Every Important Thing You Need To Know About Onikuma Headphones In 2023

Gamers around the world always struggle with finding an ideal yet affordable gaming headphone. They are willing to spend thousands of dollars on gaming equipment, as long as they are high quality. And during this time, Onikuma headphones raise their popularity. 

We know that when you scroll into our article, you’ve had your eyes on these headphones, which are from one of the most popular gaming equipment manufacturers. However, you are still doubtful about this brand. Is it excellent, as some reviews said?

Knowing your concern, we’ve written this article to provide you some basic information about the Onikuma manufacturer, how they are outstanding compared to other headsets, their disadvantages, and reviews of some popular models in their product line. 

Firstly, we know that most of you here know this gaming equipment manufacturer, but you should know that not all people know about this brand. Some of you may just scroll into it because of curiosity. Therefore, we think it’s best to introduce a bit of it. 

What Is Onikuma?

Onikuma Headphones

For your information, the brand was founded in 2016 in Shenzen, China, due to its passion for producing gaming equipment. Of course, they also have competent skills and technologies to do; therefore, don’t worry too much!

In these recent years, they’ve developed and expanded their business to an international market. That’s the reason why you know about its business and consider purchasing one of its products, headphones. 

When researching its product, we realize that its products combine modern, sleek design and functionality. That’s a great business idea since nowadays, gamers both want their products to work flawlessly and look fashionably. 

Their visions are to become the top-rated gaming accessories manufacturer company, both suitable for professionals and beginners. 

Therefore, in this article, we will analyze and give reviews maybe to help them enhance the production more. But firstly, this article is for you guys, the buyer, who will benefit most from here. 

Now, you should understand more about Onikuma company; some of you may be surprised about this product’s efficiency and consider purchasing their headphones. Therefore, we want to put a summarization of the advantages and disadvantages of Onikuma headphones. 

Later in this article, we will carefully analyze some outstanding features of the Onikuma headphones, making them more competitive in the headphone market. 

Now, let’s see what their pros and cons are

Onikuma Headphones

Onikuma Headphones Pros And Cons

Every product you buy has benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, the Onikuma headphone is not an exception. 

Although this headphone is known for a delicate craft at a reasonable price, excellent sound quality that can suit the professional headphone niche, and a remarkable stretching ability to avoid tiring the neck muscles, it still has some deficiencies. 

Therefore, you should maintain reasonable expectations about this handset. It’s not perfect, but we know that the manufacturer is always trying to enhance their products to be up-to-date. You may want to give the product a chance.


Connect To Various Device Types

Firstly, to us, the most crucial point is versatility. We often ask ourselves: “Is this headphone connected to various devices kinds?”. 

Luckily, the answer is yes. You can use the headphone with many of your devices, from PC to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Lightweight And Comfy

Onikuma Headphones

When talking about headphones, we are sure that most of you will want your headphone to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want your ears to be itching and turn red after hours of use. 

Fortunately, thanks to the low-resistance polyurethane foam and bionic protein pad coat, the headphone reaches the optimal comfort level, making sure that your headphone maintains its place on your ears without any fatigue.

Moreover, it is also lightweight, minimizing the tiredness of your neck muscles in holding the headphones in one position for a long time. You should know that gamers always take hours in front of the computer screens and play. 

Finally, it can be flexible to match different people thanks to the customizable head beam in some models, specifically the Onikuma K1-B. 

If you are interested in this model, you can find out more through this link:


We keep saying about its unique features, but we have not mentioned the price. However, you shouldn’t worry at all because these headphones arrive at the most reasonable price. 

Let’s make a comparison. According to our research, there are wired and wireless gaming headsets. We all know that. And for beginners, you may need to spend at least $50 for wired headphones and about $100 for wireless headsets. 

However, the story is different from Onikuma’s. With only about $30, you can buy for yourself a pair of affordable wired headphones. We don’t mention that there are some wireless headsets with approximately $32. 

Generally, we think this is a great deal for beginners since you’re not willing to spend much money buying headphones. However, you still want it to be of high quality. Therefore, Onikuma headphones will be a great choice. 

You may not believe us, but this will be proof telling you what we say is true:

PS4 Gaming Headset with Microphone for PC New Xbox One PSP Gamer Headphones with Mic Noise...
  • 【Multi Compatibility】PS4 Gaming Headset Fits for most of device with 3.5mm headphone / microphone port, support,PS4 Pro/Slim, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch/3DS, Nintendo 3DS,PSP,Laptop, Computer, Tablet, iPad, Smart Phone. Please note that you need an extra Microsoft Adapter (Not Included) when connect with an old version Xbox One controller and the headset is not compatible with PS3 and Xbox360.
  • 【Perfect For Gamer】Crystal-clear sound could hear everything from gunshots, footsteps for a more immersive experience. Lightweight and comfortable to wear makes it easy for long time use. The camo design looks really cool! This gaming headset uses super soft over-ear Earmuffs pads, and it is a profession headphone for game player, gives you an experience of an immersive.
  • 【Noise Cancelling Microphone】The omnidirectional noise reduction technology ensures that microphone picks up your voice clearly in-game or online chat. Flexible mic design is very convenient to adjust angle of the microphone. The long flexible gaming mic is higher sensitive and durable, One key mute, Volume Control. Volume dial and mute switch are close at hand for quick audio adjustments.

Great Sound Quality

Onikuma Headphones

Although it belongs to the beginner headphone niche, you will not be disappointed with the sound quality matching the professional niche. Thanks to this sound production, you will have the chance to experience vivid, lively sound. 

Moreover, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can now enjoy excellent noise isolation because of the comfortable ear cushion. No more hearing background noise that will distract you while playing the game. You can now enjoy your playing time. 

Finally, the driver cable gives you outstanding audio, powerful bass, and a fantastic stereo audio effect. Cool, right? The most critical thing you find in a headphone is the sound quality. And I think these headphones will satisfy your expectation. 


All models in this product line are portable, allowing you to bring them anywhere you want. We don’t have to mention too much about it because you can all see that through the picture! 

Every equipment now should be portable, especially your headset. You may need it outside your workspace at home, listening to music during your road trip, or other outdoor activities. These headphones will be worth your money. 

Besides these tremendous benefits, the Onikuma headphone still faces some downsides and require improvement. However, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. 

Onikuma Headphones


Generate Scratchy Sound

We know that you will not like when this situation happens. You may think it’s because the headphone is not in excellent quality. However, you should know that even top-rated headphones sometimes produce crackling or static noise when using. 

It’s only the red flag when your headphone usually generates this annoying sound. But we know that it is a disadvantage of Onikuma headphones. And you will need to tackle the problem, and we must warn it is a frustrating process. 

Volume Wheel Is In An Awkward Position 

Our research shows that the volume wheel is located in the wire because of the in-line volume technology, making it hard to adjust the volume while playing the game. Therefore, you may have to put your hand under for volume adjustment.

We hope that after this part, you will have a broad picture of Onikuma headphones, what they can do, and where they still lack. 

In general, not all headphones are perfect; however, you can consider buying these headphones for their exceptional qualities if you are on a tight budget.

Next, we will move to the part where we’re going to give you a detailed review of this headphone; you will be amazed by how this affordable headphone is capable of doing. 

Onikuma Headphones

Detailed Review About Onikuma Headphones

Sound Quality

We know that when talking about the headphone, the first thing that comes to your mind is the quality of the sound. It’s true; people buy headphones to hear sounds in which speakers don’t fully deliver intensively. 

Like when playing games, you must want to hear any sound and talk to other players. Thanks to the 7.1 surround audio effect, you will achieve the dream of having excellent-quality headphones. 

Moreover, the headphone features a digital speaker with 4D displacing technology and a superb telescoping microphone. Because of this, you can hear some background noises that other players are not, like the footsteps or gun reloading. 

Some of you may think if I can’t hear sounds like that, it is okay. However, with the gamers, hearing sounds like that will offer them a chance of winning. Like, they can hear to determine where their enemies are and what their next moves should be. 

Having players with Onikuma headphones will surely increase your winning chance and build an undefeatable team force. Cool, right? 

Finally, the driver is 50 millimeters in diameter, and the impedance is 16 Ohm. Aside from just that, it has a wavelength range of 20 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz. 

There is just a lot of number here, but you only need to know that with these measurements, this headphone can offer to experts or people taking seriously at playing games instead of considering it as a hobby. 


Onikuma Headphones

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, the headphones will bring as much comfort as possible to you. However, some of you may still doubt this feature. Therefore, we will carefully analyze it here. 

As we’ve talked about previously, the headphones feature memory foam earpads with a bionic protein pad coat. You should know that it’s a common material for whole-sized headphones. It gives you a soft, comfortable touch yet still durable. 

Moreover, it offers a high noise isolation level. For your information, this material will create a great seal, stopping noise from coming in and out of the headphone. That’s why you will not hear external sound intervening in your audio quality. 

Bass sensitivity advantages from more excellent isolation, as it amplifies the low resonance that penetrates those profound, low-register pitches. You can fully enjoy the audio quality to the highest level. Plus, your neck will no longer feel tired. 

Also, thanks to the lightweight design and self-customized head beam, you can wear the headphone for a long time without worrying it may slide from your head. Comfort remains the same during the usage time. And it can be flexible to fit different people. 

Generally, if you spend hours in front of a computer screen, it will surely be your must-have headset. 


With the microphone, you will be happy to know that this headphone features a high-tech noise-canceling microphone with non-static features. It means that these headphones will eliminate any noise that is not your voice. 

Onikuma Headphones

Thanks to this feature, you will never have to worry that you can’t hear your teammates’ voices. You will listen to them like the crystal clear sound. There are no discontinued communications with Onikuma and no background noise too!


We’ve mentioned that these headphones can connect to various devices types. And they are Android, IOS, Windows devices, PS Vita, PSP, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and so much more. With the Xbox one, you will need supported accessories. 

With this wide range of compatibility, we can assure you that you will get to play many games. Therefore, this will enhance your skills, allow you to interact with various game types, broaden your knowledge, and improve your team spirit. 

In other words, we are confident to say that these headphones will be your right-hand man.

Excellent Audio

These headphones also feature an audio game speaker with a 50-millimeter steady magnetically bending movement for high-quality sound performance. 

Putting headphones mean that you’ve already immersed into the magic world and are ready to put your most effort into the games. 

Onikuma Headphones

Other Features

Besides these noticeably outstanding features, we will mention some others that may amaze you. How can these headphones be powerful, you may think. That’s also what we believe when researching about them. 

Ultra-thin Membrane enables the speaker to be accurately and quickly positioned in all directions for an authentic gaming environment immersion.

The knitted audio thread indicates that the audio line is of top condition. It contains a 5X sturdier PVC cable that is also pulling-resistant. Cable is highly resilient and durable; to put it another way,

The IC acclaimed driver resembles an engine; therefore, you will not miss its highly detailed exceptional strength and craft. 

If you are a first-time buyer, this video could be a great help to you:

Generally, when comparing their features, prices, performance, and durability, we can say that you cannot find an excellent-quality gaming headphone like this in this price range. 

We know that they still have some downsides, like producing scratchy sound and strangely positioning the volume wheel. Moreover, you may sweat after prolonged use because of the tight seal, making you feel annoyed. 

However, you can keep it in mint condition for extended times with the proper maintenance and storage. Otherwise, your headphone may soon become downgraded. 

Bionic leather is easy to maintain; you just need to wipe the earpads with a cloth after use. Please do not allow it to directly expose to the sun or heat since this material cannot withstand extreme temperatures. 


We hope that after our article, you will get a clear picture of what these headphones can and cannot do. We must say that there are no other headphones in this price range that will be up to your standard like the one from Onikuma. 

You will receive an excellent value without exchanging for a high price. They are so affordable, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with this purchase. We see that this brand will significantly develop in the future and be a top choice for professional players. 

And it will also benefit you if you are simply a beginner. Meanwhile, if you want to play games on the TV, here’s our recommendation for an anti-glare TV screen to better accommodate you through the game. 

This is the end of our article. Goodbye and see you in our next article. Good luck with your research!

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