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Drones can be used for all sorts of activities. Some have high-altitude limits and can operate over long distances to capture beautiful, sweeping landscapes. Some are extremely agile, turning on a dime to allow for drone racing or high-speed follow footage. Other drones don’t feature many extras and instead focus on bringing drones to a wider audience through more budget-friendly designs. Whatever your purpose in buying a drone, Amazon’s choices from top brands such as Holy Stone have got you covered.

Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS

Lasting flight time 46-minute flight time (with two batteries).

720E is Holy Stone’s flagship model, so the price/performance ratio of this drone is undoubtedly the greatest.


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2022 Holy Stone HS720G upgraded drone

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We received the standard parcel. You will get a Carrying Case and extra blades, it includes everything you need to get flying. In addition to the drone, you get a remote, a single battery, and the required cables to connect your phone and charge everything.

Holy Stone 720G, as the latest upgraded drone in 2022, has a full battery life of 26 minutes for rating, 4K 2-axis gimbal camera , allowing you to easily take high-definition photos.

Weight : 377g

Upgrade the brushless motor to take the drone into the sky and keep the camera level, fast, powerful, agile, efficient and extremely reliable, the vibration amplitude of the drone motor has a significant impact on the performance.

The LCD screen remote allows you to see the flight altitude and distance at a glance; it also displays the GPS satellites number to know the strength of the GPS signal.

Smart return-to-home function, let us no longer worry about flying away!

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Holy Stone HS175D GPS Beginner Drone

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The HS175D is an entry-level GPS drone with camera. If you are still a beginner, we highly recommend you try it.

Easy to use, lightweight and portable

Functions on APP:

Point and fly, enable to have much fun in the flight time.

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Headless mode makes it easier to master the tricks of learning to fly. Because we don’t have to worry about losing your way, we can become familiar with how the drone responds. Less prone to crashes when using headless mode. Knowing how the drone will respond to controls without having to know which direction the drone is facing allows us to easily control.

Smart Return to Home, no need to worry about flying lost

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Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV Drone

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HS440 is a smaller drone with camera than HS175D.

The gravity sensing function allows you to control the direction of the drone with your mobile phone, which is very interesting

Voice control and Gesture to take a pic/vid make novice enthusiasts addicted to it. Highly recommend to fly it with your kids and family!

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Flight Tips:

For safety, you need to fly in an open field, please do not fly in a no-fly area.

In the United States, for drones over 250g, please register for FAA certification.

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