Homemade Whippet Cracker: Simple And Delicious!

Sesame biscuits are one of the familiar cakes for everyone. Variation a little traditional sesame biscuit, today we tell mom how to homemade whippet cracker that is both delicious, crispy and extremely suitable for baby food. The round sesame onion biscuits, adding a little aroma of sesame, a little salty of onion and salt will surely be loved by many parents and children. This is also a way for you to help your child get used to the taste of scallions, to avoid the case when he or she grows up, he or she refuses to eat onions and disgusts the smell of onions.

Kind And Way For Homemade Whippet Cracker

Biscuits are an incredibly delicious and nutritious snack that is easy to make at home. Today we will show you how to make these 3 extremely simple cookies.

How to make chocolate biscuits

homemade whippet cracker

Step 1: Make the cake dough

Before doing this, you take out the oven to heat up at a temperature of about 177 degrees Celsius. Place parchment paper in 2 baking trays so that when baking, it will not stick.

Melting chocolate: Put the chocolate in a clean bowl and put it in the microwave. Leave until almost all the chocolate is melted, stirring with your chopsticks, then bring outside to cool.

You take a large brass bowl, then add flour, baking soda, baking soda, a pinch of salt, and black pepper. Then mix this mixture well.

Step 2: Blend the cake mixture

Take out the blender, you add the butter and sugar to blend until they blend well. Then add the chicken eggs to the grind. Continue to add chocolate and vanilla to the puree.

Now take the batter you did in step 1 and add the ingredients to the machine. Blend until smooth, then stop.

Pour powder into mold: You scoop the flour into the mold already lined with wax paper.

Step 3: Bake the cake

homemade whippet cracker

You take the tray you have poured in the oven, bake for about 10 minutes. If the surface of the cake has cracks, the cake is done. After that, take the cake out and let it cool down on the steamer for 2 minutes.

After the cake has cooled, arrange a plate and then sprinkle a little sugar on it.

Finished products

The cake after baking has the aroma of the dough, a little bitterness of chocolate and when eating it, we see it crispy.

How to make savory AFC biscuits

homemade whippet cracker

Step 1: Make biscuits

Put the flour in the bowl and then add sugar, pepper, seasoning seeds, baking powder, and then sift through.

Take another bowl for butter, egg yolk, cooking oil, beat with chopsticks, or mix well with a blender. Cut a little more cilantro (chopped) and stir well.

Mix the flour and pureed butter mixture, then slowly add 30 ml of filtered water. A fine, pliable, and non-sticky dough is obtained. Put this powder in the refrigerator cooler for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Shape the cake and remove the mold

homemade whippet cracker

You take out the dough from the cabinet, roll the dough into rectangular or circular pieces. Then place the cake in a mold lined with thin paper.

Step 3: Bake the cake

Put the cake tray in the oven, bake at 180 degrees, turn on the stove on 2 fire. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until it smells good and turns golden.

Finished products

The cake after baking has the aroma of butter and eggs when eaten with a sweet and salty taste.

How to make delicious, crispy dairy biscuits to taste Danish


This way of making buttercream biscuits can produce about 25-30 cakes depending on the size you make. Ingredients of raw materials include:

homemade whippet cracker

113 grams unsalted butter: Melt it soft, but not too liquid like water.

1 egg white stored at room temperature.

Powdered sugar 65 grams

3/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract – 4 ml respectively

All-purpose wheat flour 155 grams

Step 1: Knead the Danisa buttermilk biscuit dough

Put butter in a bowl, beat, then slowly add the egg whites, stir well. Then, add the powdered sugar and mix the mixture evenly.

Slowly sift the flour into the butter-sugar bowl, stir and knead with your hands until the dough is completely smooth and smooth.

To make delicious biscuits, you should divide the flour into 2 parts, and then sift each part into the bowl of butter, avoiding clumping.

You put the cookie dough into the ice cream catcher that was chopped up at one end, attached to the ice cream cap. Start to circle dough to create round dough.

Or, in the simplest sense, you can use a cookie cutter to print your cake shape as you like.

Arrange the dough evenly on a baking tray that is already lined with non-stick parchment below.

Step 2: Put the cake in the oven

homemade whippet cracker

Pre-heat oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees C to preheat.

Place the cookie tray in the oven.

You bake the cake at 200 degrees C, 5 minutes later than lower to 175 degrees C. How to make butter biscuits at this temperature range 5 – 7 minutes to cook, turning yellow slightly brown is very attractive. fragrant, fragrant.


How to make delicious buttery biscuits need to use butter ingredients for a distinctive aroma. Furthermore, this avocado has no salt so it has a greasy, naturally less salty taste.

Use the correct amount of egg whites according to your cookie recipe. If you use more than this can cause the baked goods to harden.

Use only powdered sugar, not sugar. How to make buttermilk biscuits using powdered sugar is less prone to pitting when baked.

Not use chemical vanilla to make butter biscuits. This ingredient can cause an unpleasant bitterness to the cake.

The time and temperature of the oven depending on whether you want to make cakes large or small. Usually, when baking, there will be a faster time with the same temperature as the two recipes above.

How to make coconut biscuits

Step 1: Make the cake dough

homemade whippet cracker

Take a large bowl and then add the flour, coconut, baking powder, eggs and mix well.

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You take another bowl and add the butter, sugar, and beat (or discard the blender) until it becomes a smooth mixture. Then add the eggs to beat well.

Mix these 2 bowls, grind into a fine, flexible powder. Then put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Shape the cake and place it in the mold

Take out the dough, roll it flat and create the desired shape. Then put on a baking tray lined with non-stick paper.

Step 3: Bake the cake

Put the cake tray in the oven, bake at 205 degrees. Bake for about 0 – 15 minutes, until brown and brown.

Finished products

The cake after taking it out has the aroma of butter and when you eat it, you can feel the fatty taste of coconut and the crispness after baking.

How to shape the cake more beautiful

Biscuits filled with fruit jam

Soak the blueberries in warm water for 3-5 minutes until the fruit starts to soften, drain the water. The powder is put in an ice cream-catching bag with a 1M Wilton cap (scallops open with 6 wings). Put about 200g flour in the bag (put the powder in the hand to make it easy to catch). Hold the bag upright, then squeeze the dough into a flower shape.

Black sesame biscuits

homemade whippet cracker

Shape the dough into a rectangular cylinder, then roll over the sesame seeds (black sesame), roll the sesame paste around the dough. At the top of the dough do not need to roll sesame. Cover the dough with food wrap, then put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes, so that the dough is hard and easy to cut. Once removed, cut the dough into equal slices.


When choosing butter, you should choose good butter with good taste, you should buy unsalted butter, absolutely do not use margarine. Since butter helps to make the cake more delicious, make sure you choose it carefully.


Sugar, you take the smooth type like flour and have a small ratio of corn inside. To make it easy for sugar and flour to mix with other ingredients.


When buying eggs you should choose industrial chicken eggs, weigh the shell about 60 – 65 grams. If the chicken eggs, then about 50 grams without a shell.


Buy naturally extracted, imported vanilla such as Wilton vanilla, not buy chemical vanilla powder.


Choose to buy baking flour number 13, can use all-purpose flour (number 11). Note that each type of powder has different water absorption, so the amount of powder used in reality varies about 10-30 grams.

Some Homemade Whippet Cracker Do Not Need An Oven

Pan homemade whippet cracker

  • Mix the flour, almond, and sugar mixture well
  • Continue adding butter and coconut chips to knead well
  • Turn round to form a big dough and put in the refrigerator cooler for about 30 minutes
  • Then take it out, cut the stencils in a circle, remove each powder that has been rubbed onto the paper and use a pestle to roll the dough in the shape of the paper. Note to lighten your hands and roll the dough a bit thick, moms
  • Heat the pan on the stove, put the cake on to bake, and the mom’s self-soup to let the cake change color, dry, and harden it is okay.

Homemade whippet cracker shaped like kiwifruit in a pan

  • Use a whisk to mix the butter and sugar in a large bowl, add the flour and egg yolks and continue to knead the dough evenly for about 3 minutes.
  • Roll a little flour into a long circle, set it aside.
  • Steam pumpkin, blend well, and add 1 part to any flour mixture. Use the handle to make a thin dough and then take the dough to separate from just now. Wrap them all up and place them in the refrigerator compartment for 30 minutes.
  • Take the dough from the cooler and cut it into circles of about 1 cm. Then, sprinkle black sesame on top to shape kiwi pieces until all the flour is gone.
  • Catch the pan on the stove, conduct baking at a temperature of about 150 degrees for 5 minutes
  • When the cake dries and hardens, it gives off a fragrant aroma.
  • With the above ingredients, you absolutely can make oven-free green tea biscuits with green color and the same decoration as those of golden kiwifruit. But remember to first buy the best non-stick pan to make the perfect delicious biscuits to come up with beautiful cakes!

Funny animal-shaped biscuits

  • Making oven-free biscuits is no longer difficult now, you can even sculpt all kinds of different animals for your baby to enjoy. With the lively shapes and guaranteed biscuits, you can rest assured to add another good source of nutrition for your children.
  • Put the flour and unsalted butter in a large bowl and mix well
  • Add the egg yolks to the mixture, beat with a whisk until the dough thickens. Knead it into a lump and let it sit in the refrigerator cooler for 30 minutes
  • Use a pestle to thin the dough into a medium-thin circle
  • Use plastic molds with pictures of cute animals, print on a large round piece of dough, and take out the “face” after printing.
  • Heat a pan and bake on a stove with a temperature of about 175 degrees Celsius.
  • Not too difficult with this way of baking, right moms? We must know how to buy a good oven with enough patience and meticulousness while doing it.

How to make fresh cheese homemade whippet cracker for the whole family

homemade whippet cracker
  • Cheese biscuits are cakes with a high nutritional value from fresh, fragrant cheeses, but the way to do it is very simple. Making biscuits does not need an oven or large, sophisticated machinery but can still produce delicious batches to enjoy with family. Try it!
  • Use a sieve and spoon to the cheese
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of fresh milk into the cheese after you are finished crushing
  • Using an egg whisk, beat the condensed milk and milk cheese mixture and add heavy cream and mix well
  • Add the lemon juice and keep beating until the dough thickens
  • Crush 6 hard crackers into a smooth one
  • Place the crushed biscuits in a glass cup then put the cheese mixture on top
  • Sprinkle a thin layer of ground sugar over the cake surface and decorate with prepared blueberry seeds
  • Put the finished product in the refrigerator cooler and use gradually

Common Mistakes When Making Homemade Whippet Cracker

The dough is too sticky, too, dry or cracked after rolling

Errors that occur while mixing are very common in the baking process.

The dough is too sticky (wet and stick to the hands, the ball is rolling) because there is too little flour or not enough time in the refrigerator. Then, slowly add the flour to the mix until possible, or refrigerate to allow the dough to harden.

The dough is too dry (hard and clumpy) because you use too much flour, leading to insufficient adhesion. At this point, add more cooking oil and mix until the mixture looks right

Cracking dough after rolling is that the dough has been cooled for too long, leading to the dough being too dry and easily cracking into blocks. The remedy is very simple, just wrap it up and let it cool down at room temperature, and the dough will soften right away.

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The cake after making is fragmented, dry, and hard

homemade whippet cracker

If your cookies after baking are fragmented, cracked, dry, and hard, consider the following reasons: too much flour, too much flour, too much salt, too long baking, or in the dough. more dried fruit, coconut or water, or low in fat (low avocado).

How to fix:

  • Add cooking oil when the powder is dry
  • Stop mixing the dough when the dough is blended, don’t mix it too well
  • Measure the correct amount of salt with a standard measuring spoon
  • Always look at the cake when baking, when it turns yellow and on the edges turns light brown, take it out
  • Soak dried fruit in water for a few minutes to add moisture, review the amount of water and fat

Cookies stick to baking trays, which break when transferred from the tray to the cake rack

The cake is stuck to the baking tray because you have not fixed the mold or the cake was just taken in the oven is still hot, not cooled completely, so it’s easy to stick. Therefore, be careful not to stick the mold before baking (using wax paper is best because butter and cooking oil melt easily). In addition, you should also note to cool the cake on the tray for a while before moving to the cake rack to cool down.

Taking the hot cake right out of the oven is also the cause of the cookie breakage, due to the sudden temperature change and inconsistency in the texture of the cake. Wait for the cake to cool on the tray first before taking out the cooling slot.

Unevenly baked goods

homemade whippet cracker

The characteristic of this phenomenon is that the bottom of the cake is burnt, but the upper part is not yellow, many places are not yet ripe.

The cause of uneven ripening is because you roll the dough into thin places, or shape the cookies unevenly, stretching to a small one to ripen first, but the big one is not yet done. It is also possible that your oven’s temperature is not uniform.

To divide the dough evenly, use a measuring spoon, scoop to scoop the cream, or weigh it right. Use cutting molds to get cakes of similar size. During baking, the oven should be monitored to adjust the temperature accordingly.

The cake is dark brown, too crunchy, pale, or too soft

The main cause of this phenomenon is due to oven temperature and baking time. High temperature and baking time make cake darker and too crunchy, low will make cake color light and soft, not hard enough.

How to fix:

  • The cake is too dark brown and too crunchy, so reduce the baking time, or reduce the baking temperature
  • Light yellow and soft cakes, bake for more time, or increase the baking temperature
  • Need to buy an oven thermometer to measure the standard temperature and always observe the baking process to best timing the baking.

The cake is too flat, the cake flows wide and thin while baking

If your cookies show the above, it could be because the batter was not refrigerated properly, the baking tray was smeared with butter oil or in a low flour.

How to fix:

  • Refrigerate the dough enough time before baking, allowing it to harden without getting too soft and easily melted.
  • Use baking paper to line the tray instead of anti-stick with oil, butter (oil, the butter will melt when baking)
  • Mix more flour and make a smaller size cake

The cake is not soft (for chewy cookies)

homemade whippet cracker

Keep in mind, if you make chewy cookies using completely white sugar, the cake will often be more crispy.

Therefore, to make the cake soft as you like, you remove the cookies 1-3 minutes earlier than the baking time, (the center is still soft and only the edges turn brown). Alternatively, you can use egg yolks instead of eggs, use half brown sugar and half white sugar or use baking powder instead of baking soda to make the cake moist and softer.

Cookies are not crispy

Poor quality avocado or using a lot of brown sugar are the reasons why cookies are not crispy as expected.


  • Bake cookies for a few minutes longer than usual on low heat (100 to 110 degrees), also known as baking drying, and the cake will be crunchier.
  • Use it all with butter, not substitute with margarine or cooking oil.
  • Replace eggs with fresh milk. Use more white sugar than brown sugar.

Note When Making Homemade Whippet Cracker

Preheat oven before baking

When baking any kind, you need to preheat for at least 15 minutes, which is also the basic rule of baking. If you put the dough in before turning on the oven, the heating process expands the outside of the cake while the inside is almost unchanged, making it easy to live on the inside.

Especially with rolls, pizza, or cookies, you need to make sure that the oven is always at a stable temperature and keeps the heat well. Also, do you need to check that the baking tray is in the correct position? The cake mold placed in the center of the oven will help heat transfer to the cake more evenly, avoiding the burning surface or base of the cake.

Accurately weigh and measure and prepare enough ingredients

Before embarking on baking, carefully study the recipe and prepare all the ingredients for your cake. Besides, you should buy an electronic scale to measure the exact amount of sugar, flour … to have a perfect cake. Adding too many liquid ingredients such as water, milk … can change the quality of the cake immediately.

The ingredients have to be new

homemade whippet cracker

To make a delicious cake, you must choose new ingredients, avoid using old eggs and flour for more than 6 months. New flour will not be moldy, not sticky, will make the cake more delicious. New eggs will be easy to separate the white and red, easy to beat, and make the cake fluffy, much more fragrant.

The oven should be at the right temperature

Aside from the good ingredients, the temperature in the oven will also greatly affect the quality of your cake, so turn the oven hot to the correct temperature according to the recipe you’re making. If the temperature is too high, the cake will expand quickly, leading to cracking, burning, or hardening. Low heat will make the cake undercooked, dented, and has a dough smell and the smell of eggs. You should have a thermometer for the oven to get the correct temperature.

With small ovens, do not bake the cake too big and too high

With some types of cakes such as Chiffon or Ga cake, the cake is very high, if you use the oven too small, the cake is easy to touch the upper fire bar of the oven, leading to a burning and burning face.

So, if you are passionate about baking, you should choose the large capacity oven from 50 liters to be able to bake a variety of cakes.

Some other notes:

  • Do not over-mix the dough, just mix until the ingredients are homogeneous. Mixing the dough too well activates gluten – a starch that will harden and crunch the cake when baked. Mix the dough carefully, the more gluten is activated, the baking dough will bottle. If the cake has eggs, mixing the flour for a long time will make the egg flat, and the cake will not hatch.
  • Allow the dough to cool for about before rolling and shaping to give the finished product a stable appearance. If left cold, the dough will be difficult to cut because the butter in the dough will melt quickly at high temperatures, making the dough soft, sticking to the hands, the rollers and the cutting tools.
  • In the same batch, you should cut them so that the cakes are the same size. Since the same size cakes will have the same baking time, if the sizes are too different, the smallest cakes will burn while the big ones have not cooked.
  • Do not place cookies too close together when baking, as all cookies require a large amount of space on the tray to swell. If placed too close, the cake will not bulge completely or be deformed
  • The baking tray should be non-stick. If the cake is not non-stick during baking, the cake will most likely burn to the bottom, causing the flavor and taste of the cake to change. Can be anti-stick with silicon sheet or wax paper, anti-stick with cooking oil too much will make the cake sag.
  • The baking temperature and time should be carefully monitored. Just 1 minute past the time will cause the cake to burn gold. After baking, remove the cake from the baking tray immediately if the cake meets the requirements because a hot baking tray can cause the cake to burn more.
  • It is necessary to cool the cake after taking it out of the oven, absolutely not by the refrigerator. If the cookie is very soft, do not move away from the baking pan until it cools down and is harder to move.
  • Dry the cookies if you want the cake to stay longer and more crispy.
  • Pay attention to the small details from preparing tools, ingredients, mixing flour, shaping to baking, you will have delicious and crispy cookies. Good luck!
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How To Preserve Homemade Whippet Cracker

homemade whippet cracker

Biscuits only last up to 3 weeks, so if you don’t eat them right away, keep them cold in a covered plastic wrap. Or prepare tin boxes, glass jars with lids to hold cakes. Should put in the cake preservation equipment with moisture-proof bag to keep the cake crispy, delicious as fresh as the oven.

With the above-mentioned buttercream biscuits, you can create more favorite flavored biscuits. For example, if you want to make green tea biscuits, simply replace the flour (5 grams) with the same amount of green tea powder. Likewise, replace it with cocoa powder to make flavorful chocolate biscuits.

How To Crunchy Homemade Whippet Cracker Is Extremely Easy

Biscuits, also known as cookies, are one of the most popular cakes that are both easy to cook and loved by many people. However, cracked biscuits are a problem that many people face, so do you know how to make cracked crackers crispy?

For the beginners of baking, biscuits are the same thing you should try because they not only have a recipe that is easy to make, but it’s also easy to eat. Not only that, the materials and tools you need to prepare are not too fussy. That is why many newcomers to baking have chosen this as the starter cake for their baking career. Making biscuits, easy to say, but difficult to say difficult. You will need certain solutions to overcome unexpected problems such as the cracked cake, affecting the quality of the cake. Let’s explore how to make cracked crackers in the article below!

Why is the biscuit?

The cause of the cracked biscuits will come from many different subjective and objective factors. In this article, I would like to point out 3 main reasons that you often encounter that the cookies are not as crunchy as you want:

The cake is blotchy due to the preservation process: You know, the cake just baked no matter how crunchy it is, you also need to preserve it properly to keep it crisp. If your cake is blasted, it is likely that you put the cake in a box or sealed it when the cake has not cooled completely, the heat in the cake will evaporate the steam and make the cake soaked again.

In addition, if the cookie jar or bag is accidentally exposed, allowing air to enter will also cause the cookie to be soft.

The quality of butter you use in the cake is not good or you use too much brown sugar in the recipe, causing the moisture in the cake to increase, making the cake not crispy properly.

How to make cracked crackers crispy:

Depending on the cause of the cracker, we will have different ways to make it crispy:

In case the cake is crispy due to the preservation, you just need to use a dryer to blow it into the cake for 5-10 minutes, then wait for the cake to cool, so the cake will be crispy as before. Alternatively, you can also put the cake in the refrigerator cooler for about 1 hour, then take it out and enjoy you will be surprised by the crispness of the cake!

If the biscuits are dirty due to the ingredients you use, you can overcome them by reducing the baking temperature, increasing the baking time by a few minutes compared to the recipe, and the cake will be a lot more crunchy. Not only that, but you should also make sure that the ingredients you use are unsalted butter and should not be replaced with margarine or cooking oil. Replace eggs with milk, using a ratio of white sugar to brown sugar, in the recipe you should also use both baking powder and baking soda to make the cake crunchier when finished.

So I showed you how to make cracked crackers crispy, in the process of making cookies you will have more problems arising.

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The above homemade whippet cracker has shown that it is not necessary to have an oven to produce quality and delicious biscuits. For moms who are planning to buy a new oven, this is also a reason to think about whether to buy a microwave oven or not! Hopefully, with the above sharing about how to make biscuits without an oven and using an oven above will bring you good baking tips to change the eating menu, contributing to ensuring healthier for the customers, member of family!

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