Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide – Things You’d Better Consider

What is the best small gas powered chainsaw? A chainsaw is a cutting tool that has the power to cut through objects such as trees and shrubs. Chainsaws come in different sizes, shapes, brands, and prices; but all share one thing: they can be dangerous if not handled properly. So before you buy your next gas powered chainsaw it’s important to know what makes for a good one and how to make sure you’re handling it correctly (and safely).

The following blog post will give you some information about what makes for an excellent small gas powered saw, things you should keep in mind when buying one, and finally how to handle them with safety in mind. After reading this article we hope that your decision will be an informed one.

Buying a chainsaw can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. You don’t want to buy the wrong one and have it break on you or worse, hurt someone else. But with so many options out there how do you know which is best?

We’ve got your back! In this article we’ll go over some of the things that make for an excellent small gas powered saw as well as tips on buying one and handling it safely. After reading this article we hope that your decision will be an informed one.

Bestseller No. 1
Ridgeyard Petrol Chain Saw Cutting Wood Gas-Powered Chainsaw 25CC 2-Stroke Single Cylinder Light...
  • Durable and High Power: the gasoline chainsaw body is made of high quality ABS, which is durable for many years of use, the power is 900W with 9800RPM high speed, high efficiency
  • 10-inch bar, 3/8 inch pitch, 0.058 inch chain saw gauge
  • Portable and light weight , prolonged use will not feel tired
Bestseller No. 2
62cc Gas Chainsaws 18 Inch Bar Power Chain Saws, Gas Powered Chainsaw 2 Stroke Handed Petrol...
  • 《The Ergonomic Anti-Vibration Handles:》-Garwinner Gas Chainsaw front and back anti-vibration Handles makes it comfortable to operate and control. The ergonomic design paired with the cushion wrap handle makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate.
  • 《Great Power & High Efficiency:》-Gasoline Chainsaw 62CC with 2-stroke motors for incredible power. Low kickback safety features, including built-in safety break, reduces risk during operation. Excellent & reliable ignition system: Electronic ignition for powerful smooth running.
  • 《Air Filter & Automatic lubricating System:》-Garwinner 18" Bar Gasoline Powered Chain Saw Equipped with a filtering system that guarantees long air filter life and reduced fuel consumption. Automatic lubricating system, reduces the friction between the quiding board and the chain, prolongs using life.
Bestseller No. 3
casulo 62cc/58cc Gas Chainsaw 20 Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw with Automatic Oiler, 3.5HP 2-Stroke...
  • 🌲 CORDLESS CHAINSAW🌲High Performance: 62CC 3.5HP powerful gas chainsaw delivers steady power to the 20-inch bar and low-kickback chain. 2 stroke Gasoline Engine The engine speed can be up to 8500 rpm. Low kickback safety function and excellent electronic ignition system can reduce the risk during operation.Durable die-cast chassis are engineered to withstand the most brutal and prolonged cutting tasks
  • 🌲CHAINSAWS GAS POWERED🌲Auto Oiler: Automatic oil supply system delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use, and extends the life of the chainsaw. The quickly release air filter system to prevent the dust from entering into engine. Maximizes run time and chain saw motor life
  • 🌲 20 inch CHAINSAW🌲REDUCES VIBRATION: Cushioned full wrap aluminum handle and 3-point anti-vibration system makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate.⚠️Notice to avoid "NOT START ISSUE": 1. Using the recommended oil ratio: Gasoline 25: Two-Cycle Oil 1. 2. Make sure that you pull the switch up at first. 3. Pull the choke knob before it start, please check the Picture 9
Bestseller No. 4
SALEM MASTER 6220H Chainsaw for Trees Gas Powered 62CC 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, 20-Inch Chainsaw,...
  • High Performance -- SALEM MASTER 62cc 3.4hp powerful gas chainsaw delivers steady power to the 20-inch bar and low-kickback chain. The engine speed can be up to 8500 rpm. Ideal tool for cutting firewood and felling trees with a much higher efficiency.
  • Superior Quality -- Professional gas chain saw, equipped with high quality chain and high hardness bar, fast cutting, more durable and high wear resistance, not easy to drop chain, having a longer using life.
  • Auto Oiler -- Automatic oil supply system delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use, and extends the life of the chainsaw.
Bestseller No. 5
DEREAL Pro 5820H 58CC-2-Cycle Updated Version Gas-Chainsaw, 18-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw, Cordless...
  • 1.Powerful and Super Quality Gas Chainsaw.DEREAL Pro is an updated version of DEREAL gase chainsaw.Better materials of outer shell.More durable chainsaw chain with high-end design sense.Harmonious blue color.Lighter in weight without sacrificing power. 3-point anti-vibration system and a comfortable handle makes this chainsaw more balanced, maneuverable and comfortable to operate. Maintain command and comfortability for optimal performance.
  • 2.High-class air cleaning system.The air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.2-Stroke Cycle Engine,DEREAL Pro gas chainsaw uses the latest two-stroke cycle engine, which is high efficiency, high power, reliable work, and long life.
  • 3.LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE POLY CHASSIS: Easy to Handle.This polymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance and prolonged use, with minimal user fatigue.
Bestseller No. 6
MAXTRA Pole Saw Gas Powdered, Reach to 16 Foot Extendable Tree Trimmer Powerful 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas...
  • 【Powerful Engine】: 42.7cc, 1100w, 2-stroke engine provide more power. It can cut branches about 10'' like butter, gas powered pole saw neither need charge nor bound by cord
  • 【Reach 16FT & Adjustable Length】: This gas powered pole saw can be adjusted from 8.2 to 11.4ft with an extension pole. You can easily reach up to16ft with your feet on the ground rather than balanced precariously on a ladder
  • 【Warranty & Return Policy】: Warranty lasts for 1 year from the date of original purchase. Besides, product is returnable and we won't ask you to pay for returning. If you have any trouble with product or return, please contact us directly, we will response in 24 hours
Bestseller No. 7
WEMARS 62cc Gas Chainsaw 20 Inch Power Chain Saws 2 Stroke Handed Petrol Chainsaws Gasoline Chain...
  • High Performance: WEMARS 62cc 20 inch powerful gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain for cutting wood that need a longer bars. 2 stroke motors with integrated chain brake for safety and stable while operating. Low kickback safety function and excellent electronic ignition system can reduce the risk during operation
  • Tension Adjustment: Automatic chain lubricator adjustable chain oil feed and quick and easy chain tension adjustment. The rugged 20 inch steel chain saw knob-type automatic tightening function is a side-adjustable chain that is easy to operate and maintain while delivering the highest cutting performance
  • Reasonable Design: The combination of ergonomic front and back anti-vibration handles, cushioned wrap handles and balanced design make the gasoline chain saw easy to use and comfortable to operate. Chainsaws suitable conquer tree felling, wood cutting for lumberjacks in the forest or other use
Bestseller No. 8
Husqvarna 435 16-Inch 40.9cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw (Renewed)
  • 40.9cc X-Torq Engine, 16" Chainsaw bar, .050" Gauge, .325" Pitch
  • Snap-Lock Cylinder Cover, Quick-release Air Filter, Air Injection, Air Purge
  • Inertia Activated Chain Brake, Threee-piece Crankshaft, Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner
SaleBestseller No. 9
Husqvarna 530069247 Fuel Line Kit Replacement for Gas Powered Chainsaws
  • Oem fuel line for gas powered chainsaws
  • Easy to replace
  • Use care when working around gasoline
Bestseller No. 10
Husqvarna 530095646 Fuel Filter Replacement for Gas Powered Chainsaws
  • Compatible with many gas powered chainsaws
  • The fuel filter is easy to replace
  • This is a genuine OEM fuel filter

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Reviews 2022

CRAFTSMAN Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN 41BY4216791 S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw-16-Inch Bar and Automatic Chain...
  • HIGH OUTPUT CRAFTSMAN ENGINE with 16-INCH BAR & CHAIN: 42cc full crank Craftsman 2 cycle engine provides greater power and less vibration. Premium 16-Inch bar and low-kickback chain cuts through even the toughest wood quickly and easily.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE POLY CHASSIS: Easy to Handle, lighter in weight, without sacrificing power. This polymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance and prolonged use, with minimal user fatigue.
  • EASYSTART TECHNOLOGY: Designed for quicker, smoother and easier pull starts. Get right to work on lawn care, yard work, wood slicing, and other outdoor projects.

Do you need a mini chainsaw to use in your garden or in wooded areas? If so, this is the perfect tool for you. While it takes some time to get started, its 2-cycle characteristics make it powerful enough to keep long work sessions going without stopping too often for gas refills. It also has an adjustable oiler that keeps power rods protected from wear and tear. This feature comes in handy when you are sawing through small trees because not only can it help prevent injury, but will give your chainsaw more longevity.

While this chainsaw does have many positives about its design, there are aspects of maintenance that may be difficult for inexperienced users who may lack the spare parts needed should something happen while using this machine – and it is not compatible with replacement parts from other brands of chainsaws. Another thing to take into consideration when looking for a gas-powered chainsaw is the time it takes to get started – this one can sometimes take too long, especially in smaller wooded areas where there are more obstacles in between you and your work location.

I love this chainsaw. I work for a lumber mill and have been using it to cut down bigger logs, limbs up to 2 inches thick. It has plenty of power for me. The only drawback is the blade doesn’t seem as sharp as my previous Oregon chainsaws have been in the past so there are more sparks flying when cutting through softer wood but otherwise it is very nicely designed

The CRAFTSMAN Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw was a perfect choice after doing some research on small chainsaws that could handle hardwoods which were likely harder than what they typically cut at their home jobsite. We found the reviews on Amazon, over 300 reviews averaging 5 star rating with 74% giving five stars (very satisfied).

This chainsaw is ergonomically designed for safety and control. It has a Full-Crank 2 cycle gas powered motor, making it easy to start and use. The engine uses a pre-mix of oil and gasoline that means you don’t need to create the mix yourself, saving you time! It operates at 3200 RPMs with a maximum cutting diameter of 5 inches – great for people who need to tackle smaller projects around the home or lawn. If you’re ready to take control of your yard work easily, this CRAFTSMAN chainsaw will do just that!


-Chainsaw starts quickly, easy to operate

-Ergonomic design for safety and control


-Only cuts up to 5 inch diameter; limited for people who need more power.

-Makes noise during operation (extra engine).

-Does not come with a case; the chainsaw might get damaged without protection.

DEREAL 62cc-Gas-Chainsaw Handheld

It performs very well in both wet and dry conditions, has an ergonomic design, great safety features (it actually turns off when you release your grip). You could even use it while wearing gloves because there are no handles. Plus the built-in sharpener ensures that you’ll never get stuck with an out of service saw . This kit comes with everything you need to start cutting down trees right away! Look no further if you’re combining forms powerful yet easy to use gas chainsaw!

This chainsaw, being gas-powered, has plenty of power to get the job done. We had an oak tree cut down in our yard and it took some work. I was amazed at how well this saw did with taking off branches! The sound is not too loud either which is a huge bonus for myself. It does take awhile to start up but once it gets going you don’t have any issues with it

The chain is really sharp, cuts through wood like butter. The chain seems very durable for being so thin, maybe thinner than most chainsaws on the market. It starts up really fast- fires right up every time I turn the starter wheel. The start up system doesn’t seem too complicated either- just pull back on one rubber grip which engages an automatic decompression mechanism that prevents kickback when you release it followed by quick forward motion of throttle/choke petal then let go to give gas flow notice, pull quickly backwards through compression port below choke/throttle petal and start chain with the pull-starter.

No need to screw around trying to twiddle and align separate choke and throttle pedals like some other saws I’ve used. The power is more than adequate for what I needed it for, cutting smaller branches of trees and brush that were up to about 2 inches in diameter.


– Powerful

– Easy to use. It is very easy to start, not too complicated for how powerful it is.

– Durable.

– Affordable.


– Loud. It’s not “that” bad, but if you’re looking for something that you don’t need to shout over then this isn’t the right chainsaw for you.

– Oil problems

WEMARS Gas Chainsaw 58cc

The WEMARS chainsaw is an entry-level chainsaw that’s perfect for all kinds of woodcutting projects. It has a 58cc gas engine which means it can power through even the largest cutting jobs with relative ease, while still maintaining its lightweight (only 11 pounds). The whole thing pops up in about five seconds and can be tilted at various angles to cut vertically or horizontally.

Another great feature of this chainsaw is the automatic oiler; after each use it will automatically supply your bar oil so you never have to worry about maintenance. The manual air filter works well too, cutting exhausted air by three quarters for longer work periods without interruption or refueling needs! The safety features on this model are really impressive – they’re built right into the trigger. You can’t start this saw without pulling back on the safety lever and pushing against a metal tab. Once it starts, you’re free to let go of the handle and allow the spring-loaded inertia to pull up and disengage that safety.

It also comes with auto tire traction for better stability, more intuitive handlebar placement with fitted shield to fend off limestone dusts and ichor outgassing from the equipment as well as manual fuel shutoff valve which keeps gas flow closed until started up. The end of the chain wire element not only keeps your chainsaw always ready to cut anytime but also protects the wire element from injuries.

This chainsaw is by far the best bargain for what you get. I spent some time researching before spending my money on this, and everything that I found confirmed that it is worth every penny. It starts with minimal effort, runs cleanly and quietly, cuts like a hot knife through butter, even when the wood has some small knots in it. The handle feels comfortable to hold (although it does make me wish for more padding around the area where you tend to grip most tightly). And don’t worry about your odds of removing your chainsaw from its case; they’ve kindly thought of that too!


– Starts with minimal effort

– Runs cleanly and quietly

– Cuts like a hot knife through butter, even when the wood has some small knots in it.


– Not as powerful as others; you’ll need to give it a few minutes to warm up before it feels like it’s at full power

SALEM MASTER 6220H Chainsaw

Affordable and dependable, this chainsaw is a great choice if you’re in the market for a gas powered device to tackle your yard work. This product is designed with safety in mind, which is good because it packs a powerful 4000 RPM engine. With its 14-inch bar length and 28-ounce weight, users can make quick work of anything from small branches to tree trunks without much effort at all.

You’ll love not having to deal with charging or replacing saw blades when they get dull or break because the chain has been made durable enough to hold up for years under heavy use. For extra safety, the chain brake system extends down below where your hands will be holding onto it so you won’t have to worry about accidentally touching them together.

The Salem Master 6220H chainsaw has an engine that is powerful and durable. With its automatic oiler, this unit can be used for hours with no need to stop and add oil. It comes pre-lubricated with the perfect viscosity for optimal performance at all times of year. The Oregon bar and chain also reduce vibration so you stay comfortable while working on a long job such as cutting down trees or clearing out brush from your property line.  It is a versatile, well-made machine that lives up to the high standards associated with the brand.

The Salem Master 6220 H Chainsaw features a heavy-duty, 2.0hp engine that’s powerful enough to cut through oak and evergreen trees quickly and easily. It has a high quality 3/8″ blade with three teeth per inch for fast cutting of materials from firewood to tree branches, making this chainsaw the perfect tool for any homeowner who needs an efficient way to clear their property of debris.”

The SALEM MASTER 6220H chainsaw is a medium-sized gas power saw, with an average weight of 7.2 pounds. It is designed for professional use in demanding job sites both outdoor and indoor with perfect cutting performance, whether it’s hard or soft wood, tree huggers that stop the machine digging into the ground or arborists pruning large trees with deeply set branches.


– Powerful and durable engine

– Automatic oiler so no need to stop and add oil

– Pre-lubricated with the perfect viscosity for optimal performance

– Reduces vibration so you stay comfortable and your work stays efficient and accurate


– Bulky and heavy. May be difficult to use for those with little experience or not as strong.

Greenworks 40V 16-inch Chainsaw

Greenworks 40V 16-inch Chainsaw with 4Ah USB Battery (Power Bank) and Standard Charger Included
  • Get up to 100 cuts on 4x4 lumber on a single charge with included 4.0Ah battery
  • 16 inch bar and chain can be used to cut trees and limbs up to 30 inches in diameter, Chain Brake:Mechanical, Oil Tank:Translucent
  • Advanced brushless motor technology delivers more torque, runtime, and extends life of the tool. Comparable to a 42CC gas chainsaw

We all know how valuable a chainsaw is for clearing fall foliage, but many of us are frustrated by the fumes emitted by gas models. The Greenworks 40V chainsaw solves that problem with two key features – an electric motor and clean running technology. This powerful 16-inch saw cuts through logs easier than any other battery-powered model on the market.

It’s easy to transport because it can be doubled as a charger for 30 seconds of runtime with every 2 hours plugged in, according to the company website . And lastly, this machine has no cord or cables, making it way more lightweight and efficient than its predecessors without comprising power output!

The GREEN WORKS 40V 16 inch chainsaw is a convenient, versatile power tool that provides good performance against larger tree limbs and small logs. It’s feature packed with many handy tools which are integrated into the design of the chainsaw. The engine runs on enough power for tough jobs while still being compact in size, requiring less space in your garage or workshop when it’s not in use. One might say this chain saw is perfect for homeowners who have a lot of trees on their property but don’t want to constantly worry about refueling their gas powered models all day long!

My personal opinion regards this product as one of the best investments I’ve made in my workshop so far. After using it extensively for clearing branches from downed trees and cutting up the wood to use for other projects, I can say it truly gets the job done. With a great battery life and easy overall operation, anyone who has needed to take care of some yard work in their home should definitely look into investing in one of these bad boys.


– Durable battery life

– Easy operation

– No more fumes or cords to worry about


– Battery not included (though available on the website)

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw
Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide - Things You'd Better Consider 18

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Benefits

More and more people are discovering the benefits of a small gas powered chainsaw.   This is because it’s a lot smaller than other types of chainsaws, while still being able to cut through wood with ease. It also comes in handy when you need to cut limbs or branches that may be too high up for your ladder to reach.

Of course, there are some other things you would want to consider before investing in one of these products, which we will discuss shortly. But if you know what you’re looking for and have been considering this type of purchase, then read on! You’ll discover all you need to know about how these types of products work, the benefits they offer, who they are ideal for and even where you can find one. So keep reading if this is something that interests you.

Who Are Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaws For?

Now that you know more about this type of product, who do they suit best? Here are some of the most common groups that have been known to invest in them:

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw
Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide - Things You'd Better Consider 19


These are people who own their own home and need something they can rely on for everyday jobs. For example, if you have a tree or limbs hanging over your roof, this type of machine will be perfect for cutting it back. And because they’re so easy to maneuver, you won’t have a problem reaching those tough-to-reach places.

Outdoor enthusiasts

This group includes hikers, hunters and campers who need something they can whip out at a moment’s notice. This is because these types of machines tend to be much smaller than the average chainsaw, which makes them easy to carry around with you. So if you’re looking for something to take on your next hike or camping trip, this is definitely the product for you!

Horse owners

Do you own a horse? Or maybe you’re helping your friend with one? If so, then this type of best small gas powered chainsaw will also be great for you. These products are perfect for cutting through the branches of fallen trees, which is something that won’t take much time at all.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

There are three things that people would be wise to consider before investing in the best small gas powered chainsaw. These things include the following: cost, features and weight.

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw
Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide - Things You'd Better Consider 20


The first consideration that people should make is the cost of such items. This type of product can run you anywhere from $80 to as much as $1500, depending on which brand or model you choose. Many would-be buyers are often surprised by how much these machines can run them, but they are worth it for those who have the money to spare.


Now that you know more about their cost, you also need to know what kind of features these products offer. For example, some may come with a strap attached for easy carrying and maneuvering, while other models may come with a shoulder strap. There are also some models that allow you to easily switch out your blade should it get damaged or dull during use.


The third thing you need to consider is the weight of these products because they can vary from one model to another. For example, there are smaller, lighter models that are easier for maneuvering, while there are others that tend to be much heavier. You would need to consider your level of comfort (and strength) before deciding which product you want.

FAQs about Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

What are the best types of pieces that I would want for my chainsaw?

You will probably want to have some protective gear in case somehow your saw starts without being triggered. Also, keep in mind that most modern chainsaws have an automatic bar and chain tensioner that prevents the machine from overheating.

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw
Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide - Things You'd Better Consider 21

What type of fuel should I use?

The best types of pieces for your saw will depend on what you intend to do with it. For example, if all you need is a machine to cut ice and firewood, you can use regular gasoline. But if you want to be able to cut things like metal objects, you might prefer a gas-powered chainsaw that uses 2-cycle engine oil.

Is this more expensive than an electric or battery powered chainsaw?

Using octane rated premium gasoline is the best choice if you’re interested in getting the best performance out of your saw.

Is it easy to start this best small gas powered chainsaw?

Establishing the right connection between the spark plug and the engine can be a little bit challenging, especially if you’re going for a model that uses a pull-start. The most important thing to remember is that your best small gas powered chainsaw needs fuel to start up, so you’ll need to have some octane at hand.

That might mean filling up a gas tank-or it might mean getting access to something like 2-cycle oil from your hardware store. Once you’ve got your fuel source all set, simply hold down on the starter button until it starts up or pull tightly on its cord until there’s enough tension build up! As long as everything is properly adjusted, starting should be relatively easy going from here.


Is your small gas chainsaw too weak to cut through the tough, gnarly branches in your yard? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. The best small gas powered chainsaw will make quick work of any size branch with its powerful engine and sharp blade. It also is lightweight enough that you can use it all day without feeling exhausted or sore. Plus, this product only takes 30 seconds to start up! You won’t regret getting one today-especially if you want a more efficient way to clear out those pesky weeds growing on the edge of your driveway.

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