How to choose an electric toothbrush?

Evidence-based dental professionals recommend that using an electric toothbrush cleans better than regular manual brushing and helps people to maximise their brushing results. In the electric toothbrush market, consumers are faced with a wide range of choices, with different models available, a wide range of features and a wide price range. So how should you choose an electric toothbrush?

Types of electric toothbrushes to choose from

There are two types of electric toothbrushes on the market: rotary and sonic.The rotary electric toothbrush is driven by an electric motor to rotate the round brush head, which is less efficient for cleaning between teeth, noisy to use, high wear and tear on the teeth. Sonic electric toothbrushes rely on sonic vibrations to clean the food debris from the crevices of the teeth and also drive the water and bubbles in the mouth to deep clean the crevices. For this reason, it is recommended to give preference to sonic electric toothbrushes. Second, the choice of electric toothbrush function.

The choice of electric toothbrush function.

How to choose an electric toothbrush
How to choose an electric toothbrush? 5

1. Vibration frequency: The vibration frequency of an electric toothbrush is not the higher the better, too high a frequency can cause wear and tear on the teeth and increase the risk of injury, while too low a frequency tends to make the brush unclean. According to current data, the vibration frequency of a sonic electric toothbrush is generally between 30,000 and 40,000, which is more appropriate.

2. Cleaning mode: The electric toothbrush can switch the corresponding brushing mode for different oral problems, standard mode (plaque cleaning), protection mode (care for gums), sensitive mode (suitable for sensitive teeth and gums), etc.

3. Battery life: The short battery life of an electric toothbrush increases the frequency of charging, which is inconvenient for people who travel for long periods of time and long distances. Therefore, the longer the battery life, the less the user has to recharge the battery several times.

4. Zone change reminder & timer function:When choosing an electric toothbrush you should pay attention to whether it has a 30s reminder and a 2-minute automatic timer function. 30s reminder function to achieve an even brushing time for each area of the mouth, which helps users to change bad brushing habits; 2-minute automatic timer function to ensure that the dental recommended time is reached every time you brush.

5. Waterproof effect: the waterproof effect is related to the safety of using the toothbrush, the corresponding waterproof level of the body and base should not be lower than IPX5 level.

How to choose an electric toothbrush
How to choose an electric toothbrush? 6

The choice of electric toothbrush accessories

When choosing an electric toothbrush, the brush head is a key concern. This is because the brush head directly affects the cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush.

1. Style: The flat, long brush head of the Sonic Electric Toothbrush cleans the teeth more cleanly because the flat, long brush head has a wide contact area and can clean the interdental space more deeply.

2. Material: Soft and firm bristles are the most popular and suitable for the general public. The soft and stiff bristle heads are less damaging to the teeth and gums while maintaining a certain level of cleaning power.

3. Price: The cost of replacing the brush head is an important factor to consider. To begin with, toothbrushes need to be replaced once every 3 months or so, and the heads of electric toothbrushes need to be replaced more frequently. This is because of the high frequency of vibration and the wear and tear on the brush head. Secondly, the heads of different brands of electric toothbrushes are not universal, so it is important to consider the replacement cost of the brush heads when choosing an electric toothbrush.

Replacement heads for Oral-b and Philips, for example, cost around $15, which is very expensive and the cost of replacing the brush head for a year is likely to exceed the price of the electric toothbrush itself.

How to choose an electric toothbrush
How to choose an electric toothbrush? 7

Nandme electric toothbrush recommendation

Nandme‘s latest NX series electric toothbrush is a sonic electric toothbrush with a vibration frequency of 31,000-41,000 vibrations per minute. It has 5 brushing modes: cleaning mode, sensitive mode, whitening mode, polishing mode and gum care mode.The NX7000 electric toothbrush has a built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery that lasts up to 365 days, so you don’t have to worry about recharging for long periods of time. The NX series also features a 30s zone change reminder and a 2-minute timer to ensure that each brush session matches the dentist’s recommended time. It is also waterproof with IPX7 technology, which is far superior to other electric toothbrushes on the market. In terms of accessories, the Nandme electric toothbrush also comes with 12 Dupont brush heads, enough to last the user for more than 3 years, saving the cost of replacing the brush heads.

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