Sae J1940 Oil Review- Essential Products For The Machine To Run Smoothly 2022

Sae j1940 oil is an indispensable component in the operation of machinery and equipment. However, how to choose the right oil is never easy. Basically, choosing the right oil will have to be based on many different factors. Currently, on the market, there are many different types of sae j1940 oil. If you are wondering what to choose, today we will present you with the hottest product on the market (Mobil 1 120762 ) for you to have. can be easily referenced

In addition, we will give you the basics for you to navigate and identify your requirements and make the most accurate decision easily.

Something You Should Consider Before Buying Sae J1940 Oil

sae j1940 oil

Sae j1940 oil is a product used quite commonly in the industry today. It helps protect the safety and improve working efficiency for machinery and equipment. Preventing and minimizing damage and dangerous incidents while the machinery is in operation.

When operating, if the machinery has problems related to industrial oil, it is a big concern. This incident directly affects the production schedule. Therefore, the selection of industrial oils suitable for machines is fascinating. The best and most effective solution is to use genuine, quality industrial oil to prevent abnormal incidents.

Based on climatic conditions

According to ISO, the viscosity grade of an external listed oil is measured at a temperature of 40 ° C. To keep machines running stably to bring the best working performance, we should choose industrial oils with a viscosity suitable for the temperature range where the machines operate.

Climate and weather greatly affect the operation of machinery systems, detailed components of the equipment. Enterprises need to choose industrial oils with a viscosity suitable for the climatic conditions where they operate their machines. According to previously reported research, if the temperature goes up high, then the oil’s viscosity will decrease. Conversely, if the temperature drops low, the viscosity of the oil will increase.

Customers choosing to buy industrial oil products need to clearly define the weather conditions where the equipment is operating to choose accordingly. The geographic location and weather of different regions will select different viscosity grades. In Vietnam, all three grades of industrial oils such as light, medium, or heavy industrial oils are commonly used due to the weather characteristics of Vietnam being a tropical monsoon with hot and humid properties.

Based on oil viscosity

sae j1940 oil

Oil viscosity is an important factor that directly affects the fuel consumption of machinery systems. Industrial oils with a viscosity too high often hinder operation. In addition, the high viscosity of the oil molecules is inefficient, so it takes more time to pump the oil to the parts that need lubrication. This phenomenon can damage the machine system when the machine is started up in the cold season.

Based on features used.

Choosing industrial oils must meet features such as oil suitable for equipment, good lubrication, good anti-foaming, good anti-wear;… People add different additives to industrial oils with different effects to enhance their ability and physical and chemical properties. You need to carefully consider which properties your equipment requires most to choose the industrial oils that suit the actual performance requirements.

Based on the fire resistance of the oil

Fire resistance is one of the characteristics of industrial oils. In industrial production, there are many systems and processes, easily burned machines, easily cause fire when friction. This causes the accumulation of temperature in space more quickly. Flame retardant industrial oil is added with a flame retardant additive to help limit heat generation. From there, limit the risk of fire and explosion when the system is operating.

Need the quality of the job.

sae j1940 oil

Industrial lubricants are created with different functions, but industrial lubricants will be modified into two main categories to serve the two purposes of item maintenance and operation.

In terms of certified maintenance, these oils are created to protect the target computer, preventing corrosion and wear during production operations. The most common is hydraulic oil, turbine oil.

Meanwhile, technology oil is an oil that has no protective function but directly participates in the production process as an indispensable part such as “transformer oil, heat transfer oil …”.

Therefore, when choosing to buy industrial lubricants, you need to clearly define what type of oil your job and occupation require. The target item is what to have the best-the-best choice.

It is necessary to understand the mechanism of operation of the machinery and equipment.

Regarding the operating mechanism, each industry will have different characteristics in terms of speed, pressure, operating mechanism, and contact plane…. So knowing what your machinery has and what it will help you choose the right lubricants.

Basically, the operating machines will have 3 basic parameters that you need to care about

  • Machine temperature: determines lubricating base oil type
  • Operating speed: determines the viscosity of industrial lubricants
  • Humidity and load pressure determine the lubricant’s additives.
  • For industrial knitting machines, for example, the suitable industrial oil should be the low viscosity grade.

Understand the specifications

sae j1940 oil

Regarding the operating mechanism, each industry will have different characteristics in terms of speed, pressure, operating mechanism, and contact plane…. So knowing what your machinery has and what it will help you choose the right lubricants.

Basically, for machines to operate smoothly and efficiently, industrial lubricants will be assessed through two basic factors:

Viscosity of industrial oils:

Viscosity, known as “Viscosity Grade,” is the factor that you will need to consider when choosing a lubricant. The oil chosen should be such a viscosity that it has a suitable fluidity to ensure that the equipment can be started at low temperatures and remains solid enough when operating in a steady-state.

Working features:

This criterion will be determined through international technical standards such as (DIN, ISO, BS), or equipment manufacturer’s standards.

Choose the right reputable supplier.

sae j1940 oil

This is the last factor but extremely important. It is difficult for a company, factory, or factory to buy suitable industrial lubricants. Oil selection, technical analysis, performance guarantee is even more difficult,

Moreover, the cost of quality control or engineering team is not cheap and is a huge economic problem that anyone should pay attention to. So, if you need to maintain or protect your machinery, choose reputable and long-standing quality industrial lubricants as they will ensure technicality and privacy. Tell you the best oil for your job.

When buying oil, pay attention to the lubricating oil packaging. Clear marks are showing the features and scope of use of each oil. According to the technical specifications mainly based on the standards of the US organization, we should select two important indicators, the SAE and the API, for evaluation.

API metrics

API index is an index evaluating the quality of lubricants of the American Petroleum Institute. API classifies two types of specialized oils and general-purpose oils.

Multipurpose oil: A type of lubricating oil that can be used for both gasoline and diesel engines. On commercial engine oil products, this classification is often given in full by the manufacturers. For example, engine oil with API SG / CD indicates the oil used for quality G and diesel engines of quality D. The index is for which engine (S or C ) prefixed with the “/” sign to give the engine a preference. For this example, the preference for gasoline engines when using oil must follow the engine manufacturer’s instructions for SAE rating, API, and oil change times.

Specialized oil is a type of oil used only for one of two gasoline engines or diesel types. Grade S is used for filling gasoline engines (e.g., API-SH), and grade C is used to support diesel engines (e.g., API-CE). The second letter after S or C indicates increasing quality in alphabetical order. The better the quality of the products in the future, the manufacturers have to add special additives to adapt to the new engine technologies.

SAE metrics

sae j1940 oil

The SAE index is an index that classifies oils by viscosity at 100 ° C and -18 ° C of the Society of Automobile Engineers issued in June 1989. At a certain temperature, for example, at 100oC large SAE index means the viscosity of the oil is high and vice versa. The SAE classifications depend on whether the oil product is multigrade or monograde.

Multi-grade: 2-digit viscosity type eg SAE15W-40, SAE20W-50. At low temperature (winter), the viscosity grade is the same as the single grade: SAE15W, SAE20W also at high temperature has the same viscosity grade as the SAE40 single grade; SAE50. Oils with a multigrade viscosity index have a broader range of ambient temperatures than those with a single grade. The larger the numbers, the more viscosity the oil has, and vice versa. For example, SAE-40 single-grade lubricants are used for environments between 26 and 42oC, while 10W / 40 multigrade oils can be used in environments with wider temperature variations from 0 to 40oC. The oil commonly used in our country is SAE 20W-50 or 15W-40.

Single-level type: A type with only one viscosity index, SAE40, SAE50, SAE10W, and SAE20W. Viscosity grade has the letter W (meaning Winter: winter). Based on viscosity index with maximum visible temperature (Viscosity with starting temperature from -30oC to -5oC). To determine the start-up temperature follow the letters from which you only need to subtract 30 from the numbers but according to the negative temperature.

Example: SAE10W oil will start well at -20oC or SAE15W will start well at -15oC, or SAE20W at -10oC…

The non-W viscosity index is only based on the viscosity index at 100 ° C.

Oils with the required SAE rating must be used, while the higher the API number means the better the oil quality. The longer the oil change time, the less oil change will be. After a period of time when the engine is working, the oil is degraded and gradually loses its properties. The normal uses as mentioned above must not be ensured, so it must be replaced promptly. If the engine’s working mode is more severe than normal or if the engine is old, the oil change interval should be shortened.

Select oil according to SAE viscosity standard

Oil viscosity is measured in cents stock (CST) at 1000C is an important indicator related to friction loss. Classified according to SAE viscosity standards, lubricants are classified into 11 types (0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60). Winter models have the W designation, while the rest are for summer. Multigrade oils are oils that satisfy both winter and summer viscosity grades and have little change in temperature with ambient temperature.

What Is The Sae J1940 Oil?

sae j1940 oil

According to the Societies of Diesel Mechanics, the SAE J1940 oil is intended to be used in tiny increased chemical, including agricultural machinery such as tractors, building and utilities, and sporting off-road cars. These motors have a capacity distortion of gross 1.0 liters.

J1940 is a powerhouse score calculated by the SAE. This ranking does not include motors in on-road automobiles, bikes, or warships. All the turbines manufactured after 1 October 2014 are needed under the present norm to operate within 95percent of the producer’s speed and efficiency. The supplier must also reveal the transformations of the motor per second. The specifications of SAE, which are periodically reviewed by the SAE every 5 years, are meant to ensure that energy and stiffness are supplied to users by motors.

Briggs & Stratton, maker of lawn pieces of equipment, suggests that SAE 30 oil be used for celsius and 10W-30 for winter conditions and atmospheric conditions of up to 120 degrees. Overall motors. In motors classified J1940 For hot conditions of -20 to 90 °, natural 10W-30 and usually cold weather,8W-30 will be used for summer usage. Furthermore, the company advises using “Product SF, SG, SH, SJ” or load flow product and the avoidance of proper precautions.

The SAE norm applies to small amplification and fuel injection engines with an output of up to 1.0 liters and off-road appliances such as garden plants, buildings, general-purpose equipment, and off-road motor homes. It is not meant to include on-road motors, bikes, or ships.

Sae oil has many uses, some of which are the most important

sae j1940 oil

Cool some more. Due to friction at work surfaces such as pistons – cylinders, crankshafts – bearings … heat is generated. On the other hand, some details such as piston, nozzle … also receive the heat of the combustion gas transmitted. 

Therefore, the temperature of some parts is very high, which can damage the normal working conditions of the engine, such as broken, stuck, reducing the durability of the parts. To make the temperature of these components, the oil from the lubrication system at a lower temperature than the part temperature is directed to the high-temperature parts to load (carry) the heat.

  • Lubricates surfaces with sliding movement between parts to reduce friction, thereby reducing wear and increasing component life. So the motorized loss in the engine decreases, and the efficiency increases, which increases the engine’s economy.
  • Shorten the engine running process.
  • Wash the friction surfaces of the parts.
  • On the friction surface, during work, there are often solid scales peeling off the surface. Lubricating oil removes the flakes and is then trapped in the filter elements of the lubricating system, preventing the work surface from being scratched. Therefore, when the engine runs after assembly and repair, there are still many metal particles left in the assembly process. A lot of solid flakes peel off when running, so lubricants must be used. It has a small viscosity to increase the ability to wash away the dirt on the surface.
  • Anti-oxidizing (rusting) surface of parts thanks to additives in the oil
  • When running, the engine must use low viscosity lubricating oil. In addition, the oil is also mixed with several special additives that soften the micro metal structure, a skinny layer on the surface of the details. Therefore, the details are quickly matched, shortening the running time and costs.
  •  Seal the gap between the details, such as the piston-cylinder-segment pair, so when assembling this part assembly, the oil must be applied to the segment groove and the cylinder surface.

Mobil 1 120762 & Its Outstanding Features

Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30, 5 Quart
  • Mobil 1 Advanced Full-Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30 Utilizes Mobil 1’S Signature Triple Action Formula To Deliver Outstanding Engine Performance, Protection, And Cleanliness.
  • Helps Protect Critical Engine Parts For Up To 10,000 Miles Between Oil Changes,* Controlling Oxidation To Prevent Oil Breakdown And Maintaining Excellent Viscosity
  • Meets Ilsac Gf-6 Standards To Help Provide Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (Lspi) And Timing Chain Wear Protection While Keeping Your Engine Clean And Helping To Improve Your Fuel Economy


  • Diverse models
  • Keep the engine clean
  • Maximum engine protection


  • Nothing

The world-famous lubricant brand comes from the US and is associated with the NASCAR – American Sports Pride. During many years of sticking to great racing, Mobil 1 is constantly searching and developing to always create the right lubricants for each need and condition of use. Most importantly, Mobil 1 lubricants must also meet all of the requirements and specifications are given by vehicle manufacturers.

Mobil has been a lubricant product used by motorcyclists and racers around the globe since 1979. Up to now, Mobil has partnered with many leading racing teams and won more than 11 world championships thanks to its efficient engine protection and fuel economy, selected by many professional racers.

This is a premium synthetic 100% lubricant manufactured exclusively for 4-stroke scooters today. With good dilution (standard 5W30), Mobil 1 GOLD helps scooters operate smoothly, with durability, with outstanding acceleration. At the same time, the engine protects optimally against all the harsh conditions of both hot and cold weather.

Manufactured using leading US technology, Mobil 1 5W30 Gold has been proven to improve vehicle performance, smooth acceleration, and quieter acceleration during 3000km in one go.

Technology of Mobil synthetic lubricants 1

Mobil 1 synthetic oils are refined and distilled and broken down into their basic molecules. This process removes a lot of impurities from the crude and allows the individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the needs of modern engines.

These custom molecules provide a higher level of protection and efficiency than conventional oils. In addition, the manufacturer of Exxon Mobil also blends specialized additives to form premium Mobil 1 lubricants.

Mobil 1 synthetic lubricants also have a unique formula for maximum thermal balance to keep engines running like new.

Famous brand

 Mobil 1 also develops new-generation motorcycles, clutch, and even 4-stroke scooters and lubricants for cars. In Vietnam, for those who love cars and want to choose their cars the best lubricants, Mobil 1 lubricants are always on the list of the most preferred.

Mobil is rated as the No. 1 lubricant brand in the United States and has consistently reached the TOP selling lubricants for 5 consecutive years in the world since returning to 2016 up to now. According to many users, this product helps the car run smoothly, load the engine, protect the engine well and at a reasonable price.

Over 161 years of industry experience, Mobil lubricants (ExxonMobil) are the leading oil and gas corporation in the United States, present in over 110 countries and providing more than 6.5 million products per day.

Diverse models

sae j1940 oil

Mobil lubricants are a wide range of products, including product lines for motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, specialized vehicles, marine vehicles, and industrial lubricants. But in this section, I only mention an in-depth assessment of the product line for cars and motorcycles because this is the segment that users are interested in and choose to buy the most today!

Leading experts in the United States carefully research Mobil lubricants (cars and motorbikes) to provide the best maintenance and support for each vehicle engine. In addition to being as lubricating and anti-wear as other types of lubricants, Mobil also uses the liquid film protection feature to effectively remove dirt and black deposits inside the engine for smooth, durable operation. During travel.

At the same time, it increases performance, ensures smooth operation, easy acceleration/deceleration in all traffic conditions and inclement weather, significantly limits car heat, “stirring,” and heavy engine.

When the deadline for a new replacement, the normal lubricant lines are greatly reduced in quality, the color “dark black” due to being dirty and containing a lot of dirt. Meanwhile, Mobil lubricants (when change is due) retain a pretty golden brown color, thin viscosity, and less dirt, making the engine fresher and cleaner. This is a plus point that I have decided to use Mobil and no other lubricants.

Approximately 90% of the 1,000 respondents have positive reviews and satisfied with Mobil lubricants. In addition to the 5-star quality rating, many people also share the feeling of “smooth lubrication,” “loading the engine,” “easy throttle,” “saving gas,” “less getting hot.”

Keep the engine clean.

Conventional lubricants that circulate through the engine for a long time will create deposits and dirt, which reduces efficiency, and which occurs for a long time, will reduce engine life. Mobil 1 lubricants contain fewer impurities than conventional oils, and their special additives help resist the formation of deposits in engines.

Maximum engine protection

 When working, engine parts in constant contact, especially vehicles moving at high speeds or extreme conditions, will easily cause wear and damage. The engine oil is now a protective barrier between components.

Conventional lubricants are prone to structural breakdown, leading to their reduced protection and engine wear. However, with Mobil 1 lubricants bearing a more durable protective structure, it is possible to retain their anti-wear performance for a longer time, increasing engine life.

Oil works well at low temperatures

Motorcycles do not start for a long time or left overnight. The oil will settle down, thicken when the temperature is low. At this time, you need to wait a while to start the car. Pump up the engine. However, Mobil 1 motor oils are designed to pump quickly, even at low temperatures, and they will protect your engine immediately after starting your vehicle.

Good engine protection at high temperature

 Vehicles operate continuously in hot sunny conditions, resulting in very high engine production temperatures causing oil to evaporate, breaking the protective structure, and reducing the lubrication. Mobil 1 Lubricants are specially designed to help resist high temperatures, making them very suitable for the tropical climate in Vietnam, especially during hot midday traffic jams.

Suitable for the most modern engines

To meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers are now designing modern engines with a smaller design, more power capacity, and more fuel efficiency.

Therefore, when working, the engine parts will work very quickly, which requires the lubrication protection of the engine oil, which is difficult for ordinary lubricants to meet such important needs. Mobil 1 Lubricants can protect parts better than conventional oils, and keep them running at maximum speed and increase engine power.

Ours Recommend For Other Products

STP 4 Cycle Oil Formula

Premium Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil Formula, SAE-30 Small Engine Oil Engine Care Reduces Wear for...
  • SAE-30 Small Engine Oil Engine Care Reduces Wear for Lawnmower
  • Push Mower
  • Premium Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil Formula

Besides Mobil 1 lubricants, STP is considered the famous and best-selling lubricant on the market today. Not only suitable for many car engines, but STP lubricants are also well appreciated by users for smoothness and smoothness during travel. 

STP Premium Basic Car Oil SAE-30 has been developed specifically for outside power systems. Its top-quality base-hui formulation is clinically designed to support optimum efficiency in 4-cycle power devices with bashing, bashing technologies, cleaning products, and a blocker of oxidation. It could be used with a jump, driving tractors, engines, winter, and other magnetic bearings driven by 4-cycle fuel (see instruction manual).

Designed with Anti-Wear Engineering that offers lube and data loss of motor components. Developed to fulfill OEM and SJ class API criteria.

Made of anti-warm technology, which provides the lube of motor components and reduces motor wear. The blocker of corrosion encourages durability during precise positioning. Good quality lubricants coat parts to protect from rubbing and stimulate diesel engines’ conductivity during oil drain.

Surfactants help improve clean motor parts and manage combustion byproducts. It could be used with drive tractors, leaf blowers, dump trucks, turbines, and other 4-cycle petrol-driven internal combustion engines (respond to the guide for the proprietor). The physiological degradation against enzymes improves oil resistance.

Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil

Castrol 03093 GTX 10W-30 Motor Oil, 5 Quart
  • Superior Protection Against Engine Sludge. As Measured In The Sequence Vg Sludge Test
  • Advanced Protection Against Viscosity And Thermal Breakdown
  • Premium Quality Base Oils And Anti-Wear Additives To Help Extend The Life Of Your Engine

Besides Total, Motul, Caltex Havoline, etc., Castrol is considered the famous and best-selling lubricant today. Not only suitable for many car engines, but Castrol lubricants are also highly appreciated by users for their smoothness and smoothness during travel.

Of course, to accurately evaluate whether Castrol lubricants are good or not, I do not forget to consult the users’ feedback. Because only those who have experienced it can accurately and completely feel the quality of Castrol lubricants.

I refer to the Delicate forum for most of these comments and feedback, and 2 famous sales sites are Amazon and Lazada.

Castrol motorcycle lubricants are applied with many advanced technologies such as Trizone, Scootek which are proven to help the vehicle operate smoothly, load, increase lubrication capacity, reduce wear and friction. Thereby protecting the engine and saving fuel effectively for the vehicle during operation.

API is a quality assessment standard certified by the American Petroleum Institute, based on many criteria for lubrication, smoothness, cooling, and engine protection.

Currently, there are 4 popular API standards: SJ, SL, SM, SN and are classified as follows SJ <SL <SM <SN. In particular, API SN is the latest and high standard at the moment that very few brands have.

Although some Castrol lubricants are still API SL grade, the company has no shortage of API SN products for motorcycles and cars. (You should check out the Castrol products below, they all meet API SN and are selling well)

The viscosity (SAE) of Castrol lubricants is also very suitable for Us’s hot and cold climatic conditions. 5W30, 10W30, 10W40, 15W40, 20W50 are the “viscosity” standards recommended by experts most today.

TOTAL 184953-3PK Quartz INEO

TOTAL 184953-3PK Quartz INEO MC3 5W-30 Engine Oil - 5 Quart (Pack of 3)
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Besides Castrol lubricants, Shell, Total,… Total is a brand of lubricant with consumption depending on DEMO products in the world today. This company owns many product segments for different types of vehicles: trucks, cars, and motorbikes, which best meet the needs of smooth, smooth loading, and low gas consumption. And highly appreciated industry experts.

Born in 1924, Total is one of the 6 largest oil and gas corporations today, located in Paris, France. Most of the US’s total lubricant products are imported genuine at Total Singapore (the largest production facility of Total is located in Singapore).

When using Total lubricants, the engine inside the car (cars and motorbikes) will be lubricated, effectively cooled while traveling. At the same time, it cleans and removes dirt from inside the engine, contributing to improving the vehicle’s longevity and durability.

In the long run, you will feel the car is more fast-paced, easier to get on the gas, less fuel consumption, and limit internal engine malfunctions, prevalent conditions such as mid-road shutdown, overheating, heavy vehicle,… From there, it helps to block the road to move faster and smoother.

Watching this video for more detail


Sae j1940 oil is the most popular machine lubrication product on the market today. Hopefully, the above article has helped you get more information about this product

If you have any questions about this product, let us know, we are always happy to answer your questions.

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