What You Need To Know About Types Of Toilet Flush Systems: Are All Good?

It goes without saying that toilet flush systems are one of the most innovative inventions that we are using every day. Not only this device helps keep odors in the toilet to a minimum but also reduces the spread of bacteria significantly. But have you ever thought about improving your toilet or using the best of this equipment? I’ve tried a variety and found that the new bathroom innovations are not just cool gadgets like lights and speaker systems, but also different types of flushing systems that help the most important part of operating toilets.

Do you know how many types of toilet flush systems are on the market today? Options are more than you think. Let’s guess and read this article to choose the one that you are interested in most. We will show the best types of flush systems with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the key features for you.

And of course, whether you’re someone who likes to upgrade your toilet or simply want to save on your water bill with a toilet flushing system, a comprehensive view about all of the different types of flushing toilet assures to make you know what’s out there.

Our summary will help you follow easier:

  • Common Types of Toilet Flush System
  • How To Choose The Suitable Type Of Toilet Flush Systems
  • Frequent Questions & Answers
  • Conclusion

9 Types of Toilet Flush Systems

Maybe you’ve seen or used some picks below, but here is more. Hence, together with me closer follow until the end of this content to know where are the differences, what are the advantages of each type and which one you are interested in most?

Dual Toilet Flush System 

A flush system is called that dual one when it has a single handle. This feature makes this type may be used for both sorts of flushes. The first type is half-flush, which is designed to flush only waste under liquid form. The other is full-flush, which is used to remove solid waste. This method conserves water by using water in each flush, which helps to save water. 

This type of flush system is new, although, it can be found in some modern homes and hotels, even in high-end rentals and spas. Because of the long creation design, this system has a higher cost than others. 

Pressure-Assisted Toilet Flush System

As far as I’m concerned, despite the fact that this system is comparable to another similar system, it is the most worthy alternative available. Instead of forcing water down the toilet bowl, the system uses air. More specifically, a pressure-assisted toilet flushing system uses pressurized air to get the job done (cleaning the bowl and bottom of the toilet bowl). This feature is very suitable for toilets with a large number of users. Those are public toilets, project buildings. You can easily come across this flushing system when entering amusement parks, companies, cinemas, etc. Because it is regularly installed for such projects plus the large force the system generates to complete the task, the pressure-assisted toilet flush system’s size is also larger than the rest of the systems. This is also considered a disadvantage of this drainage system.

types of toilet flush systems

Double Cyclone Flush System

Is your living space a modern design? Or do you love new technology products and love modernity? This is a flush system worth considering if you are looking for a toilet facility.

The dual cyclone flush system is the latest innovation in toilet technology. This system has two different nozzles, which together create a stronger suction than the ability to discharge more water through the hose. It is a separate ejection system to effectively push the water to clean the bowl and the bottom of the toilet bowl.

The product innovation also makes this flushing system quiet and environmentally friendly. More specifically, this modern design also keeps the water flow at low pressure. This makes a lot of sense because it saves you water, saves energy, and saves you money.

Rear-Flush Toilet Flush System

Let’s come with the next worth noting one, Rear-Flush Toilet Flush System. Thí type of toilet flush system is not widely used in the United States, but it is a frequent option in Europe. This is because of the space-saving capabilities of this choice. This system is more compact and may be used in tighter spaces. You will not be worried in case you are owning a small space home-living. Or even, in the circumstance that you do not take much space in your home for a bath/restroom, this flush system will fit your meet due to its compatibility. 

Accompanied with the simple and small design, this type also comes with a little box for you to set up on the wall behind the toilet. This feature still makes the product common instead of other larger systems.

Flapper-Flush Valve-Flush System

This is another pretty typical system that can be seen in many homes. It comprises a flush valve with a hinged plate that may be closed or opened. Personally speaking, this may be one of the most interesting features when you come with this toilet flush system.

Compared to other types, you completely can swing up and down the plate – which is made usually of plastic or rubber, to enter for a flush or to cover it so water gathers in the tank. The flapper is the hinged plate that flaps up and down as you flush the toilet.

Siphon Toilet Flush System (Single-Flush)

One type of toilet flush system many people know – a simple and common type – Single Toilet Flush System. Even if you don’t realize it, this system is well-known because it is one of the most prevalent toilet alternatives for homes. It flushes waste using a siphon using only one handle and the same amount of water each time.

From my point of view, the biggest advantage of this system is that it cleans the bottom of the toilet bowl very efficiently and refills the bowl after every flush.

Another advantage is that because of its simple construction, this flushing system is sold at a relatively lower cost than others. Nowadays, we can easily find the installation of this system in toilets in public areas, business buildings, apartment complexes and ordinary houses. So this is most likely the flush system you should have in your living space.

Washdown Toilet Flush System

Washdown Flush System is certainly one you’ve seen before, but you may not have realized what made it unique. Though it appears a siphon beside the single-flush design, the washdown mechanism makes it a little noisier and more powerful.

As the name suggests, a bottom flush toilet system, will have traps and force the water inside the bowl to lead the waste down to the trap. As such, this type will have large traps that do not absorb water but instead squeeze water. Because of this great pressure, water will be ejected at a higher rate than with other flushing systems. This is also the advantage of helping to clean the bottom of the toilet bowl more – a goal that you definitely aim for when looking for a type of toilet flushing system.

types of toilet flush systems

Gravity Flush System

Are you only interested in simple and old-fashionable designs for your home decoration? This is a suitable toilet flush system for your decorative style. This type of flush system is one of the most common solutions, although it is being phased out due to the availability of other technologies.

According to my experience and observations, this system uses the flush function to make all the contents of the tank and toilet go into one channel. And at the end of each time you flush, the system takes an additional suction action. This feature will make the bottom of the toilet bowl better cleaned.

Why did I call it a simple and classic system? That is because there is no mechanical component involved in the construction of this system. Therefore, it is considered one of the quietest toilet flushing systems on the market today.

Tank-Fill Valve Flush System

Surely the name of this system has somewhat made you think of how it works? The system for filling the tank with water through the toilet and the use of a sphere and a piston. At first glance, you will see the ball like a small ball floating in the tank and connected to an extension above the water by a string to pull and pump water through the piston.

And since the ultimate purpose of the system is still to fill the tank with water so that there is always water to clean the bowl and bottom of the toilet bowl, the part that activates the plunger that pushes the water is the part that connects to the small ball in the tank. This structure will help to keep the water tank filled in the most efficient and economical way, as it prevents water from entering the tank when it is full and allows more water to be added to the tank when it is not filled.

The Criteria For The Best Toilet Flush System

The best types of toilet flush systems are to choose the one that suits individual needs. There are many types of toilet flush systems available in the market today. It can be difficult to choose which one is best for you, but it doesn’t have to be so hard if you know how to do your research. If you are looking for a new toilet flush system, then read on to find out some tips on what type will work best for your needs.

The right toilet flush system should suit individual needs and preferences with regard to price, water-saving measures, look & feel, noise level and installation requirements. Here are eight points that might help make the decision easier:


The most basic systems in the market today start at around $200. You can spend up to a couple of hundred dollars more for a system that has more bells and whistles. Spending too much on a flush system is never advisable because there are many other factors in your toilet which also affect the performance such as the toilet tank, bowl, and flushing mechanism.  

Look and feel 

Don’t forget to check the look and feel of your new toilet flushing system. You can consider flush systems that come with different designs, finishes, colors and materials. Some are even available in customizable models where you can get them personalized according to your personal taste.

Noise level

Most good-quality flushing systems operate silently. The noise level also varies between types of flushing systems. It is important that you know the type and amount of noise your new system will make before installing it to ensure that it does not disrupt you and your family’s activities.

Water Consumption

Do you often worry about wasting too much water? This will be a critical factor in choosing the right flush system for your needs. With the different types of toilet flushing systems available in the market, you can now choose a type that will suit your water conservation efforts and help reduce water consumption.


The DIY crowd should know whether they can install their new system on their own, or if they need to hire a plumber to help them out. Some types of flushing systems require only a screwdriver and basic plumbing skills, while others might need an experienced plumber to install it correctly.

Ease of installation: Each system will vary when it comes to ease of installation. The product description in the online store or dealer should indicate whether it is easy to install or not. You can also ask the dealer to provide you with demo videos that show how easy or difficult the product is to install.

types of toilet flush systems

WaterSense Label

The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced a program for labeling water-efficient products, including toilets, called WaterSense. Look for the label if you want an efficient system that is water-saving. Flushing systems that carry the WaterSense label are independently certified to be at least 20% more efficient than products that do not have the label

WaterSense-labeled flushing systems may help you save money on your monthly utility bills as well as conserve one of our most precious resources.

The Warranty

The warranty period is always an important factor affecting purchasing decisions, especially for interior equipment. The longer the warranty period, the more peace of mind you will have when using a toilet flushing system, although problems with this product only occur with very little frequency.

The warranty period should be indicated in the product description or specification sheet. It is recommended that you choose a system with at least a three-year warranty for peace of mind and better protection.

Your Concerns About Types Of Toilet Flush Systems

How does a toilet flush system work?

The flush system starts by taking water from the tank and spraying it onto the rim of the bowl. This is to loosen any waste material that may be there, as well as to cover up any offending smells. The water then flows down through a narrow pipe called a siphon tube until it falls back into the tank, carrying away nasty stuff with it.

To demonstrate more for this question, we’d like to send you a video on the working way of a toilet flush system. May you need click on the following link to see more:

How do I make my toilet flush stronger?

One way to increase the water flow rate is to adjust the “jet” type of flush system. The jet adjustment valve can be found on top of the tank, right next to it on some tanks, or behind the tank on others. To achieve a more powerful flush with this style, you simply twist or pull up or down for more water volume at regular intervals.

Increase the water pressure going into your toilet by adjusting a valve on the wall of your home or under its tank. A low-pressure system, clogged trap, or a faulty flush handle may also cause a reduced flush.

Can you flush poop with a bucket of water?

If you are using a toilet that uses water for flushing, please do not flush anything other than waste and toilet paper. Flushing anything wet could create a dangerous backsplash onto bathroom surfaces which can cause burns or harm to the face of children waiting in line behind the person who flushed the wet materials.

Ways to dispose of waste that is not otherwise mentioned above would be to put it into a cat litter bucket lined with towels of plastic bags with handles on top, then throw these buckets of waste into trash bins later down the line. This way of cleanup will keep waste out of sewers, septic systems, and water supplies when disposing of in garbage receptacles directly.

What are the five best brands for toilet flush systems?

  • Kohler – This company has the best design. Their toilets are sleek and stylish, and their water-saving options make them low-cost utilities;
  • Dometic – These portable toilets are popular for use in recreational vehicles;
  • Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Lid – The only self-contained toilet on this list, it is composted by bacteria that digest human waste into a safe soil fertilizer
  • SmartJohn Toilets – Coming from Italy, the company behind these boxes of high-end toilets says they’re better than Kohler because their model avoids many of the parts that cause leaks and breaks (replacing Korky Seal with its own rubber gasket), and their larger seat is more comfortable;
  • Toto – This company has a full line of toilet options, including the high-power G-Max for wall-hung models.

Which is more sanitary, a gravity flushed or pressure flushing toilet system?

A flush system can create ‘splash-back when the bowl is finally flushed, which rises up onto nearby surfaces in the bathroom. This splash-back can contain harmful bacteria that can be contracted by either touching contaminated areas or breathing aerosols of these bacteria in the air.

The gravity flushed toilet uses simple pressure to force sewage through the pipe down to a central sewage line, but if it becomes clogged or there are obstructions along this path, sewage will back up into your home causing long-term problems for your plumbing.

The pressure flushing toilet solves both loose waste and clogging issues during use by using pressurized water to project debris into a sealable trap before cycling on down with gravity to evacuate wastewater from your home.

types of toilet flush systems

What features do low-profile toilets save space in small bathroom layouts?

In a small bathroom, the toilet may be across from the shower or tub, and a low-profile toilet can help keep people from knocking their heads on a protruding tank. It’s also going to free up space for decoration if you’re working with a tight budget. This can also reduce noise issues where you have two toilets in close proximity because it seals more effectively than other types of toilets do – which actually makes some say it sounds more like an RV toilet.

The Bottom Line 

We hope that after reading our essay, you will have a better understanding of the different types of toilet flush systems. You will create a sense of following one of these pathways by understanding their styles, features and advantages. It’ll be more than one for some of you; it’s all up to you.

Some of you may consider the toilet and sanitary tool a pastime, but after reading this post, you may not waste much time considering it. We are pleased to play a role in assisting you in searching, understanding and choosing the best products. 

Finally, if you are passionate about sanitary furniture, home decoration, specifically a toilet flush system that fits your style, save up your money on the water bill, you should get started and keep investigating. We wish you the best of luck! 

And for now, that’s all this article wants to share with you! Thank you for staying with us till the end. Keep visiting our website to know more about different topics in daily life.

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