Rane Sl2 – The Best Digital DJ Controller Packages at Every Price Point

The Rane SL2 is a dual deck DJ controller that can be used to mix and scratch audio files. It has two jog wheels, each with independent pitch control, and two sets of large touch-sensitive pads on top for cue points, looping, and triggering samples. The unit also comes with Serato ITCH software and some basic sample packs so you can get started straight away.

The SL2’s design is sleek and compact while still being rugged enough to take the inevitable knocks it will receive from gigging DJs. With its low price tag, this makes for an excellent starter kit or backup controller for any DJ out there looking to add more versatility to their sound setup without breaking the bank in the process.

So, here is the article which provides readers with a lot of precise information, helping choose the best Rane Sl2 for people from all walks of life. Let’s jump into it right now!

Rane Sl2 Reviews 2023

RANE ONE – Complete DJ Set and DJ Controller

RANE ONE - Complete DJ Set and DJ Controller for Serato DJ with Integrated DJ Mixer, Motorized...
  • Complete Serato DJ System – DJ Controller with integrated DJ mixer for Serato DJ Pro (download included) featuring 2 decks of control and dual USB laptop connections for seamless handoffs
  • Personalize your DJ Set - Six quick-launch FX with dual metal paddles; Instant loop controls; Eight performance pads per deck to access cues, loops, rolls, slicer, samples and Serato’s Scratch Bank
  • Touch and Feel Your DJ Mix - 7.2" Motorized Platters with Quick Release Acrylic Disks, turntable style start/stop and adjustable high/low torque motors for a traditional vinyl feel

Our best value in the Rane DJ lineup, the SL2 is a powerhouse all-in-one DJ controller that brings pro features to clubs and mobile rigs. With built-in 32-bit (AKAI Professional Digital High Performance) effects power, USB routing for your laptop/computer, and full MIDI capability with integrated DVS timecode capability it’s the last piece of gear you’ll ever need. Built specifically to pack in tons of pro-level functions in a tight space without sacrificing feeling or performance – including dedicated Jog FX controls meaning no more wear and tear on your knobs – this little unit will rock any party!

It has the ability to work with Traktor and Serato as well as other products. It seems like it would be easy to use but requires research before purchase. It does not have any reviews written about it so I cannot give my personal experience on it. The Rane Sl2 is a DJ mixer that makes mixing seamless and easy. It has built-in USB ports so you can plug your laptop into the mixer and start playing straight away without any hassle or need to get extra equipment.

The Range has vibrato effects control which means that instead of having to twist knobs to get the desired sound, you simply press a button and it will give you an amazing vibrato effect which sounds fantastic. It also has effects loop routing so you can make your own custom effects with pedals or other devices which is really cool and unique to this specific mixer.

You can hook up multiple speakers at one time through the Rane SL2 so it’s perfect for any gigs or gigs where you are not sure how big the venue is going to be. It also features a crossfader reverse switch which allows you to either have your crossfader on the left side or right side of your mixer depending on what you prefer. It has a 4-band EQ per channel which allows you to pinpoint your sound and get it exactly where you want it. It also has an effects level meter so you can see how much of an effect is being placed on the music that you are playing.

This mixer is an all-in-one DJ system so it would be perfect for someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of extra equipment to carry around. The Rane Sl2 comes with built-in USB ports that you can plug your laptop into and start playing music without any hassle or need for extra equipment.

It also has a crossfader reverse switch so you can decide where the crossfader is placed on the left or right side of the mixer and it has a 4-band EQ per channel so you can pinpoint exactly where you want your sound to be. The Rane Sl2 also features vibrato effects control which gives you amazing vibrato effects by simply pressing a button instead of having to twist knobs as most other mixers would require.

The Range comes with built-in effects loop routing which allows DJs to make their own custom effects with pedals or other devices if they choose. You can set up the Rane Sl2 in two ways, tabletop mode and standard rack mount mode depending on your preference and how much space you want to use. It also has an effects level meter so you can see how much of an effect is being placed on the music you are playing which is really cool and unique to the Rane Sl2 mixer only.


-It is affordable.

-This product may cause you to get sick if you are not careful.

-This product will not leave your face looking cakey.

-The packaging of this product is very nice.


-This product may make your skin oily.

Rane Sl2

Rane Sl2 Benefits

A DJ’s life is full of challenges and opportunities. One of the most important tools they can have in their arsenal is a high-quality sound system. Rane Sound Systems has been creating the best in DJ equipment for decades, and their Sl2 model is one that any disc jockey would be happy to own. Not only does it produce crystal clear sound, but it also has features that are specifically designed to help you mix songs together seamlessly without ever missing a beat.  

For instance, the EQ curve gives you more flexibility when adjusting volume levels so you can create your own unique blends with ease. Plus there are 32 different effects available on every channel to add just the right flavor or enhance your mix however you want it to sound. Plus there are 36 different presets available for your use to make the mixing process even easier. With all this power at your disposal, it’s easy to see why Rane has been a trusted brand among pro DJs for many years now.

These advancements don’t come cheap, but if you’re serious about djing then you already know that this kit is a worthwhile investment. If you want a high-quality sound system for your next party, then the Rane Sl2 will deliver in spades. The Rane SL2 is one of the most preferred DJ gear for an affordable price tag and great quality output of sound. It is a matter of excitement to own a product that provides you with great value for your money.

The Rane SL2 has been designed very carefully keeping in mind the needs of professional DJs who have one or two channels to mix their music on, just like most club DJs. It comes with very impressive sound quality and is completely resistant to interference due to the solid build quality of this device. It is not too bulky for its price but offers excellent design aesthetics that are pleasing to the eyes. The sound output via this piece of equipment is extremely clear and highly defined without being muffled in any way.

The Rane SL2 has four stereo channels, two of which are phono and the other two of which are lines. It has a built-in USB port for recording, as well as MIDI connectivity. The Rane SL2 mixer is a new entry-level DJ mixer with all the features of its bigger brothers and sisters but at a fraction of the price. The Rane SL2 comes equipped with two channels that can be used as phono preamps or line inputs for connecting instruments like guitars and keyboards.

There’s an XLR microphone input, and you can also plug in your MP3 player to one of the two stereo inputs on these compact DJ mixers. The Rane SL2 also has a built-in USB sound card for playing digital music from your computer without using any other cables (just make sure you have enough power). And it even lets you use CDJs if they’re connected via MIDI by routing their audio through the mixer’s USB port!

Rane Sl2

Factors To Consider When Choosing Rane Sl2

We’ll start with the most basic question: what kind of DJ do you want to be? Your answer to this question will help you narrow down your choice of controller and mixer. A home DJ who wants to play around on the laptop may not need anything more than a basic controller and mixer. If you’re performing at weddings or private events, you might want to invest in a more heavy-duty PA system that includes wireless mics, speakers, and stands.

Details about which gear is best for different DJs can be found at the top of the page. Choosing the best Rane Sl2 for DJ can be quite difficult; there are many factors to consider. When choosing your next Rane Sl2, you’ll need to consider how rugged it is, how efficient it is, and if it’s compatible with your setup.

The engineers at Rane have thought of everything! The SL-2 is engineered to withstand the abuse that comes with being a professional DJ. The housing is made of metal and doesn’t have any plastic connections which means that you won’t have to worry about the mixer becoming damaged in transit or by other DJs trying to see what you have. Choose from several different colors including Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, or Gray depending on your preferred color scheme.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of all of the different EQ level controls without worrying that the sound will become unbalanced or distorted. The Rane SL-2 is not just a DJ mixer, it’s an electronic piece of equipment. The Rane SL-2 was made with everyone in mind; whether you’re a beginner or a professional DJ, the Rane SL-2 offers great sound quality and perfect cuts.

The Rane SL-2 can be used by any DJ looking for a solid, well-balanced club mixer. The Rane SL-2 is built with the needs of professional DJs in mind; that’s why it can take all kinds of abuse and always come back for more. Professionals will be able to enjoy good sound quality whether they’re using headphones or speakers and there won’t be any distortion.

Many people have been asking, “What makes the Rane SL-2 different from other DJ mixers?” This simple yet powerful mixer is one of a kind. In fact, it’s so well made that most DJs try to compare its power and durability to that of a battle tank! If you want a solid, professional club mixer then look no further than the Rane SL-2.

Rane Sl2

Choosing the right mixer and controller is also key. DJs who want to play vinyl or CD discs, for example, will need a different set of hardware than someone who plans on using CDs and laptops exclusively. Decide what options you may need down the road and purchase accordingly. Some Rane mixers are better suited for laptop DJs, while others are better for traditional DJs. Before you buy a mixer or controller, take some time to learn about each one’s features and read reviews from other users.

Finally, consider the mix of equipment you want in your rig. Packages save money by bundling hardware together, but they also limit you to whatever gear is included in the package. For most beginners, a packaged mix of controller and mixer will be perfect—but with so many options available, you may want to mix and match your own gear for maximum versatility! See our recommendations below for some great starting points.

Here are some helpful hints when shopping for DJ Controllers:

– Make sure the controller will work with the software you’re planning to use.

– Decide how portable you want your controller to be.

– Consider the layout of the mixer and controller, as this may affect your playing style.

– Think about how many decks you’d like to control on a single screen, if applicable.

FAQs about Rane Sl2

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What is the best controller to use in Djing?

Rane Sl2 is one of the best. It has a total of 8 channel strips, 32 assignable knobs, faders, and buttons for all modes.

Can I control digital DJ software with Rane Sl2?

Yes, you can, because it has an output section that allows connecting any digital DJ software like VirtualDJ or Traktor Pro 2 directly to it while keeping low latencies time/frame rates which are perfect if you are into a live performance or battle DJing.

Is Rane Sl2 a good controller to buy?

This is just one of the most versatile controllers ever made for Djing since its construction entirely out of metal ensures its durability and low latency, which makes it a great controller.

Rane Sl2 Alternatives

RANE DJ SEVENTY – Two-Channel DJ Mixer

Rane DJ Two Channel Mixer for Serato Akai Professional MPC Performance Pads Internal DJ FX and Three...
  • Enhance your DJ Set With The Latest Mixer from DJ Equipment Specialists, RANE 2 channel solid steel, precision performance Serato DJ mixer with an intuitive high performance layout
  • New Patented Fader Technology Three ultra light MAG FOUR contactless faders (two channel faders, one crossfader) with external crossfader tension adjustment control
  • DJ FX, Loops & Instant Doubles Six dual post fader internal FLEX FX engines; Serato DJ FX controls; Instant Double buttons (toggle as Sync On Off or Silent Cue mode); Dedicated loop controls

Rane Seventy is a two-channel DJ mixer with great features. 2 x line inputs, 1 x balanced mic input, crossfader curve adjustment for perfect beat matching, three EQs per channel, and six pro-quality effects— this mixer can be relied on to deliver superior sound no matter what you’re DJing. The Rane Seventy is the only choice for any serious performance DJ making waves in today’s competitive music scene!

The Rane Seventy is a great DJ mixer for both pros and beginners on the market. It features 3 bands EQs for each channel and many input and output options so you can custom tailor your system to fit your exact needs, has some nice plugins like 2 x 2 time-based effects units and 4 aux sends, loops thru-out on all channels which means its perfect if you want to try out any new tricks while keeping the mastered version of the track playing.

The Rane Seventy Two-Channel DJ Mixer will easily do anything from basic mixing to intricate looping and sampling. Weighing in at a modest nine pounds, the size is very easy to manage as well. It’s perfect for any performing DJ who needs a reliable mixer at their disposal.

At just under 100 bucks, it totally outperforms its hefty competitor Behringer – these guys have been making DJ mixers for decades! If you’re going budget or just want a simple but durable mixer that does everything a more expensive one would then the Seventy-two channel is your guy.


-Superior sound quality


-This mixer can be relied on to deliver superior sound no matter what you’re DJing.


-Only a 9 lb weight


RANE DJ Twelve MKII | 12-Inch Motorized Vinyl Like MIDI Turntable with USB MIDI & DVS Control for...
469 Reviews
RANE DJ Twelve MKII | 12-Inch Motorized Vinyl Like MIDI Turntable with USB MIDI & DVS Control for...
  • Authentic DJ Turntable Experience – Full 12-inch black acrylic control disc with motorized platter to control four decks of playback; Traditional, familiar turntable layout
  • Multi-Platform Control For Mainstream DJ Software - DVS/USB MIDI Control for Serato DJ Pro, Traktor and Virtual DJ; OLED screen displays BPM and Control Status; RCA output for DVS audio signals
  • Total Control of your DJ Set – Dual mode touch strip for track search and 8 hot-cue-triggers; 33 1/3 and 45 RPM platter speeds; 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual-resolution detented slider

The buttons have a good feel, and it has a nice weight with easy-to-feel dials. This device is compatible with Serato software and offers cross-platform functionality when used with Emulator, Scratch Live, or rekordbox DJ which the individual finds very helpful in their everyday workflow. It’s also very responsive to any changes made on the mobile app which makes this piece of hardware even niftier when they are on a live set in front of an audience! 

This person finds the RANE DJ Twelve MKII to be very portable, allowing them to carry it on their shoulders. They find that it is accurate with no lag when scratching and mixing, thus making the transition between all songs seamless. This equipment has improved an individual’s performance level in unexpected ways!

The RANE DJ Twelve MKII Mixer is a 12-channel analog mixer with USB digital audio. Designed for DJs, this top-of-the-line mixer has two mic inputs per channel and features a switchable 100 Hz high roll-off filter to attenuate the bass on sources that have distortion or heavy low-end content. The design of the Pro EQ means to control at your fingertips by utilizing four push encoders and overall level on VU meters on each channel. Create great-sounding mixes without the hassle of complicated setup directly from your laptop by using one of three USB ports.

The Rane Twelve MKII is the most technically advanced 12-channel DJ mixer ever made with enhanced product quality and performance levels unheard of in its class. This mixer boasts rugged build construction, 88 assignable rotary controls, 6+1 analog channels with built-in 24-bit digital effects engine plus two independent assignable USB/audio interfaces for flexible interface offload; VCA; 3 stereo channels (4 mono channels); 4 high pass filter slopes (2 inverting), switchable +48V Phantom Power, dry/wet mix knob per channel on auxes 1-3.


-This item is easy to use with good durability with a nice feel.

-The buttons are responsive with a nice weight. This piece of equipment can be useful for many applications which include Serato software, Emulator, Scratch Live, or rekordbox DJ.

-It also has a very fast response time on the mobile app.


-It costs a bit more than other models in its class and it can be challenging to find replacement parts for this device.

RANE TWELVE MIDI Control Turntable

RANE TWELVE | MIDI Control Turntable for Serato DJ with Full 12-Inch Motorized Platter, White...
  • Authentic Turntable Experience – Full 12-inch all-new white acrylic control disc with motorized platter to control playback; Traditional, familiar turntable layout—no need to learn something new
  • Total Control - Strip Search with 8 hot-cue-triggers access, 33 1/3 and 45 RPM platter speeds, 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual-resolution detented slider and Four decks of control
  • Power Meets Precision - 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor with high/low torque adjust for more traditional setups plus 3,600 ticks of platter resolution for seamless performance

The RANE TWELVE is a MIDI control turntable designed for DJs and other musicians. The TT-MIDI has an efficient, ergonomic design with performance features such as pitch bend capability and the ability to switch between timecodes. It can be used to perform live or DJ sets, mix loops and samples into your set, remix tracks on the fly without having to rely on software interfaces like laptops, controllers, or keyboards – it’s all at your fingertips!

This controller uses MIDI which gives you more customizable options than if it only had traditional vinyl/CDJs combined within one expensive unit. You can use CDJs instead of traditional vinyl as well if you’re a DJ who’s used to using a CDJ. The Rane Twelve is the only controller that uses traditional vinyl/CDJs and MIDI control giving it maximum flexibility.

The Rane Twelve is a solid, well-built MIDI-controlled turntable that gives you the classic feel of vinyl and the creativity of spinning tracks in your DAW. The Rane Twelve provides an effortless connection to and control from your chosen digital audio workstation (DAW). It automatically switches between 33.33+ RPM or 45 45 RPM speeds when you change them.

The RANE TWELVE MIDI Control Turntable is a professional-grade instrument with a Premium vinyl finish. This heirloom metal record player meets the demands of DJs and producers who understand the benefits of incorporating an analog source into their mix. With this turntable, you can remove vocals from any song, create your own unique remix then complete it on your computer without picking up cords or missing beats.


-It is easy to use.

-The buttons are responsive with a nice weight.

-It also has a very fast response time on the mobile app.




Don’t be fooled by how short this article is, there’s a lot that can go into choosing a Rane Sl2 for DJ. We all know that this mixer will work great no matter what type of speaker system you’re using; but did you also know that it comes with many different inputs? It’s got all of the standard connections like RCA, RCA Phono/Line inputs for turntables, 1/4″ TRS for CDJs or line out from media device, a balanced XLR input for microphones, and more. You’ll be able to connect everything that you need with the Rane Sl2!

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