Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Storage Containers: A Guide to Preventing and Repairing Damage

The Rubbermaid microwave safe containers are the best choice for microwaving food. The Rubbermaid microwave safe containers can be used in any room because they are made of rubber and plastic which is non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb smells or stains. They also don’t break or crack like glassware does when heated up too quickly. 

The Rubbermaid microwave safe containers come in a variety of sizes to meet all your needs from one container for a single person to a family size that fits six dishes inside without being overfilled. There is something for everyone with Rubbermaid’s new line of products that include freezer storage bowls, lunch boxes, and food covers as well as their classic line of Rubbermaid Containers which are microwave safe containers.

What Is Rubbermaid?

rubbermaid microwave safe

Rubbermaid is a brand of kitchen and household products, including storage containers and organization products. Rubbermaid products are often available in-home hardware retailers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Rubbermaid manufactures durable goods for the household from its manufacturing plant in Monterey County, California. The company also has facilities in Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil, Shanghai – China, Madrid – Spain, and Malaysia. 

Rubbermaid products are made from a number of materials, including Acrylics, Polypropylene, Rubber, and Stainless Steel. Rubbermaid Rubber products are mainly manufactured in a Rubbermaid Rubber complex based out of Chennai, India.

Rubbermaid is a major worldwide manufacturer of plastic products. Rubbermaid offers a variety of food storage containers in different shapes, sizes, and colors to meet your needs. 

Rubbermaid’s line of Commercial Products includes heavy-, high- or light-duty polyethylene totes, bulk containers for liquids, dispensers for trash compaction, and portable waste receptacles for indoor cleanups. 

Rubbermaid’s Car Wash line of products includes wash-down equipment and accessories that help you keep your car wash looking its best. Rubbermaid produces plastic pitchers, cleaning tools, filters, and scrapers for the foodservice industry. 

Rubbermaid offers a complete line of Rubbermaid First Aid Kits and Emergency Response Products to meet your needs and provide solutions to any emergency

Rubbermaid makes containers for food, liquids, and household items that are microwave safe. Rubbermaid’s durable products are made with polycarbonate plastic which is break-resistant to resist potential impact or scratching. 

Rubbermaid designs products for storing leftovers, displaying groceries and accompaniments like sauces and spices in pantries, packing lunches, making pets’ dishes easier to store, and more. Rubbermaid has been providing the world with innovative solutions since 1970!

What About Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Storage Containers?

rubbermaid microwave safe

Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers are a budget-friendly way to store your food. Rubbermaid is a trusted brand that specializes in kitchen and home products. 

Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers come in various sizes for different needs, from individual servings to large family meals. Rubbermaid also offers a variety of shapes and colors, from square to round and rectangular, so you can find the exact container you need for any meal or dish. 

Check out Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers today for quality kitchen products that you can trust. Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers are available in individual servings up to family sizes, so you can get the right Rubbermaid storage container for every need! 

Rubbermaid has been manufacturing quality products since 1939, which means they know how important it is to keep your food safe while still being able to enjoy reheating it with an oven or microwave! 

rubbermaid microwave safe

You will love Rubbermaid for its durability too – these containers will last years with proper care, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Rubbermaid microwave safe containers are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleanup easy! 

Rubbermaid is the first brand to offer lids that lock onto each container for added safety and security – no more spilled food on your way to work or school! 

Rubbermaid storage containers are made of FDA-approved materials, which means you can rest easy knowing that your Rubbermaid containers are safe to put in the microwave. Here at Rubbermaid, they’re constantly striving towards excellence and innovation, which is why Rubbermaid storage containers come with a limited lifetime warranty – Rubbermaid is confident you’ll love them! 

Rubbermaid takes pride in manufacturing the Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers with quality materials, so you can rest easy knowing that Rubbermaid is behind your Rubbermaid container!

Are Rubbermaid Microwave Containers Safe For Me?

rubbermaid microwave safe

Nowadays, people start to reduce the amount of single-use wraps and plastic bags and change to reusable food storage containers. Thus, we can decrease wasted food and save money and the environment. However, before putting such containers in the microwave, let’s concern the safe factor a bit.

When keeping leftovers in a plastic box, you can put them in the fridge and then into the microwave to reheat without pouring a bowl or plate. 

Even so, some plastic products are not for the microwave, even cause danger to your health. Another potential risk is the hardening agent’s presence, which is BPA (bisphenol A). This chemical contacts with the heated plastic that can leach into your food. 

There is no proof to prove the BPA’s harm or content regulation that is permitted in food containers, but the regulatory, scientific, and medical communities always monitor it strictly.

Therefore, if you use Rubbermaid containers, don’t worry about the BPA content. This brand has not added it to plastic boxes since 2009 to ensure customers’ health. 

rubbermaid microwave safe

Most Rubbermaid containers are for going from the fridge to the microwave. If you do not know which product is microwave safe, you should find and check its label with some phrase such as a microwave logo or “microwave-safe”. These signs allow you to identify microwave safe containers.

After determining microwave-safe boxes, you have to use them correctly. First, let’s remember not to adjust the too high temperatures in the microwave while using plastic products because Rubbermaid containers can withstand the water boiling temperature (about 212 degrees Fahrenheit). The too high temperature can make Rubbermaid boxes become deformed or melted.

The watery food will never increase over that temper level (ex. soup, leftover meat, loaf, veggies, etc.). However, the sugar and fat can reach a higher temper in the microwave, so you should limit fatty dishes, sauces, or sugar-based syrups. You can only reheat those foods in a short time with the closest supervision. Don’t try to reheat crisp bacon with plastic containers, too.

Besides, you should not close food containers too tightly while microwaving. The Rubbermaid containers usually come with tight-fitting lids to maintain the food’s freshness. However, it is a bit of trouble during reheating.

This is because pressure can build up inside the container as the food heats up. Hence, the lid can blow off making food messy in the microwave.

Not only that, but pressure can also raise the temperature inside the container above the boiling point. And next, this factor can ruin your food container. Moreover, you may get hurt when opening the lid because the superheated steam will come out and cause burns.

Hence, let’s open a tiny corner of the lid to let the hot steam escape. You can consider buying the Rubbermaid Microwave’n Savers because they have a vent built into the lid to support releasing the steam.

For Purpose, What Do We Use Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Storage Containers?

Rubbermaid is a brand that many people have come to know and love for their Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers. Rubbermaid has been an industry leader for over 50 years and Rubbermaid products can be found in homes all over the world. 

Rubbermaid microwave safe containers are a popular choice for many reasons. Rubbermaid’s Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers have been designed to be tough, durable, and dependable. 

Now, let’s check some purposes to use Rubbermaid microwave safe containers.

Reheat food in the microwave

rubbermaid microwave safe

Rubbermaid offers Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers which are designed with your needs in mind. Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers allow you to store food without worrying about it getting contaminated or damaged by microwaves, as they are made from durable plastic that won’t warp when heated. 

They also offer great insulation properties because of the thickness of the walls which keep food fresh longer than standard kitchenware items such as plates or bowls would, so if you want to save money on groceries Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers are for you! 

Bring delicious lunch everywhere

rubbermaid microwave safe

Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers come in many different shapes and Rubbermaid also offers lunch boxes. 

Rubbermaid lunch boxes are small containers designed specifically to fit inside your bag, so you don’t have to worry about losing any Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers or lunch boxes.

Rubbermaid ensures microwave-safe storage containers with lids that will snap on tightly, which is perfect if you are taking the container to picnic, work, or school. 

Rubbermaid is so sure of their Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers that they offer a lifetime guarantee against cracking! 

Preserve the food in the fridge

rubbermaid microwave safe

Rubbermaid has taken into account the needs of all consumers when designing their microwave safe storage containers. Rubbermaid knows that not everyone is going to want or need the same type of container so they offer a variety of different sizes and shapes which make them perfect for any kitchen environment. 

Thus, this brand can meet all your food storage needs due to the range of food containers available in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Rubbermaid convenient take-along sets include both a Rubbermaid lunch container and microwavable safe storage containers. 

Rubbermaid storage containers are a great way to store food and keep it fresh. Rubbermaid microwaves safe containers come in a variety of sizes, so no matter what you need to store or how much, Rubbermaid has the perfect container for you.

Make your kitchen tinier

rubbermaid microwave safe

Rubbermaid is made from the finest materials, no BPA, and is durable enough to last for years with proper usage. 

This brand provides various colors which can be matched with any kitchen décor. If you want a good-looking storage solution, Rubbermaid is a clear winner. Rubbermaid comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can use Rubbermaid to store anything from lunches to leftovers. 

Rubbermaid also offers different types of containers as well such as lids that snap on tight, easy-grip handles that make carrying heavy loads easily, and even stackable designs which save space in your cabinets. Whatever your needs may be, Rubbermaid has got you covered! 

Our most favorite part is the lids seal closely so there are never any spills or messes in the kitchen! 

Alternatively, Rubbermaid even offers microwave-safe storage containers with handles so they are easy to carry and dishwasher safe. Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers make clean-up a breeze more than ever!  

Things To Know While Using Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Storage Containers For Kitchen Equipment

Don’t pick a high setting

rubbermaid microwave safe

A high setting is not suitable for Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This means you do not have to boil or heat the Rubbermaid container at high temperatures. 

Even though Rubbermaid containers do not contain harmful compounds, they can be warped or melted at too high a temperature and even deteriorated. Hence, the born toxins may leach into the food.

The ideal temperature for  Rubbermaid food containers is 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). Don’t try to reheat at too high temperatures.

Check the label

Before using Rubbermaid containers, let’s check the label

Check the label or the bottom of the plastic container to find a microwave-safe symbol. The symbol verifies that you can reuse plastic containers for microwaving foods.

Remember to ventilate

rubbermaid microwave safe

Ventilation is obviously necessary to avoid odors and fumes from Rubbermaid microwave-safe containers.

Before putting a Rubbermaid box into the microwave, we often cover the lid tightly. However, this can create great pressure inside it and pop off the lid, the food will be spattered. The escaped steam may cause burns.

Hence, you should open a little corner on the top’s lid to create ventilation, ensure your safety and everyone.

Be careful while using safe food containers with other kitchen equipment

Rubbermaid products are all dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. It can withstand extreme temperatures (-40°F to 210°F) so that no matter what your needs are, these Rubbermaid’s containers have got you covered. 

However, the company advises that many dishwashers and microwaves don’t reach the same temperature for them, so the manufacturer recommends we not use Rubbermaid Microwave-Safe Storage Containers for several hours before taking them out of the dishwasher or microwave oven.

rubbermaid microwave safe
Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Storage Containers: A Guide to Preventing and Repairing Damage 17

Frequently Asked Questions About Rubbermaid Microwave Safe Storage Containers?

If you have any questions about Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers, you can refer to our information in the following part. 

What are Rubbermaid food storage containers made of?

Rubbermaid food storage containers are made of durable polyethylene. This material can preserve your food in fresh condition for a long time and is safe for your health. Some product lineups are glass to use in the oven.

How do I identify the Rubbermaid microwave safe’s symbol?

To identify the Rubbermaid microwave safe’s symbol, you have to look for the number 5 in a triangle or the phrase “microwave-safe” on the Rubbermaid container’s bottom. Those symbols show you that the food containers are microwave-safe.

Besides an embossed icon, the microwave’s safe symbol is also imprinted on the product’s label, so let’s check it carefully.

Some cases have squiggly lines, which is the microwave’s safe icon. In addition to it, a plate symbol placed below a microwave or radiation waves shows that that product is microwave safe.

Some cases have squiggly lines, which is the microwave’s safe icon. In addition to it, a plate symbol placed below a microwave or radiation waves shows that that product is microwave safe.

Can I microwave Rubbermaid lids?

rubbermaid microwave safe

Our answer is yes. You can put Rubbermaid lids into the microwave. However, you have to lift it gently to create a vent space. Thus, the steam will release while the food container is nuking.

Thanks to this action, you can prevent the hot steam from hurting yourself.  You can limit the mess while preparing the meals and cleaning the microwave inside, too. Some Rubbermaid products include a vented lid option to reduce the steam pressure, you may refer to them.

Where do I go to buy Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers?

If you are looking to get your hands on these Rubbermaid products then you should know that Rubbermaid offers various ways for you to purchase them including online shopping through Amazon or by visiting your local stores or supermarkets in person! 

How do I use Rubbermaid food containers safely?

To use Rubbermaid food containers safely, here are some tips for you. Let’s read them carefully and follow them exactly.

  • Remove all plastic labels and covering before using Rubbermaid food containers before putting them into the microwave.
  • Always remember to ventilate the Rubbermaid microwave safe containers to be safe and not to take time to clean.
  • Don’t reheat food with sugar, tomato, bacon fat, oil, or salt. Thus, you will not create the pitting form in the food containers. The tomato-based dishes also cause stains after cooking in the microwave.
  • While taking the food container out of the microwave, let’s wear heat-resistant gloves or use a kitchen towel, if not, you may get burned because the plastic box gets hot very quickly.
  • When opening the lid, let’s be careful, remove it slowly to let the released steam not hurt you. After allowing the food to be cool, you can enjoy it.
  • Adjust the timer correctly before microwaving because if you overcook, the plastic may be burned.
  • Never use Rubbermaid food containers on the conventional stovetop and oven because these types of equipment can melt or make the plastic turn brown.
  • Don’t keep food in Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers long after microwaving it, as they could cause contaminants to accumulate on your food.
  • Avoid using Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers made from Tritan™ plastic, which can leach estrogenic chemicals into food. This is a rubber heating element inside your oven.
  • Never use Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers with metallic or magnetic lids in microwaves or when cooking on high heat as it may cause sparks and damage the oven.
  • Do not clean Rubbermaid rubber microwave-safe storage containers in the dishwasher unless they are specifically designed to be safe for use in them. Never place Rubbermaid microwave-safe storage containers in a dishwasher that is running or about to run a hot cycle.
  • Allow Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers to stand for several minutes after microwaving before serving them.
rubbermaid microwave safe

Should I consider buying these product lineups from Rubbermaid?

If you want to buy Rubbermaid’s products, you can refer to some lineups (they all have no BPA).

  • Glass Containers with Easy Find Lids
  • Lock-Its
  • TakeAlongs Containers
  • LunchBlox Sandwich Kits

You can use them all in the microwave. You should avoid buying the FreshWorks Produce Savers and the Modular Cereal Containers because they are not microwave safe.

Rubbermaid food storage containers are oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius)?

Yes, they are oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To meet this temperature level, you should buy Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Food Storage Container instead of picking plastic product sets.

Are Rubbermaid glass lids resistant to stains, mold, and bacteria? 

Our answer is yes. The Rubbermaid glass lids can prevent stains, mold, and bacteria from developing. Meanwhile, the plastic lids are a bit difficult to do this. 

You can clean the glass lids more easily than the plastic ones, so you may consider picking Rubbermaid glass food containers in addition to plastic product lineups.

rubbermaid microwave safe

What do I have to consider when shopping for Rubbermaid food containers?

Rubbermaid products are not too expensive, so you can look for them easily at online shops or discount groceries. It would be best if you bought transparent food containers. They will let you see inside the boxes without opening them.

What types of plastic containers should I stay away from?

You should not use the reused plastic bag or container to keep the raw food. Those can endanger your health, especially if you reheat the food inside. Let’s buy and use safe plastic containers from reliable brands such as Rubbermaid to avoid this situation.


Rubbermaid microwave safe storage containers are an effective method to store food in your kitchen at an affordable price. Besides, you can use them in the microwave and other types of kitchen equipment. Furthermore, they can make your cookhouse space tinier and cleaner. Now, let’s enjoy the wonderful time when you cook for everybody with Rubbermaid microwave safe containers.

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