VATID Portable Power Station- Bring Electricity With You

There’s a new trend in power banks, and it doesn’t involve just plugging your device into one of these old-fashioned devices. Portable power stations have made their way onto the market, like this sleek little number we reviewed recently.

The best thing about these advanced models is they offer much greater versatility. You can charge wirelessly while you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Some come with USB ports and solar panel inputs, which make sure there’s always power around no matter what happens.

The VATID Portable Power Station is a must-have for anyone prepping or going off the grid. This powerful device can keep your electronic gear running for hours—or even days—at a time.

VATID Portable Power Station, 1000W Peak(Rated 600W)


Recharge WaysSolar Panels, Generator, Wall Outlet, USB-C PD,Car charger
Input180W MAX (120W DC Input +60W USB-C PD Input), (DC Input: 5.5*2.1mm,10-30V)
2*AC Output110V,600W Rated,Peak 1000W
2*DC Output & 1*Car port12V/10A , shared 120W Max
1*USB-C PD65W Output, 60W Input
1*Type-C+1*USB-A 2.05V/3A,shared 15W Max
1*USB-A QC3.05V 3.1A,18W Max
518Wh Off-grid Capacity
Motion Camera : 78 Recharges  Smartphone:47 Recharges Laptop:13 Recharges  Drone: 8 RechargesCar Fridge:12 hrs 
Recharging with Car Charger 100% in 9 hrs  
Operating / Storage Humidity45~95%
Operating Temperature0-40℃ / 32-104℉

Ultra-fast Recharge

The VATID 600W battery generator is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. With its 180w high-speed recharge technology, this power station can be recharged in just 3 hours with a 120-watt wall outlet and 60 watts from USB C PD simultaneously. 

With advanced power delivery technology, the USB-C PD ports feature inputs up to 60W and outputs that can provide 65 watts of fast charging. This high-speed charging makes it much faster than any large generator on the market today.

Long Lasting Endurance

With a large capacity of 192500mAh/712.25Wh, VATID 600W solar power station is cost-effective. This solar power generator features 2 AC outlets, 1 USB-C PD (65W output/60w input) and can charge 9 devices simultaneously with only one wall outlet. The LCD display shows you the current status of your hooked-up machines, so there’s no guessing when it comes to how much juice they need. 

In addition, it has a LED front flashlight, which makes it easy to see in the darkness and avoid the collision. With 3 modes (100% bright, 50 % bright tasers, SOS mode), you are able to adjust it according to whatever lighting needs.

Ultra-light Design for Portability

VATID Portable Power Station

The VATID portable power generator is a lightweight, small and sleek device that can provide you with vital electricity when needed. It has an impressive 712 Wh battery capacity, but at less than 13 lb, the size is just 9.3*9.0*5.7 inch, which is more lightweight than its counterpart. This little guy can be easily carried anywhere.

The outdoor enthusiast will be able to enjoy a few essentials with their new adventure-ready mini fridge, cooling fan, projector, etc.

MPPT Faster Solar Recharge

The VATID solar-powered generator is equipped with the most advanced MPPT controller, which ensures a better charging rate for your batteries when using this camping Genset during times of low light. The technology in question helps maximize how fast you can get back up and running after being stranded by weather or other circumstances.

VATID’s battery charger and generator are the perfect way to charge on-the-go! Enjoy your devices easily with this versatile product that supports car charging (100% in 9 hrs) and mobile office outlets.

Excellent Safe Protection

The power station is perfect for those who want clean and stable electricity without worrying about their sensitive devices.

Built-in newly upgraded 5th generation BMS protection system is a research project of many professional PhDs and Professors in electricity, which improves safety levels significantly. What’s more, the VATID power station has obtained FCC/UL/UN38.3 Certification – meaning 100% charging safety can be assured.

Intelligent Fast Heat Dissipation

Protect your generator with this automatic fan! The power station has a built-in intelligent internal device that will start working automatically when battery input/output exceeds 100W or temperatures reach 45℃. It provides self-regulating high-temperature protection so you can be sure it’s safe for use.

Full Package

This product comes with one 120W AC Wall Charger, as well as an extra Type C cable. There are also helpful directions so it’ll be easy to get started right away–and if anything goes wrong during the 18-month warranty, then don’t worry because they’ve got 24/7 customer service available to assist.

Note: The AC output can only charge/power the device under rated 600W. Please refer to your specifications before purchasing and using this product, as it may not work for you if they’re higher than what’s supported by our charger!

VATID Portable Power Station,300W 296Wh

What’s the difference between a VATID 600W and this VATID 300W Portable Power Station? The answer is simple – less capacity and less price. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t powerful enough for your needs!

You can take this baby with you on your next trip! The same great features as its bigger sibling but in a more compact size.


Recharge WaysSolar Panels, Generator, Wall Outlet, USB-C PD,Car charger
Input120 MAX (60W DC Input +60W USB-C PD Input), (DC Input: 5.5*2.1mm,10-30V)
2*AC Output110V,300W, Rated,Peak 500W
1*DC Output & 1*Car port12V/10A , shared 120W Max
2*USB-C PD1*USB-C PD(65W Output, 60W Input), 1*USB-C PD (18W Output)
1*USB-A QC3.05V 3.1A,18W Max
1*USB-A 2.012W Max
296Wh Off-grid CapacityMotion Camera : 45 Recharges                                                                                                                                                                                                Smartphone:27 Recharges    Laptop:7 Recharges   Drone: 4 Recharges                                                                                    Car Fridge:6.6 hrs  
Recharging with Car Charger 100% in 4 hrs 
Weight7 lb
Dimensions7.9*6.7*5.5 inch

With a 120W high-speed recharge, the VATID 300W battery generator is able to charge 100% in 2.8 hours through 60 watts of a wall outlet or USB C PD simultaneously! This speed makes it much faster than any other comparable model on today’s market.

The VATID 300W is able to provide emergency power for your electronic equipment in need. With an extended 80000mAh/296Wh battery, this device will never run out of juice.

This device is one-half the size of a standard capacity power station, making it easy for anyone to carry. With its lightweight design and small footprint, this little guy will fit right into your purse or bag.

What To Look For In Portable Power Stations

VATID Portable Power Station

When shopping for a new power supply, there are many factors to consider:


Portable power stations come in all shapes and sizes, but some are more portable than others. The size of a battery determines how big or small it can be made while still having enough juice for your needs on the go. The design varies from manufacturer; some make them smaller than others, so they’re easier (or more discreet) while carry or store away at home.

Battery Capacity

Portable power stations come with a number that indicates how many hours you can run your device on one charge. This number is called watt-hours, as it measures the maximum amount of energy stored in kilowatt hour (kWh). It’s important to know both battery capacity and kWh per charging session; this will help determine when enough juice has been drained from an outlet. In addition, there are a number of other factors that can influence their performance, such as heat and efficiency.


Portable power stations come in two flavors: continuous and peak. Peak units can produce high wattage and be safe for a short period, while on the other hand, those with lower output ratings will operate at much lower temperatures making them better suited as your everyday portable source.

In general, it’s important to check the wattage of each device you want to connect and then choose a power station that can handle them all. If there are multiple devices requiring different amounts or types of energy, add those together before selecting your baseline amount and add 10% more than what’s actually needed- this will ensure safety.

Charging Speed and Options

There are three ways to charge your portable power station: plugging into an outlet, connecting via solar panels, and using a car’s cigarette lighter or 12-volt accessory socket. Connecting through walls is usually the fastest, but it may not be available in some locations, so you’ll need another option.

When you’re looking for the fastest possible charge, make sure your power station has two 110-volt outlets. You can also use solar panels if they are powerful enough and located in an area with plenty of sunshine during peak times—just be mindful that it will take longer than plugging into a wall socket.


Portable power stations come with a variety of features and ports, including 110-volt outlets as well as USB-C or A, depending on what your needs may be. Some also include 12V accessory connections for when you need extra juice in addition to their internal battery.

Make sure your portable power station has enough outlets so that all of the electronics in tow can simultaneously get their juice, and also check if it includes USB-C PD ports – these will help fast charge even more types/models.

In Summary

VATID is a company that strives to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle by giving the power back. We believe in staying active and keeping things tidy not only for ourselves but also those around us because everyone deserves happiness. 

VATID’s portable power stations are excellent. Whether you need an extra-lightweight station for camping or want the most reliable backup at home with your solar panels—we hope our post helped you find what was perfect!

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