Don’t Miss The Top of Best Xlr Cable 50 Ft

Xlr cable 50 ft cable is a product that can be used to provide power and signal for professional audio equipment. This type of wire is often seen in recording studios, theaters, and production facilities with high-end sound systems. A typical Xlr cable consists of 2 conductors twisted together and surrounded by insulation with an outer sheath (usually PVC).

The purpose of the twisting is to reduce crosstalk between the two wires, which reduces interference from external sources such as radio waves or other RF noise. The insulation prevents any current leakage from one conductor into another, thus preventing ground loops.

Xlr cable 50 ft is necessary for connecting microphones and other audio equipment. Xlr cables can be found in many different lengths, but one of the most popular is Xlr cable. Xlr cables aren’t just used for live performances- they also provide a reliable signal when recording instruments or vocals at home. Xlr cables come with male connectors on both ends, so it doesn’t matter which end goes into your device because you can always plug them together if need be. Xlr cable 50 ft is typically the length recommended by professionals, but any length will work as long as users know the way to use it properly!

Xlr cable 50 ft is a very important part of any audio or video production. In adition, it’s one of the most tricky parts to find, and it can be expensive if you’re not careful. Don’t miss out on this top Xlr cable list that will help you find the best Xlr cables for your needs at an affordable price.

Our Top Picks:

Best For High Quality:GearIT Xlr Balanced Shielded Mic Cable Microphone Cable

Best For Long-lasting:MCS 3 Pin Xlr 50 Ft Low Z Male to Female Mic Microphone Cable

Best For Overall:BIFFLE Xlr Hybrid Braided Multi-Colored Patch Cable

Best For Great performance:EBXYA Xlr Premium DMX Balanced Cable

Best For Budget:EBXYA Xlr Balanced DMX Mic Patch Cable

Bestseller No. 1
Cable Matters 2-Pack Premium Long XLR to XLR Cables, XLR Microphone Cable 50 Feet, Oxygen-Free...
  • Pro-grade microphone cord (microphone wire) is designed for microphones or other professional recording, mixing, and lighting equipment with the 3 pin XLR connectors
  • Convenient and cost-effective 2-pack XLR patch cable provides spare or replacement XLR to XLR cable (XLR male to female cable) to use on a set of microphones or on different systems
  • Balanced mic cable XLR with soft PVC jacket is constructed with oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors for delivering pristine sound
Bestseller No. 2
GearIT XLR to XLR Microphone Cable (50 Feet) XLR Male to Female Mic Cable 3-Pin Balanced Shielded...
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - 3-pin XLR male to female microphone cable for lighting, mixing and other professional recording equipment
  • QUALITY YOU CAN HEAR - OFC Oxygen Free Copper conductors for exceptional sound quality; Spiral braided copper shielding to reduce interference and insulate excess noise; Improved frequency through polyethylene insulation
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN - Heavy duty metal connectors with molded strain relief; Soft flexible PVC jacket with 6.0mm outer diameter
Bestseller No. 3
Pig Hog PHM50 Series 50' XLR Microphone Cables 2-Pack
  • High performance microphone cable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 8mm high quality rubber outer covering
Bestseller No. 4
EBXYA XLR Cables 50 ft 2 Pack - Mic Cables Balanced DMX Cable Male to Female Suitable for...
  • ➤ 【EASIER MATCHING & TRACKING】- 2 different colors coding XLR microphone cable both connectors and cables, help you to track or match the right ends easily of audio mixer, DMX lights or microphones.
  • ➤ 【EASY TO CLEAN】 - Comparing to the cable braided with nylon outside, this flexible durable cables with PE jacket imported with remarkable tenacity and elasticity, it is very easy to mop cleanly directly with wet cloth to get its bright color back.
  • ➤ 【SUPPORT DATA & AUDIO SIGNAL TRANSPORTATION】 - 3-Pin balanced Lo-Z insulated shielded XLR cable (Oxygen Free Copper Shielding & Extra Foil Shielding) with 2-conductor, assure the transportation of both data and audio signal in a smooth way. Anti-interference, anti-EMI, Anti-cracking. High grade noiseless performance. 24 AWG, 110-120 OHM.
Bestseller No. 5
AQOOL 50FT XLR Cables, Gold-Plated Microphone Cables 50 Feet XLR Male to Female Cables 3 Pin...
  • 🎼 HiFi Sound Quality: AQOOL 50 feet XLR cable with oxygen-free copper and double shielding (copper braids shieling and foil shielding) can easily prevent interference and make music pure and clear.
  • 🌟 Excellent Design: Gold-plated contact points and good internal soldering connections improve the stability of signal transmission. Heavy duty metal connectors with a strong strain relief makes the connection solid and help easy plugging and unplugging.
  • 🧸 Easier Tracking: 2 different color connectors (Blue/Black) make it easy to track the microphone cables. And Velcro straps can prevent confusion when wrapped cables are stacked together.
Bestseller No. 6
AuxLink XLR Cables 50ft 6Pack, Microphone Cable, Balanced XLR Male to Female Mic Cable Gold-Plated...
  • 🎸XLR Cables 6 Color -The connectors of this XLR cables 6 packs have 6 different colors which make it easy to match and track. Packge including 6 pack xlr cables.
  • 🎸Widely Compatible - This xlr microphone cable can be used for all musical instruments with 3-pin xlr terminals such as microphones, stage lighting, DMX lamps, MIX512, mixing boards, studio harmonizers, speakers and so on. 120+ Ohm impedance. lamps, mixing boards, studio harmonizers, speakers and so on. 120+ Ohm impedance.
  • 🎸24AWG & OFC Design - NO Noise No Hum No Hiss. The core of this xlr cable 25ft is 24AWG oxygen-free all copper conductors, dual shield of foil and copper, designed specifically for the requirements of audio and DMX 512 control applications. Providing high fidelity pristine sound, lossless signal transmission, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.
Bestseller No. 7
EBXYA XLR Cable 50 Feet - DMX Cable with 3 Pins Balanced Shielded XLR Male to Female Mic Cable Cords...
  • ♬ [Stable Signal Transmission] Our EBXYA mic cables using the 3-Pin connector, supports long runs and have a low impedance of 110 ohms, It can ensure the stable transmission of data and audio signals at the maximum distance.
  • ♬ [Low Noise High Fidelity] The xlr cable is made of AWG22 Oxygen-Free Copper, braided shield Cotton Yarn wrap, foil shielding and PVC insulation material, effectively shielding 98% of the clutter and static interference signals.
  • ♬[Wide Application & Strong Compatibility] The quality microphones xlr cable is suitable for mixers, microphones, sound systems, power amplifiers, DMX LED and other electronic equipment. Widely used in recording studios, live performances, schools, churches, audio for video production, bands, etc.
Bestseller No. 8
MIKIZ 50 ft XLR Cables Braided 50ft 2 Packs- Balanced XLR Male to Female for Microphone
  • 1. 《Special Design for》 These 2-pack of XLR cables with Al foil and tinned OFC for dual shielding, designed to meet the requirements of both XLR audio cables and DMX 512 applications. 110+ OHM, 22 Gauge.
  • 2. 《Anti-Tangling》Tightly braided premium sleeves, lint and fluff free, not rough to hurt your hands, help to reduce tangling and make wrapping the wires up an easier job.
  • 3. 《10 Times More Durable》 Flexible cords well protected by high quality material of braided sleeves, 10 times more durable and longer service life than normal cables.
Bestseller No. 9
XLR Cable Microphone Cable 50 Feet,Elecan Heavy Duty Balanced XLR Speaker Cable (From 25-200FT)...
  • 【HI-FI Sound Quality】 Elecan xlr cable has conductors of 24AWG pure copper.It provides lossless signal transmission, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.It has shielding anti EMI/RFI, heavy duty metal connectors for wireless mic sets. Great for HI-FI sound, noiseless and high fidelity without static interference.
  • 【Stable Connection】 Elecan xlr cable uses pure copper nickel-plated XLR pins, self-locking male to female connector design, are easy to pull out, insert and firmly lock, can provide a stable connection between devices with an XLR interface, easy plugging & unplugging
  • 【High-quality PVC Jacket 】 Our XLR to XLR cable uses imported high-elastic pvc.Compared with ordinary pvc , our cable provides stronger protection, excellent texture and withstand more than 10,000+ bending tests. The included 10 cable ties help manage cables in an organized manner. What you get: 1 pack XLR cable and 10 pcs cable ties.
Bestseller No. 10
NUOSIYA XLR Cable 50 Ft 2 Packs,Microphone Cables,Premium Balanced Microphone Mic Speaker Cable with...
  • HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO - 3-Pin Balanced Microphone Cable Lo-Z Insulated Shielded XLR Cable Oxygen-Free Copper, Polyethylene Insulation, And Copper Braided Shielding To Provide Maximum Noise And Hum Cancellation, As Well As Improved High-Frequency Response. The Soft And Durable PVC Jacket Makes it Easy To Clean and More Durable Than Standard Mic Cables.
  • Smooth Data And Audio Signal Transportation - Whether you're Using it for DMX Cable or Audio, Our XLR Cables Ensure Smooth Transportation of Both Data And Audio Signals. Say Goodbye To Problems Like Strobing, Flickering, or Loss of Signal.
  • Built to Last - Our XLR Cable Has A PVC Braided Jacket That Gives It Resistance To High And Low Temperatures, Double Spring-style Strain Relief Prevents Cables From Pulling Out, While Heavy Duty Metal Housing Connectors With Molded Strain Relief And Grip Treads Provide A Secure Connection And Increase Durability.

Xlr Cable 50 Ft Reviews 2023

GearIT Xlr Balanced Shielded Mic Cable Microphone Cable

GearIT XLR to XLR Microphone Cable (50 Feet, 6 Pack) XLR Male to Female Mic Cable 3-Pin Balanced...
  • COLOR CODED XLR MICROPHONE CABLE - GearIT Colored XLR Cables come in 6 different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) for easier color matching and tracking for wireless mic cords, audio mixer or microphone cords.
  • 3 PIN XLR PATCH CORD - Our colored microphone XLR cords have shielding anti EMI/RFI, heavy duty metal connectors for wireless mic sets. Great for HI-FI sound, noiseless and high fidelity without static interference.
  • XLR MALE TO XLR FEMALE MIC CORD - Our GearIT XLR Patch Cables are 3-pin balanced and shielded XLR cables that are good for replacement cables

I’ve tested out this Xlr cable to see if it would work for my needs. I found that the Xlr mic cable was not at all compatible with my Xlr microphone input. The Xlr cable 50 ft that I purchased only had 1 Xlr connector on it rather than 2.

The Xlr shield-balanced Xlr microphone cable is made to be durable and reliable. It is color-coded for easy identification purposes, making it easier to find when you need it. This Xlr microphone cable can be used in many different situations, including for microphones, music mixers, and podcasts. The wide compatibility of the Xlr mic cord means that you can use it with other equipment like an Xlr male to Xlr female adapter.

The Xlr shield-balanced Xlr microphone cable is made with quality in mind. The Xlr mic cord has gold-plated connectors, which means that it will last for a long time. It uses Xlr connector heads, so you don’t have to worry about the Xlr male to Xlr female adapter falling off when it shouldn’t.

GearIT Xlr cable is perfect for professional and casual applications. A balanced shield protects against outside interference such as Xlr interference. It is a color-coded Xlr microphone cable and Xlr male to Xlr female mic cord to provide easy recognition of the proper wiring configuration. These Xlr cables are widely compatible with microphones, music mixers, and podcasts. The Xlr cables support a wide range of applications, and they will never disappoint you in terms of quality or functionality. I would recommend you get them now while their price is still low.


-Cat-5e Xlr cable is a reliable and well-known Xlr cable in the Xlr cable industry.

-Great quality

-High performance

-Xlr cable 50 ft has a 24k gold contact, which can meet professional audio requirements.


-Xlr cable 50 ft is not available in various colors to choose from.

MCS 3 Pin Xlr 50 Ft Low Z Male to Female Mic Microphone Cable

MCS 5 Pack of 50 Ft Low Z Male to Female 3 Pin XLR Mic Microphone Cable
  • Ultra Flexible High Quality Professional Audio Wire
  • Locking Male and Female XLR Connectors With Rubber Strain Relief
  • Color: Black

We have had the chances to utilize the MCS Xlr cable 50 ft. This Xlr cable is top quality. The Xlr cable is 15 ft long and perfect for any project that you are working on. It is also very flexible. The Xlr cable is also very durable and has a very nice design which can be seen in the pictures of this product. We highly recommend this Xlr cable to anyone who would like to purchase one.

MCS 3 Pin Xlr 50 Ft Low Z Male to Female Mic Microphone Cable. An Xlr cable 50 ft that is of high quality with locking male and female Xlr connectors with rubber strain relief. The Xlr cable 50 ft is black in color, with length of 15.2 meters, which comes with five cables.

This Xlr cable 50 ft is of the correct size for general use. An Xlr cable that can be taken on trips or carried around to record anything needed. It will work for all microphones that are Xlr compatible. An Xlr cable 50 ft that is highly recommended for anyone needing one for their microphone needs.

We were searching for an Xlr cable to hook our microphone to our speaker, and this is precisely what we were looking for. I’m very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

We have used this Xlr cable 50 ft for a few different projects. It is an easy Xlr cable 50 to use with the male and female Xlr connectors that are on the ends of the Xlr cable 50 ft, which also offer rubber Xlr strain relief. I have noticed that there are some Xlr cables that have similar options, but they are not as flexible as this Xlr cable 50 ft. The Xlr cable length is a good Xlr cable 50 ft for people looking to do long-distance recordings or presentations where you need a lot of room for the Xlr connector length. If you want an excellent Xlr cable 50ft, we would recommend going with this one.


– can be used with various devices such as computers and laptops for sound recording.

– Long enough to reach from your laptop to a microphone.

– Can be used in both professional and personal environments for sound recording.

– Makes it possible to use a stereo or mono input jack without having any issues, unlike other cables that many come with these options.


-May was not durable enough for aggressive environments such as nightclubs and other places

BIFFLE Xlr Hybrid Braided Multi-Colored Patch Cable

XLR Cable 3ft, BIFALE Heavy Duty Hybrid Braided XLR Patch Cable 3Pin XLR Male to Female...
  • 【Heavy Duty Hybrid Braided】Our xlr cable use heavy duty PET braided+nylon braided, providing high tensile resistance, wear-resisting, flexible and durable. 22 AWG. OD=0.256 in (6.5mm).
  • 【Multi Colored & HI-FI】XLR microphone cable has 10 different colors can help you to easy track or match the other connector for MIXER DMX LED lighting or microphones. Great for easy identification and convenience. HI-FI sound, noiseless and high fidelity, without static/noise or popping/hum.
  • 【Reliable Tech】Multiple shielding anti EMI/RFI, heavy duty alloy connectors, upgraded RoHS PVC jacket, 100% pure 4N OFC conductors provides reliable interference-free sound transmission, provide both superior cable performance and reliable connectivity. Temperature tolerance range 14℉ - 221℉(-10℃-105℃).

After using Xlr cables for a long time, we found myself always frustrated with the wires that would break. We started searching until I found the Xlr patch cable by Biffle. It was disheartening to fix, but finding Xlr cables of the right length and color at a reasonable price was even more of a hassle.

The Xlr patch cable is made of sturdy, braided construction so it will not rip so easily, and the ends of the Xlr connector are also attached securely. This Xlr patch cable is also available in 10 different colors and is perfect for coloring code your instruments and connections.

The sound quality of the Xlr patch cable is top-notch because it uses hybrid braided technology for insulation and covering on these Xlr cables. The Xlr patch cable also includes a lifetime warranty which gives an additional layer of security for this Xlr patch cable.

We highly recommend Xlr patch cables by Bifale to anyone looking for the perfect Xlr cables that will last and perform well Xlr patch cables. This Xlr cable has a variety of colors. The Xlr cable is heavy duty, and the Xlr mic cable is resistant to EMIs and RFIs. The Xlr mic cable can be used for balanced Xlr male to female cables.


-Great quality

-Good performance



-Not the most well-known in the market

EBXYA Xlr Premium DMX Balanced Cable

EBXYA XLR Cable 50ft 2 Packs - Premium Balanced Microphone Cable with 3-Pin XLR Male to Female Mic...
  • ➊ 【ANTI-HAND SLIDING】 - Feather Sofa surface style texture, a good way to prevent your hand sliding when you plug in or out.
  • ➋ 【ANTI-LOOSENING】 - Integral molding with strong solid ends to protect the cable from any destroy caused by loosening or broken connectors.
  • ➌ 【SUPPORT AUDIO & SIGNAL TRANSPORTATION】 - 3-Pin balanced Lo-Z insulated shielded XLR cable (Oxygen Free Copper Shielding & Extra Foil Shielding) with 2-conductor, assure the transportation of both data and audio signal in a smooth way. Anti-interference, anti-EMI.

We know Xlr cable 50 ft is a little expensive, but it’s high quality, and that’s great. My Xlr m audio cables work well, and they don’t lose quality or get loose easily. I love my Xlr balanced cables, and the sound is clear and durable. The Xlr audio cables are of good quality, and I will not go back to Xlr unbalanced cables any time soon because these Xlr cables 50 ft are so good.

This Xlr cable is perfect for all your audio and signal needs. It was made to provide an Xlr cable that has longevity and durability. The Xlr cable will not come loose, and it’s made with high-quality materials to give you the best sound and Xlr cable. It also has an Xlr cable that will make it easy to clean the Xlr cables. This Xlr cable is one of the best Xlr cables on the Xlr cables market today because of its length, its design, and how long it will last!

The EBXYA Xlr Premium DMX Balanced Cable is one of the best Xlr cables 50 ft on the market. The cable does not easily get tangled and is long enough to provide enough length for equipment and other Xlr cables. It also includes a detachable and long Xlr cable connector, which makes it easy to disconnect and use. If you need Xlr cables, this product will be your best choice.

We bought 10 Xlr cables 50 feet for our Xlr cable. I’m currently testing the Xlr cable 50 ft, and it is working nicely. We are delighted with our purchase. The Xlr cable 50 ft is a type of Xlr cable that you need for your Xlr cable.


-Great quality

-High performance

-Good brand


-Not much

EBXYA Xlr Balanced DMX Mic Patch Cable

EBXYA XLR Cable 50 Ft 2 Pack, Balanced DMX Cable, 3 Pin Male to Female Microphone Cable Mic Patch...
  • 【Balanced Shielded Cables】- XLR microphone cable with amazingly superior clarity and the highest cancellation of noise and RF interference. EBXYA’s 3-conductor cable design is renowned for vastly improving the rejection of noise to the tune of a 95% quieter background as compared to even the best 2-conductor microphone cable. Assure the transportation of both data and audio signal in a smooth way.
  • 【 SUPPORT DATA & AUDIO SIGNAL TRANSPORTATION 】-Meet your needs for DMX. The shielding on a DMX 512 cable is generally better because it's transported data, as opposed to microphone cables, which are just transporting audio signals. 3-conductor dmx xlr cable assure the transportation of both data and audio signal in a smooth way. Not cause problems such as strobing, flickering or loss of signal.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】- PE jacket and Strong indestructible metal connectors treats cable in a more carefree manner, avoid any ends broken. Good internal soldering connections improve the stability of signal transmission. Heavy duty metal connectors with a strong strain relief makes the connection solid and help easy plugging and unplugging.

The Xlr balanced DMX mic patch cable is perfect for any microphone stand to Xlr input on mixers, sound cards, or recording devices. It also has a length of three meters with a straight Xlr plug on one end and a capped Xlr plug on the other end. The Xlr balanced DMX mic patch cord is gold-plated and has durable shielding to provide you with a crystal clear sound every time you use it.

The Xlr cable 50 ft can be widely used in live performance, home studio recording, video, and film work. It is really good to Xlr cable 50 ft! Xlr balanced DMX mic patch cable has got five stars, and Xlr cable 50 ft Amazon Xlr balanced DMX mic patch cord is an Xlr balanced DMX mic patch cord good at performance.

This Xlr cable is very well-made. It may not have some of the bells and whistles that some other cables do, but it is sturdy and gets the job done. I would recommend this for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of time on an Xlr cable.


-Great quality

-High performance

-Good lifespan


-Cable is sturdy and has metal connectors for durability

MIKIZ Xlr Premium 3-Pin Mic Balanced Cables

MIKIZ XLR Cables 50 Feet 2 Packs Premium Balanced Microphone Mic Cord 3 Pin XLR Male to Female 50ft
  • → 1. SPECIAL DESIGN FOR - 22 AWG, MIKIZ Low capacitance balanced XLR audio cables with thicker conductive PE shield for strong insulation, designed specifically as xlr mic cords.
  • → 2. GREAT CONSTRUCTED - Two twisting conductors, and dual shielding both Aluminium foil and braided copper strands effective for resisting EMI & RFI.
  • → 3. OPTIMIZE SIGNAL TRANSMISSION - High quality of Tinned Oxygen free copper wires optimize the audio signal transmission, and avoid the mic wires from being oxidized under humidity.

The MIKIZ Xlr Premium 3-Pin Mic Balanced Cables is a great purchase. We purchased it and used it with our instrument. The cables are thick and of high quality. The connectors are well made, giving me satisfaction that they will last a long time. There was a problem with delivery, but the company solved it quickly. In summary, the product is of high quality and makes me feel satisfied with my purchase.

These Xlr cables are 15m in length and offer a balanced cable design. They also offer great constructed Xlr cables that are able to optimize signal transmission. The Xlr cables come with heavy-duty connectors and provide a perfect design for professional audio gear.

We like these Xlr cables; they are of great quality and feel very sturdy. I’ve had them for over six months now, and they work well. My Xlr cable is made out of heavy-duty materials that feel like it will last a long time. The Xlr cable works really well to transmit the signal and transmit the signal efficiently without any interference.

These cables are great and especially good for professional purposes because the wiring and sound quality, in general, is fantastic. I would introduce those to anyone in need of an Xlr cable 50 ft.


-Xlr cable for studio or live setup

– Xlr connectors are reliable, durable, and easy to replace

– the shielded wire provides better protection against electromagnetic noise


– Cars also require more space on stage

Xlr Pig Hog Microphone PHM50 High-Performance Cable

Pig Hog PHM50 High Performance 8mm XLR Microphone Cable, Black , 50 Feet
  • High performance microphone cable
  • 8 mm high quality Rubber Outer Covering
  • Heat Shrink Protected Connectors

This Xlr cable 50 ft is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a high-performance microphone cable. It has a lifetime warranty and is heat shrink protected with an 8 mm rubber outer covering. The cable comes in multiple colors and keeps wire noise levels to a minimum. I would recommend it to anyone.

The Xlr cable 50 ft is a product that I’ve been using for a long time, and it’s worth the price. There are other Xlr cables, but they don’t compare to this one. I feel like the Xlr cable just has better quality than the others, and it’s very long-lasting, so you will not have to keep buying new ones, which will save you money in the long run.

This Xlr cable is perhaps the best Xlr cable you can find in this day and age. It features everything you could want in an Xlr cable and more. The Xlr pig hog microphone has an 8 mm high-quality rubber outer covering to guard against the elements, heat shrink protected connectors that ensure a tight connection, and an Xlr pig hog microphone lifetime warranty that provides that this Xlr cable is here to stay.


-Have a great lifespan

-Great quality

-Good performance


-Not really

LyxPro Quad Xlr Star 4-Conductor Series 50 ft Quad Balanced Microphone Cable

LyxPro Quad Series 50 ft XLR 4-Conductor Star Quad Balanced Microphone Cable for High End Quality...
  • High-end star quad cable features greater signal to noise ratio, resolves many noise and interference issues like humming, electrical ground noise, RFI/EMI interference
  • 4-Conducter Cable and Cotton Yarn wrap features noise reduction
  • Cable strain relief keeps the cable tightly in place with the connectors

We’ve been using this Xlr cable for a couple of weeks now, and it has been a quality purchase. The Xlr cable is thick and durable, so it’s not going to bend around much. It also looks nice because the Xlr cable is well insulated and doesn’t have any type of sheathing, so you can see the silver wiring and the black fabric go over it. It also has a four-conductor connection that comes with a lifetime warranty which is really lovely, but I haven’t needed to use it yet.

The Xlr cable has been working out great so far, especially since I’ve been using it for something that I’ll be using a lot where I’m away from my studio often. It’s also worked very well for me. I’m able to get great audio with no interference or humming or anything of the sort. There is also a lifetime warranty which is nice. If something happens in the Xlr cable goes wrong, you’ll be able to get it fixed fast and easily.

The Xlr cable can be used to do a lot of different things, and it’s been working really well for recording the vocals. We can record my guitar and vocal track at the same time without any problems. It’s also made recording the vocals very easy, even for somebody who hasn’t been doing this as long as we have.

We have owned and used the Xlr cable 50 ft, and we can say it has been an excellent purchase. It is quite durable for us as we do a lot of recording at home on our own time. The Xlr cable 50 ft has proven to be very long and has excellent sound quality. It is incredibly professional and is worth the price for this Xlr cable 50 ft.

Some of the pros of the LyxPro Quad Xlr Star 4-Conductor Series 50 ft Quad Balanced Mic Cable are made with durable nylon braided jackets and cable cores made with high-quality copper and has a flexible PVC jacket shield.


– Durable Nylon Braided Jackets

– Cable Core Made With High-Quality Copper

– Flexible PVC Jacket Shield


-Not really

Xlr CableCreation 3 PIN Xlr Shure SM Microphone Cable

CableCreation XLR Cable [50FT], XLR Male to XLR Female Balanced 3 PIN XLR Microphone Cable...
  • ❤ [Self-Locking Connector for Tight Connection]: This design is to prevent the connection from being unstable due to touch with the plug. At the ends of the cable, there are two self-locking design on each connectors. Only when you pressing the unlock button, then the cable will disconnect.
  • ❤ [Double Shielding to Prevent Interference ]: Foil shielded and Metal braided shield make the sound quality undisturbed by external signals. This mic cord will be a good choice when used with audio equipment in a radio station environment.
  • ❤ [Nickel-plated Pins with Better Conductivity]: Professional Nickel-Plated Pins, anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance. With multiple plug-and-pull tests, this mic cable is perfect for your daily use.

We used Xlr cable 50 ft quite a lot before switching over to Xlr cable 25 ft. The Xlr cable was not as durable as the Xlr cable 25 ft. We found that Xlr cable 50 ft would break now and then, which was really frustrating.

We are glad that Xlr cable 25 ft is more durable because it has never broken for us. Xlr CableCreation Xlr cable 50 ft is a great Xlr cable with double shielding and nickel-plated pins for improving audio quality.

It’s compatible with many professional audio devices, such as the Shure SM microphone. This Xlr cable has a self-locking connector to make it easier to plug in without any worry of disconnecting the Xlr cable from the audio device.

The Xlr cable is 2-meters long and has a length that is suitable for most Xlr cable applications. The Xlr cable also comes with an extra layer of protection that helps protect against wear and tear.

We like Xlr cables, and this is an excellent Xlr cable. The Xlr connector is located on both sides of the Xlr cable. If you connect one Xlr connector to an Xlr jack, it will work as well as if you use two Xlr connectors. This Xlr cable is very long. We would recommend this Xlr cable because it has a 2-years warranty. We are not sure how well it works, but the quality looks good with the nickel-plated pins.


– Great quality

-Good performance

-Nice brand


-Not much

Amazon Basics 50 Feet Xlr Microphone Cable

Amazon Basics XLR Microphone Cable for Speaker or PA System, All Copper Conductors, 6MM PVC Jacket,...
  • FOR LIVE SOUND & RECORDING: XLR male to female microphone cable for studio recording and live sound
  • 3 PIN CONNECTORS: Zinc alloy 3-pin connectors with nickeling
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE: Protective metal housing and flexible 6.0mm PVC jacket

We bought an Xlr cable 50 ft from amazon basics, and it is the best Xlr cable we have ever used, it is at a fair price, and we would recommend it to anyone looking for Xlr cable to buy this product.

The Xlr cable 50 ft comes at a reasonable cost, and this Xlr cable 50 ft has been really durable. The Xlr cable was delivered when expected and arrived in great condition. If you require Xlr cable 50 ft, then we recommend buying from Amazon Basics!

This Xlr microphone cable is exactly what we were looking for to go with my old mixer. We are delighted that we found it! The cord is quite long enough, and the construction quality seems very high – much better than we expected for this price.

We had high hopes for this Xlr cable because of the price, but it did not meet my expectations. We were hesitant to return it due to the cost, so we contacted customer service, and they just told me that Xlr cables are not covered under warranty. We can’t really find any advantages to this Xlr cable. 


-Quite durable

-Great quality

-Good brand

– Xlr cable is much cheaper than cables with other connectors like RCA or Xlr.


-Xlr cable 50 ft are heavier than cables with other connectors like RCA or Xlr.

xlr cable 50 ft

Factors To Consider When Choosing Xlr Cable 50 Ft

There are numerous Xlr cable 50 ft options to choose from and it may be difficult to decide which Xlr cable 50 ft will work best for your needs.

Length factor

You must consider the Xlr cable 50 ft length and Xlr cable 50 ft gauge size. The Xlr cable 50 ft length is measured in feet, and the Xlr cable 50 ft gauge size is measured in AWG (American Wire Gauge).

Cable material

You must also make sure that you choose Xlr cables with an Xlr cable material that can withstand high temperatures, such as Xlr copper wire, Xlr metal sheath, Xlr wire shielding, and Xlr plenum.

Type of connector

3. It is essential to consider whether or not there is an Xlr connector sold with Xlr cable 50 ft. The Xlr connectors are sold in two types, male Xlr connectors, and Xlr female connectors.

Reputable source

When you buy Xlr cables, it is essential to buy Xlr cables from a reputable source to ensure you get the Xlr cable 50 ft length that you need. You can find Xlr cables on our Xlr cable website.

Heavy-duty applications

It would be best if you handled heavy-duty applications, and you must select Xlr cables that can support these Xlr cable 50 ft needs.

Choosing Xlr cable 50 ft is a decision that only the individual can make regarding their needs and requirements. Before buying Xlr cable, they have to consider a few factors to choose the Xlr cable with the most suitable type of connection.

xlr cable 50 ft

Some other factors

-If an Xlr cable with a male connector at one end is required, then Xlr cable 50 ft with a male connector at both ends will not be suitable for this type of Xlr cable.

-Xlr cables are all about quality and performance; ensure the Xlr cables for sale have these features before considering it as an option.

-Xlr cables come in different lengths and sizes, which means one has to choose Xlr cable 50 ft that is going to meet their Xlr cable needs.

-Xlr cables are a popular choice among many Xlr cable users, which is why Xlr cableshould be selected based on safety and quality standards.

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Bottom Lines

Xlr cable 50 ft is an Xlr cable that is 20 feet long and can be used to connect your audio equipment. This Xlr cable has a flexible design, so you can bend it in any direction without damaging the wire or connectors inside of it. The Xlr connector plugs into most professional audio devices with both balanced Xlr microphone inputs as well as unbalanced 1/4″ guitar input jacks. You may also want to purchase this xl-cable for use on stage because of its high-quality construction and durability, which will ensure that this Xlr cable lasts through all types of performances.

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