All You Need To Know About Finding The Right Lawyers For Your Internal Legal Team By Working With A Legal Headhunter

Finding the right people for your internal legal team can be a true challenge – while hiring a legal team you need to ensure that all personnel has the right credentials, share your company values, and have considerable experience and expertise. Given the advancements in corporate structures, financial biddings, and consumer and company law, the need for an internal legal team is more immediate than ever. Hiring legal staff for your internal legal team is a tiresome task especially if your company has no legal expertise or background. In such cases, the job is best left for professionals to handle, and that is when attorney headhunters come in. 

What are legal headhunters?

Attorney or legal headhunters are professionals that companies and individuals use to source legal resources for their company or themselves. Companies and their hiring managers often lack the expertise to hire legal talent, and legal headhunters are experts when it comes to doing so. Similar to how employment agencies help companies hire administrative staff, legal headhunters help companies hire legal teams. The growing demand for lawyers due to an increase in lateral company movements, corporate growth, and the rise of multinationals has led to an increase in the number of legal headhunters and sophisticated hiring practices.

How do legal headhunters work?

Legal headhunters match the right legal talent with the right job openings and how this typically begins when a company expresses its requirements for legal human resources and contacts the legal headhunter. The company specifies its requirements, briefly describes the role and gives the salary range and the expected tenure. The legal headhunting company then drafts a job description and advertises the open position. The headhunter then interviews applicants and also searches within its existing pool of resumes to find a match. Once the headhunting company finds a match, a contract is drafted and the potential employee is forward to their recruiting company.

Legal headhunters make this entire process sound just too easy because they are familiar with the ins and outs of the legal job market – they are aware of the best practices, most valuable experiences, the best law schools, and have access to a wide pool of talent for their needs.  

What are the benefits of hiring legal headhunters?

All You Need To Know About Finding The Right Lawyers For Your Internal Legal Team By Working With A Legal Headhunter

In addition to the obvious talent and time benefits, there are other advantages of hiring legal headhunters for your legal hiring needs:

Legal headhunters save you from losses

In today’s highly competitive market, companies cannot afford to make mistakes while hiring talent. The cost of hiring, onboarding, and training new talent is immense, and if at the end of their probation you decide to let them go, you would be witnessing losses of up to thousands of dollars. By getting the job done right in the first go, legal headhunters save you the trouble. 

Legal headhunters know what they are doing

While you may struggle hiring legal talent like a chicken running around with its head cut off, in contrast, legal headhunters know what they are doing. They are experienced in hiring anyone and everyone in law – from in-house counsel to law associates to paralegals. Attorney headhunters maintain records and databases of all eligible talent and contact associates as and when required.

Legal headhunters provide stream-lined hiring solutions

Since legal headhunters go through the hiring process all day long and keeping in mind that this is their only stream of operations, over time they tend to streamline the process to a great deal. They have the exact processes and procedures on paper that go into hiring new talent, which saves you the trouble of getting into a multiple-step hiring process. 

Legal headhunters enable compliance with hiring regulations

Failing to comply with the hiring and employment laws of your respective country is likely to leave your company subject to significant liabilities. In addition to the monetary hit, you are likely to incur a hit to your company’s reputation and are likely to face scrutiny by talented individuals who may end up never applying to your company. However, a legal headhunter can save you from such a fate by ensuring compliance with all hiring regulations.

Legal headhunters enable scalability in your hiring plans

Legal headhunters have all the resources to adjust your hiring plans in their operations: whether you are looking to hire an entirely new internal team, or whether you wish to outsource your legal department altogether, legal headhunters would be able to assist you with all pertaining matters. This would hence ensure scalability in your overall company’s operations. 

All You Need To Know About Finding The Right Lawyers For Your Internal Legal Team By Working With A Legal Headhunter


Finding the right talent is as difficult as it is – add to it the challenge of hiring legal staff and you could be facing a true challenge if your company lacks the experience and expertise to do so. Hiring legal headhunters, not only would it ensure that you are in safe hands, but you’d also get the hiring done in record time. 

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