Learn About Unlax Steel Tongue Drum- New Favorite Instrument For Relaxing

You may have seen a steel drum in an urban setting, played by buskers, or during larger ensemble performances. It’s perfect for those who want to explore new sounds and textures without commitment.

The steel tongue drum is a beautiful, exciting instrument that will make you feel like an instant master. It’s easy enough for anyone with any skill level to learn, and it sounds so great from the moment of your first beat. 

The sound of the 12″ tongue drum from Unlax is like singing bowls used in meditation by Buddhist monks. The calming, soothing tones are great for relaxing anytime and help you enter into amazing state-of mindfulness!

Unlax 12” Steel Tongue Drum

Unlax Steel Tongue Drum


  • Size: 12”
  • Number of Tones: 11 Full Octave
  • Scale: D-Major
  • Weight: 7.385 Lbs

The sound of an Original Drum is similar to the Tibetan bowls and has a transformational effect. This natural sound can be used to help you relax and settle or focus on the task at hand. The rich rhythms of this instrument create an atmosphere that is both calming and energizing – perfect for any occasion.

The sound of this drum is so relaxing that it can lower your body’s high-frequency waves, which are what cause stress. It takes you to a calm mood.

If you want to take your meditation, yoga, or sound therapy experience up a notch, then the Unlax tongue drums are perfect for generating some awesome sounds. These instruments have been used by many people on different occasions, such as kids who need music during their day-to-day activities and adults looking forward to relaxing moments with harmony from these amazing devices.

It is easy to learn an instrument because of its intuitive design and flowing style. Players can play with little to no musical knowledge, making this perfect for beginners.

Unlax 12” Steel Tongue Drum is made of strong and durable titanium alloy that can withstand the rigors a drummer faces every day. This drum comes with all of the necessary accessories, including drumsticks and bag! It also includes your very own songbook, so you can learn some new tunes on this awesome instrument.

Handle your Original Drum with care to keep it at its highest level for as long as possible. When it comes time to clean, we recommend using an anti-abrasive product and cotton cloth.

About Unlax Music Store

Unlax Steel Tongue Drum
Learn About Unlax Steel Tongue Drum- New Favorite Instrument For Relaxing 5

The most relaxing musical instruments on Earth are from Unlax Music Store. The company has been crafting these celestial sound bath generators since 2017, with distribution centers in Europe and North America to ensure you get your hands on them fast.

They believe that everyone should have access to the relaxing sound of drums. Whether you play an instrument or not, their instruments will help take your mind off stress and tension with minutes of playing time each day.

Hearing relaxation through sound is a unique experience that can’t be replicated with any other medium, such as Spotify or YouTube – only those near an instrument will truly understand its power of vibrations felt deep within their body when they are in tune! Listen for just 5 minutes every day – it doesn’t take much time at all before users start noticing how good these sounds make them feel about themselves.

The Unlax Music Store is finally here with a new summer collection of drums that will make you feel relaxed, unique, and at peace. You’ll be empowered by your capacity for soothing sounds!

Steel Tongue Drum Basics From Unlax

They say that the steel tongue drum is an idiophone. It’s like xylophones, cymbals, and other things you bang on to make noise! This recent invention has its roots in the bottom of a propane cylinder.

They are made by cutting off the bottom, and then tongues are cut radially into it to create different notes. Sometimes weights will be added so that these tones can have more character or refinement. They are very easy to play with mallets or by hand.

In western music, there are 12 notes total few different scales depending upon how they’re ordered/ pitched.  The most common to learn is C major scale.


The minor scale is made up of different pitches than the major. A flat third degree, in this case, makes for a descending Minor chord, which starts on C-Eb and ends with F natural. The formula to find these chords out loud would be 1(sometimes called “C”), b3+, 5.


The Circle of Fifths is a powerful tool for musicians. It can be used to find your favorite keys and chords. The major chord has an uplifting feeling, while minor scales are sadder but also much deeper in meaning due to the tones being lower on their scale. It all depends on what notes get raised or lowered when you use this method which gives each song flavor.

The modes of the scale are important to know because they can help you create music with different moods. The major and minor keys will allow for more soloing opportunities, while Lydian provides an excellent source when looking at modal melodies in rock or other styles that rely heavily on open chords.

You will find new scales in music outside the common western ones above. Traditional pentatonic or intervals wholly different from these are an example of this type of tuning, and they can be found in many cultures around the world; C major has been identified as one standard scale among them all because it consists of only five distinct notes: C-D-E-G-A.


Unlax Steel Tongue Drum

What is size tongue drum best?

The choice of the drum is a personal one. Some people prefer smaller drums, which have fewer notes but still provide an enjoyable experience when playing them in groups or at parties; these usually come with 6-inch diameter sizes and a maximum of eight notes. Most steel tongue models available today can be found measuring between 10″ and 14″ and have 11 to 15 notes.

Are steel tongue drums good?

The steel drum is an ancient percussion instrument that’s been used in many different types of music for centuries. It may be one of the oldest instruments, but it still produces amazing sounds today! There are some good sounding drums out there because they’re made well and have excellent tone qualities; you won’t regret adding this thing to your collection either way.

What is the difference between a handpan and a tongue drum?

Steel tongue drums are usually smaller but heavier than hand pans. They have thicker steel and resonate much longer than a Handpan; their sound is meditative yet not suitable for rapid playing percussive sounds with this type of instrumentation – it’s best suited towards more laid back vibes.

Is steel tongue drum the same as a steel drum?

While the steel pan looks like a bowl or wok, a steel tongue drum has more in common with propane tanks. It has different tones coming from each “tongue” sticking up on top. These are what make it sound so great.

Some Bottom Line

Spend wisely when buying your best steel tongue drum, as it will be an investment for years. You can’t go wrong with a tank drum! The best sounding ones are from Unlax. They have great builds, and their quality shows in the sound they produce, which will impress your audience no matter what style you play or how well it is done. 

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