Get Your Next Pair of Column Array Speakers – Guided Tips

The best way to enjoy your music is in stereo sound. It’s necessary to purchase Column Array Speakers. That means that the left speaker’s audio should be played on the left ear, and the right speaker’s audio should be played on the right ear. But this isn’t always possible because you might not have two speakers or enough space for them in your home or office.

So what are some alternatives? Well, there are a few options but they all come with tradeoffs: Two regular speakers will give more of an immersive experience if they’re positioned properly; however, you’ll need more space and equipment. Multi-speaker arrays (like column arrays) will fill up a room with sound, but it’s harder to get them set up correctly and higher quality models are more expensive.

We recommend column array speakers for people that want the benefit of filling a room with sound without having too much trouble setting them up or spending too much money, and this guide should help you find the best pair for your needs.

Here are more options for you to choose:

Column Array Speakers Reviews 2022

Electro-Voice EVOLVE Column Array Speaker

Column Array Speakers have a distinctive boxy, rectangular shape. The Electro-Voice EVOLVE Column Array Speaker is one of the best on the market. It has additional features like auxiliary input ports for easy daisy-chaining with other speakers, which means you can network multiple speaker systems to create reverb (AKA echo) effects in your room without having to buy more equipment or use complicated cabling.

For its price point, it delivers excellent quality sound and is perfect for running presentations, playing games online with friends, or hosting larger gatherings at home. The Electro-Voice EVOLVE is the perfect balance between price and performance, and it’s designed to sound smooth and professional. This speaker provides a full range of frequencies with clear vocals at moderate volumes.

It also has a multipurpose design so that you can use it as matched clusters or as separate speakers, which makes them great for places like nightclubs where there are height constraints. With their thundering bass response combined with smooth highs, these speakers will give any room incredible acoustic bliss.


– JBL CBT 1000 Column Line Array Speaker is great for long-lasting use

– Quality sound and simple design

– Perfect for running presentations, playing games online with friends, or hosting larger gatherings at home.



JBL CBT 1000 Column Line Array Speaker

The JBL CBT 1000 is a line-array column speaker system, with many applications across residential and commercial uses. It’s perfect for performing arts centers or entertainment venues such as cinemas and auditoriums. But the JBL CBT1000 isn’t just for people in the arts: it can be used to provide clairvoyant presentations outside of its home theater niche thanks to additional capabilities like amplification and broadcast sound projection.

The JBL CBT 1000 – a top performer, loudspeaker solution for live sound. It delivers system flexibility and industry-leading sound quality in a compact package with uncompromising power. Since JBL’s first loudspeakers hit the market more than 50 years ago, high-quality sound has been at the heart of every innovation as well as part of JBL’s iconic launch into music, live performance, and broadcast.

In 1974, an engineer from Stanford University named James Boynton laid down his blueprint for what is now recognized as one of the most accurate on-axis measurements ever recorded: The Fletcher Munson Curves. And that was the beginning and end of the speaker and component design limited only by physics. So you’ve got a pair of JBL CBT 1000 Column Line Array Speakers at your gig.

The JBL CBT features point source technology which is ideal if you only want one speaker. This makes it great for desktop use or any other situation where you don’t want a lot of equipment. It’s an overall great speaker and we would recommend it for any use at home or office.


-High-quality sound

-100 degree horizontal and vertical coverage

-Point source technology: only one speaker needed



Electro-Voice Evolve 50M Portable Linear

The Electro-Voice Evolve 50m is an excellent portable linear which I have been using for the past 8 months. They are durable with a water-resistant coating and have great carrying handles. The most impressive feature about this product is that it can be set up in any shape configuration you would like (column, line array) with only one speaker per output channel.

The sound quality exceeded my expectations because of its crossover filter that creates crisp vocal clarity & enhancement to make music pop out, even at lower volumes. It sounds better than the previous model I owned but cost less! Another plus is that there aren’t many speakers on the market which retail for under $1000; meaning these are competitively priced.

If you’re in the market for a durable portable PA solution, Electro-Voice’s Evolve 50M loudspeakers are worth your consideration. These speakers are the perfect addition to live sound reinforcement when you need powerful low-end coverage with excellent clarity. The EV50MP has built-in DSP circuitry which means that it is an ideal choice for PFL (Pre-Fade Listen) applications where many inputs can be mixed at once without interfering with one another. And this loudspeaker delivers an incredible punch of 150 watts maximum output power!


– Durable with a water-resistant coating

– Great carrying handles

– One speaker per output channel

– Crossover filter creates crisp vocal clarity and music enhancement at lower volumes

– Sounds better than the previous model I owned but cost less!


– Doesn’t include a transport bag, which is a bit disappointing

Peavey LN1263 Column Array

Be the center of attention at any event with Peavey’s LN1263 Column Array. This powerful, lightweight loudspeaker is designed to provide amazing sound indoors or out. It features color-coded wiring that simplifies setup by letting you plug one pack into power the column array and two packs for stereo input. It also features an integrated truss bar overhead for easy rigging up.

The noise floor of the LN1263 Column Array is so low, with a maximum SPL of 131 dB! You can be confident knowing your voice will always cut through any mix on stage or finish line. Each speaker weighs just 42lbs., making it easily portable–fitting into most midsize vehicle trunks (or hiring Ryder truck). The incredible power of the Peavey LN1263 Column Array also makes it perfect for sporting events, festivals, retail stores, and even large worship venues.

This product review is brought to you by our expert staff writers who are happy to share their knowledge with our readers. We work hard to provide you with accurate product testing and reviews so that you can make the best purchase decision possible.

Get a pair of column array speakers in your next event or function! We hope you enjoyed this article with awesome product reviews for column-array loudspeakers.  Please feel free to comment below and share what you think with our readers.


– The noise floor is incredibly low (131 dB)

– Speaker’s weight is lightweight and easy to move.

– Great for sporting events, festivals, retail stores, and even large worship venues.


– Pricey

Samson Resound VX8.1 Column Array

8-inch woofer array with JBL Professional drivers giving you outstanding audio quality for everyday applications like video soundtracks, podcasts, and game content. Samson Resound VX8.1 Column Array is a pair of 8″ column array loudspeakers that deliver an exceptional audio experience, unlike other products or speakers that struggle mightily to produce crisp, high-quality sound across the full spectrum of frequencies.

Along with an overall well-built construction made to last, these studio monitors are easy enough to use by anyone who’s ever considered getting into podcasting or casual music production work on a budget which is important if you’re looking into picking up your next set of column arrays today! In fact, I’ve been using mine for my personal photography business which allows me to take my work on the road and I absolutely love them! You can buy yours today by following this link!

The Samson Resound VX8.1 Column Array is one of the best values for your money if you are looking to get a state-of-the-art system at an affordable price. With three 8″ woofers, these speakers will provide plenty of stereo separation without compromising on sound clarity or volume level. They also come in six color options so that you can build your dream theater setup with matching furniture too!


-Great sound quality, better than most other speakers on the market

-Easy to use for beginners

-Solid, durable construction built to last


-Some people might find these columns a little too big or heavy to carry around

Apex-10S – Powered Column Array PA System

The Apex-10S is an 8-inch column array PA system that can produce powerful sound for vocals, music, or speech. It’s perfect for classrooms, houses of worship, and business environments like meeting rooms. The full capabilities of the mixer allow you to mix day/night switches in a single process with a simple press on a knob. Individual outputs in stereo provide plenty of power in a compact package so you can uplink this speaker wirelessly without compromising fidelity.

Packing heavy equipment can be difficult when it’s time to move your office or just need something bigger to project from. But it doesn’t have to be! Our professionals know how to pack things right so they arrive safely and intact – no broken parts, no scratches on the surface.

I bought these speakers for my home because we needed a PA system and I was so impressed with the quality! The sound is amazing and they look really great too. They’re also really easy to use- all you do is plug them in, press play on your device, and press the page button on the speaker to change songs or adjust the volume. I definitely would recommend this product if you want to blast your favorite tunes at a party or out by the pool!


– Nice sleek design.

– Unique color.

– Sound quality is good.

– Easy to use interface.


– Some people might prefer a wireless option.

– The price can be a little steep for some budgets.

Gemini Sound WRX-900TOGO Professional

Gemini Sound WRX-900TOGO Professional is the best Bluetooth speaker on the market. This multifunctional unit can offer high-quality playback for loud environments or softer music in quieter places. The three unique speakers are housed in a single box, giving you complete control over where your sound goes depending on how much power you need to throw at it.

Unlike many other Bluetooth devices that will play anything when paired, this player only streams audio when told to do so with its internal digital signal processing (DSP). The separate bass reflex port also gives it deep lows and rich mids without adding too much weight to the very lightweight package.

Gemini Sound produces speakers that are known for their clarity and versatility. The WRX-900TOGO is one of these, with its lightweight construction making it easy to bring around the office to share music during tense moments or intimate breakfast meetings alike. It also features showy gold details on its control panel that beautifully complement black leather accents, making this attractive speaker not only sound great but look incredible as well!


-It has a beautiful design.

-The sound quality is great.

-It’s lightweight and portable.

-It only streams audio when told to do so with its internal DSP.


-It has no built-in battery backup for when there is a power outage and it needs to be plugged in.

-It doesn’t have any receive function, meaning it can’t be used as a speakerphone on the go.

Wall-Mount Column Mini Line Array Speakers

Gain clarity and focus with high-performance speakers designed to deliver an immersive listening experience. These column array speakers come mounted on a bracket that attaches securely to the wall, making them perfect for sound installations in any room of your home or office. They are covered by our limited lifetime warranty for assurance against faulty goods.

Wall-mount column mini line array speakers are designed to bring big, wide sound in small spaces. These speakers were created for use in gymnasiums, hotel lobbies, and auditoriums with architectural restrictions that prevent positioning of the traditional stage or side-fill speakers.

The products have a balanced dispersion pattern that cuts down on standing waves while the enclosure depth eliminates sound reflections so you get clearer, more persuasive speech reinforcement. Four internal active long-throw woofers create smooth frequency response over the entire range simultaneously without interference from each other so there’s no need to compromise when it comes to achieving full bandwidth coverage. The enclosures are backported making them not only compact but also well suited for high excursion designs which deliver their thunderous bass response.


-Wall-mount column mini line array speakers were designed to bring big sound into small spaces

-These speakers were designed specifically for gymnasiums, hotel lobbies, and auditoriums with architectural limitations

-The enclosures are backported which helps with high excursion designs and thunderous bass response


-The enclosure depth eliminates sound reflections so speech reinforcement may not be as clear or persuasive

AKUSTIK Portable Line Array Column

People are always looking for sound systems that can broadcast to a large number of people in an open space. AKUSTIK’s Portable Line Array Column meets this need. The unit is made with its built-in electronics, which make it possible to produce clear sound without any distortion or feedback at volumes up to 101 dB SPL. 

What truly sets the columns apart from other broadcasting towers is their portability and ability to set up quickly anywhere – high school sports games, summer camps, concerts, etc. Additionally, they come equipped with four M10 connector pins that mount onto stands for additional flexibility during setup.

One of the features that really sets AKUSTIK’s column array speakers apart from other options is their ability to be rolled up when not in use. This compact design makes these speakers out of the way and saves space, which can come in handy all over the house or office. Plus, this unassuming packaging looks great with any interior decorating theme whether it’s modern or rustic.

They are easy to take along for house parties, camping trips, or any other situation where music may be needed for conversation, late-night dancing or just to set a mood without turning on lights. Their portability also makes them perfect for traveling sales professionals who find themselves hosting meetings at hotels; they’ll never have to hunt around luggage racks when packing again!


– These speakers are great for broadcasting in open spaces.

– AKUSTIK’s Column Array speakers come with four M10 connector pins that mount onto stands for additional flexibility during setup. 

– The unique design of the column array speakers makes them easy to store, transport, and set up when needed.

– The column array speaker has a compact design which makes them great for travel professionals on the go.



10-Inch 500 Watt Line Array Column

Audio equipment has always been an investment that doesn’t go unnoticed. The sound quality of speakers is one of the most important factors in getting a great and expensive experience. The drivers and amplification create an amazing display, but if it isn’t supported by the size of the box, there will be distortions in each frequency range thanks to reflections from surfaces.

In terms of performance, this speaker set allows for different settings to balance high frequencies with low frequencies so you get all your music clarity with no distortion or ringing anywhere on their desired frequencies ranges which require minimal effort when adjusting compared to most other speaker sets out there. These speakers handle bass effortlessly without any distorting highs which make these perfect even if you have a bigger living space with less noise insulation restrictions in the walls.

The speakers are all made out of metal and it really gives them an increased weight which adds to the stability when placed on desks or in corners. Without proper consideration, speaker vibrations can be enough to shift surfaces fast enough to make even the most expensive speakers lose their balance. The design of these speakers covers that problem which means you can enjoy listening to your music without having to constantly readjust them for all songs available.


– All metal construction

– Powerful sound

– Great frequency range and no distortion anywhere on the frequency

– Lightweight and easy to move around with

– Solid and stable with no vibrations from speakers themselves


-Costly for some personal budgets

-Not the best option for music with high voices or different singing styles

– Lacking rear ports which can get blocked by standing them

Column Array Speakers Benefits

The best way to make a room sound better is with the use of column array speakers.   These speakers are designed to be placed at the front and back of a room, where they bounce sound waves off the walls in order to create an immersive surround sound experience for listeners. The most significant advantage these types of speakers have over traditional ones is that they provide a more even distribution of audio throughout the room.

This means music can be heard from all angles rather than just from one direction. It also ensures that every seat in the audience has equal access to high-quality audio, which can dramatically improve listening experiences for everyone involved. 

Column array speakers are not too expensive either when you compare them against other types of high-quality speakers. If your business is looking for a way to improve the quality of its sound system without breaking the bank, investing in this type of speaker may be exactly what you need.

They are often used by DJs and music professionals to provide an extra level of immersion during live performances, but they have many other applications as well, including movie screenings and seminars. The more popular a speaker type becomes, the more affordable it typically becomes as well. This means that while these speakers can be pricey when they first come out, the price should drop over time as demand for them increases.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Column Array Speakers


These speakers are generally pretty large, so be prepared to have a bigger space for them. Most units measure about three feet in height and they come with a stand attached. The majority of column array speakers also have a weight limit of 120kg or about 265 pounds, which is more than enough for one person to handle. If they need to be transported, these speakers can be broken down into smaller pieces for easier transport.


The most expensive column array speakers are going to have a wide range of features and capabilities that set them apart from the competition. In order to choose the best possible speaker, you will want to consider what your needs are before making a purchase. Once you are able to determine your needs, you can narrow down the available options so that you are left with speakers which offer everything you need without being too expensive.

Frequency Range

These speakers have a high-frequency range of around 20kHz, so they are capable of producing sounds in the highest registers without struggling. This is not something most other types of speakers are able to do. Their small size is the main reason why they are capable of producing such high-quality sounds since there is less overall space for things to get muddled up.

FAQs about Column Array Speakers

How do they compare to traditional speakers?

The column array speaker sets are designed to offer excellent sound quality with the ability to create an immersive 360 degrees sound field for listeners in both live and recorded settings. Many listeners find that they don’t need earplugs or headsets which is a huge relief when listening live in a louder venue such as at a concert.

This is why column arrays set themselves apart from traditional speakers- they not only offer directional clarity, but also the ability to produce beautifully balanced sound with crystal clear vocals and extended bass response right in front of you.

How do column array speakers compare to other speaker systems, such as line arrays and point source speakers?

Column Array: Celestino’s column arrays offer a blend of directional clarity and 360 degrees sound projection that is unrivaled in design. Line Array: The line array speaker system was originally developed for live music performance, but it also offers directional clarity that can enhance recordings when mixed properly. Point Source Speakers: The point source speaker system was originally developed to deliver entire mixes with enhanced clarity and imaging capabilities.

What is the difference between an indoor speaker and an outdoor speaker?

Many people are surprised to find out that not all speakers are created equal, in fact, they can differ greatly in both quality and performance. Indoor speakers will work well for playing music without hurting the ears of others, while outdoor speakers should be used for louder events where neighbors would need protection.


What is your favorite type of music? This is my best pick: Column Array Speakers have a distinctive boxy, rectangular shape. The Electro-Voice EVOLVE Column Array Speaker is one of the best on the market.

Now, you can experience it as if you’re right there on stage! Column Array Speakers have been used by professional musicians and engineers all over the world because they deliver a clear directionality that enhances recordings while also being able to produce beautifully balanced sound with crystal-clear vocals and extended bass response right in front of you. If this sounds like something up your alley, then take advantage of our special discounted pricing now before supplies run out. Act fast – don’t wait another second!  

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