Best Turntables Under 500: Put Together Your DJ Set

Are you looking for a new turntable? You’ve come to the right place. We have a wide selection of turntables that suit any budget and need, from beginner DJ sets to professional-grade equipment. Whether you’re just starting or looking for an upgrade, we have the perfect solution for you. The prices are unbeatable, and the products are guaranteed to be of high quality.

The latest trend in DJ-ing is the use of turntables. Although they are not as popular or well-known as CDJs, vinyl records still offer a unique sound that cannot be reproduced digitally. For this reason, many DJs who have been using digital players to mix music have started using turntables instead. 

You want to be a DJ, but you don’t have the money for expensive turntables. The good news is that there are some great options out there for DJs on a budget. There are all sorts of great benefits to going with a record player over a CDJ, but there are also some drawbacks, which we’ll explore below. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best turntables under 500 today!

Best Turntables Under 500 Reviews 2022

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT is one of the best turntables under 500 available in the market. It has a lot of features, all useful for DJ sets. The USB connection makes it possible to connect the turntable directly to your computer without any added equipment. You can also use it with other DJ software like Traktor or Serato.

There are also two RCA outputs so you can plug in speakers to amplify your music or connect it to other devices without taking up too many spaces. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT also allows you to adjust the pitch control for better sound quality.

The platter spins fast, suitable for DJs who want good sound quality and only want to concentrate on mixing their tracks instead of adjusting the speed manually. It has excellent sound quality with high-quality construction so that it will last you for quite some time. The features of this record player make it a perfect choice for anyone wanting to get into producing music.

It is also suitable for DJs who are taking the time to learn the ropes, as you will adjust many different settings on this turntable.


– Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT has very high-quality construction.

– The audio will be of excellent sound quality because the platter spins fast.


– The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT is on the expensive side.

Sony PS-LX310BT

Sony PS-LX310BT is an excellent turntable for anyone interested in playing vinyl records. The deck has a sleek design, and it is also quite affordable. It can be connected to wireless speakers, headphones, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, making purchasing even more attractive. Sony PS-LX310BT is an excellent deck that does not require expert skills for setup.

It has a stable platter, and it also features an adjustable counterweight system. A new aluminum pipe tonearm gives the record players improved tracking. Record players are pretty popular at the moment, but some models can be complicated to maintain. Sony PS-LX310BT is easy to clean and maintain, but some people may find it time-consuming.

Turntables are usually quite heavy, which means they are not ideal for moving around the house. The deck comes with a removable dust cover, vibration dampening slip mat, and adjustable counterweight system. It also features RCA cables for plugging directly into a stereo system and USB B cable, so the purchase is worth it.

Some of the most popular record players can be very expensive. Sony PS-LX310BT is not an industrial deck, but it does its job quite well at a reasonable price. The platter may seem unsafe to some people, but it does not affect the audio quality. USB ripping is a great feature, and so is the ability to connect to wireless speakers, headphones, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Sony PS-LX310BT has received mixed reviews from audio experts and consumers alike.


– Affordable

– Compact design

– Comes with a wireless connection and USB port for ripping vinyl records to MP3 files on the computer


– Some users have found that the platter is wobbly

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK

We believe that the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK is a good option for those who want an affordable way to get into DJing. This DJ turntable has improved upon its predecessor, and you can now enjoy scratching and sampling right out of the box, with vinyl records (sold separately). It’s easy to set up, with step-by-step instructions and is available in black or white.

The design of this model has been thoughtfully updated from previous iterations. One of our favorite features is the LED lights, making it easier to see when starting your next mix. The deck also includes a 45 RPM adapter, while other brands require you to purchase one separately.

One downside of this model is that it isn’t the most sturdy one out there. The lightweight aluminum platter can make a clicking noise as you’re digging for your favorite tunes, which might be a distraction during a crucial mix. Also, it has an RCA cable but doesn’t come with a USB cable, which you might need if you use a computer to digitize your vinyl collection.

Overall, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK is a good choice for those looking for a starter DJ turntable. It provides excellent sound quality and has an easy setup and intuitive controls, rather than fancy features.


– Excellent sound quality

– Easy setup

– Intuitive controls, rather than fancy features


– Lightweight aluminum platter can make a clicking noise

– Doesn’t come with a USB cable; you might need one to use your PC for digitizing the vinyl collection

Victrola 8-in-1

There are many things to be excited about with this Victrola 8-in-1. The vintage look is amiable, and it also offers all of the functionalities you could want in a record player. We love the idea of being able to play records, cassettes, CDs, radio, Bluetooth, and headphones for listening to music from the phone.

This is great for someone who doesn’t already have a stereo system or wants to get everything they need all in one place. It’s also not expensive, so it’s easy to afford without breaking your budget. The sound quality on this Victrola 8-in-1 is pretty good, and it has minimal vibrations. It can be used for your living room, bedroom, or office.

It’s easy to set up in minutes, and the sound quality is fantastic. The Victrola 8-in-1 has a great sound and will give you the chance to listen to your records without any extra equipment. It is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to set up, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The only downside is that it does not come with speakers or an amplifier.

Overall, this is a great product, and we would recommend it to everyone.


– Ease of use

– Vintage design with modern features

– Fully functional remote control

– Durable build quality

– CD player and cassette deck included

– Quality of sound is amazing


– Does not come with speakers or amplifier options

– No power button on the record player, have to use the remote control

ComXim 360 Degree

It’s well made and doesn’t have any loud buzzing when you spin the discs. We also love that it has WiFi and USB capabilities to control it remotely to take pictures from different angles. The angle is adjustable, so we can set to take 12 photos in 360 degrees.

ComXim 360 Degree, like other turntables that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, is equipped with USB and WiFi connectivity. To make it easy to use, you can easily connect your mobile device to the ComXim via WiFi and control the angle. It allows us to take 12 pictures in 30 degrees each or one image in rotation mode.

We are pretty pleased with the ComXim 360 Degree, but there are some limitations due to its low price. Since it’s made of plastic, it seems fragile, and the particleboard inside makes some noise when spinning. It may not be suitable for professional use but works well as a starter turntable.


– It’s well made and doesn’t have any loud buzzing when you spin the discs.

– The angle is adjustable, so we can set to take 12 photos in 360 degrees.


– It may not be suitable for professional use but works well as a starter turntable.

Best Turntables Under 500 Benefits

best turntables under 500

If you are a regular listener of music, you know that sound quality is essential. Not only does it affect what you hear when listening to your favorite artists, but it also affects how much enjoyment and value you get from your purchase. Anyone who cares about their ears knows they need to invest in high-quality equipment for an optimal experience.

A turntable is one type of equipment that can significantly impact the audio quality of your home stereo system. This part will cover some benefits associated with buying a turntable for under 500 dollars today so that you can find out if this investment is suitable for your needs. If you are a DJ, then the best turntables under 500 are your new best friend.

DJs know that nothing can get in the way of their performance like an old, clunky set of vinyl. But with these cheap models at hand, they will be able to mix up any party with ease and style. These top-selling products have been given rave reviews by other professionals in the music industry for being durable and affordable at the same time.

They offer everything from basics to high-end pieces that will make you feel like a pro for sound quality and mix beats on stage or behind closed doors. And so, whether you’re just starting or looking for something more advanced than what you currently own, there is no better time to find the perfect fit.

A turntable can provide you with many benefits, including the following:

– They offer high-quality sound.

– You can play vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, and more on these devices.

– You can purchase a turntable for under 500 dollars to suit your budget.

– The sound is much better than digital media, providing more excellent value for you as a listener.

– Modern turntables are very easy to use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Turntables Under 500

best turntables under 500

If you are a DJ, there is no doubt that you want to have the best equipment for your profession. It can be extremely costly and time-consuming to find all the materials needed to make a professional setup. However, if you know what you need and how much money you’re willing to spend, it will be more accessible than ever before.

This part contains information on what DJs should look for when they choose their turntables under 500 dollars. But there are so many on the market today- how do you know which ones will be right for your needs? Don’t worry- we’ve got what you need! Here is a list of five factors that should help narrow down your search.

Consider Your Needs

First and foremost, consider where and how often you will use your turntable. If it is only going to be used at home or in the studio, this might not be as important as if it will also be used out on gigs because you want a sturdy setup.

In the same way, if you plan on using it for mixing purposes in a studio, then features such as pitch control and responsiveness will be must-haves, while scratching in a club might just require the primary function of the platter. Placing your requirements from most important to least can help narrow down your search and save you a lot of cash.

Consider The Specs

Many features come with turntables, and their price can vary significantly based on what is included. It is always advised to consider the importance of each part, such as pitch control or line out, to avoid overspending on things you don’t need.

Some of the most important specs to consider are the ones that add on to a turntable’s core function, such as pitch control and line out. For example, you might be interested in a turntable with pitch control; however, if it does not have a USB output, then this feature will do nothing for you. In this case, it would be better to spend your money on a turntable that has both.

In addition, it is wise to look for an extended warranty because you want your investment to be protected in case of any defects or malfunctions. By looking at the specifications in the turntables under 500 list, you will tell how much money it is worth to you.

Consider The Brand

It is crucial to consider the brand when purchasing any product. Some companies are known for their quality products, while others produce shoddy goods that might not last long. It is best to research and find out what DJs think about the products made under the brand.

If they are known for making high-quality equipment, you can purchase their product without concern, but if they produce low-quality materials, it might be a waste of money and your trust in them as a company. It is essential to consider your requirements, the features of the turntable, and its price when choosing the best turntables under 500.

How Much Space Can You Afford To Give Up

Unless you are very serious about DJing, the chances are that you don’t have the kind of space that would allow for two full-sized turntables. Fortunately, many will fit in a smaller space, allowing you to start without worrying too much about how much room you’ll need. However, some turntables are so small that they might not be able to fit your needs.

When considering how much space you have available, think about what kind of setup you want and then purchase the best one for you. An excellent place to start would be with a smaller design, such as the Numark TTUSB. It is not very large and also allows for recording purposes.

How A DJ Uses The Turntable Is Important

After considering your needs, the specifications of the turntables under 500 dollars you are looking at purchasing, and its brand, it is essential to see how a DJ uses their turntable. If you plan to scratch and do a lot of physical DJing, you will want to have a turntable with excellent torque to stand up to your rigorous use.

In addition, you might need a heavier platter if you plan on using a slipmat because a lighter platter could stop very quickly when using a slipmat. Furthermore, if you do not plan on actually DJing, then the platter’s weight might not be as important to you because it will be more for decoration than actual functionality.

Having A Great Ear Is Important

It is advised to consider your own opinions and tastes to find which turntables under 500 dollars will best suit your needs. We encourage you to read the turntables review carefully and consider what DJs have to say about it before making a purchase. In addition, there are many products out there that will provide similar functions, but each might be different in its way.

You might not like the look of one turntable, but you might love the sound quality another provides. It is essential to consider all aspects of each turntable if you want to purchase the right one for you. To have a successful DJ set, many things will need to be considered before buying the best turntables under 500.

You should find out which features you need to make your DJing perfect, consider the brand and how well they are known for producing quality equipment, and consider what kind of space you have available in your home or event location. By considering these factors, you will purchase a high-quality turntable that suits your needs.

Considering brand and other factors can help you narrow down your search and save you a lot of time and money.

FAQs About Best Turntables Under 500

best turntables under 500

– How many RPMs should I be looking for?

The standard is 33 and 45, but you might find some that go up to 78. The RPM is important because it will affect the sound quality.

– How high of torque should my turntable have?

You might want one with a higher torque if you want to scratch or use heavy records. Low torque turntables are better for listening to music.

– How much space do I need?

The more space you have, the bigger your turntable can be. Some of them get so small that they are only a few inches tall.

– Do I need a slipmat?

It is not necessary, but it can help create another layer between your platter and vinyl. This can decrease any unwanted noise and also give you more control while spinning.

– Will my DJ set be unbalanced if I buy a cheap turntable?

Always read reviews and see what people have to say about your choice before buying your turntable. You want it to be an investment that lasts and makes your gigs perfect!


Whether you’re a DJ or not, the best turntables under 500 dollars might be an investment worth making. The right equipment can make your gigs perfect and give you peace of mind! We encourage readers to consider these factors when looking for their new favorite toy: torque, weight, space requirements, slipmats versus no-slipmats (or just want one that looks awesome).

You should also ask yourself what features are most important to you to set up the ultimate DJ. Don’t forget about how much money you’re willing to spend because there are some great options out there at all different price ranges. Whether it’s 100 bucks or 1000 bucks – we’ll help find the best choice for your needs so you can take your set to the next level.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed & learned something new about Best Turntables Under 500! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below – we’ll be happy to help!

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