How to promote Instagram blog in 2022

Instagram is the most popular social network in the world today. Every day, millions of users go there who willingly view the content of their favorite bloggers and strive to become like them. Because of this, many have a desire to become a popular influencer in order to also broadcast their opinion to a wide audience and be an example for people.

Today we will talk about what you should do to quickly gain popularity on a well-known platform.

Use different formats

As a rule, those who publish only standard posts (picture and text) face the problem of low audience activity and do not receive much feedback on their content. This is the wrong tactic because users love variety and always expect something new from you.

At first, you can publish a few simple posts. Then you need to use the most effective promotion method — contact a special service and buy Instagram likes there. When a large number of new readers come to you, you will need to modernize your work and make a variety of content for them.

For example, you can shoot reels, stories and use various masks and stickers. Any creative is welcome on the platform because it increases the activity of the audience. Also, experiment with each of the formats. Run polls, run contests, and encourage users to reply to you or chat in the comments.

Don’t disappear from the feed

No matter what promotion methods you use and no matter how you make interesting content, you can only succeed if you are constantly present in the user feed. It is impossible to stay famous when posting once a month or less.

You should create some content every day and show it to your subscribers. It can be one post per day and several (from two to five) stories. If you disappear for a few weeks, then, firstly, your readers will forget about you, and secondly, the platform algorithms will consider your account not promising and will not help you in promotion.

Be polite

Often there are situations when bloggers build their careers on constant conflicts with other creators or subscribers. Certainly you can gain fame this way, but it won’t earn you respect from anyone. It is better to maintain polite communication with people of all views and not offend anyone.

You can express your opinion on sensitive topics but at the same time respect your opponents. Also, forget about insulting people on any grounds such as race, appearance, or any other features. In the modern world, this is unacceptable and such behavior can ruin your career once and for all.

If you understand that the information you have said is likely to cause controversy among your audience, ask your subscribers to express their opinion constructively and not to switch to personal insults. It is important that the atmosphere in your comments is not toxic.

Subscribe to related blogs

It’s not enough to just be polite to other creators. For the best result, you need to subscribe to authors who make content similar to yours. This is important so that you can constantly see what materials they publish and what works well for them and what does not. It is always better to learn from someone else’s example.

In addition, if you see interesting posts in other people’s blogs, then comment on them and enter into communication with the subscribers of the authors. This will allow you to draw attention to yourself and get some free audience who will be interested in your content.

The exchange of experience and audience is always beneficial for both parties, so we recommend that you do not ignore this advice. Good relationships with the creators of your niche will always benefit you.

Set your location

To attract residents of your city to your profile, put your current location in posts. It can be just an indication of the city or a mark of a cafe or some other places that you have visited. Thus, people who simply leaf through the feed of posts in your city will come to you.

Also, if you mark in the location and in the photo the places you visit, you will support someone’s small business and get the opportunity to make friends with one of the entrepreneurs. Perhaps in the future you will be able to cooperate with some institution on the rights of mutual PR. For example, by advertising a coffee shop that you often visit.

However, try not to indicate the area where you live, because later you may face the problem of being tracked. Of course, this happens most often with very popular show business stars, but bloggers also sometimes suffer because of people who do not respect the personal boundaries of others. All you have to do is indicate which city you are in.

Keep track of post times

Many creators make the mistake of posting early in the morning or late at night. Of course, everyone has a different daily routine and you can be most productive at night or in the morning, but most people actively use social networks in the evening. The best feedback is gained by posts that were published at 6-8 pm.

If you are not sure that at this time you will be free and will be able to create something, then write the text in advance and attach a picture, and then leave the post in drafts. Then set an alarm for the evening so you don’t forget to post your draft. Keep track of the statistics of views and likes and check if this theory works.

As for Stories, you can do them throughout the day at any time. Users will be able to watch them either at once one at a time or in the evening to scroll through everything that you showed during the day.


Getting famous on social media these days is quite difficult. However, if you competently build your work and regularly publish high-quality and diverse content, then you will quickly achieve your goals.

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