How to Quickly Remove the Background From a Photo Using Offline And Online Tools

Images with transparent backgrounds are utilized in various niches and for different purposes. You can use them to create website designs, product cards, marketing materials, and other commercial projects. If you have an in-house designer, the quickest way to obtain such pictures would be to turn to them for help. However, it’s not always possible. Beginner creators can remove and change photo backgrounds using various offline and online tools. Read further to learn about top BG removal programs for your creative tasks. 

What is a backgroundless image?

A picture with a transparent background is also called backgroundless. When searching for such images on Google, you’ll see that they often have a white-and-gray checkered pattern surrounding the main object. When placed on a colored background, this pattern doesn’t display. Transparent images usually come in PNG, GIF, and SVG file formats. However, GIFs and SVGs are used for both transparent and non-transparent visuals, so it’s always better to double-check the downloaded image. 

Reasons to change the background of your picture

  1. To use one picture multiple times

Changing the background of an image and making it transparent opens new opportunities. For instance, if a photo has been used with its default background, you can use it again without it and combine the main subject with other pictures for a collage. This way, you’ll be able to utilize one visual at least twice and diversify your content, all while spending less on obtaining new images. 

  1. To get rid of unnecessary objects

Sometimes, even a professional picture has elements that ruin the general image or don’t serve marketing purposes. For instance, there might be too many people in the background or certain products (like drinks or snacks with visible brand names) that make it impossible to use for promotion. In this case, deleting a background might be a quicker and easier option than spending time on photo retouching. 

  1. To optimize photos for other platforms

This is especially important if you plan to use pictures on your website and social media, and share them with partnership or e-commerce websites. For instance, if you want to distribute and sell products on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, you must delete the original photo background to meet the platforms’ requirements. 

  1. To change the background color

In some cases, an original background might not serve a particular purpose. For instance, it might be too much when a neutral background color is required. Or, on the contrary, it can be too neutral when you need something more bright and bold. Removing the original background and replacing it with a more appropriate one can make your picture more appealing.

  1. To prepare a visual for future edits

Sometimes you might need to add something to a picture to make it stand out. This can be a shadow or background text, like a promotional slogan. This can also be certain visual elements—like sparks for special effects or fun stickers. A transparent background is a base for additional edits that will make an image more eye-catching. 

Remove your photo background using an online erasing tool

Depositphotos Background Remover is a free, beginner-friendly tool that erases BGs in a click. The tool allows you to process multiple images and download free, good-quality results in medium size. You can also purchase an affordable Background Remover plan to download your results in HD.

Here’s how to work with Depositphotos Background Remover:

  1. Access the tool at
  2. Create a free account. You can sign up by using your Google or Facebook account, or by entering your email and setting up the password. 
  3. Upload a picture. The tool supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG images with a file size of up to 15 MB. 
  4. Preview the result. You can edit it using two available brushes: Erase and Restore. The first brush removes missed background sections, while the second one restores accidentally-deleted parts of the picture. 
  5. Download your backgroundless photo in PNG.

Depositphotos Background Remover uses AI-based technologies for background removal, leading to high precision in photo processing. Nonetheless, working with high-quality, less detailed images is always recommended to obtain the best results. 

Change your image background in offline editing software

Adobe Photoshop is a well-known professional photo editor often used for changing image backgrounds. You can first try the 30-day free version and purchase a subscription later if you like it. The software offers two tools suitable for background removal: Magic Wand and Magnetic Lasso. The Magic Wand is the simplest, but not the most precise of the two options. Sometimes the tool selects and deletes foreground elements or doesn’t recognize all background parts, especially if the image is small, highly detailed, or colorful. To obtain desired results, be ready to spend time mastering the Magic Wand. Choose the tool, click on the background for automatic selection of a particular area, and press Delete.

Magnetic Lasso is an alternative tool to Magic Wand. It is more precise, but also more time-consuming. Select it and carefully trace the edges of an object. After the tracing is done, press Ctrl+Shift+I to invert it. This will select the background surrounding the main object, and you’ll be able to remove it by pressing Delete. 

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent choice if you plan on using the software for other editing purposes or if you need highly-precise results. However, this might not be the best option for  removal purposes only, as this graphic editing software is not cheap and requires time to master. Overall, combining online and offline tools is possible by first processing visuals in Depositphotos Background Remover, and then replacing the background or creating a special design using graphics editing software. 

To sum up

Removing photo backgrounds helps prepare visuals for future edits, optimize them for marketing purposes, and use pictures in multiple designs. You can use graphics editing software like Adobe Photoshop to do it manually, utilize online tools like Depositphotos Background Remover, or even combine both options for more precise and creative results. Explore the given options to find the best solution for your needs.

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