6 Main Trends in the Online Casino Industry You Should Know About

Online casinos are one of the few gaming industries that have seen consistent growth in the past decade. With numerous people uninterested in spending hours playing physical slots at land-based casinos, online casinos have provided an alternative way for people to play their favourite games from home or wherever they have access to the internet. As more and more people become acquainted with digital devices and the web, the popularity of online casinos is likely to continue growing. If you’re interested in getting into this exciting industry, here are the 6 main trends in the online casino field you should know about.

Mobile compatibility

The first trend you should be aware of is the growing importance of mobile compatibility for online casinos. “Mobile-first” is the new normal, and it’s crucial for online platforms like Casino Zodiac to be responsive, especially if they hope to compete for market share with mobile-first casino apps. Mobile casinos accounted for 77% of the online casino market share in 2020, so it’s definitely a trend you’ll want to keep in mind. Whether you plan to create a standalone mobile app, or simply optimize your website for mobile devices, you’ll want to make sure you don’t ignore mobile users.

Main Trends in the Online Casino Industry
6 Main Trends in the Online Casino Industry You Should Know About 4

Responsible gaming features

Online casinos have long been criticized for failing to provide sufficient support to players dealing with gambling addiction. But these days, they’re taking this issue more seriously than ever. Responsible gaming features have become an essential part of any online casino, and many of them have been improving on this aspect by providing better support for problem gamblers. An example of a responsible gaming feature is a self-exclusion list that allows players to voluntarily ban themselves from playing for a specified length of time, or forever. Other responsible gaming features include the ability to set internal spending limits and personalized risk assessments. Responsible gaming features also include skill-based (rather than chance-based) games. 

Virtual and augmented reality integration

This is definitely one of the most engaging trends to watch out for in the online casino industry. The two major technologies of virtual and augmented reality will soon be used in online casinos for a variety of purposes. From virtual casino environments that can be explored with VR headsets to AR versions of traditional casino games, virtual and augmented reality technologies are likely to change the online casino experience in many ways. They allow players to experience a real casino environment with 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and an expansive view. VR casinos are also likely to be more social than traditional online casinos, as several players can interact with each other in the same virtual environment. Such casinos are already popping up in various parts of the world, so it’s undoubtedly something we’ll have to keep an eye on. VR technology is poised to revolutionize the online casino experience in some ways: 

  • First, it’s likely to expand the market for online casinos by bringing new players into the industry. 
  • Second, it allows online casinos to create more unique, customized experiences. 
  • And lastly, VR technology may also be used to eliminate online casino fraud by making it more difficult for scammers to create counterfeit environments.

Blockchain technology will be used by casinos

One of the most interesting developments expected in the online casino industry is the adoption of blockchain technology. Blockchain is best known as the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Blockchain technology is decentralized and transparent, and it can be used to create fully transparent and auditable online casinos. Many casino operators have already begun exploring the use of blockchain technology in their businesses. Blockchain casinos will likely be commonplace within the next few years.

The growth of eSports betting and virtual sports

Online casinos have long provided fairly standard gambling options such as: 

  • card games, 
  • table games, 
  • and slot machines. 

But now, casinos are looking to offer more unique experiences with the rise of eSports betting and virtual sports: 

  • eSports betting refers to the practice of betting on the outcomes of competitive computer gaming tournaments. The amount of money being wagered on eSports tournaments has grown significantly in recent years, with some tournaments now featuring multimillion-dollar prize pools. 
  • Virtual sport is a type of online betting that doesn’t involve any actual sporting events. Players can bet on the outcomes of various simulated events, such as a football team’s score in a certain match. The rise of virtual sports is likely to cause a significant shift in the online casino industry.
Main Trends in the Online Casino Industry
6 Main Trends in the Online Casino Industry You Should Know About 5

Live-streaming content

The rise of video streaming services, such as Twitch and YouTube, has been pretty significant in recent years. And live-streaming services have now begun to make inroads into the online casino industry. Online casinos can use them to broadcast real-time casino games, such as poker and blackjack, as well as other types of casino content. This will provide entirely new ways for online casinos to interact with their customers. Live streaming may also be used as a tool to attract new players; casinos may offer free streaming to attract potential customers and provide them with the chance to see what the casino is like first-hand.

The Twitch streaming service, for example, can allow casino players to interact with each other while watching real-time casino games. It also will allow viewers to place bets on the outcomes of various casino games. This provides a new way for online casinos to earn revenue, and it changes the online casino experience significantly.


Overall, it’s an exciting time to be in the online casino industry. With the continued growth of the internet and digital devices, the online casino industry is likely to continue experiencing steady growth. Mobile compatibility, responsible gaming features, virtual and augmented reality integration, blockchain technology, the growth of eSports betting and virtual sports, and live-streaming content are a few of the main trends in the online casino industry that you should be aware of. 

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