Healing You & Keeping Fit With I-THERA-U Household Health Products

When life gets busy, it is often difficult to schedule doctor’s appointments or visit the emergency room – physically and financially. That’s why there are health products available for you at home that alleviate your pain without requiring a trip out-of-town, and iTHERAU’s mission is to make life easier for people.

iTHERAU is a brand that focuses on product development and creating high-quality products to deliver transformative results for customers with pain caused by common injuries like elbow/ankle problems as well more severe conditions such as migraine headaches & knee surgeries. They never rely upon clever marketing or obscure language in order to deceive consumers, instead focusing heavily on delivering honest benefits for people’s needs; at iTHERAU, we want you healthy again as soon as possible, so whatever life has thrown your way doesn’t stop what makes you happy!

iTHERAU Gel Ice Headache & Migraine Relief Hat, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap, Stretchable Snug Migraine Ice Head Wrap Mask

THERA-U Household Health Products

Headaches are a common problem for people of all ages and backgrounds. But if you have chronic headaches or migraines, then it’s clear how debilitating they can be.

There’s always that one moment when you don’t want to take pills or drink liquids, and there’s a new solution for managing your headaches and migraines, the iTHERAU Gel Ice Headache & Migraine Relief Hat.

User-Friendly And Flexible Design

The most flexible & soft ice pack cap provides 360° natural cooling migraine and headache relief. No more pain! This product is perfect for those who suffer from a constant pounding in their head, eyesight problems that cause discomfort when wearing glasses or contacts, temple infections due to excessive pressure on top between one’s ears while sitting down all day at work – no matter what problem you have this hat will fix it up real quick. The adjustable velcro makes it easy to fit any head.

Effective For headache & Migraine Relief

Never suffer through another headache again with the reusable migraine relief hat! This stylish, comfortable accessory is designed to provide better contact by conforming perfectly around your head. It also improves sleep quality and provides deep relaxation for those who have tension headaches or migraines as well facial muscle spasms due to stress/anxiety – all while helping reduce inflammation, sinus, and puffy eyes.

High Quality & Safe Material

THERA-U Household Health Products

Put on the latest science when you suffer from chronic pain. The gel-filled ear plugs are made with cutting-edge materials and expert-grade gel inserts that keep it cool without becoming frozen or odorous while providing thick solidity to stay in place no matter what your activity level is like – even if it’s gym time. Black material also helps reduce light sensitivity. 

Advanced Features and Practical Use

The durable construction of this migraine cap will ensure you never have to worry about it breaking or wearing out. With double seams, exquisite details, and a stretchy design that can withstand hot/cold therapy, ice head wrap effectively supports & compresses your face in order to target all areas that cause pain offering instant relief of tension stress.

Easy To Use

You can pop an ice pack in the freezer for 2 hours and use it right away, or you could heat one up with a few heating sessions using 10 to 15 second increments.

iTHERAU Ankle Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable- Gel Foot Ice Pack Wrap, Cold Pack Compression Therapy

The perfect solution for when you’ve sprained your ankle and it’s swollen, painful, and stiff. Besides finding a chair to sit in the next tool that needs attention is an ankle ice pack.

Ankle Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable- Gel Foot Ice Pack Wrap can be used for any type of discomfort in your feet, ankles and lower legs. 

THERA-U Household Health Products

Full Coverage Gel Cold Packs for Foot

The iTHERAU Hot and Cold Compression Flexible Ankle Ice Wrap Pack offers 360° coverage for ease of movement and faster recovery time which could wrap entire your ankle or foot with an ice pack to help relieve the pain. The socks are no different than wearing regular socks; you can walk freely after using them.

Cold & Hot Compression Ice Packs for Ankle

The Gel ice pack is great for relieving pain from a variety of conditions and injuries. Use it on your ankle, foot or calf to help with plantar fasciitis; use the flexible wrist version if you’re experiencing sprains in your wrists! It can even be used as orthopedic support after patella tendon replacement surgeries. 

The ideal reusable ice cold packs for men/women of all ages and kids.

Upgrade Designing & Thickened Ankle Ice Wrap

ITHEARU’s reusable ice packs are smoothly designed to fit any size foot and ankle, and the gel cold packs are perfect for soothing your aching feet or ankles. The thickened gel keeps it firm, while the Velcro strap ensures a perfect hold no matter what shape or position you decide on when wearing them.

You can use 2 ankle ice packs alternately. This will help you get relief from both Achilles tendonitis and sprained ankles in the hot summer.

Flexible & Reusable Ankle Ice Wrap

THERA-U Household Health Products

The reusable ice pack is made of non-toxic material and does not have any smells after use. The ice pack wrap compression is great for any type of injury that requires support and protection, whether you are doing sports therapy or having surgery. 

Hand washing a damp towel is a great way to keep your socks clean after using them. You can also use cold therapy next time, which will make you feel more comfortable while doing it!

Easy To Use

Put your ankle in the freezer for 1-2 hours, or heat up 10 – 15 seconds with a microwave. Take it out, wear and keep it for around 15 – 20 more minutes

Ankle Ice Wrap Packs as a Best Gift

The packaging for these cooling socks is so exquisite that it could make a great gift to give to your family and friends. It’s perfect, especially if they love the sport.

About iTHERAU Brand: “Healing You & Keeping Fit”


iTHERAU’s mission is to eliminate the need for frequent, often unnecessary hospital visits by creating affordable and accessible healthcare products. To do this, they founded the brand after recognizing a significant lack of effective household health goods with an aim of closing this gap so you can cure your minor problems anywhere without having to go far from home!

iTHEARU’s household health products offer a range of solutions for all your ailments, from migraine headaches and knee injuries to elbow and ankle pain. Their goal here is simple—to streamline the recovery process so you can do whatever it was before and enjoy life more than ever.

The iTHEARU team is committed to designing products that are safe, effective, and easy for you to use. They do this by using cutting-edge methods with expert grade technology, so our mission of constantly improving never stops!

“We’re excited to help you on your health journey. We take this responsibility seriously and will do everything we can so that it is an enjoyable experience for both of us”

Some Tips For Using Household Products Safely From ITHERAU

THERA-U Household Health Products
  • Don’t overdo it! You should never apply cold or hot therapy for more than 30 minutes at a time because this can lead to frostbite and scalding.
  • This is the best way to make sure that your ice pack lasts as long and isn’t too cold. We recommend putting it frozen at 20 degrees for a long time.
  • To avoid burning your skin, not microwave it for more than 45 seconds. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature before use.
  • The gel in ankle packs can become drier and shorter-lasting with repeated heating.
  • Keep this product away from areas with poor circulation or any wounds.
  • If you want to avoid water condensation, leave the ankle ice pack in your therapy wrap when not using it. If either of them gets damp- have them dried before storage so they don’t mildew.

What Are The Benefits Of Cold Therapy? 


Enhances The Lymphatic And Immune Systems 

Applying cold therapy to your skin can freeze excess fluids and toxins in the body, which then signals white blood cells of an immune response. These are welcome by Our bodies as they are meant for this process!

Improves Circulation

When the temperature drops, your blood vessels contract causing it to rush towards all of our vital organs. This forces the heart to work even harder to ensure enough oxygen and nutrients for every part.

Reduces inflammation

Glycerol, a natural byproduct of metabolism, is the key ingredient that causes inflammation when heated. This same property can be used to reduce soreness after exercise or heavy physical activity with cold water immersion as an effective treatment option for people who suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Helps with Depression

According to this study, the effects of a cold shower on mood are more powerful than prescription medications. The exposure triggers neurochemical reactions that increase your sense of well-being and give you an antidepressant effect. So if you’re feeling like giving up the battle against migraines, take a cold shower to pick yourself back up and help carry on.

The idea that cold treatments could be used as an anesthetic for skin diseases and surgical operations was first broached by Dr. James Arnott in 1849.

Since then, The effectiveness of using iced compresses to ease your pain has been well documented. 

Some Bottom Line

Home healthcare is an excellent way to maintain your health while saving you time, money and most importantly – pain. iTHERAU’s mission is to make life easier for people. The company offers a range of home health products that alleviate pain without requiring medical appointments or trips out-of town, all while providing transformative results and reducing the burden on patients’ wallets!

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