Quick Guide To Poker Chips

One of the most popular and famous gambling games in the world is porker. This game is not only played at casinos; it is also a game that is enjoyed in homes as a moment of recreation among friends. There is probably no country where this game is unknown.

Many amateurs, who greatly enjoy playing poker, like to take the event to a casino-like experience; and to achieve this, they decided to acquire all the necessary accessories to have a poker set at home in order to enjoy the game the way it is enjoyed in a casino. There are several practical and economical poker chip sets on the market to choose from; and sometimes the wide variety makes it difficult for players to choose the right ones.

In this guide, we will provide detailed information about the different poker chip models available in the market; so you can choose the right poker chips for you.

Of course, you don’t need a set of poker chips to play poker at home, you could perfectly well play directly with cash (bills or coins) or even with items like beans or similar. However, having a poker set enables many benefits. Poker chips are very easy to handle, because they are all the same size, and you can easily identify the value just by looking at what color they are. Plus, there is nothing better for a player at the poker tables than the feeling of handling his chips, sorting them and throwing them with ease on the table. In addition, gambling with poker chip sets, instead of real money, often helps players to relax and lose the fear of betting, since they remove the real world money from the game. 

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Poker Chips Material

Quick guide to poker chips

There are different chips available in the market, but there are four most common ones: metal core composite, clay, ceramic or plastic.

Clay chips – They are made of clay, however nowadays modern clay chips are often made with a mixture of other materials, which makes them more resistant. Pure clay chips are not made any more since they are too fragile. This type of chip is the most sophisticated one and the one with the best quality. Most casinos use clay chips, and they are also used in professional poker tournaments. This is also the most expensive type of chips, but they are worth the extra money. Stacking them is easy due to their weight and texture, which prevents them from slipping on each other. Clay chips are originally white, and are later customized according to each client’s preferences.  

Plastic chips – They are the cheapest type of chips, and they are ideal for amateur poker tables. The major problem with this type of chips is that they are too light, which makes it more difficult to manipulate and stack them in a fast and easy way. Their size is often smaller than the professional chips, and they are usually made in white, red and blue. However, there is a type of plastic chips, called diamond chips which come in the standard casino size and they are also heavier and available in solid colors.

Metal core composite / ABS chips – This type of chips has a metal insert encased in plastic or composite materials that increase their weight. They are the most similar to the casino chip, making them colorful, more durable, and quality. They often feature diamonds, card suits or dice on the edge of the chip, making them perfect for home poker games. However, one of the most notable disadvantages is that they tend to be slippery on the tables.

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Chips values and colors

Quick guide to poker chips

The typical colors of token games are white, red, blue and sometimes black and green. However, other colors have recently begun to appear, the most common are lilac, orange, pink, yellow, and gray. There is no official regulation as to the colors and values that each poker chip must have. In fact, each private tournament and casino uses its own colors; in recent years, most casinos introduced a unique design of chips in order to differentiate themselves from other casinos. All the same, there are standard colors and values that are used by most people. 

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