Essential Decorations For A Casino Themed Party

Casino-themed parties are always great, whether for a friend’s birthday, a bachelor party, a bridal shower or any other event. There are numerous ways that you can recreate a classic casino atmosphere and impress your guests on any special occasion. Let’s take a look at how. 

Casino-Themed Party Decoration 

The best way to create the right type of party ambience for your casino themed party is through casino themed party decorations. You can be sure your guests will be impressed with these creative party themes and decorations.

James Bond Theme 

Get into the spirit of James Bond with a casino night themed after the legendary spy. Introduce your guests to the event’s theme by sending them spy-inspired invitations. Your invitation should indicate the dress code, perhaps a black tie to fit the theme. Set the mood with live music, decorations, and maybe even a cutout of 007 at the entrance.

Roaring Twenties 

Let your guests step back to the roaring 20s and let them indulge in a Great Gatsby-styled experience. Decorate with vases, feathers and 20s-themed backdrops and give your guests classic games like craps and roulette. The roaring 20s are about flappers and dressing dapper, so get guests to find their best 20s outfit and enjoy an evening of gaming, dancing and fun. 

Casino Colour Schemes 

There are probably a few colours that pop into your head when you think of casinos. The traditional red, black and white colour scheme creates an excellent starting point for decorations. Add balloons and confetti to add some extra flair, with gold pops representing coins. 

Red Carpet 

Attending a red carpet event is something most guests can only imagine, so let them experience it for themselves with a red carpet theme casino night. A glamorous red carpet beneath a handmade casino sign will give your guests the VIP treatment they deserve. Add velvet ropes, bright lights, and a photographer for a memorable A-list-worthy party.  

Decorate the Tables 

To add to the theme, you will want to decorate your guest’s tables for a unique and spectacular casino party. Decorations such as dice, balloons and playing cards are excellent options and style your tables to match with themed tableware, glassware, and napkins fit for a casino party.

Add the Extra Touch

You can make your party special with a giant balloon arch to decorate your entrance and add streamers in traditional casino colours. For an extra touch, you may want to give your venue a chequered floor to complete the overall aesthetic.

Games and Entertainment 

Creating a party atmosphere is crucial, but the main attraction is the games and entertainment. Try some of these ideas for a unique casino experience at your event. If you lack inspiration you can always explore a live casino uk online and get the feel of how live casino games work and which you like the most.

Slot Machines 

When you think of casinos, slot machines are often what first come to mind. While getting hold of full-sized slot machines for your event may be challenging, you can hire tabletop slots for an authentic casino experience.


Thrill your guests by letting them compete with their poker faces. You can use standard playing cards or have a unique deck made just for your casino party. Keep things simple for your guests by distributing playable poker chips with limited values.


With this popular casino game, also known as 21, guests can compete against a dealer. Play blackjack with your guests by trying to make a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. 

Roulette Table 

Another traditional casino game is roulette, so adding this to your event, if possible, is a fabulous idea. You can give your guests the chance to bet on a red, black, or their favourite number to create that authentic casino atmosphere.

Live Entertainment 

In addition to your casino table games, you may want to think about adding live entertainment to your event. Depending on your budget, hiring some professionals to perform at your event may be worth it.  Great options include showgirls, DJs and magicians or a band that plays throughout the evening.

Photo Booth 

Besides being a fun activity, a photo booth is a perfect way to capture memories from your party. If you don’t want to rent a photo booth, you can build your own using a backdrop and a digital camera. With plenty of casino-themed props, it will be easy to create a memorable event.

Food and Drinks

A menu that provides plenty of options and matches your theme is essential for a casino-themed party. You can make your casino-themed party a success by following these ideas.


Bite-sized appetisers are a great place to start when it comes to food. Hire servers to walk around your party with trays of food like cream balls, sausage rolls or mini quiches. A buffet is also an excellent option for your guests to offer a less formal option and include tasty food like finger sandwiches, salads, charcuterie boards, breadsticks and dips. 


Cocktails are a good starting point for your casino-themed party. They are great because you can match your cocktails by naming them to go with the theme, like Poker Face Daiquiri or Queen of Hearts Martini. Your party menu should include classics like old-fashioneds, margaritas and vodka martinis for those going for the James Bond vibe. 

Dress Code 

When it comes to the dress code for your party, you need to think of the mood you want to create. Your party is an excellent place for your friends and family to get dressed up and feel glamorous, so be sure to set the dress code to match the theme with suits, black ties and glitzy dresses. When you send your invitations, let your guests know your dress code so they can prepare in advance.

Party Favours 

So your guests have something to take home from your special event, be sure to remember party favours. Personalised playing cards are a great idea if you’re having a birthday party for someone special or for a milestone birthday. Another great option would be to make mini treats like cupcakes or cookies with designs relating to the theme, like dice, cards or coins. 


Once you’ve covered the basics, throwing a memorable casino theme party is easy. Everything else will fall into place once you have the theme down. If you follow our ideas, you will be sure to create a theme party that hits the jackpot. 

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