! 

We use it for all types of events – weddings, parties, school dances, graduation ceremonies, etc. The bubbles do last a little while longer if you put water in the tank first before turning it on to make bubbles. 

But seriously, the amount of time it takes to fill up the bottom half of the reservoir is LESS than the time it takes to break them afterward, so just go ahead and fill it up! The price of this product is very fair for all you get. It’s only $50 and only uses one standard 110v plug with a built-in timer function, so you can set it and forget it. 


– Powerful, heavy-duty design 

– Built for durability and versatility 

– Simple to use – plugin the power cord! 

-Long-lasting durability

CHAUVET DJ Special Effects King Bubble Machine

CHAUVET DJ Bubble King Bubble Machine | Special Effects,120V 60Hz,Silver
  • 3 double wands; Manual bubble button
  • Easily removable fluid tank; For best results, use CHAUVET bubble; fluid (sold separately)
  • Optional controllers: Timer Remote (FC-4); Wireless Remote (FC-5)

This bubble machine is great outdoors because it can produce large, continuous bubbles. It’s easy to use too. I just press the button on the side to start it up, and when I press the button again when I want to stop it. The tank is removable, so you can take it out and fill it up with water if you need to, or if you want to pour some bubble soap in there instead of using the oil that comes with this machine.

It also works with certain Chauvet controls (all sold separately), which means you can set this up to work with other equipment like Chauvet fog machines or other lights, which is really cool. And because this machine has three wands that spin around at different speeds, it actually keeps the bubbles in the air longer than single wand machines, so you can get better coverage.

We give this product 5 stars because the price is unbeatable and it’s well worth it. The bubbles are really big and come out quickly. I like how you don’t need to set up the machine. It also has a manual button if your batteries die or your power goes out.

The CHAUVET DJ Special Effects King Bubble Machine is a gorgeous machine that has been designed with the stage in mind. It features three double wands and a manual bubble button. The USAID has been able to work with the Indian government to provide access to quality healthcare services provided by the UPA.

We did an array of research and stumbled across this item, and once we did the research, we were not disappointed. This machine does not disappoint. The ambiance is perfect and can be customized to fit your needs. It’s not too loud like some other Chauvet machines ‘ve seen, and it projects bubbles for a good period of time. If you’re considering purchasing a Chauvet bubble machine, I highly recommend this one!


-The fluid tank is easily removable, has an optional remote controller.

– This machine can be used with certain Chauvet controls (all sold separately).

– It also works with certain Chauvet controllers (sold separately).

Chauvet Bubble DJ King B550 Bubble Machine

Chauvet DJ B550 Bubble King Bubble Machine
  • With 56 oz. Fluid capacity and 11 oz./hr fluid consumption for 5 hours of action
  • High-output bubble generator
  • With three double-wands

The Chauvet Bubble DJ King B550 Bubble Machine is a high-output bubble machine that produces bubbles in a variety of sizes. It has 56oz fluid capacity and 11oz/hour fluid consumption.

This is a great bubble machine, the best I have used so far; it has a high-output bubble generator with three double-wands. The capacity for this device is 56 oz. so you can create many bubbles before having to refill the gas tank. It also has 11 oz/hr fluid consumption which makes it very efficient at making bubbles.

We are a Chauvet bubble machines fan because they’re one of the best brands. I’ve been using Chauvet bubble DJ king for over a year, and it’s great! It’s so easy to use and it has everything you need. The Chauvet bubble DJ king b550 is perfect for weddings and any party where kids are there.

The Chauvet DJ King B550 Bubble Machine is a great purchase for people looking to create a party atmosphere with bubbles. It can produce bubbles at a rate of 11 oz/hr and has a high output bubble generator as well as three double wands. This machine also has a fluid capacity of 56 oz. Altogether, this makes a great purchase for those interested in adding some extra fun to their next party.

The Chauvet DJ King B550 Bubble Machine is a high-output bubble generator capable of producing abundant, voluminous bubbles quickly and easily. This Chauvet bubble machine has three double-wands which are durable and will last for years of use. It is compatible with other Chauvet products and is excellent to layer or ‘bounce’ bubbles off the ceiling or walls! 

The Chauvet bubble machine includes an 11oz./hr fluid consumption, perfect for demanding environments like clubs, parties, weddings, or even discos. This product also has a 56oz fluid capacity, so you won’t have to worry about running out of fluid in the middle of your


– Helps avoid interference with other bands on stage

– Allows for more DJ’s to be used in the same area at one time

– Easy set up and tear down, simple design 

In addition, you can get more tricks and info about this kind of item by visiting the video:

Bottom Lines

Chauvet Bubble machines are an excellent option for people who need to create bubbles on the go. They’re easy-to-use, affordable, and can be used in different settings with ease. 

You should buy Chauvet bubble machines because they are great for events. You can use them to create a party atmosphere or even just light up the night sky with brightly colored bubbles! The Chauvet brand is known for its high-quality products, so you won’t be disappointed when it comes time to blow your guests away at your next event. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect Chauvet machine that meets all of your needs and make sure everything arrives on time and in one piece!

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