The 15 Best Crochet Hooks: Review and Ratings 2022

Crochet is an ancient craft that has been around since the 1800s. Its popularity peaked in the early 1900s and it continues to be a favorite pastime for many today. Crocheting is perfect for beginners, but experienced crocheters never stop learning new stitches and techniques. The best crochet hooks are an essential tool in any crocheter’s kit because they act as your “hand” when working with yarn or other string materials.

When choosing a crochet hook, you should consider what type of material you’re using (e.g., metal vs plastic), whether you want long handles or short ones, how much money you want to spend, and what size of hook feels comfortable in your hands. This article will show you the top 15 best crochet hooks below here.

SaleBestseller No. 1
BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit - 31 Piece Set with 9 Ergonomic Hook Sizes, 6 Yarn Needles, Additional...
  • Comfortable: Enjoy crocheting without the fatigue! The hooks in our crochet kit feature soft, rubber grips to help relieve discomfort.
  • Easy to Use: Perfect for adults and kids, each long, aluminum crochet hook has a smooth and tapered tip to keep yarn in place and prevent slipping or snagging.
  • Labeled: Every crochet needle has a color-coded handle printed with both the letter and number sizes ranging from B/1 (2mm) to J/10 (6mm).
Bestseller No. 2
9 Pieces Lighted Crochet Hooks with Case LED Light Crochet Hooks Set Knitting Needles Craft Yarn...
  • Protect your eyes: we have a LED light design for these crochet hooks (3 button batteries inside), which can illuminate anytime and anywhere, thus you can see clearly and conveniently finish your knitting work even at night or in the dark, also well protect your eyes
  • Multiple sizes: you will receive 9 pieces crochet hooks of multiple sizes, approx. 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm and 6.5 mm, which can be applied for knitting different sizes of wool, meet your different needs at one time, bring you much convenience
  • Comfortable and soft to hold: these crochet needles possess a plastic handle with a silicone area, soft to touch and comfortable to hold, well fit your fingers and can reduce or eliminate wrist or finger pain, make your knitting process an enjoyment
SaleBestseller No. 3
Clover Amour Steel Crochet Hook Set
  • Anyone who loves to Crochet will adore these new Amour crochet hooks. This set features a soft easy grip that is warm to the touch and gives the user the most comfortable finger placement as well as tireless functionality. The polished Aluminum hook is the perfect shape for smooth crocheting. Each of the 7 sizes features a different bright and fun colored handle. The sizes are No. 0 - 1. 75mm No. 2 - 1. 50mm No. 4 - 1. 25mm No. 6 - 1. 00mm No. 8 - 0. 90mm No. 10 - 0. 75mm No. 12 - 0. 60mm.
  • Washing Instructions: Wipe With Damp Cloth
  • 7 Piece set sizes 0 /1.75mm, 2 /1.50mm, 4 /1.25mm, 6 /1.00mm, 8 / 0.90mm, 10 / 0.75mm, 12 / 0.60mm
SaleBestseller No. 4
Vodiye 37 PCS Crochet Hooks Set, High Quality Coloured Aluminum Ergonomic Handle Crochet, Hook...
  • 【Full Size Crochet Hooks Set】Knitting crochet of various sizes (14pcs), suitable for beginners and the more advanced. We are equipped with stitch markers (14pcs) and large-eye blunt needles (9pcs), giving help on more projects, blankets, towel, hats, etc.
  • 【Colorful Crochet Hooks Set】Bright color crochet hooks needles, with sizes marked on the handle, you can easily distinguish the hooks' size, let you easily enjoy your crochet time!
  • 【Smooth and Easy to Use】The crochet hooks are made from hight-quality aluminium, lightweight and durability, our needles with smooth tip don't snag yarn or split the yarn nice, ergonomic handle enables a long time crocheting without discomfort.
Bestseller No. 5
Knit Picks WeCrochet Majestic Regular Wood Crochet Hook Set - 8 Sizes US E-K
184 Reviews
Knit Picks WeCrochet Majestic Regular Wood Crochet Hook Set - 8 Sizes US E-K
  • CROCHET HOOK SET: This beautiful set of wooden Crochet Hooks includes 8 hooks for all your crafting needs; Each hook is 6" long and set includes the sizes E-4, F-5, G-6, 7, H-8, I-9, J-10, and K-10.5 (3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 mm)
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Burnished wood surface provides a smooth finish for easy handling, with just the right amount of grip for hours of comfortable crocheting
  • DURABLE WOOD: Layers of laminated birch add strength while a deeply grooved hook provides precision control
SaleBestseller No. 6
Crochet Hooks Set, RealPlus 12 Sizes Crochet Hooks Set for Arthritic Hands, Ergonomic Soft Grip...
  • 【44pcs Crochet Hooks Set】This ergonomic crochet hook set including 12pcs multicolor rubber handle hooks, sizes from B(2mm) to N(8mm). 20pcs Stitch Markers, 9pcs Large-Eye Blunt Needles, 1pcs row counter, 1pcs ring cutter, 1pcs measuring Tape, meet your different demands in crocheting.
  • 【Crochet without Pain】Crochet hooks with soft and comfortable rubber grip handles, can reduce or eliminate hand, wrist or finger pain, without discomfort even when used for a long time. Perfect for Arthritis Hands.
  • 【Enjoy Crocheting】Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crochet lover, you can use various sizes of the crochet hooks, help you to complete excellent crochet work! Enjoy crocheting with your family and friends.
Bestseller No. 7
Mayboos 20 Pieces Bamboo Crochet Hooks, Crochet Hooks Kit, Wooden Crochet Hooks, Ergonomic,...
  • Crochet Hooks Set: 20 Bamboo crochet hooks kit all zipped into a convenient carrying case! The crochet hook set includes 12 crochet hooks in US sizes C to N (metric sizes 3 to 10 mm) as well as 8 steel hooks with bamboo handles in sizes 1 to 2.75 mm. Each hook is marked with its metric size, you can tell with a glance which hook to pick up. Scale clear, so don't worry about being worn off like a rubber handle.
  • Bamboo Crochet Hooks Material: Our crochet needles made of high quality carbonized bamboo material, durable, long time using, while iron tips are plated, anti-corrosive and sturdy, environmentally friendly. Forget those heavy metal hooks, these hooks are not only beautiful but are durable and made to last.
  • Unique Crochet Hook Design: Different sizes can meet your different demands, handy, great crochet tool for weaving, convenient and practical for using, ideal crochet tools set for housewife to knit, very useful for smooth knitting. The size of steel hooks with bamboo handles is relatively small and can be used for crocheting lace, etc.
Bestseller No. 8
Crochet Hook Set, NuLink 22 Pcs Knitting Needles Craft, Weave Yarn Set 0.6mm - 6.5mm [Purple Travel...
  • MULTIPLE CRAFT SELECTION: Hugh selection for your craft knitting needed. Total 22 pieces from 0.6mm to 6.5mm. Easy to choose your right size crochet hooks. Create professional style when you use this crochet hooks. Conveniently application to manual, handicrafts, crocheted fabrics and more. Fit majority skill levels.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Our crochet hooks are made from aluminum. They are 10 times more durable than other plastic made branded hooks. Smooth and glide effortlessly throught yarn and anti-rust condition.
  • EASY RECOGNIZE: Colorful crochet hooks are easy to recognize and design perfectly for elderly and senior.
Bestseller No. 9
Everything Crochet Counting Crochet Set Digital – Original Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set with Digital...
  • Count Rows & Stitches - Keep track of both rows and stitches by simply clicking the buttons on the handle. Crochet hook also stores the last stitch and row combination. NOTE: The tool DOESN'T automatically count rows and stitches!
  • Crochet Hook Kit with New Count Technology - The count can easily be increased or decreased. Press the button to increase the count by 1. Hold the button for one second to decrease the count by 1. Hold it for three seconds to reset the count.
  • 9 in 1 Aluminum Heads - Counting crochet tools set contains 9 in 1 aluminum interchangeable heads with hook sizes from 2.5 mm - 6.5 mm.
Bestseller No. 10
5.5 mm Crochet Hook, Ergonomic Handle for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long  Knitting Needles for...
  • Premium Aluminum Crochet: Each crochet hook is well-made and made of high-quality aluminum material, the hook head is strong and durable, smooth to the touch, and you don't have to worry about snagging the yarn, allowing you to knit easily.
  • Comfortable Crochet Handle: Our crochet handle is ergonomic, rubberized grip and comfortable handle shape reduce hand fatigue and ensure you are efficient and comfortable during use.
  • Multiple Sizes: Our crochet hooks are about 5.5 inches in length, and there are 14 sizes for you to choose from, from 2-10mm crochet hooks, and the color of each crochet hook is shipped randomly.

Best Crochet Hooks Reviews 2022

WooCrafts Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting Plus Crochet Hooks Set with Case,Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands

WooCrafts Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting Plus Crochet Hooks Set with Case,Ergonomic Handle...
  • ★★If you got this bargain.You would NEVER regret it!!! The included 9 pieces large-eye yarn needles alone is worth $4.99,you can search it on amazon★★ You get Ergonomic Crochet Hooks,Yarn Needles,Stitch Markers & Case...whole set now! These large eye Nickel-Plated Steel blunt yarn needles are good for weaving in ends and sewing up seams on your crochet and knitting projects. You get 9 pieces needles in three different SIZE( 5.2 cm,6 cm,7 cm) that work great for different weighted yarn.
  • 9pcs Ergonomic Grip,Non-Slip Handles Crochet Hooks measured in metric,The sizes are B(2.0mm),C(2.5mm), D(3.0mm), E(3.5)mm,G(4.0)mm,7(4.5mm),H(5.0)mm, I(5.5)mm,and J(6.0mm). about 5.5inch long.The Soft rubber handles make the crochet hook very comfortable to use even for long periods of time.Complete set for crochet lovers.
  • This all-in-one kit would make a perfect gift for anyone who is learning to crochet, a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned crocheter on the go. It is also an ideal gift for any craft lover; we wouldn't blame you if you kept it for yourself!

I really love these WooCrafts Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting Plus Crochet Hooks Set with Case, Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands. They are affordable and of high quality. 

The needles are made out of metal so they are durable and will last a long time. The handles on the crochet hooks are easy to hold onto and very comfortable to use even for long periods of time.

 I use different-sized needles when crocheting because it makes it easier to weave in my ends when I am finished. The set includes large eye blunt needled which is great for sewing up seams when crocheting or knitting. 

There are many different sizes that are easy to tell apart and they are a good size for knitting variegated yarn because the stitches don’t get caught on them. 

The markers that come in different colors match the needles which allow me to keep all of my projects organized. The bag that everything comes in makes it easy to store all of my items away safely and keeps everything together so I don’t lose any of them. 

The case has a strap that goes around it so it is easy to carry on the go with me. I have arthritis in my hands and these are easier for me to use than some other needles I have tried. 

They would be great for anyone who has arthritis or any hand problems because they are so comfortable to use! These are well made and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!


  • Bright and fun colors 
  • Easy to hold on to
  • Optimal hook shape for crocheting with different types of materials.
  • Great gift idea.


  • Plastic hooks can often break or snap with heavy use.

Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook (Aluminium) – 13cm – 2.00mm Crochet Hooks

clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook: 2.00mm, 2mm
  • Large size numbers make it easy to select the right size
  • The handle is light, easy to hold and well balanced
  • The material looks like stylish tortoise-shall

I love these crochet hooks because they are lightweight, easy to hold, and well-balanced. I also like the stylish look of the handle. The large numbers make it easy to choose the right size. 

This Clover Soft Touch crochet hook feels really comfortable in my fingers and proves exceptionally popular with crocheters who stitch crochet projects that require any level of precision; in particular amigurumi and intricate crochet projects. I would recommend this product to anyone who loves crochet.


  • The handle is light
  • The material looks like stylish tortoise shall
  • Flexible feeling in your fingers
  • The needle is ideally shaped for easy crocheting


  • Not at all

Susan Bates Silvalume Soft Handle Aluminum Crochet Hook 5.5in-Size E4/3.5mm

The soft handle on the Susan Bates hook is really comfortable to hold and easy to grip, which is essential for an activity like crochet. The crochet hooks available in the UK tend to be either wooden or metal, so it’s nice to see a nice change of pace with this one.

 The hook ranges from 4mm up to 5.5mm, making it suitable for all sorts of projects. It can also be used as a darning needle as well as a crochet hook if you need something more basic than just a needle.


  • Soft handle for comfort
  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Perfect for darning


  • It is not the finest crochet hook available on the market today (especially if you’re looking for something which can make different types of stitches like cable or lace crochet)

Addi Swing Hooks – Complete Set of 13 Hooks

Addi Swing Hooks - Complete Set of 13 Hooks
  • Developed with comfort in mind, the handle is constructed of two plastics: one colorful and soft, and the other, white and firm. The two balance each other perfectly for just the right amount of flexibility.
  • US A (2.00mm), B (2.50mm), C (3.00mm), D (3.25mm), E (3.50mm), 3.75mm, F (4.00mm), G (4.50mm), H (5.00mm), I (5.50mm), J (6.00mm), K (7.00mm), and L (8.00).

I was really looking for a new crochet hook. I wanted to find one that I would enjoy using, something that had the right shape, size, weight, and grip. I knew from my previous experience with crochet hooks that I needed a metal hook because they always seemed to make the project look better.

I also wanted a hook with an ergonomic design because my hands seem to cramp up when trying to crochet for longer periods of time. Fortunately, these hooks met all of my needs! They are super smooth and easy to use.

They don’t bend or kink like other hooks that I have used in the past. It’s also much easier for me now to use this hook because it simply moves where it needs to go without accidentally slipping out of the stitches (which was a common problem that I had before).


  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Easy for this hook to move around without pulling out of the stitches


  • A little more expensive than other hooks on the market

Athena’s Elements Crochet Hook

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks 12 Sizes with Letters - Longer and Smooth Crochet Needles - Comfortable and...
  • 100% ACCURATE USA STANDARD SIZING - NOT JUST CONVERSION LIKE ALL OTHERS - ONLY Athena’s Elements offer US Sizes with Letters, Numbers and Metric stamped, engraved, non-erasable markings and easy to identify sizes. Marked as: B 1 2.25 mm, C 2 2.75 mm, D 3 3.25 mm, E 4 3.5 mm, F 5 3.75 mm, G 6 4 mm, 7 4.5 mm, H 8 5 mm, I 9 5.5 mm, J 10 6 mm, K 10 6.5 mm, L 11 8.0 mm. Exactly what 99% of patterns ask for Hook sizing, so there is no more confusion.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE, EASY TO HOLD and PAIN FREE FOR HOURS: Our Ergonomic Soft Handle makes you crochet for hours without fatigue, feeling pain or cramping on hands or thumbs. Perfect for Arthritic Hands or those with Carpal Tunnel or any hand pain issues to still enjoy the love of crocheting. EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE handle will make crocheting a breeze.
  • STURDY, NON-SLIP, LIGHTWEIGHT & FUN COLORS CROCHET NEEDLES: Perfect for Amigurumi Crocheting. No matter how tight your projects need to be, the grips will not slip and are very comfortable to use for extended periods and will hold up against serious pull. Unique colors (dare to compare to all others), make finding the right hook just a little easier. 100% designed for a professional crocheter, and the best hooks for beginners to start learning to crochet and avoid frustration.

Crochet is a hobby that many people enjoy, and it can be done with different types of hooks. However, for those who would like to crochet but have some issues such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, these hooks may not work out. That’s why Athena’s Elements Crochet Hook has been designed specifically for those cases! 

With the ergonomic soft handle and non-slip design, you can keep crocheting without any fatigue on your hands or thumbs. For beginners, this set comes in easy to identify colors which makes finding the right hook easier than ever before! 

The longer shaft also allows thicker yarns to be used easily and effortlessly. No matter what type of project you want to do – amigurumi, afghan, or even lace – Athena’s Elements Crochet Hook has you covered.

This item is made from 100% Brand new and high quality 8 pieces crochet hooks set! No more buying separate stitch holders because Hollywood Dreamer provides them to you in this set! Perfect for Crochet Amigurumi, Afghans, Scarfs, Purses, Hats, and all your other Craft Projects. 

This product is made of Premium Aluminum Alloy with a shining Silver Tone Hollywood Dreamer Design on the Handle which will make a Great Gift Idea to the one who loves the stars and dreams big!


  • Soft handle
  • Non-slip design


  • You have to buy separate stitch holders separately

Pony Steel Crochet Hooks 1mm

Pony Steel Crochet Hooks, 1.00mm, Multi-Colour
  • Steel Crochet Hook
  • use with thinner cottons and yarns
  • 1mm

Pony aluminum crochet hooks are proof that a cheaper product doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality! These hooks have been the starting point for many a crocheter, as they’re ridiculously affordable and readily available.

 While many people prefer hooks with handles for improved grip, plenty of crocheters actually find that the simple style of these Pony hooks makes them the best crochet hooks for strength and consistency. 

They feature a nice flattened portion which does allow you to grip the hook better than if it was completely cylindrical, and at such an affordable price it won’t cost you the world to get all the different sizes you need!

The Pony Classic range is a staple part of many crocheter’s kits. With ranges made from highly polished, anodized aluminum, as well as the highest quality plastics, all are designed with comfortable handling and smoothness in mind.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around the house or to a friends
  • Work well with both thin cotton yarns, as well as bulkier acrylic yarns for thicker stitches.


  • Plastic handles are prone to damage after several months of use -The metal portion may not feel as sturdy as other aluminum crochet hooks.

Pony Easy Grip Crochet Hook Set, Multi, 15 x 1.5 x 16 cm

Pony Easy Grip Crochet Hook Set, Multi, 15 x 1.5 x 16 cm
  • 14cm in length
  • tiny ridges for hand comfort and a better grip
  • sizes 2 - 6mm.

The Pony Easy Grip crochet hooks range is a great option for those looking to reduce the strain on their hands and wrists. The handles have a flat thumb rest and grooves to give you extra grip, and each hook is color-coded so you’ll easily be able to find the right hook for your project. 

The hooks are 1.5mm thick and measure 15cm in total length which is perfect for most projects. Each set comes with 15 different-sized hooks that range from 4mm up to 5.5mm, making it suitable for all sorts of projects.


  • Shiny and good looking
  • Many hooks and sizes are available to suit all projects (includes a range from 4mm up to 5.5mm)
  • Color-coded for easy identification of the right size hook
  • Soft grip handles are ideal for people suffering from pain or arthritis


  • Might be a bit thinner than desired by more experienced crocheters

Prym Crochet Hook for Wool Ergonomics 3.50-6.00 mm x 1 Set

Prym Crochet Hook for Wool Ergonomics 3.50-6.00 mm x 1 Set, Multi, One Size
  • Crochet hook set
  • Ergonomic
  • Sizes: 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm & 6mm

The Prym Ergonomic Crochet hooks are some of the best crochet hooks on the market. The grip is very comfortable, no matter what size of hook you have. I also find that it has a nice warmth to it when you touch it. These crochet hooks are definitely worth the purchase if you experience any cramping in your hand.

The hook is actually made out of rubber, and it has little bumps on the top that add to how pleasant it feels when you crochet with it. It’s also very easy to hold on to, which makes all the difference – if your hook slips, then you’re going to end up dropping stitches.


  • The rubber grip is very comfortable and adds a nice warmth to the hand.
  • Makes it easy to hold on if you have a tendency of dropping stitches.


  • Can’t be used with metal hooks

PONY Bamboo Crochet Hooks – Each

PONY Bamboo Crochet Hooks - Each
  • Brand: Pony
  • Quantity: each
  • Size: 6.5mm

The Pony bamboo crochet hooks are lightweight, easy to grip, and have a beautiful design. I’ve been using these hooks for about 3 weeks now. They are an excellent choice for single crochet stitches because they fit very nicely in my hand. Another thing that I really love about these hooks is that they are eco-friendly. It’s great to know that I am not harming the environment by using this type of hook since bamboo is a renewable resource. Overall, I would recommend this set of 4 bamboo crochet hooks to anyone who wants something reliable and eco-friendly!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to grip
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent choice for single crochet stitches
  • Eco-friendly


  • All 4 hooks aren’t the same size so it can be tricky to substitute

Prym Crochet Hook J, Size J10/6mm

Prym Crochet Hook J, Size J10/6mm
  • SUPER SMOOTH HANDLE: Smooth transition between the shaft and handle
  • RUBBERIZED GRIP: Reduces hand fatigue with a comfortable shape and grip

This Prym crochet hook has a smooth transition between the shaft and handle. The rubberized grip is comfortable and reduces hand fatigue with its shape. The optimized hook easily catches yarn and glides it effortlessly through stitches. The J10/6mm size offers the perfect amount of space for crocheters to work! This crochet hook works great if you are looking for an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. It also makes the perfect gift due to its purple color, which means “royalty.”


  • Smooth transition between the shaft and handle
  • Reduces hand fatigue with a comfortable shape and grip


  • Hook itself can be hard to find sometimes. It would be nice if there were a way to attach it more securely to the handle so that I could find it quickly when needed!

Knit Pro Symfonie Crochet Hook Set Tunisian, Multi-Color

Knit Pro Symfonie Crochet Hook Set Tunisian, Multi-Color
  • Crochet Hook Set
  • Densified Laminated Birchwood
  • Benchmark In Terms Of Strength and Luxury

My favorite crochet hooks come from Knit Pro and these magnificent handmade hooks are some of the best products on the market. The attention to detail is incredible and the wooden handle makes them so easy to hold without slipping, no matter how sweaty my hands get.

I also love that Knit Pro has a range of colors available–so I can choose based on my mood or what yarn I’m using for that particular project. These hooks really live up to their reputation as high-quality tools–both beginner and advanced crocheters will adore these hooks!


  • Expert design with attention to detail.
  • Lovely range of colors.
  • Fantastic grip! The wooden handle is so easy on sweaty hands.


  • Not at all

Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook Set

Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook Set
  • Tulip Company-Etimo Rose Crochet Hook Set

I have been using Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook Set for a while. I am not really a crochet expert, but I wanted to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by the hooking and pulling through as much as I wanted. The throat is not too deep, so it helps to keep the yarn from slipping off the hook. One of the only reasons why this is a great product is because of its elasticized comfort handle. If you are familiar with other crochet hooks then you know that they do not have that type of handle. This has made my experience better and easier with this crochet set. It can be difficult to find a comfortable crochet hook, but if you want something that will give you an easy time, then try this one.


  • The throat is not too deep
  • It is easy to hold the shape of the hook
  • Hooking and pulling through is not an issue with this product


  • If you are familiar with other crochet hooks then you know that they do not have elasticized comfort handles

Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-1907 Crochet Hook, Size Q-19, 15mm , White

Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-1907 Crochet Hook, Size Q-19, 15mm , White
  • Lightweight, plastic hooks are comfortable to use
  • Puts less strain on hands than aluminum styles
  • Made of Plastic

I’m a huge fan of Lion Brand yarn and crochet hooks. I’ve used a few different types of hooks, but I prefer plastic hooks for their lightweight feel. With these hooks, my hands don’t get as fatigued as they would with metal hooks. The grip is also very comfortable and it’s easy to keep a good grip on the hook even if you’re trying to edit your work or go too fast. In addition, because the hooks are made from plastic, they’re pretty durable and resist breakage if you drop them from time to time.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to grip and hold
  • Durable
  • Resistant to breakage


  • May not be as comfortable as the metal for extended periods of time

BeCraftee Ergonomic Crochet Hook

BeCraftee Crochet Hooks Kit - 12 Piece Set Extra-Long Crocheting Needles with Soft, Ergonomic Rubber...
  • COMFORTABLE: Enjoy crocheting without the fatigue! The hooks in our crochet kit feature soft, rubber grips to help relieve discomfort.
  • EASY TO USE: Perfect for adults and kids, each extra-long, aluminum crochet needle has a smooth and tapered tip to prevent yarn from slipping or snagging.
  • LABELED: Every crochet hook is color-coded and has printed letters and numbers on the handle, so you'll always know which needle is which.

This BeCraftee Ergonomic Crochet Hook set includes 12 hook sizes that range from B/1 (2mm) to L/11 (8mm) for working on any pattern. The crochet hooks are color-coded and have printed letters and numbers on the handle so you’ll always know which needle is which. This crochet kit for beginners and seasoned experts alike makes a great surprise to the crafty crocheters in your life.

There are a total of 5 colors, each color represents a certain hook size. The crochet hooks include the sizes: B/1 (2mm), C/2 (2.5mm), D/3 (3mm), E/4 (3.5mm), F/5 (4mm). G/6 (4.5mm), 7/8 (5mm), 9/10 (5.5mm), H/8 (5.0-6.0), and I/9 (6.0-7.0).

The handle of the crochet hook is a sling, which gives an ergonomic feel to the user while crocheting for a long period of time. The head is a bit triangular, which makes it easier to hold and grip for a more comfortable crochet experience.

Cute color-coded hook set! Comes in 12 different sizes for any project you might be working on. Each handle has printed letters and numbers which makes it easier to differentiate between each hook size to reduce mistakes while crocheting.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes in 12 different sizes for any project
  • Cute color-coded hook set
  • Each handle is color-coded with printed letters and numbers to reduce mistakes


  • Not at all

Cornerstone Products Lite Crochet Hooks

Cornerstone Products Lite Crochet Hooks, Size G, 4.5mm, Pink
  • Crochet hook
  • Perfect for dark yarn
  • Batteries included

I’ve been crocheting for many years, and I love to crochet in the evening when it’s dark outside. I was using a typical crochet hook and it would be difficult because my hands would get so tired and sore after a while. Then one day I discovered this crochet-lite and found out that it’s specially designed for people who have terrible eyesight and can’t see in the dark very well. The hooks also work great if you’re in a car or at a location with little light. I found that the light bulb is super bright and very easy on your eyes. In addition, you can pick up stitches much easier because of the clear visibility of the stitches. They work great!


  • The light bulb is super bright for people who can’t see in the dark.
  • Easy to pick up stitches and not lose your place on the project.
  • Batteries are included so you don’t need an outlet nearby.


  • The battery will go out, but it’s easy to replace them with new ones that come with the product.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Crochet Hooks

Choosing the right crochet hooks is essential for getting a good stitch. If you don’t have the right tools, it will be hard to knit in any way shape, or form. Even if you do have the correct size of hook, there are other factors about your choice that can make it either better or worse for your project. Read on to find out all of these factors and more!

What Size Hook Do I Need?

When choosing what size of hook to use, think about what yarn weight you are using – this will determine how big your stitches need to be. For example, if you’re working with bulky yarns, then bigger hooks work best because they produce larger stitches; but smaller hooks are better for finer yarns. Another factor to consider is the thickness of your crochet hook – lightweight hooks are best for thin yarns whereas heavy-duty hooks are better for thicker ones! Also, many people have preferences about how they hold their hook because this can affect what size works best.

Types Of Crochet Hooks

There are actually several different types of crochet hooks. It can be hard to tell them apart just by looking – but don’t worry, you’ll learn what each one is for!

best crochet hooks

1.      Aluminum Crochet Hooks – These are the most common type of hook. They are inexpensive and work well with any thickness or weight yarn so they’re very versatile.

2.       Plastic Crochet Hooks – These are easily recognizable because they’re very light and flexible, which makes them comfortable to hold. However, this flexibility actually has a downside as well – smaller-sized plastic crochet hooks tend to be more flimsy than others, making the yarn slip out of your hook way too easily!

3.       Aluminum Crochet Hooks – These are very similar to aluminum crochet hooks, except that they’re made out of steel. They’re usually quite expensive but worth the money because they work well with any thickness or weight yarn.

4.       Bamboo Crochet Hooks – When using bamboo hooks, it’s easy to avoid too much tension on the yarn. They’re also really comfortable to hold and work well with smooth yarns.

5.      Steel Crochet Hook – There are two types of steel crochet hooks: those with a round head and those with a flat one. The latter is necessary for some projects as it makes off-loom stitches easier to do!

6.       Tunisian Crochet Hook – These are used to complete projects that would normally be done with knitting needles. They’re only meant for specific types of yarns so try not to use them if you can avoid it!

7.       Long Double-Ended Hooks – This type of hook is actually made up of two hooked needles – one at each end of the tool. They’re commonly used with double-ended yarn projects to create stitches that are much easier to do.

8.   Tunisian Crochet Hooks – These are quite similar to long double-ended hooks except that they’re not made up of two needles but instead, a hook on each end of the tool. Also like long double-ended crochet hooks, they’re commonly used with double-ended yarn projects.

Hook Tips To Remember

There are a few things you should keep in mind when using your crochet hook. It’s important to remember that there are many different types of crochet hooks available so make sure to choose the one that will work best for you! Also, keep in mind that there are different sizes of crochet hooks just like knitting needles. So when purchasing one, make sure to find out what size is most appropriate for your project.

FAQs about Best Crochet Hooks

best crochet hooks

What is a good crochet hook for beginners?

The best crochet hooks for beginners are those made of steel which is easier to handle.

What are the best materials to choose for crochet hooks?

Materials used for crochet hooks are usually metal or plastic. Choosing the best material may depend on the type of beading you are intending to do.

Steel – If durability is your top priority, steel is a good choice because it’s known for being tough, hardy and it resists wear and tears better than most metals or plastics. It also doesn’t give off heat, so this particular material won’t burn your hands when you’re crocheting for extended periods of time.

Plastic – Plastic can be very durable depending on which kind you choose to buy, but it’s more expensive than steel, which means that over time its longevity may not prove as cost-effective as some other materials available today

Wood – Many kids start out learning how to crochet using wooden crochet hooks because they’re lightweight and easier to handle.

Acrylic – This one is a cost-efficient material that can last you for years, but it’s quite heavy and may be harder to work with than other materials.

Some people will find that plastic’s flexibility makes it extra easy to grip. For instance, if you have arthritis in your hands or are just looking for something that won’t hurt when you crochet for long periods of time, this may be a good option to consider.

Which type of hook do you use when you are working on an afghan or another project that requires stitches of different sizes in more than one color yarns?

best crochet hooks

For these projects, use a hook that is either equipped with different size hooks at the end of the handle or has interchangeable hooks.

There are also some things to consider when choosing which materials to use for your crochet hook whether it’s steel, plastic, wood, acrylic, or anything else. 

Steel is durable but gives off the heat so it can be uncomfortable if you hold onto it for long periods of time. 

Plastic may be comfortable because its weight and flexibility make for easier gripping but may not stand up as well over time as steel would. 

Wood is lightweight and easy to grip so kids who are learning how to crochet often prefer using them instead of metal ones since they’re more flexible than metal hooks.

 Acrylics seem like an economical choice but they tend to be quite heavy and sometimes harder to work with.


The best crochet hooks are made of high-quality materials, come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different needs, and have the added bonus of being ergonomic. The 15 top-rated products on our list will give you everything that you need to get started with your next project!

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