New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality 

Watches are a crucial part of one’s personal style. I remember when my old school teacher gave me an automatic watch as punishment for not paying attention in class- it was so stiff and clunky, but luckily with time, these watches have become more modernized over the years! It’s interesting to see what people will still buy versus something like smartphones which can tell you exactly where your ARS is at all times.

The automatic watch is the ultimate in precision timepieces. It doesn’t need batteries or winding to function, and it’s craftsmanship can never be matched by any other type of movement because they’re so precise with every detail down to what sound. But which one should you get? We’ve found our favorite from PAGANI DESIGN for men who care about true quality.

New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury Sapphire Glass AR Coated Automatic Watches 20bar Waterproof Watch Men

New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality
New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality  8

The PAGANI DESIGN watch is an exquisite timepiece that combines classic horses with modern technology. This analog design has calendar functions including date, BGW grade 9 luminous hands, and numerals for easy reading in low light conditions or at night without having to use any other lighting source besides what’s offered by the dial itself!

The color of this beautiful piece comes directly from Japan- Seiko NH35A automatic calibration powered by arm activity, meaning no battery is required making it accurate over 41 hours with plenty left over if needed before recharge.

  • Case Thickness: 12MM
  • Dial diameter:39.7MM
  • Weight:144G
  • Max Perimeter:210MM
  • Movement: Seiko NH35
  • Bracelet width:20MM
  • Package Dimensions:‎ 4.21 x 3.07 x 2.95 inches; 8.47 Ounces
  • Item model number:‎ PD-1692-ASXZ
  • Department:  Mens
  • Buy product: Click here

Comfortable And Durable

The PAGANE DESIGN watch is a must-have for any man who wants to stand out from the crowd. Made with stainless steel, this sleek and stylish timepiece not only ensures comfort but also has an elegant design that will match your wardrobe perfectly.

I am looking forward to spending more quality moments wearing my new automatic wristwatch – it’s perfect both during work or playtime activities like hiking in the mountains. 


The durability and functionality of the watch make it perfect for water sports. The 10-bar resistance helps protect your investment, so you can dive into a wave or take part in other wet activities without worrying about damaging either yourself or what’s on offer!

Durable Sapphire Crystal Glass

New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality
New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality  9

The durable sapphire crystal glass and AR coating ensure that your watch will be able to withstand even the toughest conditions. The internal components use natural wrist movement for charging, so you don’t have to worry about batteries going dead mid-workout or on an adventure.

Perfect Gift

The PAGANI DESIGN watch is a beautiful and precious gift for you, your loved ones or employees. It can be used during any outdoor sport, such as running (track), sports (tennis), fishing, dating, etc., making it perfect to wear every day!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The PAGANI DESIGN watch takes comfort to a whole new level. They make sure that their customers are 100% satisfied with any purchase, and if not, they’ll give you your money back or an exchange!


The design of these bold timepieces has been carefully crafted, with attention paid not only towards its functionality but also to how each piece looks individually; this means there are many different styles available depending upon what kind of individual wearer they suit most.

PAGANI DESIGN is having a super sale for customers this November! These luxurious and quality watches are reduced from $571.5 to only $60.58 dollars with the code “PAGANI102711” click buy now before the promotion ends on 11/30th.

Customer Reviews

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“When I first saw this watch, the sleek design and attractive color caught my eye. It’s not that often you see watches like these anymore; they’re usually more basic looking in order to make them last longer with minimal maintenance required on your end (not so much for fashion). When receiving it, though-to my surprise, there was no evidence of cheapness or shoddy workmanship present at all! The quality really surprised me considering how affordable prices tend to get nowadays.”

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 “The PAGANI watch is a great choice for those looking to buy an explorer-style timepiece without having spent $10k on the real deal. It’s accurate, with mine running +5 seconds per day so far, and it has some nice features like being able to switch between nato or horween leather bands depending on if you’re going formal/casual on occasion! All around, this product gets my vote 10/10”

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 “I’m a big fan of the explorer-style watches, but I was looking for something with more affordability. This watch is perfect because it has all these great features at an affordable price! The leather band also makes me fall in love every time I see your wrist up close – no lie whatsoever, that’s how good they look on you (and afar too)!”

Some Buying Guide From PAGANI DESIGN

New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality
New PAGANI DESIGN 40MM Men Mechanical Wristwatches Luxury, Style And Quality  10

What is an automatic movement?

Watches have been around for centuries, but before the invention of battery-powered quartz movements in the 1960s, all watches were hand-wound. This meant you would need to manually wind your watch every day so it could keep running – an automatic (also called self-winding) doesn’t require this because as long as someone moves their arm while wearing one, then automatically starts turning itself back onto its original setting.

How does that work exactly?

When you wear an automatic watch, it winds itself through a process that is well understood by the movement of your body. Automatic watches have weighted rotors which can be seen on transparent cases if they were designed this way (most are). The weight acts as though pulled by some invisible string – moving eastward turns all parts in turn.

The power reserve is a great way to keep your watch running when you’re not wearing it. The automatic movements store any excess energy and slowly release them over the course of hours or days while the rotor remains stationary, giving people with less-frequented watches more time between charges.

Is there a downside to automatic watches?

Mechanical watches are some of the most luxurious and durable timepieces on earth, but they require regular maintenance to keep them working perfectly. 

Unlike quartz models that only need new batteries every few years or so (unless you abuse your watch), mechanical units have many tiny parts which can wear down if not taken care of delicately. That means repairs might cost more than the original purchase price when buying an automatic wristwatch.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for something that’s both practical and stylish, then PAGANI DESIGN watches might be just what your heart needs. This beautiful gadget as well as jewelry will follow every adventure in life with their innovative designs – thank you so much if reading this article! If not yet convinced by the quality of our products or services; head over today to the PAGANI DESIGN store where there is no risk involved in buying one watch before trying it out yourself 🙂

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