Foxwell Bidirectional Scan Tool Nt809bt Bluetooth- Best For Professionals

While the check engine light may turn on in your car, it doesn’t always mean you need to take a trip into town. With an easy-to use OBD2 scanner at home and some patience.

The FOXWELL BiDirectional Scan Tool is a diagnostic scanner that can be used by technicians to diagnose certain vehicle problems. It captures data from the car’s electrical system, which tells them what might have gone wrong and how best to fix it (or if no repairs are needed). This review will explain its function as well offer guidance for customers looking into purchasing one themselves.

FOXWELL BiDirectional Scan Tool NT809BT Bluetooth Review

FOXWELL BiDirectional Scan Tool NT809BT Bluetooth, 3-Year Free Update 2022 Wireless All System Code...
  • As Comprehensive Upgrade Version of FOXWELL NT809/NT624/NT726/NT630/GT60🎁F-ree gift Foxwell 25USD 12+8 cable +40USD NT201 Code Reader.Just click "Extra Saving" under price and add both to your cart.
  • 🔥【2022 MOST WORTH Order Top-Level Diagnostic Scan Tool】Foxwell NT809BT Car Scanner equipped with a Bluetooth VCI Dongle (Valued $120)to enable remote/wireless diagnosis, which using newest BT technology to make data transmission more stable and no delay1️⃣Powerful Bi-Directional Control 2️⃣30+ Services to save lot of maintenance cost3️⃣Full Systems Diagnostic to point out your problem 4️⃣ Covered more 108+ car models, Support CAN-FD/CAN/KWP/DOIP Protocol, FCA Autoauth(Need a extra12+8 adapter)
  • 🔥【2022 Foxwell Most Affordable Tablet Auto Scanner】☑️NT809BT Car Diagnostic Scanner for All Cars Equipped with high performance Android 9.0 System, bright 7" all touchscreen and Intuitive interface☑️One-click WiFi Update,3-Year Free Update($400 WORTH,The time of free update will be automatic prolongation )☑️Built-in browser, No-IP Restriction☑️Auto VIN&Auto Scan, which offer you a faster, more accuracy, better real-time and smooth diagnostic process and greatly enhance the user experience.

The FOXWELL NT809BT is a top-seller among diagnostic tablets, combining sleek design and fast speeds to give you the diagnosis your technicians need in order for them to provide faster service.

The future of automotive technology is now available with the newest Bluetooth capabilities that allow for wireless diagnosis and maintenance over long distances. With bidirectional control, you’ll never have to worry about sending someone out again.

Overall Rating4,5 out of 5
Value5 out of 5
Ease of Use4,5 out of 5
Customer Satisfaction4,5 out of 5
Data Collection Capabilities4,5 out of 5

Upgraded NT809 Bluetooth Wireless Version

Get your car in perfect condition with the help of Foxwell NT809BT! It features a durable, rugged grip and casing, Android 9.0 OS with 7 inch colorful LCD touchscreen for easy operation on the move or in any situation.

This device comes equipped to handle all your automotive needs while saving time both operator-side as well as DIY side of things too, thanks to its 32GB built-in memory plus 200 GB external SD card slot so there is no limit when capturing data during inspections – all you need to do is just click away when it comes time make changes/request services from this instrument panel.

The Foxwell NT809BT is an automotive diagnostic tool that can perform a wireless diagnosis to access all modules on your car. It has Bluetooth VCI, so you don’t need any wires or jumper cables, saving time and money! You’ll be able to test for faults like auto abs bleeding as well as steering angle/steering wheel position – this saved me from doing those pesky things myself when I was still learning how it works in my early days of driving.

The new Foxwell NT809 upgrade is a step forward in the right direction for those who feel restricted by their seat belts. With an extra 10 meters of cord, you can move around freely without being tethered to your vehicle’s steering wheel. Plus, Bi-directional control function for sending and receiving commands to systems or components that can be tested.

FCA AutoAuth Access

The FCA AutoAuth Access for 2018 and newer vehicles in the US, Canada or Mexico, allows you to connect your car with the FCA’s security gateway module so they can clear codes and run bi-directional active tests.

The CAN-FD/KWP protocol is a much faster and more accurate way to diagnose your GM models (2019 or later). DoIP protocol is now compatible with more car models! The newest update to our product means that it will work on BMW (F&G chassis), Volvo(2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar 2017+ generations.

With its full system diagnostics at an OE level as well as 30 maintenance reset services in one click with wifi online update & AUTO-VIN&SCAN function – this device will take care of everything repairs related for any problem no matter how complicated or simple it may seem.

Powerful Bi-directional Control & Active Test

The Foxwell NT809BT Bluetooth Wireless Diagnostic Code Reader is a great tool for finding problems with your car’s systems or components without using the controls. It can do active testing, which means it sends commands to each system/component in order to find any faults that may be present and narrow down what needs fixing.

The Bi-directional Control function of this product will save the mechanic/DIYer loads time and help them locate faults in the shortest possible manner. It also helps avoid unnecessary spending on replacement accessories that may not be needed for certain repairs or projects.

30 Full Dealership-level

With 30 Full Dealership-level Resets Services, you can conveniently get back up and running in no time with compatibility for more car models. You’ll be able to meet your various daily repairs or maintenance needs without worrying about making a mistake that leaves things undone.

  • Oil Light Reset(for 64 brands)
  • DPF Regeneration(for 55 brands)
  • ABS Bleeding(for 46 brands)
  • SAS Reset(Steering Angle Reset)(for 60 brands)
  • Crankshaft/Camshaft Relearn(for 14 brands)
  • Injector Coding(for 56 brands)
  • EPB(Electronic Parking Brake)(for 57 brands)
  • Gear Learning(for 60 brands)
  • Throttle Adjustment(for 57 brands)
  • TPMS Reset(for 82 brands)
  • Battery Registration/BMS Match(for 49 brands)
  • Throttle Body Relearn (for 57 brands)
  • Etc

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One-Click Quick Scan & Convenience to Use

The new FOXWELL NT808BT is the most advanced telematics platform for cars on sale today. This device will let you monitor your car’s vital signs, such as transmission fluid level or air bag status, without ever leaving the driver seat. 

The OBD2 function supports all 10 modes of testing, including reading live data streams from multiple sensors in graph or text form, as well showing you active tests bi-directionally controlled, etc.

Battery Health Monitor

The battery test function on this app will tell you whether your car’s got a good or bad cell. It can also monitor how well they’re performing over time so that way.

The 4-in-1 data stream graph allows for an easy comparison of various pieces of information at once, which can be helpful when looking for problems.

System-wide Diagnosis

This nt809bt scan tool will help you actively diagnose your car’s electronics control modules and read/clear any code that may be present. You can also view 4-in1 live data in text & graph, ECU information such as freeze frame captures for easy troubleshooting of problems!

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 300 ratings

“This device has everything I need to manage systems that are locked out. It’s not just a code reader, it also lets me view logs and track events through the console- which is really useful when trying to figure out what went wrong with your network.”

“The reader is a great tool to have in your car. It will read you all of the codes from any module and should give some insight into what could be wrong with them for 80%+ cases”

“The analyzer totally delivered on what I expected. It’s simple and intuitive with minimal need for referencing the instruction book (which is pretty thorough).”

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