Best Game Console For Kids: What’s The Right One For My Family?

Finding the best game console for kids and for your family can be difficult. Most families have a dilemma when it comes to their kids and video games. Some parents would prefer that their children play outside, or do something else that will help them grow as human beings. Others don’t want to deny their children anything, especially if they are good at playing the game.

There are so many different consoles on the market, and it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Some of them have games that are too violent or inappropriate for kids, while others don’t have enough variety in their games. And some just aren’t worth the money at all!

But how can you find a balance? How can you provide your child with an opportunity to explore new things while still letting them enjoy themselves? This article will help you decide which console is best for your family so that everyone can be happy!

Best Game Console For Kids Reviews 2022

Retro Game Console 32GB

Retro Game Console 32GB is a classic game console that allows you to play over 4000 different games. Retro Game Console has the ability to break up into four separate input sections for multiplayer, so kids can join in right away when family members are just looking for some down time. They have no ads, cable TV or internet connection needed. It’s completely offline and retrogaming fun!

The display screen on this retro game console is about 4″ which will help improve your immersion levels while playing these Nintendo classics because everything appears bigger than ever before. The system contains two AV cables so you won’t have an issue hooking it up with your television set in either direction.

Retro Games bring hours of endless entertainment where children can explore their imaginations and creativity, while growing their brains at the same time. There are some educational retro games that will help children learn about solving problems, reading comprehension and even problem solving. These games were created with kids in mind, so they’re also very easy to understand.

The device itself is very lightweight compared to other consoles on the market. It’s small enough to easily fit on your shelf without taking up too much room. You can also purchase an SD card for added storage if you’re looking to download more games onto it in the future, or if you want to save your game progress.

This console is great for kids because they won’t accidentally break it while playing, and they will also feel like they’re playing a modern console because the graphics and sounds are exactly like their favorite games today. The only difference is that this system uses cartridges instead of discs, and it doesn’t have an internet connection for online play.


– Retro games bring hours of entertainment and hours of exploring and creativity

– An SD card for added storage if you want to download more games in the future


– This console is not as fast as modern consoles which can turn off some children who are used to playing on them

Great Boy Handheld Game Console for Kids

The product is lightweight and comes with two thumbs, two index fingers, one middle finger, one pinky finger. This console game is designed for children 4 years old and above. The screen size on this game is 5 inches. It has games that are challenging yet suitable for the age group it targets.

The Good Boy Handheld Game Console for Kids also was easy to set up according to reviewers putting it at an overall customer review of four out of five stars. Most reviews mentioned how easy it was to install or power on the device which seems like a job too often not done by parents these days say experts!

One thing most buyers liked about this handheld console is that you get six different game modes to choose from ranging from shooting, racing, action and sports. This broad range of games offers something for every taste while still being tailored to the age limit.

The handheld console was said to have great graphics which means it is up-to-date with the current generation consoles. Although customers liked this aspect, many customers pointed out how easy the system was to break. For example, dropping it caused the screen to crack and other damages were common too say reports.

It can be difficult to find a great game console for kids, but luckily the team at Great Boy Electronics has made it easy with their wide selection of top tier consoles. Find out which one is best for your family and enter to win a free bundle! I won’t go into much detail about features and specs, because what I’m most interested in is deciding on the perfect system for you and your family. We want this to be an informative article that helps you make an informed decision when purchasing gaming hardware—as such, we’ve broken it down by age group so that you know which one might fit well with your needs.


-Good graphics and challenging games

-Easy to install and power on

-Gets a 4 star customer review from mostly all buyers

-There is a wide variety of games offered


-Some customers mention that the device is easy to break

-The device is not great for kids under 5 years, according to experts.

CICYSTORE Retro Game Console

The tech-savvy have been forgoing their televisions in favor of a more interactive experience. Tablets and smartphones deliver a viewing experience that is infinitely more personal, with a wide range of games and applications to choose from. The Retro Game Console reinvents the brick-like device from generations ago into an all new retro gaming system that – while sharing many similarities – offers distinct advantages over its vintage predecessor.

With the CITYSTORE Retro Game Console, you can choose from thousands of classics dating back to early arcade days in 1975, including Pacman, Frogger, Galaga and Donkey Kong Jr.. This console also features 2 controllers which make it easy for two people to enjoy classic multiplayer gaming together in the way it was intended. Realistic sounds and graphics are delivered through its high definition screen, while the console itself supports additional speakers for enhanced enjoyment.

This device is powered by an embedded Linux computer that offers more players, backgrounds, support for various controllers, customizable menu layouts and touch-screen controls. With the Retro Game Console, you can play games exactly as they were meant to be played, from the comfort of your couch. Additional features include a front-facing USB port – making it easy to plug in and charge controllers – as well as an HDMI output for HD viewing at 1080P.

CICYSTORE brings you fun with this gaming console, by presenting to you a classic game system. It Is packed with 190 built-in games like Sonic with three classic controllers, two pouches of joysticks and playing cards for a comfortable operation experience. The console will make your children become the most popular kid in school by highlighting their personality with bold outfits!


-High definition screen

-Realistic graphics and sound

-Plug in USB for easy charging of controllers (highlights portability)

-HDMI Output for gaming on an HD TV (highlights convenience)

-2 Controllers included (highlights multiplayer compatibility)


-Limited by software to be compatible with the console

-No original games available

Retro Handheld Game Console

The Retro Handheld Game Console is a must-have for any retro gamer. It’s a no-frills, two button model that lets you enjoy games from the past without spending a ton of time fiddling with new technology. The Dpad on this device feels just like an original Nintendo controller which can’t be said about many recreations of the old consoles. The lack of graphic enhancement gives it a vintage feel so you can go back to basics and forget distractions from big companies not around when these games were first released.

This is a really neat retro handheld game console that you can plug in and play all of your favourite classic games from the past! It has a long battery life, which is something that kids will love. The one downside to this device is if it gets too much use. Over time, the rubber buttons may start to get sticky or not work at all depending on how often you use it.

The new handheld gaming system launches on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows PC. The 16-bit pocket sized gaming console is preloaded with over 100 classic games. Retro 8Bit concedes the return of some of your all time favorite games like Super Mario Brothers 2, Gradius, Mega Man 3 and Bionic Commando. It is the nostalgia trip you never knew you needed until it was too late, retro can’t be replaced!

There are so many nostalgic memories rushing back even before we played two minutes alone without freezing up 5 times during a weekend bender playing Tetris… But we’ll save our sob story for another recap because let’s talk about how cool this sucker looks: You want to know what an old school gamer is going to think when they see this?


– Long battery life

– Kids will love it

– Nostalgic games


– Rubber buttons over time can get sticky or not work at all

Fadist Retro Game Console

The Retro Console allows kids to play oldschool games on the TV screen via HDMI input. It comes with built-in speaker and character images for hours of entertainment. The price is very affordable, making it great for stocking stuffers or as part of a larger gift! The product description should be at least 200 words in order to separate this task into its own answer entry.

The Fadist Retro Gaming Console is a great way for kids to wind down and have fun. There are hundreds of retro games that can be played on it, as long as you own the originals. It has an awesome look and comes with built-in speaker and character images; hours of entertainment can be had! It’s affordable and I would definitely recommend this gift for any kid who loves to play retro games.

The Retro Console allows kids to play old school games on the TV screen via HDMI input. It comes with built-in speaker and character images for hours of entertainment. The price is very affordable, making it great for stocking stuffers or as part of a larger gift!

Pros for this product are that it is affordable, attractive, and provides hours of entertainment. The downside of this product is that you have to own the games on the console in order for it to work, so there is some risk with buying new games. Otherwise, it is a great gift for any kid who loves old school games. This product has pros that are affordability, aesthetics, and entertainment value. The cons are that you have to own the games in order to play them. Otherwise, the console makes a great gift for kids who love retro video games.




-Provides Hours of Entertainment


-You have to own the games in order for it to work. If you haven’t bought them already, there’s a slight risk that you’ll buy a game and not be able to play it with this console.

Best Game Console For Kids
Best Game Console For Kids: What's The Right One For My Family? 31

Best Game Console For Kids Benefits

The information given below will provide you with the knowledge to determine which consoles may be best for your needs as a parent or guardian. The first step is to consider which age group you are looking for. This includes ages five and under, ages six to eight years of age, and ages nine to eleven years of age.

The next thing that you need to consider is how much money you can afford to spend on a console. It is important that you save the most with a purchase that will meet your children’s needs.

A game console is a great gift for your child on their birthday. With so many options available, the task of picking the right one can be daunting. Choosing a console for your child has become more difficult as kids have grown up and new consoles have come out with improved graphics and more irresistible games.

These improved games are more complicated than they were in the past, meaning that they require faster reflexes and advanced analytical thinking skills to play them. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of each console and help you determine which would be best for your family.

The benefits of the best game consoles for kids are outlined below. The first benefit is that it helps to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The second benefit is that it helps to improve their social skills. This is because they can play with other people who have similar interests as them.

The third benefit is that it helps them to develop improved problem solving skills and come up with creative ideas for a determination of difficult problems. Last but not the least, it provides them with a source of entertainment and fun. These are some of the benefits that contribute to a child being healthy, happy and fit.

Best Game Console For Kids
Best Game Console For Kids: What's The Right One For My Family? 32

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Game Console For Kids

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing a games console for your child. Games consoles can be quite expensive, so you need to make sure that the one you pick is going to suit your family and that it will last as long as possible.

For some families, this means getting an Xbox or Playstation; but some parents may want their child to develop new skills and might favour the Nintendo Switch. Some of the most popular games consoles around today include: Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 4 Slim and Microsoft Xbox One S.


You want to choose a console that suits the age of the kids you have. For example, the WiiU is a great console because it has a lot of really fun games for all ages and stages. The PS4 is also a good choice because it’s ultra-fast and easy to use.

Type of games

The type of games your family enjoys will play a big factor in what console you buy. If your kids like sports or music games then the Xbox One will be a better option for you, but if they’re into more creative games then go with the PS4.

Size of living space

The size of your living space will also determine which one is right for you, as well as how much you can afford. For instance, if you live in a small apartment then the WiiU is probably your best option as it’s small and affordable. However, if you live in a big house with plenty of space then the Xbox One is huge and will provide hours of fun for your family.

The games that come included on the console are another important factor to consider. Oftentimes consoles have many different games that are free or cheap to buy along with the console, but if you want all your kids to have access to every game then the WiiU is the best choice.

Best Game Console For Kids
Best Game Console For Kids: What's The Right One For My Family? 33

FAQs about Best Game Console For Kids

What’s the difference between an Xbox One and Playstation 4?

The difference between an Xbox One and Playstation 4 is based on the hardware specs. The Xbox One has a 92% share of total online usage which makes it a more efficient and better console for gaming against the 81% that the PS4 accounts for.

The other difference would be that games look much better on X1 while games look good but not as good on PS4. Graphics throughput is different, 720p vs 1080p (X1 has both framerates), frame rates up to 60 fps where PS4 only does up to 30 fps; lastly, hard drive size: 500GB vs 1TB respectively with XBox having more storage capacity than Playstation.

What’s the average cost of a game console?

The average cost can still be as low as $15 for some consoles that are now considered “retro” and made to look like old Atari systems. However, if you want the latest technology, you can expect anywhere up to $850 for a top-of-the-line gaming system. The memory has been increasing over time with games becoming more advanced and requiring more storage space. As of right now, both systems have 500GB hard drives with the Playstation 4 being the better deal with its 1TB version at only $50 more.

Why is the Playstation 4 more expensive than Xbox One?

The Playstation 4 is more expensive because it is the newest console on the market, having been released in 2013, whereas the Xbox One was only recently released this year. Although Playstation has a technological advantage over Xbox with its 1 TB hard drive and 1080p player system versus XBox’s 720p player system, Microsoft will likely upgrade in the coming months to make their system equal with Playstation.

Why should I invest in a gaming console?

In order to have better access to play games, you need a good gaming console so that it is easier to control and your kids will be entertained more. For example, Xbox 360 has more exclusive games than Playstation 3 which makes it more fun and exciting. Therefore, you will get a good quality for your money and the investment of buying a game console is worth it!

Best Game Console For Kids
Best Game Console For Kids: What's The Right One For My Family? 34

How old should I be to get a game console?

It all depends on the person. Some people prefer a handheld console while others want a larger-sized console that contains more of their favorite games. You should start thinking about which one you prefer when you are in middle school, but waiting until high school is also an option.

When you’re much older than 18 years old, your eyes can’t focus as well on small screens like TVs and game consoles, therefore it might be hard to see what’s happening in video games then. You might find it easier to play with friends or help family members instead since there’s no shame in admitting that you can’t use them anymore – test out our game console reviews for more information! Whatever age someone is when they get their first game console is okay as long as they’re responsible enough to take care of it.

Which Game Console is best for me?

What kind of games do you like? If you like first-person shooters, then an Xbox One might be your best bet since it has more first-person shooter video game types on there than a PlayStation 4 does. If you like role-playing games or third-person shooters, then a PS4 might be the best console for you since it has more of those types of video games on there than Xbox One does.

Do you prefer to use a controller with analog sticks or a different controller? What is your budget for buying a game console? How important is it to you that your video game system has an online community where you can play with friends or strangers? Lastly, how much money do you want to spend on


Your family deserves the best of everything, and that includes the best game console for kids. The Nintendo Switch is perfect for you because it’s got all the features of other consoles like Sony Playstation 4 Pro or Microsoft Xbox One S with some extras to make your kids (and everyone else) happy. You can even play on your TV at home then take it on-the-go as it’s light enough to carry!

And if you want something more affordable than those two options we talked about, there’s always the PlayStation VR Bundle which comes with 2 games and camera so they’ll be entertained in no time flat. Whatever option suits your budget or needs best, our team has reviewed each one so rest assured knowing they’re worth every penny spent – just check out their reviews!

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