RCF 9006 Reviews – Perfect Choice For You To Consider

You want to buy a new speaker subwoofer but you don’t know which one is the best. The RCF 9006 is a great choice for you to consider. It has been designed for optimum performance and reliability in any environment, and it’s perfect for your home theater system or stereo audio setup.

This speaker subwoofer features a powerful 10″ driver with an oversized magnet that delivers deep bass response at high volume levels. It also offers a frequency range of 25-200 Hz, so you can enjoy all your favorite music without distortion or unwanted noise.

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Things To Consider When Buying RCF 9006

RCF 9006

Power Quotient

One of the following factors to consider before buying RCF 9006 subwoofer is the power quotient. It helps in determining the quantity of power that it can produce and support at a specific frequency. The power quotient has been found to be very high for a subwoofer which means it can produce and support more power than that of other subs.

Dynamic Range

A second consideration is a dynamic range. The dynamic range is concerned with the ratio of the maximum sound pressure level to the lowest one. Moreover, it is also about how quickly does sound pressure vary on a logarithmic scale between those two points.

Sound Pressure Level

Thirdly, you should consider the RMS SPL or Sound Pressure Level as this number helps in determining output levels of the sub. It helps in determining how loud it will be at certain frequencies when measured from a specific point away from the subwoofer. Determining the loudness of speakers is one of the fundamental goals when you are designing any speaker system.


You must consider impedance before buying RCF 9006 Subwoofer since this helps in controlling power requirements and ensuring that your amp is suited for driving it with ease.

For the best result, the impedance must be between 1-6 ohm. You can’t go lower than 4 ohms in general. This is not important if you intend to drive this subwoofer with an amp that has an output of 900 watts RMS at 4 ohms.

Average Ratio

You must consider the peak-to-average ratio in order to avoid overloading your amplifier. The average level is calculated in a way that if a measurement of 1 second was taken, then it’s averaged over all frequencies in that period of time and helps determine the actual RMS level of the item in question.

The problem is when you play a burst of music, such as when the chorus starts or during an instrument’s solo that could be anywhere from 1/2 second to several seconds long. Your amplifier doesn’t know that this high-level sound will only last for less than 1/2 second and it has to process it for the entire duration.

It takes a lot more power to handle those peaks and it will overheat if you try to play them at a high enough level. When using an amplifier at or near its maximum output, the peak-to-average ratio should be 3dB or less for most music.

RCF 9006

Sound Quality

Another factor you should consider before buying a subwoofer is sound quality. This is important because you want to make sure that the subwoofer in question is able to produce bass frequencies at a certain frequency range.

You do not want a subwoofer that will produce boomy bass or any bass frequencies that are not audible. Furthermore, the sound quality of the subwoofer you buy should also be as good as possible.

For example, if your amplifier can reach distortion levels of 1%, it would be better to find a subwoofer that has an optimum frequency response up to 1% distortion than a subwoofer that only goes up to 0.5%, even though the latter is better for your amplifier because it can handle more power.

Sound quality is also affected by the crossover frequencies of the subwoofer and the main speakers in your system, their relative phase and any standing waves or resonances that become apparent at different locations in your room. This is why it really pays to experiment with subwoofers and speakers, moving them around until you get the best sound possible.


You need to ensure that you get a subwoofer that is meant for your specific amplifiers. If the design of this particular subwoofer does not match with your amplifier, it can cause damage and other problems which you do not want.  

It is advisable to check with your audio dealer before buying. If you are looking for the best sound possible at a certain price range, it would be better to buy an active subwoofer than an amplifier and passive subwoofer because active units have built-in amplifiers.

For most users of the RCF 9006 stereo amplifier, the amplifier sounds just fine since it is able to provide enough power for most home theater setups.

RCF 9006 Review

RCF 9006

The RCF 9006 subwoofer is best suited for people who are looking for a subwoofer that has an excellent balance between power and size. This subwoofer can be used in most applications.

It is small enough to be put into many different AV system spaces, but it still produces enough output to energize the room where it is placed. The RCF 9006 subwoofer is designed with a powerful yet compact design to produce high levels of sound pressure and deep bass.

Pros Of RCF 9006

The RCF 9006 is a compact and powerful subwoofer. This subwoofer has an excellent balance between size and power. The subwoofer can be placed in any AV system space, but it still produces enough output to energize most rooms.

The subwoofer was designed with a powerful yet compact design to produce high levels of sound pressure and deep bass.

The 9006 black finish and sleek lines give it a modern look. This subwoofer looks cool, especially with the LED lights that light up when the sub is on.

It can be easily mounted to any wall or cabinet and its streamlined design makes it fit into any AV system space nicely without having too much of an impact on the room’s decor.

Cons Of RCF 9006

The only downside to the RCF 9006 subwoofer is that it is not small enough for some home theater setups where space is limited. The unit also produces a significant amount of heat, even when it’s at idle power.

Features & Benefits

RCF 9006


RCF 9006 has an input for both line-level and speaker-level connections. This enables the subwoofer to be used with a wide range of AV receivers, amplifiers, and powered speakers. The line inputs have a 100Hz filter which can be defeated by setting a switch on the back of the subwoofer.

The line inputs have a 100Hz filter which can be defeated by setting a switch on the back of the subwoofer. Line level and speaker level connectors mean that they can be used with a wide range of AV receivers, amplifiers, and powered speakers. Speaker-level connections allow easy connection to an AV receiver with no pre-amplifier.

RCF 9006 has a side-firing woofer in a small, stylish enclosure that is only 14 inches high. This subwoofer delivers powerful dynamic bass performance in combination with its sleek looks. The input connectors are at the back of the unit which makes it easy to conceal it out of sight.

Design & Construction

High-quality components and engineering ensure clean, powerful bass performance with a frequency response of 20Hz to 200Hz. The side-firing woofer is driven by a high-power Class D amplifier which delivers 400W Peak (200W RMS) power for reliable and dynamic sound performance.

The enclosure is made from MDF and has a matte finish. The stylish front grill is removable if you prefer a more classic look. RCF 9006 also has an integrated limiter that prevents the sub from clipping and from bottoming out when it is asked to reproduce low bass frequencies at high volume levels.

An additional circuit called ‘advanced synthetic noise eliminating system’ detects power supply fluctuations and ensures an optimized performance. If you’re looking for a high-performance subwoofer with side-firing woofers, this 9006 would be the ideal solution!

Sound Quality

RCF 9006 delivers clean, unobtrusive bass that blends well with its surroundings. This is the ideal solution if you are looking for a subwoofer to blend in with your existing speakers and home theater system.

RCF 9006 has an output of 200 Watts RMS which is plenty of power to enjoy all genres of music. The frequency range of 20-200 Hz ensures that you will feel the bass but not hear it. Overall, this sub delivers clean, powerful low-end performance!

RCF 9006

Power & Efficiency

A high-performance Class D amplifier powers the subwoofer. This type of amplifier is widely used for car audio systems because it is efficient and has a small footprint. The built-in protection circuits ensure safe use with no risk of damaging the speaker drivers or blowing the subwoofer’s fuse.

RCF 9006 is a high-performance subwoofer that can handle up to 400 Watts Peak power. This unit has a built-in limiter which prevents the speaker drivers from being damaged when you play loud bass at high volumes.

RCF’s trademark synthetic noise eliminating circuit is also present to ensure that the amplifier doesn’t produce additional background noise. This is not only good for your peace of mind, but it helps create an extremely accurate sound reproduction.

Volumes in decibels

RCF 9006 delivers a deep bass performance without being intrusive. In fact, the subwoofer is so good at blending in with its surroundings that you might forget it’s on!

RCF has included their synthetic noise-eliminating circuit to ensure an extremely low noise floor when the subwoofer plays back sound. The downside is that this reduces the total power output of the unit. This might be a problem if you are looking for an extremely high-performance system.

RCF 9006

Portability & Convenience

RCF 9006 is fairly compact and won’t take up too much space in your room. It weighs only 25 pounds which makes it easy to move around when necessary.

RCF has included a number of convenient features such as the side-firing woofer, line-level & speaker inputs, and the Advanced Synthetic Noise Eliminating Circuit. The built-in limiter protects the subwoofer’s amplifier and speaker drivers when it reproduces loud bass at high volumes.

RCF 9006 has internal protection circuits that automatically turn off the subwoofer if you ever experience a power surge or overheat the unit. This is great to have since it ensures that the subwoofer will be safe to use at all times.


RCF 9006 is a high-performance subwoofer that delivers clean, powerful bass. The built-in protection circuits ensure safe use and protect your speakers.

If you want to blend the subwoofer into its surroundings, this will be a good choice since it has a very low profile and blends in with most decors.

Since it’s a subwoofer, the only connection you need to make is to your receiver. If your receiver can amplify low frequencies then this sub will be compatible with it.

RCF 9006 has both speaker-level and line-level audio inputs. This means that you can connect it directly to your amplifier (if it is powerful enough) or you can use your receiver as a dedicated amplifier.

RCF 9006 has a built-in limiter that protects the subwoofer from being damaged when it reproduces loud bass at high volumes.


RCF Active 15″ SUB-705AS-MK2

RCF Active 15″ SUB-705AS-MK2 is a subwoofer with a 15″ inch woofer. It’s a ported design which means that it should produce louder sound than other similar subs.

With a 1000W Peak power rating, this sub is good for either home theaters or even listening to music in big rooms or open spaces. At 26 lbs weight, SUB-705AS-MK2 should be easier to handle than the SUB-705AS which weighs 35 lbs.

You can use this sub in either sealed or vented enclosures. It comes with a complete set of automatic controls, all you need is to connect it to your main speaker’s system and start enjoying deep thumping bass notes.

This subwoofer has Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from most modern devices. It also has a digital input for TV or CD players, RCA stereo input, and XLR balanced input.

RCF SUB-705AS MK2 is a solid choice if you want a bass for your system that requires no setup at all or any adjustments. It comes with a wireless remote control which makes it easy to adjust the subwoofer’s volume or switch between different EQ modes.

RCF Monitor EVOXJ8

RCF Monitor Speaker and Subwoofer Part, Black (EVOXJ8)
  • The design of the FIR filter for this specific purpose should start from an accurate measurement of the loudspeaker phase.
  • The ultra-compact full-range 2” RCF drivers are capable of handling high SPL and power with a stunning sound performance
  • The algorithm corrects phase and amplitude (when necessary) by taking into account the weak points of the transducers and the resonances or cancellations due to the cabinet of the loudspeaker.

RCF Monitor EVOXJ8 is a very good speaker. The setup is pretty easy and not only that, but the monitor also has a device with Bluetooth so you are able to play music by using your phone or laptop or any other BT-compatible device.

The sound is very good even though the speaker is small. The bass is not so strong, but it’s there and works pretty well with other frequencies. All in all, this monitor has a great quality, especially considering the price. You can find similar products for much more money or speakers that are being sold without Bluetooth devices included.

The RCF Monitor EVOXJ8 is a small speaker with a big sound. It’s built with high-quality components to ensure stability, reduce distortion and deliver accurate, full-range responses across the spectrum. The EVOX J8 has been designed for use as a ‘companion speaker’ with the larger EVOX systems or as a cost-effective, high-quality floor monitor.

The Monitor EVOX J8 can be used in many ways. They would be perfect for Front of House (FOH) speakers and/or stage monitors on smaller shows such as school plays, pub band gigs, and corporate events.

The Monitor EVOX J8 is also a great portable PA for use on the road or at home. The built-in Bluetooth technology makes it very simple to connect your favorite mobile device to play music wirelessly.

This small monitor is perfect for mobile DJs, performing artists, and public speakers who are looking for great sound but don’t want to lug around a heavy speaker cabinet. In addition, the Monitor EVOX J8 can be used in fixed installations such as hotels and restaurants to provide background music for your customers.

RCF SUB 702-AS II Active Subwoofer

RCF SUB 702-AS II Active Subwoofer
  • 1400-Watt Digital Amplifier
  • 12" Woofer, bass reflex housing
  • Stereo crossover with Switchable crossover frequencies

RCF SUB 702-AS II Active Subwoofer is a powerful and portable bass that will help you in your multimedia presentations or leisure listening. It has a good power to price ratio, so it’s affordable and sounds very well for such an inexpensive model.

This device is pretty easy to use even though it isn’t equipped with all the advanced controls available on high-end models or some other competitors’ products. It is designed for use with smaller PA systems, so it’s perfect for DJing or live gigs.

The RCF SUB 702-AS II Active Subwoofer features a 12″ custom ASW high-performance long stroke woofer and 700 watts peak power handling. The subwoofer has several inputs including RCA unbalanced, XLR balanced, and has a microphone input with an adjustable priority which is useful if you are playing music through it.

The RCF SUB 702-AS II Active Subwoofer is great for any event that requires powerful bass without sacrificing portability or ease of use. You can get professional-quality sound at an affordable price. The compact design makes the subwoofer easy to transport and set up without sacrificing the power needed for big parties or concerts.


RCF 9006

What is the frequency response for RCF 9006?

The frequency response of the RCF 9006 is 18 Hz – 150 Hz. The sensitivity ratings are 89dB at 2˚ on-axis, 82dB at 15˚ off-axis. Power output is 850 watts peak to peak, 700 continuous RMS power handling, 600 watts continuous program power handling, and 590 watts continuous music power handling.

What type of amplifier does RCF 9006 use?

RCF 9006 uses Class D amplification. It has an internal high-efficiency driver with an integrated power supply, and it has a switching power supply that supplies 1,000 watts RMS into 4 ohms. The rear panel of the subwoofer has line-level RCA inputs and direct output connectors.

There are also two XLR/TRS combo jacks on the rear of the subwoofer used for balanced input. When a speaker is plugged into either one of these jacks, a signal will be sent to that speaker regardless of what is happening with the other speakers or input.

How many speaker input connectors does RCF 9006 have?

RCF 9006 has two speaker-level inputs, two balanced XLR/TRS combo jacks, and a line-level RCA connector. It also includes a speaker-level output connector for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers together.

What type of connectors does RCF 9006 use for power?

RCF 9006 has an IEC connector that is used for AC power input. There is also a 15-Amp male twist-lock connector on the rear panel that can be used to connect the subwoofer to an amplifier with Speakon inputs.

What are the protection indicators on RCF 9006?

When the top-mounted “Protection” button is lit solid, it means that there is a short circuit in one of the speaker-level inputs. When it blinks, it means that there is an open circuit in one of the speaker-level inputs. When this happens, the signal will be sent to the speaker-level output connector.

The Protection indicator on the front of the subwoofer blinks when there is a short in one of the input connectors or an internal circuit failure. The Protection indicator on the rear panel of RCF 9006 also blinks when there is a short in one of the input connectors.

What is an XLR/TRS combo jack?

An XLR/TRS combo jack, or combination jack, is used to take advantage of balanced and unbalanced inputs. The tip of the connector is positive, and the ring is negative. The sleeve of the connector is ground.


RCF 9006 is the best subwoofer you can get in this price range. It has a high-quality design and produces clean, low distortion sound with a powerful bass response for movies or music. If you want to feel like you’re “in the action” when watching your favorite show on TV or if you just love listening to good music, then RCF 9006 subwoofer is perfect for you!

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